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Bobbing for Fun (Open to all)


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(This RP is based off of "Luna Eclipsed" concept for apple bobbing)


It was Nightmare Night, and everypony in Ponyville was having a hay day. The fun, the costumes, the music, the candy. There was something for almost everypony. And Applejack, who was busy with harvesting time on the farm, even set aside plenty of time off for preparing for this event. This year, Applejack decided that she would continue to participate in the less frightening events. However, that would last only as long as Luna wasn't around.

However, the time would pass where Luna would overcome her struggles to relate with the Ponyvillians. And the other ponies finally accepted Luna as their scary, but fun, nighttime princess. Applejack, even, after being scared of Luna, was able to see that she was powerful, but had the same itch to commune regularly with the other ponies like Celestia. Applejack enjoyed that about her. And even her fears couldn't keep her from being a hospitable pony.

So a few struts down the road to Fillydelphia, Applejack setup an apple bobbin' tank so that ponies could try their luck at catching an apple using only their mouth, and so that she might be able to expand her business in the more distant places of Equestria from Ponyville. Of course, that was the plan. To Applejack, it was all in good fun.

"Step right on up! Anypony wanna try bobbin' for an apple?"

((OOC: Edited for Fillydelphia reference))

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Royal Dice, wearing nothing more than his usual suave fedora and sunglasses, walked past the pony standing next to the bucket. Interested in a less frightening event, he walked over to the bucket, grinning and showing a fake pair of fangs placed in his mouth. He got rather bored trying to pick a costume so he just bought a pair of vampire fangs and said to all ponies that asked that he was, indeed a vampire.

Though his less spectacular costume, he still had some fun at the event. Trick or treating might not be his style, but smaller, less childish and yet fun events were more of his style. ''Ah, hello there Miss.'' he said to Applejack, tipping his head and smirking happily. ''Bobbing for apples, eh?'' he said curiously, placing his head back into the spot on his head. ''Sounds like fun! I'll do it..'' he said happily, chuckling at the idea.

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All ready and dressed for the fun later that night with the major events with the mazes, and already doing his trick or treating, Snails stopped and licked his lips.

"Mmmm boy! Bobbing fer apples sounds awesome and yummy!"

He trotted on up to the tub in his parasprite costume, in his orange and teal colors and lookied up at the pale green adult unicorn "Hay Mister, what are you dressed up as? After what happened last year, everpony here is scared 'a parasprites, eh! Rarrr!"

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Martini Paradise took a deep breath and let it out as a contented sigh. She needed this - a break; a break from all that had happened in her life recently. It wasn't long ago she had found a decent job and a great place to send her foal, Sunrise Beach, off to for schooling. Now, though, she found herself running all over Equestria after some thief who, for reasons she still didn't understand, took her heirloom - precious to her, but worthless to everyone else, or so she thought - and trashed her former bar. Despite all the insanity had consumed her life, two things kept her looking forward. One was that Sunrise was safe and sound in Ponyville, and the other was the dashing, handsome earth pony that was doing whatever he could to help her get heirloom back - Brazil Nut.

But now they could allow themselves one small break. Her and her companions had found themselves a much needed break at the Harvest Spooktacular on the eve of Nightmare Night in Fillydelphia! A time to relax and dress up! In this case, Martini wore a saloon dress, just like she'd always wanted to wear at her job in Roughrider Ridge. The dark green bodice was snug around her body, with frills at the shoulders that led to black lace sleeves on her forelegs. A lighter green skirt flared over her tail, half hiding her hind legs, which wore black fishnet stockings. A big fluffy bustle was set just over the base of her tail, and just to finish off the outfit, a bright green jewel was set into the bun in her mane, with a darker green feather perking up over it.

She was strolling amongst the festive stands and games, giving her skirts an indulgent swish from time to time as she enjoyed the lovely fabric, feeling ever so special in her costume. One of the ponies manning a stand was calling about bobbing for apples, and that sounded like a good, safe idea! She trotted on over to the pony, a rather stunning young orange mare. Martini wasn't the only one bobbing for apples - there was also a smaller earth pony stallion and some rather goofy looking unicorn colt. "Hello there, Miss, I figure I could give it a try! What happens when we catch some, do we get to keep them?" Martini looked down into the bobbing pool at the bright red and green apples. They looked so good! "I ask because they look so amazingly delicious!"

She hoped she could do this. Martini had never actually bobbed for apples before, how hard could it be?

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Ah, Nightmare night - such a wonderful night for a pony such as Brazil to take some time to enjoy some well deserved time and to relax after the chaotic hurricane that his life had recently become in light of the treasured trinket ordeal. After all of that, it was nice to just unwind with his companions amongst the fillydelphian celebrations of NightMare Night. He'd already had a go at some smashing pumpkin stand a little ways away, and had himself a fun time there...and plenty of entertaining moments were had at the Spidertossing stands. Now, The Earth pony had come to sample the delights of Apple Bobbing!

Passing by another earth pony contestant currently dunking himself in for the apple-tasty treats along with a rather unfortunate Unicorn who seemed to dressed up in parasprite garb, Brazil struts his way over to where the orange earth pony was, noting that Martini was already there...and she was looking pretty darn awesome to boot. Brazil, who was currently dressed up as the notorious pony old time Gangster Stal Capony, dressed in a smart pinstripe suit and matching fedora and a small violin case hanging around his neck, headed over towards the mare companion and gave a small chuckle as he stood next to her, his grin shining brightly.

" Ah, Ponyville apples - I often forget how delicious they are, I don't get down there nearly often enough! " said the pony explorer, looking into the small vat nearby and sizing up the fruits floating within the clear liquid. " Anyhow...I reckon you could get one of those l'il fruity treats, no problem! "

the earth pony stood to the side and let Martini do her thing for the moment...giving a small chuckle as he hoofstomped his support to her!

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"Alright then," Applejack confirmed to Royal. "But, ya need to take out those fancy teeth first. I can't let ya'll be cheatin' now." As Applejack chuckled with the first player, Snails walked up in his parasprite costume. Applejack looked up and shrieked at first. But then realized it was only the half-witted pony that her sister Apple Bloom was classmates with. "Howdy-do, Snails, I reckon you could bob for an apple easy with that long neck o' yours."

When Martini asked if the ponies got to keep the apples, Applejack responded immediately. "Not only that, but you get to take home one of Sweet Apple Acres famous candy apples-on-a-stick!" Applejack pointed towards a display next to the bobbing tank which displayed several apples coated with sugar and sweets. Some of the candy apples even had peppermints and candy corn coated onto the apples. They were sure to impress the hungry pony.

"Also, legend has it that if a young mare successfully grabs an apple, she will surely fall in love, and she will dream about her future stallion if she places the apple under her pillow at night." Applejack took down her scarecrow hat for a moment, before placing it back on her head. "But. There is another legend too." Applejack grabbed a nearby lantern and placed it next to herself, giving her orange pelt and face a spooky glow. "History tells us of several accounts that ponies who refuse to bob for apples will get a visit...


...the Apple Ghost!"


Applejack stepped back into the natural light, and gave a satisfying smirk. "But mostly, ya jus eat 'em." Applejack then stomped next to an apple on the ground and ate it when it flew into the air next to her head.

As yet another pony walked up to the apple bobbing tank, Applejack was excited that he mentioned the prestige of Ponyville's apples. "Yes sir, mister, and if you can grab two apples at the same time, I'll give you a whole month's supply of the freshest apples from Sweet Apple Acres! What'd'ya say?"

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Snails whinnied and bounced excitedly on his hooves "Yay! I scared somepony! Th' Parasprite costume works!"

He proudly strutted up to the tub "Yes'm Miz Applejack, I'll try, eh!"

Before he could dunk, he gulped as Applejack mentioned an Apple Ghost. "Well I'm dunkin so I'm safe, eh."

Snails peers at the floating apples, then dunks his head in.

Bubbles come to the suface for a moment, then he pulls his head back out, hopefully having gotten one or two...

(OOC do we say we got one or is that for Riverhipo to say?)

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Martini Paradise couldn't help but smile broadly at her hostess' showponyship - it reminded the unicorn mare of her own love of performing for the customers. Although the orange mare's story of the "Apple Ghost" seemed quite silly, perhaps even to the goofy foal standing next to her dressed as a parasprite, but the story of the young mare who fell in love if she grabbed an apple, and dream of that love if it was placed under her pillow intrigued Martini. She wasn't one to really believe such old mares tales, but with Brazil watching and no doubt hearing, she rather wanted to use it to flirt. Besides, she thought, it can't hurt to pretend the story was true.

Martini walked up to the tank full of water and apples, looking down. Grabbing a single apple with one's mouth was an easy task for anypony, but Martini's mind started to wander a little from the task at hand based on the story of apple bobbing and love which quickly focused on thoughts of her dashing earth stallion companion, Brazil Nut, and that oh so fine form of his.

Martini shook her head. Get it together, filly! She looked back down at the pool of water and dunked her face towards one of the floating apples. Again, the thoughts of Brazil came across her mind, does he like my outfit? The apple didn't stay still like she was used to, bobbing underneath the water - that, with her distraction, helped her to miss the slippery fruit. How does a pony miss an apple?!

She chased after it a little, and felt the cold wash of water on her face. She quickly brought her water logged face back up, a bit red from embarrassment, and looked at the orange mare with a sheepish grin, "Umm ... do I get to try more than once?"

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Brazil watched Martini intently - she seemed to have gotten quite a little hazy-eyed at the romantic addition of apples under a pillow being the best way to make a stallion fall in love with her...which seemed a little funny to the earth pony, as there were too many cute things about Martini for any pony worth his salt to even resist finding attractive about her. He then gives a coy grin as he approached the barrel that Martini had been fishing around in...giving the mare a small playful wink as he settled opposite her, facing towards the tub of apples. " I think I'll choose this tub, if you're okay with this, miss Martini! "

Before anypony could give their objections, Brazil flips a couple of bits at applejack's direction - beaming an appreciative smile at the orange filly before turning back to face the red-faced and anxious wet unicorn in front of him, chuckling slightly before taking a deep breath and closing his eyes - and dunking his head into the barrel quickly and with a zen like focus...he wasn't going to fail here, he resolved. Not today!

His nose touched against the side of an apple - "ah, perfect" thought Brazil as he lifted his head up just enough to get a good angle, using his tongue to try and move the fruit towards his direction before darting towards the apple with a speed and accuracy that even surprised himself...using his lips to hold it solidly against the side of the barrel and angling his head slightly to a more comfortable position before managing to close his mouth around just under halfway around the green slippery fruit and sinking his teeth into the juicy flesh.

Ha...a total SUCCESS!

Pulling his head back up with the apple still solidly held between his teeth, he found himself looking almost directly into Martini's somewhat bewitching gaze...

" Mmmph imph mphhr mphhu! " the adventurer tries to say...not really able to form words owing to the apple currently between his teeth.

He looks around...water dripping from his muzzle...before looking back at the unicorn, shooting a coy wink at her - as though he were offering her the apple.

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Royal Dice, who had been trying to go unnoticed by the other ponies, the one wearing the big, bright Parasprite costume a bit more than the others, as he recalls that those creatures almost stole his hat once, which he didn't like. Not one bit. He had been mostly just standing near the stall, waiting to see which pony wanted to go first, he was eying the two other ponies that approached the stall. One rather dashing looking mare and a somewhat similar stallion. He was at first a bit wondering who he reminded him off, but slowly tried to let it slide. He cleared his throat, and began to listen.

Not that impressed with the ''Legend of the Apple Ghost'', he just lazily pulled the fangs out of his mouth and looked over at the apples. ''...Hmm.. well, i'm not in a hurry.. anypony want to go first?'' he said, trying to stay as polite as possible. He was eying the stallion with even more curiousness. ''Hey, nice hat.. do i know you from something?..'' he asked bluntly, his sunglasses and hat making it hard to see him frown.

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Once again, Applejack proved her get-alongin-est side of her personality. Snails and the pink unicorn were already enthusiastically bobbing their head in and out of a tank full of water and floating apples. For a moment, Applejack laughed to herself how funny it was that this activity would be the only one to convince several ponies who don't know each other very well to dip themselves into a tank of water and grab something using only their mouths, and all at nearly the same time too. It didn't bother Applejack any that this game might be a little unsanitary, but she always knew how uncivilized apple-bobbing was to ponies like Rarity.

Applejack saw a struggling Snails move his head from side to side trying to grab an apple. "Come on, Snails, you can do it!" Next to him was Martini who after a few bobs of the head, drew back from the water and asked if she could try again. "Of course you can, ma'am. You can try as many times as you'd like! It's all in good fun!" Applejack beamed.

Just then, two coins hit Applejack squarely on the nose. It was only after the coins had hit the ground that she realized the stallion in the group may have tossed them her way as a price to pay for participating. She would have caught them with her teeth, like she would with any regular apple sale. But she was confused because this was no sale to her. "Uh, sir, there's no need ta..." As Applejack tried to explain, the brown pony swiftly went over to the tank and began to show off his stuff. "..uh, ok, then." Applejack waited for the pony to finish his moves. It was then that she saw the pony's cutie mark. A Nut pony! Applejack thought, I thought I saw something screwy about him.

Showering everypony within a close radius of the barrel with his wet mane, the cocky pony lifted an apple from the tank and showed it to the pink unicorn that stood next to him. These ponies must have a thing for each other, Applejack thought. "Alrighty, Mr. Capony! You got one! You can pick any of the candy apples you see here on the left. But you can only pick one." On display were four candy apples. One had a regular dark sugar coating, one was coated with candy corn, one was coated with peppermints, and the last one was coated with nuts. As she presented, she realized that the pony didn't seem immediately interested in the prize.

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Snails came up only to find the apple he had by the stem suddenly snap off and drop back in the water.
"Grrr! Come here you!"

He plunged his head back in after the apple, swirlign his head around in search of that apple again.

Just when he was out of breath, his horn bumped something small and round that moved aside.

Quickly, he twisted his head after it and bit into a sweet apple and pulled his head carefully out of the water.

Snails' eyes crossed loking at the apple, seeing it was the one with the stem snapped off and happily dropped it in his treat bucket where he had set it aside
"YAY! Ah got it! Ah got it Miz Applejack!"
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Martini Paradise felt a bit silly, but her mood was one of joy - after all, it was all in good fun. Even if she did manage to somehow miss an apple, what was really important was that she wasn't alone in this desperately needed break from the weirdness that had infested her life - she had Brazil Nut to share the fun with.

With the orange mare's permission, Martini was about to try again for another apple, when that goofy looking foal stuck his head in first and haphazardly sloshed it around, trying to grab an apple of his own. As strange as the lanky unicorn was, watching the young colt reminded her how much she missed her own foal, Sunrise Beach, and how much fun she likely would have at this festival.

Upon watching the silly colt pull his head up with an apple Martini couldn't help but praise him like a mother would, "Hey! Great job son! You got a big one!" She ruffled the young colt's mane playfully.

Martini smiled as Brazil came up to the barrel with that broad, toothy smile of confidence that was his trademark, before he dunked his face powerfully into the pool of water, causing quite the splash. After a second or two he lifted his head up high, holding an apple in his mouth, his soaked mane laid over his face, Wow ... he looks ... Soooo dashingly handsome ... Martini, heart fluttered and her face grew hot at the rather primal sight the stallion made, as he motioned to her to take the apple from him.

It's true she could have simply taken the apple with her unicorn magic, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun! Placing her forehooves on the edge of the barrel, she leaned forward and positioned her head as if she was going for a kiss and carefully grabbed the apple with her teeth, taking it from him. Stepping back onto all fours, she just looked up at Brazil with her eyes shining brightly, before glancing over to the kind orange hostess with a shy blush. She found herself giggling as best she could with an apple in her mouth - for a mare that always saw herself as worldly and experienced, she surely felt like a schoolfilly with a crush in front of everypony.

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Brazil chuckles as he watched Martini taking the apple with a small crimson blush - considering everything that had happened to the poor mare, he couldn't help but feel like it was partly his fault that she had landed up in such an awkward position. What had started as an innocent part-reunion in the Rhinestone bar had turned into a crazy chase for a slightly unbalanced villain and a few shiny artifacts that nopony had seen in generations...

Funny how life could swing around in so many weird ways like that.

Still, the smile and expression on the mare's face had been a small lifting of spirits all around, and he couldn't help but genuinely smile internally - she deserved better than to be on the hunt with both him and his little oddball crew of volunteers...who had all taken off for the night to do their own things.

" Well, looks like you've gotten a real prize this time, Martini! " he says with a small chuckle once the mare took the apple from his mouth...almost looking like she'd won the lottery instead of a soggy green fruit. " you deserved a little somethin' - go on, now go choose somethin' from that selection there! "

He points a hoof in the direction of the prized candy apples on offer...the delicious treats prepared by Miss Applejack, one of Ponyville's finest.

Right now, life was pretty good...and with any luck, things would continue to be so for a while yet!

(( Story is continued in Bobbing for Fun - Part 2 ))

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