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Zephyr Amethyst [Ready]


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Zephyr "Z" Amethyst


Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Zephyr Amethyst (She goes by "Z". She has only a couple ponies she allows to call her "Zeph" [anypony else will find themselves with a facefull of hoof])
Gender: Mare
Age: Young Adult
Species: Earth Pony
Eye colour: Light blue
Coat: Very light grey

Mane/Tail: Pinkish purple and very straight (unlike her lol).
Physique: Tougher than she looks. Her muscles are toned by not that obvious. Tho by the way she carries herself, one can be sure she could hold her own in any fight. 
Residence: Outside Fillydelphia
Occupation: Corn Farmer (part of a family of such)

Unique Traits: Z is incredibly strong. She can bust through magic shields of moderate strength just with her bare hooves. She's also incredibly loyal. She's slow to trust, but once her loyalty is won, it is simply unbreakable.

History: Z was born into a family of corn farmers. She never knew her mother, cause she died giving birth to her. She a pretty typical relationship with most of her 4 brothers. Her oldest brother Cobb sorta because the mother of the family and the twins were pretty passionate about their roles on the farm. However, her second oldest brother, Cornsilk Lavender, seemed to hate her guts. He'd pick on her, tease her and just generally was a bully to her. One day, she asked her other brother Cobb why Cornsilk hated her, and he told her that he was really close with their mother. And he blamed Z for her being gone. The next day Z and Cornsilk were sent to the fence to repair it and they were attacked by a bear! Cornsilk told her to run, he was hit really badly and would probably have been killed, were it not for Z coming back to kick the bear in the nose and scare it away. She earned her cutie mark that day, as well as her brother's trust. From that day forward, the two have been inseparable.

Character Personality: Z's not really always one for jokes. Or sugar coasting. She prefers to tell it like it is. She's able to laugh and when she's comfortable with somepony she might occasionally joke around, but typically she's more serious and honest.

Also.... she's kind of obsessed with royal guards. Wants to be one.

Character Summary: Z's passion in life is protecting the ponies she cares about and being of use to them. Her main goal in life is to one day be able to make it as a Royal Guard. She's generally pretty serious and brutally honest, but she can and does sometimes joke around with ponies she's comfortable with. Her brother who used to hate her is her closest friend.

Cutie Mark: A purple shield with what appear to be purple leaves or petals on either side. With a blue six pointed star on it.


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