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  1. Quite surprised at the reactions of the two, the buffalo grunted. [colour=#8b4513]''Hey, no 'ffence, but i didn't know goin' home was a crime.''[/colour] he said slowly, looking over at the jack first.[colour=#8b4513] ''I can take care o' myself, jack-o.''[/colour] he said, smiling innocently. [colour=#8b4513]''This ain't the worst mess i've created, i'll tell ya that much.''[/colour] He looked over at the jenny again, who apparently had put up quite a voice.[colour=#8b4513] ''Ah never said i wanted a chase, l'il miss.''[/colour] he chuckled, and shrugged. [colour=#8b4513]''If ya wanna chase me, then s'not my problem!''[/colour] he chuckled again, starting to trot away yet again.
  2. Scurrying in between rows the many shelves, the colt started feeling very lost. Which was .. unexpected for him. Having played her so many times, all by himself when he was younger. It felt odd being here again, and with so many other ponies. So many ponies he didn't expect to come with, after all that has happened. It almost felt like Brazil organized some sort of family trip for his daughter and his girlfriend! The longer he had to walk, the more boring those books started to get. Childish books, all quite lame. Nothing much special. Some of the shelves didn't even have any real books. Blank books with titles that were quite obviously made up. I guess librarians had to do something in their free time, no? Trotting further, a call came from somewhere near him. Oh boy, it sounded so similar. From as far as he could hear, he just had to stay put. That seemed a simple enough task. ''Go get 'em.. tiger..?'' he said, and smiled awkwardly, which was quickly removed from his face. ''I'll just.. settle down here.'' he said, as he looked back at the floor, and sat down. ''.. Now, i just wish we had some popcorn..'' he muttered, as he yawned quietly. He'll take care of them, no doubt.
  3. The buffalo grinned, and started laughing. ''Not gon' happen, jack-o.'' he muttered, and got up. ''I'll be at my camp! Ha!'' he proudly states, stomping the ground. ''See ya both! I still need to git myself some.. hmm..'' he tapped his chin. He snerked, and nodded. ''.. Have a good drink, jack-o!'' he said, as he got up and started trotting away. Quite possibly, just to grab a few more bottles of rootbeer.
  4. The filly huffed and stopped her flailing and confusedly tilted her head. At first, she looked at Photo Finish. ''.. You.. look kinda funny!'' she happily cooed. ''But like, totally something my mommy would look like when she goes out on one of her dates with daddy!..'' she tapped her chin and giggled. ''She looked pretty funny each time, too!'' she quickly said, poking her tongue out at the mare before fluttering over to the other pony. ''.. Assistant? Me?'' she said, with a gasp. ''But,, i'm like, the best detective like ever!'' she quietly whined. She looked up at her bear, and grumbled. ''.. Fine.. i'll be your assistant..'' she muttered, and dropped down onto the floor with a quiet thud. ''I don't won't like, like it or whatever!'' she squeaked, as she pouted at the mare.
  5. Such a sour mood. Even if she did react to her friend being in peril, this was one serious mare. A bit too serious, he had to admit. She didn't seem to care for his company, at all. Granted, he wasn't a pony somebody would normally want to be around, but she was almost as rude as he was! Well, maybe not as rude as he was, but close. ''Fanboy, eh?'' he asked, and shook his head. ''.. I.. don't think i've heard of you. Then again, i don't.. read a lot.'' he frowns, and coughs. Looking at the so-called hyena and the zebra standing close-by, he grunted. Friends of the mare? They were .. quite the characters. He rolled his eyes lightly behind his sunglasses and glanced at the bar. Well, he could try to talk to the bartender.. maybe he'd get a free drink! ''.. Would you.. excuse me? Or actually, i'll just be going!'' he said, and quietly grunted as he got up from his seat and left the table, walking straight to the bar. He set down on one of the stools, and started his conversation with the bartender. He seemed a lot more friendly, anyway.
  6. The buffalo had just put the bottle down, licking his lips as he heard something. Or rather somepony. Or rather Gale. ''Huh? Ain't dat a surprise! Ha ha, i wouldn't have thought ya-'' he started, preparing a grin as he looked over into the direction the voice came from. To his surprise, the jenny was already running towards him, and it didn't look like there was much space between the two any more. ''.. Oh-'' *CRASH!* The soda dripped off the buffalo's nose, as he shook his head. His gaze searched for the jenny, slightly annoyed. ''.. Y'know, missy, that was uncalled for, even if i am terrible at these chase-amathingies.'' he muttered, and licked his lips. ''I'd offer you a bottle to congratulate you on catching up with me, but..'' he looks at the case and grunts. ''.. you broke 'em all.'' he muttered, and crosses his hooves. ''.. That's okay though!'' he quickly said, and grinned at her. ''I'm covered in root beer, y'are covered in root beer..'' he said, brushing himself off lightly. He licked his lips again, looked over at the jenny and purred. For a moment, he just sat there on the ground, and then he moved a bit closer. ''Ya got some root beer on ya lips.'' he muttered, as he leaned forwards towards her. ''Should'a .. clean it?'' he asked, and chuckled again, before quickly leaning back again. ''I saw 'dat one in a play once. Traveling players, 'dey were. Stopped in Appleloosa once..'' he muttered, and tapped his chin. ''.. Is it workin'?''
  7. A towel quickly tucked away into her bag, the little pony detective had finally managed to dry herself off after her accidental participation in that stupid sky diving event. That stupid misunderstanding had left her all wet and cold, but a good detective always has a towel in her bag! And a teddy bear, and some snacks, and letters, and a magnifying glass.. and a whole lot more, even! She had stuffed so much stuff in her mailbag, it was almost a surprise that she could still fly - even if she barely can in the first place! After a clever deduction she managed to find out this mysterious festival, in fact was the Iron Pony Competition, by looking at one of the many banners hung all around Ponyville. An iron pony? Does that mean there's.. a robot somewhere in the village of Ponyville! Oh my gosh! A real robot? Somepony HAD to find this robotic pony before he would destroy all of Ponyville! And who better to locate this metallic fiend than the best of all detectives? Sleuth, looking through her magnifying glass, was doing just that! She had found a suspicious trail of hoofprints which eventually lead her to a certain event. The Obstacle Course! Where else would a pony find such a dastardly cyborg? She stuffed the magnifying glass back into her bag and looked around. Quickly, she glanced up and started whispering to a certain teddy bear. ''Alright, Hatson, do you see him?'' she asked the bear, before letting out a small puff of air. ''No? Oh, ponyfeathers!'' she muttered under her breath, as she looked at the start of the obstacle course. Perhaps she had to finish this challenge to reveal the path to the mechanical puppet! Then she will finish this course and show that android not to mess with Sleuth, Master Detective! Folding her small wings and adjusting her hat, she looked up at Hatson as she stood at the starting line. ''Let's go catch us the bad guy!'' she squeaked, and she darted off. Tiny little clops came from her hooves as she pranced along the course, making sure not too use her wings, Even though she had folded her wings up, a trail of feathers still following her. The little filly, thankfully did not notice this, as if she were to find this trail, she would no doubt start following it, claiming it would've been the subject! Such a silly filly! She stopped her trotting quickly, sliding across the ground until she stopped just before the first obstacle. She poked her tongue out of her mouth as she tried to balance herself. The little filly fell on her flank, and she shook her head. ''Mud! One of my mortal enemies! So we meet again! Let's see who's better, once and for all!'' she muttered, as she licked her lips. She shook her entire body for a moment, leaned back and leaped for the other side of the mud pool! Due to her low weight, she managed almost to land on the other side. It almost looked like she could float, even though she can't. Thank goodness she was so fluffy and light! Sadly, this did not go entirely as planned, as the filly landed just before reaching the end of the pool, making her disappear in the pit of dirt. Climbing out by the side, she whined quietly, before shaking wildly, causing mud to fly everywhere. Thankfully, due to this most of the mud had come off, and she was smiling yet again. ''Ha ha! Take that, Iron Pony!'' she called out, and giggled quickly, as she moved on. A little bit further, she bumped into a barrel. A barrel? She looked up, and gasped. An entire wall of barrels! ''Why, a detective can always jump over barrels.. I... think at least..'' she spoke, before jumping over to a slightly higher stack of barrels. And another, and another and another! Having almost reached the top, the filly leaped once again, and stood on top of the barrel stack. Looking down, she prepared to jump down, however a other pony appeared and stole her plan, bumping into the pink filly before jumping down himself. The filly was completely surprised by this sudden shove that she had no time to react, and she fell off the stack of barrels, bouncing off of several barrels until her flank gently touched the ground once again. ''Owch!'' she squeaked, as she shook her head quickly. ''Ha ha! Iron Pony: Zero, Sleuth: Two!'' she called out again, as she quickly darted off to the next challenge. She didn't realize that the third challenge was to sprint to the next challenge, and thus all she did was skip across it. She looked up and checked on her teddy bear. ''Hatson.. '' she muttered, and panted quietly. ''.. all good?'' she asked, and smiled. ''Good, good, my dear assistant! Good!'' she giggled, and reached the final challenge. Poles and pies. Poles and pies. Wait, poles and pies? Pies? She would totally love to have a pie right now! Licking her lips, she looked at the pies, and took a quick bite from one of the three. ''.. So.. hungry.. pies.. too.. delicious!'' she squeaked happily, and giggled, as she gulped. She smiled broadly as she slowly stuffed Hatson into her bag, ''Don't worry, Hatson, i got this!'' she said quietly, as she put the the pies on her back. Balancing the best she could, she started walking through the poles. It was a difficult task, and the little filly even got hungrier than before! Finally, she reached the end of the obstacle course and looked around. Her gaze searching for a robotic pony. Sadly, he was nowhere to be seen. She grumbled, and kicked up some dust. ''.. I'll get you next time.. Iron Pony!'' she called out again, before walking away from the event, nomming on some delicious pie! No doubt she will try again to find the mysterious robot called Iron Pony.. as long as she didn't have to run an obstacle course again to 'arrest' him!
  8. It was rather expensive, even though we saw dozens of the same hats in other souvenir shops! ^^ You totally are too! ^^ Why thank you, Dessa! Even though i really doubt it, i'll take a baseball bat with me for protection! You never know when those ladies will gang up on me! :I Ha ha, i'm surprised that it fit in the first place, but yes, thank you! ^^ There will probably be a few more vacation pictures once i return to the Netherlands! Oh boy,oh boy, oh boy!..
  9. Greetings from Italy! My hat oh my god it looks so stupid D:
  10. Acorn nodded firmly and smiled faintly at the mare. ''Sugar is sweet. So, yes.'' he replied, before shaking his head. ''Sweetest smile? I've never had a sweet smile!'' he muttered, and grunted. ''.. Thanks for the compliment though.'' he said, as he looked at the cup and the piece of cake that soon followed. He was relatively impressed about the service he got here. And all of it was free, to boot. ''Thank you.'' he said again, and continued smiling faintly at the mare. The invitation, even if he had to move on, he couldn't let slip by. ''I'll stay around, yes. Thank you.. Lady.'' he said, before starting to sip from the lemonade. After having downed the entire glass, he put it back down and took a small bite of the pie, before brushing the crumbs out of his mustache. He shook his head a bit and looked around. It seemed that the tent was getting rather.. crowded. Lots of ponies were interested in the offering of free lemonade. Granted, it was free and it was rather .. good lemonade, even if the elderly stallion didn't like lemonade to begin with. He chuckled and looked at Lady. ''If you need me for whatever reason, i'll be standing outside the tent, with my cart. With acorns. You probably can't miss it.'' he muttered, and nodded. ''The name, if you wanted to know too, is Acorn Seed.'' he said, and brushed his mustache. ''.. Nice to meet you.'' he said quickly, before trotting through the horde of ponies, reaching the exit of the tent. He trotted out and stood by his cart, grunting and looking around. He could've stayed in that tent with all those ponies he didn't know, or he could just await for .. ANYTHING to happen. He leaned against the cart and sighed, taking a acorn from the large heap and threw it up, catching it in his mouth. Good ol' acorns, they still made great snacks.
  11. Acorns. So many acorns. It were just so many acorns. Too many. The elderly stallion was still panting from running - or more or less walking the end of - the race with the potatoes. It reminded him to not let his pride get the better of him, next time.. Acorn Seed, one of the many visitors to the event and even a participant was more than exhausted by the long run he had to make, just to keep his pride untouched. Yet, the fierce fighter had lost all of his energy, and needed to rest. Tired as he was, he removed the harness once again and trotted over to a tent. The tent was apparently offering free lemonade for those who wanted it. Even though Acorn wasn't exactly one of the ponies who would enjoy a glass of lemonade whenever there was.. well, ANYTHING else, it was free and it looked professional enough. And boy, was he thirsty! He trotted in, a short puff escaping his mouth before nodding firmly. ''Hmm.. yes.. quite the nice.. tent you got here.'' he said, as looked at the filly standing there. ''I saw you were .. offering.. lemonade. Might i have a glass?'' he asked, and smiled quickly, before reverting back into a semi-frown.
  12. A stoic earth pony walked past the many, many possible challenges at this so-called 'Iron Pony Event' held in Ponyville. Carrying a cart filled to the brim with acorns behind him, he couldn't help but glare at the ponies passing. They were all so young. Too young. They wouldn't last long. They couldn't. Not against a pony with experience. Not against a pony that had fought with some of the strongest and fittest ponies, pegasi and unicorns Equestria had to offer, and he fought them. Looking at the ponies passing by him, he realized it was before their time, and nopony recognized him. He knew he still had it in him, he just knew. He had to show them. He had to. There's one thing that Acorn protected at the cost of everything else. And that was his pride The harness fell onto the grass before the event he had walked into. Walking up to the bags, he huffed. ''Peace of cake.'' was all the elderly earth pony muttered before sliding the bags onto his back. They were heavy. But not too heavy. The frown from before had changed into the face of a pony that he once was. The proud fighter, the master in the ring, the one the ponies came to see when they wanted to see a good and honest brawl. Those days were over, yet the old flame within him sparked as he looked at all those young, weak ponies. The once famous stallion started trotted along the path, his mind set to reaching the finish line, and to prove to himself that he could still do it! The field might be a stretch, but by balancing his speed and his power enough, he could make it to the flag! Loudly huffing and puffing as he trotted rapidly along the grass. His old bones were capable of handling the weight of the potatoes, even though it was starting to become a burden, whilst his speed sadly was much less than impressive. He had trouble making haste, all whilst his rusty bones carried the weight of the sacks. Even though he was aiming at reaching the finish, his body might not make it after all. He passed the flag after a short while, and turned around, only for one of the sacks to smash against his side, making the pony let out a huff of frustration. His bones were getting more and more fragile each day, darnit! He was halfway there, he had to make a final push. The frustration now was clearly present on the stallions face, his frown coming back and his pants getting louder and louder. The stallion was now more walking along the grass than sprinting, even though he was nearing the finish. He didn't care about the speed part of the challenge anymore, and so he passed the finish line, walking. He looked to his left, he looked to his right and dropped the sacks on the ground. He had done what he wanted to do. Now? The stallion put the harness back on, and started pulling the cart forwards again, going back to his family. He didn't care that he was tired, he just started walking. He had done what he wanted, and he was leaving. His pride was back the way it used to be. And all he did was walk a little!
  13. I will be going to Italy tomorrow - the 27th - and will probably stay there for two weeks. I do have access to my laptop, so i will be posting into the threads i am as fast as i can! I'll be sure to take pictures!
  14. The stallion cleared his throat and continued grinning at the mare. He was quite unsure to what extent the mare was currently busy, and he certainly didn't want to be a burden. Even so, he was talking, and he wasn't sure if he wanted her to reply to what he said. He wasn't exactly the most 'kind' stallion. He sure as heck wasn't that! Ha! At least try to show some manners, regardless if he had them or not. As soon as he heard the mare talking to him, he refrained from thinking like he usually did. She sounded so cold and snappy. He liked it. ''Well, y'know, the ones that sit alone in cafes, drinking tea.'' he chuckled, and grinned. ''That can never be the bad kind, when there's a bar over there and they still choose a cup of tea..'' he added, his grin slowly fading away as he heard a bit of ruckus behind him. Turning around and looking at a clumsy mare that had gotten her face glass'd and a zebra close by telling her how accident prone she was. He rose his eyebrow and looked back at the mare in front of him. ''.. Friends of yours?'' he asked, and snickered. ''Shouldn't.. we.. help her? She looks like she's bleeding.'' he tapped his chin, and looked back at the mare on the ground. ''Regardless, my name is Domino.'' he quickly added, before grinning again, and held out a hoof to shake. At least show off those fancy manners you've been thought, even if you never use 'em, Dice!
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