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Cornsilk Lavender [Ready]


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Cornsilk Lavender


Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Cornsilk Lavender

Gender: Stallion

Age: Adult

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: Yellow

Coat: Lavender

Mane/Tail: Cornsilk yellow

Physique: Tall and skinny

Residence: Outside Fillydelphia 

Occupation: Corn Farmer

Unique Traits: Being paralyzed from the hips back from a bear attack he barely survived, Cornsilk uses a set of wheels to get around. He doesn't seem to let this bother him, tho. 

History: Cornsilk was born to his mother, Amethyst Stone, a Unicorn, and father Husk Breeze, an earth pony. His older brother Cobb was also an earth pony. When he was a little older, his brothers, the twins, were born. Also both earth ponies. He never really felt very connected to them. He and his mother were the only Unicorns. And the only ones in the family who were really into the finer things. He was so close with his mother. They did just about everything together. That is until she started getting sick. When she got pregnant with his latest sibling, she seemed to not be taking it well. and when she finally had Zephyr Amethyst, she didn't make it. Cornsilk was distraught. His favorite pony in the world was gone, and it was all his sister's fault. He hated her. She even took her name.

Then one day, they were made to go check on the fence together. He was not happy being made to do chores with her.

But all that went out the window when they were attacked by a bear. He didn't know what came over him. but he told her to run and stood off against the bear. but the bear was stronger. It knocked him down, breaking his hindlegs. Then breaking his back. it was about to deal a killing blow Cornsilk was losing consciousness. the last thing he remembered, was Zephyr standing off to the bear and scaring it off before he passed out. He woke up in the hospital later, without the use of his hindlegs. He's been paralyzed from the waist back ever since, but from that day forth, his sister has become the most important pony to him. No longer was she his enemy, but a gift from their mother. And she had the cutie mark to prove it!

Character Personality: Cornsilk is generally pretty polite and  helpful. He enjoys thinking about fashion designs and doing embroidery. Tho usually his skills are squandered repairing burlap sacks for the farm.

Character Summary: Cornsilk has an eye for the finer things. Tho he doesn't get that many opportunities, living on a farm, he loves to see the fashion of the ponies in the city, and he wants more than anything to be a designer, himself. He's adept at sewing and particularly embroidery. But he feels trapped and confined by his duties to the family farm. He's generally very polite and helpful but he can have mean streak if you get on his bad side.


Cutie Mark: An ear of corn with a husk made of what appears to be lavender silk, the cornsilk on the end turning into golden thread that sews the silk husk together ended with a needle.


(i couldn't figure out how to fit his cutie mark story into the history section like I usually do so here it is here)

One day while repairing burlap sacks for the farm to take corn to be sold, he was thinking about how his father had accidentally mixed up their bags with somepony else causing them to have an awkward interaction. He thought maybe he could give these bags a bit of flair. so he got out the sewing kit his mother had bought for him and started working on embroidering them with his dad's cutie mark when he finished and presented them to his dad he was like "Wow! Now I'll never get them mixed up! You sure this isn't your talent? It's so good!" and his mother smiled and said "I see big things in your future, young stallion." and winked at him. Just then he got his cutie mark.


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