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Crescent's Singing/Voice Acting


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  • 2 months later...

So ive been gone for quite some time but no more! I have returned! and with me I bring a rough version of a cover I am working on for "The Moon Rises"

have a listen ^_^ like I said though this is still just a draft to dont judge it like its finished. still polishing some things.


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just a little audition I did for Dusk Shine (male twilight) for an upcoming audioplay. thought i'd share


and one I did for male applejack as well :)


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PFFFFFT southern belle...southern gentlecolt :smug:

and thanks! ive been told ive been making pretty big strides in my singing and vocalization on the whole. i didnt believe it until i came back to this tread and saw the old stuff i posted...sweet jeesus how horrifying

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