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[Yokai Hebi] Shiratsuyu / Róngyù Rènwù (Ready!)


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Real Name: Shiratsuyu, 白露, ”White Dew”

Glamour Name: Róngyù Rènwù, 荣誉任务, Honor Quest

Sex: female

Age: Adult

Species: Yokai Hebi

Glamour Species: Qilin

Residence: Huangjing

Occupation: Soldier of the Imperial army of Long Guo.




Real Physique: Shiratsuyu’s real body is that of a large Hebi. With a head almost as large as a pony's entire body her true form is large and intimidating to be around. With the overall body shape of a snake her head is distinctly pony in shape and even has pony-like ears and muzzle. Yet her eyes are serpent like and her pony muzzle is full of sharp teeth and two large fangs. 

Eye colour: Blue.

Scales: Her underbelly is a creamy white while the rest of her body is gray in color with darker spots spread over it in a random pattern. The end of her tail is yellow along with patches around her eyes the same color.

Mane: She sports a long black colored mane on her head that is messy and unbrushed, sometimes bound up in a bun with the help of rowboat oars.


Glamour Physique: Based on the hero of a comic book ‘Róngyù Rènwù’ is very tall, standing a full two heads over most other qilin with little trouble. She has a fit and athletic looking physique overall and looks the part of a soldier or epic hero. 

Eye colour: Blue.

Coat/Scales: Her fur is a dark green with scales and hooves that look almost golden in color. 

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are black, she keeps her mane done up in a bun, but when let down it reaches her hooves. The fur on the end of her tail is kept short. 

Cutie Mark: A sword piercing a star.


History: Shiratsuyu was born the youngest of a dozen siblings and was stuck in their shadows for most of her life. Viewed as the weakest in both magic and strength she seemed to be overlooked every time and pushed aside for her own safety. This lasted for many years as Shiratsuyu grew ever more annoyed with her lot in life. She wanted more… Everything! She wanted to see more of the world and prove to her family and herself she had what it takes to be so much more. She wanted to be a hero, famous and well known! Her brothers mocked and joked about such a thing, saying she’d perish if she tried to go at it alone. Yet she saw that as a bet she was willing to make, she’d come back a hero famed and known for her strength, bravery and magic! Taking the bet her brothers armed her with a huge and unwieldy sword, claiming it’s how they will know she did the acts to become a champion well she was disguised. 


Accepting the challenge and dragging the huge sword behind her, Shiratsuyu left her safe and secluded home behind. Traveling Poninawa her brothers followed along, tricking and hampering her journey in the hopes of winning the bet and getting their sister back home soon. Yet this backfired as Shiratsuyu grew tired of their games and tricks and fired back with a trick of her own. All it took was them losing her for one day, by the time they learned she tricked them it was too late. Shiratsuyu was watching her homeland disappear into the horizon. She used up what few coins she had for a one way trip to lands unknown. She had no clue where she was even going. But it didn't matter to her. She was going to show her brothers she can do this, she will be a hero…


Things didn't go well at first. Learning how to keep up a good glamour was a steep learning curve, most of all when you work hard! More than a few times she had to run out of town after mucking it up or forgetting about it altogether. Then came work, she was a no pony. Just a passing face trying to do something but no clue how. Odd jobs came and passed as she tried to piece together how to become a hero. Farming rice, chopping wood and pulling carts was not going to make it happen. Yet she found her inspiration from a comic stand, a story called Honor Quest followed a mare seaking the same thing she was. So inspired from this story Shiratsuyu changed her glamour to look just like that of the comics hero and took on the fake name Róngyù Rènwù to match. And just like that comic’s hero she’d start her journey by beating some bandits! 


Once again her hopes did not match up with the outcome. Sitting in a small wooden cage she had to face a glaring fact… she sucked at combat. Most of her magic was used up on the glamour and she had no skill with that huge hunk of iron called a sword she was stuck using. The bandits wiped the floor with her. And so she was stuck in a fog of self-doubt and depression. Getting away from the bandits was foal's play, she could easily just walk out of the cage when she wanted to. Yet she didn't. Why? Time and time again she failed to do something even vaguely hero-like. She truly did wonder if she needed to just give in and admit defeat to her brothers back home. And just when she felt she had nothing left the soldiers came. 


She watched in awe as they swept the bandits aside and set her free. They did it so easily, so swiftly she couldn't believe her eyes. And her shock only grew when they told her they were no champions of the land, just soldiers doing their job keeping her safe. She begged them to train her and was crushed to hear they couldn't do that. But her hope rushed back when they told her to head to Huangjing and look for the Imperial army’s recruiter. They are always happy to take in new recruits and train them. And so she did just that, traveling to Huangjing and joining the army. It took some talking to keep her sword, but they relented when she told them she must use it as some family honor demands so. And so she began her training… 


And all of this was several years ago. The training was hard at first she found her place in it. Piece by piece the soft mare learned how to hold her own, be stronger and swifter! And most of all learn how to use the monster of a blade she was stuck with. Nicknamed Bullbreaker by her army friends, she gained a reputation for being eager, hot headed and too barve for her own good. Yet she stuck to it and started to climb the ranks, no matter what it took or what was asked of her Róngyù Rènwù did her duty with pride. From patrolling roads and coastlines she moved up from being part of the patrols to leading them. Then being tasked with looking after several such units, year by year she moved up the chain of command. 


Now she rests as a captain in charge of keeping several smaller towns around Huangjing safe and overseeing the forces in the region. Yet her goal still feels out of reach. She’s well known but no hero yet. Something she now feels fit to fix as her eyes locked on to her next target. She needed to be more than just some soldier guarding roads and towns. No, her eyes fixed back on Huangjing itself and what lies within. For so long it felt so out of reach but now she sat with the skills, credibility and references from other captains and commanders to make a real shot at it. And like everything else in her life she was ready to battle for that shot with hoof, fang and grit to reach new heights. 


Character Personality: Shiratsuyu lived much of her life in the shadow of older brothers and was seen as someone that needed to be kept safe. This made her despirt to prove herself no matter the cost and has grown into a pathologic desire to be seen as heroic, powerful and most of all the one others look up to. She almost never accepts help and will rush headlong into the maw of danger with little regard for her own safety. In her eyes all of this has been one big game, she’s never worried much on the ramifications if her real self was uncovered. 


Unique Traits: A yokai in hiding, Shiratsuyu is a hebi yokai disguised as a qilin. As such she has all the traits that come with being one, but her lackluster magic is almost fully used up keeping her glamour up. If she’s worn out bad enough she has a real risk of it failing. 


Bullbreaker, her sword was never made to be used by ponies or most mortal races. Forged in an age long forgotten by other yokai, it's a monster of a weapon at six and a half fleet in length and weighing over 200 pounds. Even Shiratsuyu struggles using it and her only saving grace is the blade's magic that helps her swing it. For all non Yokai using this blade is almost impossible. 


Character Summary: Shiratsuyu wants to be a hero and is willing to give everything she has to prove her brothers wrong about her. Nothing seems to come easy for her yet she has pulled herself up words and overcome many hardships and obstacles. Yet she still feels far from her dream, for all she’s done she’s no hero yet. And so she pushes on relentlessly in her quest to stand atop the peaks of fame and glory as a true hero of the land. 

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