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Corsair's Log


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Fluttershy / Pegasus / Mare / FiM Mane Cast

Current Threads:
Winter Setup Open to All
The Animal Adoption Fair

Past Threads:
Winter Wrap Up 2014 - Animal Team
A Rescue in Progress, Perhaps? Featuring Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie
A Long Story Featuring Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, and Spike
A Hearts and Hooves Gift (Exited)
Light in the Dark (Canceled)
The Ponyville Pet Show (Part 2) (Ended)
Winter Wrap Up 2012 (Ended)

Bonfire / Unicorn / Stallion / Sergeant of the Princesses' Royal Guard

Current Threads:
Sunset at the Corral Featuring Princess Celestia

Past Threads:
Running of the Leaves 2013
Colts will be Colts Featuring Princess Luna and Shining Armor
One is the Loneliest Number (Exited)
The Night Watch (Completed)
The Firestarter (Exited)
Training Day (Ended)


Snips / Unicorn / Foal / FiM Cast

Current Threads:
Cutie Mark Crusader Treasure Hunters, Go! Featuring Snails and the Cutie Mark Crusaders

Past Threads:
Class is in Session
DaringCon General
A County Field Trip
Bug Hunt
Unofficial Nightmare Night 2012

Topaz Tremor / Earth Pony / Mare / Geologist

Threads: None at this time

Past Threads:
Down on the Farm (Exited)
Unofficial Running of the Leaves 2012

Corsair / Pegasus / Stallion / Race Official / Inactive

Long Shot / Pegasus / Stallion / Fallout: Equestria / Inactive

"Gravy" Growler / Diamond Dog / Adult Male / Inactive
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