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Strawberry Jam [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Strawberry Jam

Gender: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Earth Pony

Eye colour: Dark Blue (#115986)

Coat: Pink (#EA88AC)

Mane/Tail: Bright pink with a white stripe (#FF9DFF / #FFFFFF)

Physique: Average for an Earth Pony, she wears a set of purple earrings.

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Owner of Jams & Jellies, a small shop that specializes in strawberry jam, though does sell jams and some jelly desserts using other fruits as well.


Cutie Mark: Jar of Jam with a Strawberry on it.


She never had much of a talent for cooking full meals, but had a passion for food nonetheless. After many experiments gone wrong, she settled on making jams from the leftovers of an unsuccessful fruit-based meal.
After finding she enjoyed this more, she eventually got her cutie mark in jam making.


Unique Traits

Can tell when a fruit is at the perfect ripeness for making it into a jam.



Born in Manehattan, she lived a relatively unimpressive life until she got her cutie mark. After realizing her talent for jam making would go nowhere in the big city, she moved in with her aunts in Trottingham. There she spent her days learning how to make jams, wine, and various other foods using fruit.


Once she was old enough to set out on her own, she started selling her own jams at various events throughout Canterlot. A few years of doing this got her enough savings to open up a small standalone shop of her own in Ponyville.


She now runs the shop “Jams & Jellies”, selling strawberry based jams (Strawberry always was her favorite), jellies, and other various goods made with all sorts of fruits.


Character Personality: 

Upbeat and cheerful, Strawberry Jam is always happy to meet new ponies, especially if it means she can further expand her small business. She can sometimes be a bit slow to realize when somepony is avoiding a particular topic, and will over-apologize when she makes a mistake.


She loves talking about fruit, and while her main talent lies in Jam making, any kind of preparation that involves fruit and sugar will hold her interest. She’s quick to jump at learning new ways to prepare fruit, even if trying new things not jam related isn’t her strong suit.


Character Summary: Strawberry Jam is an upbeat and cheerful pony who runs a small shop, Jams & Jellies, out of Ponyville. She’s particularly skilled in making Strawberry Jam, but enjoys preparing fruits in all sorts of sweet ways.



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