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Zebras and magic


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"When it comes to magic, it would be tragic if somepony licked me, especially Trixie"

——Zecora in "Magic Duel"


That's right, the age old question "Do Zebras have magic?"


I was just randomly thinking about this scene (really the whole episode), and wanted to hear what Canterlot's consensus was. I've heard people who agree that Zecora definitely seems to have magic, and those who say she's just talking about her knowledge.


My thoughts are thus:


So obviously, we have very little canon from the show/movie that tells us much of anything about zebras or the "distant land" they come from. Zecora herself is similarly shrouded in a good deal of mystery. What we do know is that Zecora is very knowledgeable about a lot of subjects, fauna, flora and even arcane. She's a shaman of sorts. In the quoted episode, however, we get something new and... kind of strange seeming. She mentions that "it would be tragic" if someone went against her in magic. The obvious assumption is that she means tragic for her opponent. So the assumption is that she's very skilled in magic. Which she casually demonstrates by refilling her teacup. If you ask me, all signs seem to point to at least Zecora, if not all zebras, having some level magical ability. Her casual boasting implying she has a great deal of skill. Then again, it could be that zebras don't normally have magic, but she's in fact so knowledgeable and practiced that she's overcome that boundary and can use just a little bit of magic despite not being a Unicorn. It would be very nice if this was expounded upon in the show, but as we know that's not going to happen. So it falls to all of us to decide.


What are y'all's thoughts on the matter?

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According to Season 10 (which only appeared as IDW comics), Zebras are like earth ponies in that they have superior strength and lifespan, but no real manifest magic. Abadas and Kelpies, who also come from Farasia, do, however, have manifest magic.

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