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  2. Do you have any suggestions of what i can put in? I tried to keep it as canon as possible but this wiki page doesn't provide much information. And I'm afraid that if i don't keep it as canon as possible i won't be allowed to rp as her because of the 'as canon as possible' rule...😔 https://mlp.fandom.com/wiki/Princess_Amore#Crystal
  3. Ossia tilted her head in amusement upon hearing yet more robo-speak coming from the cyborg. Did that mare had any thoughts of her own left? "Good brand representation, but can't trash talk." alicorn mused before giving Lightning a menacing look "Still you got hurricane part right, because I will rock you like one. Ufufufu...Ahahahahaha!" she giggled as she rushed forward herself. As LDEL6370 dodged the aeathers discus and proceeded to rain of magical bullets on Ossia, alicorn returned the favour with gusto, although in much more varied fashion - lightning bolts, flame chakrams, screaming shadowy skulls and acid arrows - di Nerezza bag of tricks was deep indeed. But none was as sharp as her tongue.... "So, what's your story Tin Mare?" she asked while dodging yet another salvo with a barrel roll. "The one behind you being turned into a half of a washing machine. Did Big Bad Corporation did Miss Junkyard wrong, and you joined the rival one to get even?" Nerezza 'asked' in condescending tone. "Or did mommy and daddy were shot in the dark alley, with your state being a way of extracting vengeance on all criminals big and small? Victim of horrible accident perhaps? Give me some ideas Tin Mare!" Ossia further antagonized the mare as the dived down, continuing their high speed dog-fight among the park's surviving foliage. "SCOPPIARE!" pink mare suddenly cried out, her horn shining brightly, with powerful explosion of aether ripping through the air, knocking down and charring even more trees. Lightning themself apparently had enough sense to dodge the initial burst and rise her protecting shield, but the shock-wave still send her tumbling into the sky..... Before she was send down by Ossia that is. The alicorn appeared next to the cyborg with a familiar flash of the teleportation, flashed a malicious smirk and delivering a spin kick that made turquoise mare crash into the ground....Straight into waiting, dark tendrils that Hexxer invoked. "Such a sensible mare, it appears you grey matter is better preserved then I thought....." Ossia praised dullahan mare in roundabout way, while still smuggling some stealth insult. "Normally I would rip a wings from such butterfly for a little while longer, but that wound in this worlds reality that she made urgently needs closing. Hold her for a while like good martyr should." she added while surrounding herself in her magical aura. Nerezza's horn glowed brightly as she started incantation of powerful spell..... "Frammenti del cielo si riuniscono per dispensare un'ira esaltata....!" she murmured as twelve spears of crimson lightning coalesce from pure aeather above headless mare and the cyborg. "Trasforma i miei nemici in cenere. Rabbia di......!" Suddenly Ossia's eyes squinted, as she turned around in air..... Just as the last word of the spell escaped her lips. ".....Fulmine....." Electricals projectiles, instead of striking straight down, instead flew into direction of Nerezza's gaze. Three of the flew over the park and crashed into skyscrapers bordering it with a strength of the cruise missiles, doing a catastrophic damage. One fell into parks water reserviour, exploding into column of water, but most scarred the miserable remains of the park, further likening it to the battlefield it became. One of the lightning strikes hitclose enough to the particular bush that it caught on fire. Ossia wasn't all that thrilled by all the devastation she caused. Those ponies and non-ponies in those buildings did nothing to deserve her ire. "........That. Was. Pointless." she said with emphasis, her face a stone mask, but her grey eyes showing how infuriated she was. For a moment she forgot about LDEL6370 and a Gan Ceann mare that did her best to bind her. Pink mare's gaze turned downwards, at the ground obstructed by dust and smoke. "I hope you pleased with yourself gnat. Now, come out so I can twist you inside out." Ossia said, quickly putting blame on her mistake on sompony else. With this she started to scorch the already abused earth with powerful magical rays to force Kyūkei out of hiding.
  4. In this episode: Scootaloo decides to stay Canadian instead of assimilating back into Australia.
  5. Of course, I we're thinking about this too hard, methinks. Last season, wanted to tackle the subject of Scootaloo's parents, wanted to detail why we don't see them, wanted to make them Aussie Pones, and went from there. There are multiple potential lessons or morals left untaught that I think would have been interesting to pursue that they did not.
  6. Considering this isn't say the second season, but almost half a season until the series is over..I was surprised Scoots didn't move on....So far this show..If you leave a friend they become EVIL! Also, if you remember an previous episode... "Parental Glideance' where Scootaloo says, ". Growing up, I never thought I'd be the best at anything, because nopony ever told me. But your parents told you over and over again. Look! Best bath taker ever. Best carrot eater under three. Greatest napper of all time!" Wish they addressed that in this episode...
  7. I did not like Scootaloo’s parents. Her aunts seemed like better parents than they are. To put raising their child off on others so that they can focus on what they want to do in life seems seriously selfish. I get needing to have a job and traveling for work, but how many nights did Scootaloo have to put herself to bed or cook her own dinner? Military families move regularly, so why have a house in Ponyville when you can stay together in the place you are working? (I guess I’m thinking like the show The Wild Thornberry’s.) Also, why did it take Sombra coming back to compel them to finally be a family again? Equestria has been threatened several times before, so why is this time any different? Maybe it’s because I am a parent, but I just can’t see leaving my son for such an extended period like that and missing so many important milestones.
  8. Thankfully the few books that'd flown off the shelves at him had missed Raven, although one pony was not so fortunate. Sombra couldn't fight back the smile that spread across his lips when he heard Blueblood growling- or at least attempting to. It sounded so much like Blueblood was trying to sound angry, or perhaps like himself, and failing. Ponies just couldn't growl, and all their attempts to sound like they were was.. cute. While Raven went to inspect the bookcase, which just looked like any other bookcase though had a lingering, steadily fading magic around it, Sombra turned to face Hogo-sha and Blueblood, mostly to give the latter a curious look. Beyond a bloody nose, the noblepony seemed fine. His attention shifted to the book Hogo-sha had sniffed and recoiled from, the book Blueblood now held. Sombra reached out with his own magic, hoping to pry it from the unicorn's magical grip so that he could get a good look at it too- there was something in the glimpse he'd caught of the title on the book's face that looked a little familiar to him and he couldn't put a toe on it just yet. "I will," he stated, almost boredly, though Hogo-sha's reaction to it told him it was about the same: dark magic. Sombra didn't think the book would really be anything, beyond a random object the strange force in the castle had flung. The magic was likely already shifting towards some other part of the castle to wreak more havoc, and it'd only grow stronger as it wore on towards night- it already had been since it started. He couldn't fathom what might happen beyond scaring ponies, though the fact that it'd managed to harm one didn't seem to bode too well.. Sombra's mind was particularly stuck on the 'scaring ponies' part of it. Rather useful to somepony like him, but he was the only pony like him. There were a few other disturbances in the castle, scattered among the rooms, although distant enough they likely might not hear anything from here.
  9. "Well you can say 'good-bye' to that headache once you feel this water..", the dragon closed her eyes and let it all soak in. Being the helpful type, Thrilly placed some of the special shampoo on an loofah and started to scrub away. The small creature did not seem to mind. "Considering we have dragon soap and a scrubby brush made just for creatures with scales, I have a feeling they warned the staff as soon as we entered the hotel...", the cat mused as she washed away the gunk from the former dragon punk. Since she had booked the room, there was already soap for her, and the hotel was always stocked with pony toiletries. Once the dragon was nice and shiny, Thrilly gave herself a good washing. Daze's little scrapes and bruises nearly vanished once she touched the water. This was pretty powerful stuff! Anything beyond a light scar still remained. The pair watched in semi-horror as the pony gulped down some of the water and sprayed it back at them. "Ah nasty!", the dragon gasped, "You put some of that water in your mouth? After we bathed in it? And also, I've been sort of tooting in it for a bit. Sorry.", she slowly climbed out of the tub and quickly shook off the excess water. "Heh. Dragon-Toots....Can I call you that?" "No! You can't!", the dragon called back as she dried off. "What's this place you want to take us for dinner?", she asked the Pegasus pony.
  10. It started off very well for the little colt. Applejack was many things to many ponies but the one thing she was to everypony was the most reliable and trustworthy friend you could ask for, and doubly so for family. Valen could feel that love from her, the earnestness and honesty as she allowed for the recent events to be taken as they were: quite awful. She didn't excuse Silver or buy into the lie she had spread, even it was partially from his lips. This was going great, he was actually going to get through this rather awful time. After what seemed like a hundred little strikes against his sense of peace and a Ponyville experience tinged with disastrous misconceptions and foibles, somepony was finally listening to him! And then it turned. It turned in the way only Applejack could make it turn, full of honesty and sweetness and kinship, but to Valen, it was awful. Valen had known for some time how Applejack viewed him and what he was meant to be and do. They had multiple conversations in the past about this and it seemed like it was a settled manner, even if they disagreed. She had voiced her opinion stronger in the past, but she had never refused to call him anything but Lilly. She was supportive, she was wonderful, she was the best cousin in the world, and she was wrong to the degree that it almost physically hurt him. False hope dashed, he sighed and looked down at the ground. He wasn't going to get the help he wanted, but he still had to talk it out, at least for a little bit. “My name is not Lilly or Gilded Lilly, Applejack. I am Valen. Cousin, we've talked about this before. I'm comfortable as I am! I don't want to be anyone other than Valen. But we've talked about that before, so I'm guessing your mind is settled on the matter?” He asked, half-knowing the response even as he asked it. His mind was already running ways to cope with it. He didn't have to acknowledge being called Lilly outside the farm, right? Back home in Manehattan, around town, he was certain to have some peace. As long as he could get help from the other leading citizens of town to ensure that Silver's other routes were blocked, it would be okay. His cousin was worth dealing with the fact that she was delightful, sweet, stubborn, and wrong Maybe this would be isolated. Maybe. Hopefully.
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  12. “Wouldn’t be surprised if you smelled nothing but ponies.”, the unicorn whispered, “Thanks to the Daring Do series of books, this area is rather popular for young explorers...I also believe they film in this area as well. “ Now ‘natives’ was an odd thing. There were stories of actual real tribes of ponies who avoided civilization for whatever reasons. This tended to be rather rare. Gangs of looters would sometimes disguise themselves as locals, mostly to blend in and to even scare those who were curious. Even unicorns hid in the wilderness learning forbidden spells. Those were usually called ‘Hedge Mages’ and were usually best left avoided. Pocket had a feeling he was safe as he was traveling with a very large wolf-creature. Anyone with a lick of sense in them would be wise to avoid the pair. "Drums were used for commutation between members. There would be drum-beats for danger...Return home...Beats for announcements such as the tribal leaders have returned...Nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if they're just doing it to scare ponies away." Following his partner, the unicorn quickly snatched up a bunch of loose branches with his telekinesis and extended the foliage they had hid behind. Within moments, there was the sound of hooves hitting the ground. These belonged to an rather fierce looking Pegasus mare who stopped. "Why are they playing the drums?", she asked herself before turning her attention to Pocket Change's temporary bush. "The heck?", she yelped.....Had she seen them?
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  14. The idea of a food bomb made Rainbow's stomach growl something vicious because she didn't even think about how hungry she was until she saw the mess that had been made all around the kitchen. She didn't know what type of dinner had been prepped because it had become a slurry and paint across the ceiling and walls. She couldn't say too much- she'd been on the active end of a terribly concocted and executed dinner plan or two in her life. Usually trying to celebrate her parent's anniversary as a kid or when it was her time in rotation to cook for the Wonderbolts. Far be it from her to make Twilight feel too bad about this! Besides, it was charming how awfully the Princess was handling this. You'd think Twilight, deserving enough to have the honor of being the sister-in-law to the Princess of Love and the title of the Princess of Friendship, would have a handle on this, but nope. No, she did not. Maybe it fell into a grey area. Rainbow nodded and hovered to the ceiling, going about cleaning as the awkwardness started to fall away in the normalcy of their operations. She didn't have to think too hard about it but it seemed like any other time she may have been called in to help clean up another one of Equestria's messes, Twilight specifically much of the time. She didn't mind. You always helped your friends and it just so happened her friend was a Princess and what they were doing was more important than whatever else she'd be doing. Rainbow cleaned and smiled as well as she could considering she had been highly nervous not that long ago. It was all clearing up now- clear skies ahead, clean ceiling above, and two mares unwilling to discuss anything. Then Spike spoke and ruined that brief peace. Rainbow bobbled the bottle and dropped the cloth onto Twilight's back, tapping the bottle up in the air once or twice more before managing to grab it before it got out of her grasp. She gulped and have an awkward laugh as she hovered down, putting it down. She gave a look up- it was mostly cleaned. It would have to do. Spike was sent off to go find something to do, hopefully away from them, while both mares attempted to dance around the subject. Twilight led and Rainbow was happy to follow. “Oh, yeah. Yeah, it'll get worse, too. You might not be able to get out of bed tomorrow. The soreness will be really bad and your muscles will feel like they're locked up. They aren't so you need to just work through it, but it'll be real bad. The prices we pay to keep Equestria safe, right?” She laughed, looking around at the mess, or what was left of it. Talking about real subjects took her mind off of matters, at least for a little bit. “So, what was this food supposed to be, other than paint and spackle?”
  15. What the heck? Was he checking her out? She knew she was pure 100% hot stuff, but wasn't he a little on the young side to be doing that? "Guess it runs in the family as I have a brother that's into music..." Well, maybe that was stretching it. Or was he more like his sister and just enjoyed dressing up. Still, his poetry did save the lives of more than a hundred hatchlings to be. What a weird day that was. The bongos were an a musical instrument....She thought. A sly smile formed on her face. "Guess if you join one of the dance clubs, I'll have to follow...Keep my eye on yah so you can't cause any trouble, eh?", she gave the colt a wink before there was a sharp return to slightly more moribund talk. "Eh...", that was not her finest hour. "Now that I know....Thanks to our library here....I would say we would make statues like anyone else...One would need hammer, chisels, and files....A well planned out statue sketched out on paper...The right safety tools like a mask and goggles. But for the most part, I just spent a few minutes, kicking, punching, slashing and eventually biting a large rock, hoping it would simply turn into something that would memorialize a tree.. And no surprise, it did not turn into what I wanted. Go fig.." While things were improving, dragons really did not do art. They had their caves. They had their lava. And one place that serves really bad coffee. They really did not have any villages, cities or towns. Maybe this will all change. After spending her nights on a an rather comfortable bunk bed, the dragoness really had her doubts that she could return to sleeping on a cave floor. Even if things did get a little drafty from time to time. "As for the very new 'Tree-house Of Harmony', if you've been to the Crystal Empire, you'd get a good idea what it looks like....A big crystal tree with an crystal building for an trunk.....Almost Crystal Empire meets Cloudsdale? It's mostly just a place to hang out and relax.....We have a little library....Half-bathroom type...Little kitchen-ete area..Mostly for making snacks and a good cup of tea." She stopped herself from saying it was a 'little home away from home'. She'd probably have to smack her if those words ever came from her mouth. "So we could check out the dining hall...They're not serving, but they have a couple of vending.....Wait you modeled? What kind?" Smolder was curious..
  16. I loved this episode loads and loads. The parents were fun, the aunts were sweet, the conflict felt very real. I do dislike that we missed a chance at having an important lesson about growing up and what that sometimes entails being learned, but it was a super sweet episode regardless.
  17. Daze hopped onto the taxi with her two compadres, giving at least a million sincere apologies to the poor driver who had to sit through the nasty stench of the sewer trio. She honestly felt really bad, and she knew Thrilly did too from her side of apologies and tips. The Pegasus would give him tips too, but she didn't bring any bits with her. She left her bag back in the hotel room, after shockingly finding the thief, or the little dragon, hiding in there. Thank Celestia that bit was over. After the ride, Daze looked around to see they weren't at the right hotel. "They probably think we're farm folk from our nasty smelling coats. I'm honestly getting the fattest headache from smelling this stuff." The tan mare dramatically waved her hoof in front of her head, puckering out her lower lip. She soon found herself in the elevator with the other two, inching to hop into the bath. She couldn't wait to feel clean and relaxed in a soft, fuzzy, oversized robe with slippers on. That sounded really amazing. Daze flew to the bath as fast as possible, watching 'Knife' complain about the shampoo. "Haha- You're really getting a full face of payback right now." But, the dragon was the first to hop in, followed by the fuzzy cat. Thrilly mentioned her band aids, and Daze nodded her head. "Yeah, I know." Daze then stripped down her band aids, revealing little scratches and bruises where the bandages were. The one on her nose was a scar though, but it was very light. She then unraveled her hooves, and hopped into the soapy bath. "This stuff feels really nice," the mare said with a smile, letting her body relax and sink more into the warm water. She already felt clean from the bath water. As she felt herself sinking, she only let the tip of her nose and eyes peak out, as a large grin formed on her face from below. She then sucked in the soapy water, lifted her head up, and spit it out at the dragon and Thrilly. She was hoping their reaction would be priceless..
  18. “Still around? Nah.”, the colt shrugged, “He went to the ‘Great Caboose In The Sky’ after he did his first test-run with his latest and very last creation, the ‘Trans-Equestrian Express'. Some say he went so fast he went forwards into time....While most say he and his train blew up due to his boiler..." Fast Track still remembered that dark day. He was a very little pony when he heard what happened one school day. Heard the explosion that is. He heard rumors that ponies climbing the 'Great Mount Everhoof' were able to hear the great ka-boom as well. "Later his daughter upgraded the 'Fireball' and she was able to beat his record, which still stands today...", he smiled as the mare spoke of her stories. "Romance novels can be a bit...Much....One of my school-friends always seems to have some silly new book stuffed in her snout every time I see her....Nothing but kissing...betrayals and secret twin brothers....", she shuddered, "I usually prefer history-novels..And mysteries...", the pair found themselves in the main pub area....As the colt was about to wave and say hello to one of his friends...Something No Vella said, caused the little brown pony to turn a slight shade of red. I haven't seen anything in the last... almost two decades "Oh dear...I'm so sorry..." With all the distractions for Fast Track's eyes to fall upon, there was one thing he really did not pay attention to, and that was the mare! She was blind! And there he was pointing out all sorts of cool things she could 'look at'. Ho-Boy. Being the gentle-sort, he helped the writer to her chair..."My friend is here...Her name is Wind Walker....Her whole family since like forever have been part of the royal guard...Her sister, who is also here is Captain for Princess Twilight's special guard....She's having a drink at the bar and chatting with some other ponies...And Wind is talking to some pink guy.....Erm....."
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  20. “[That is troubling, but I have many years to seek out another in time.]” Niilavin says looking at the growing traffic he was making. It did not bug him, let them stand. If he wanted he can take a nap here and the dregs can just deal with it! Such low things, it was shameful how his master acted around them. Yet it did keep the masses in line and happy too do as told. It was shameful how well this system was working it seems.“[Master it seems the unwashed masses wish to not stare at my nice hunches all day. Shall we… move?” He asked flicking an ear and stretching out his big wings, fully out he can touch the buildings lining the road before he pulled them back in agent his sides.
  21. Congrats on your app being approved! See you around the WoE RP area!
  22. Looks great! See you around the WoE RP area!
  23. Hogo sniffed at the air a few times. With all the myriad scents in the air it made it difficult to really tell. The smell of foreign flora, musk of unfamiliar Fauna, and odor of ancient primal magics buried beneath centuries of rainforest all meshing together: like the olfaactory equivalent of looking at a messy watercolor painting. Through all of that, the wolf could smell something very close by. "It almost smells like... Ponies." He said as he continued to sample the air, "It's muddled with the smell of the jungle, perhaps they might be natives?" Just after he raised that possibility, the dui could hear the sound of drums in the distance. A steady, Rhythmic beat echoing faintly through the canopy. Hogo-sha may have been fairly well educated (even it was by his own paw), but his knowledge on the local tribesponies was lacking. To this dapper canine it could have been welcoming drums, the background music for a coming hunt, or maybe even a marriage ceremony. He turned to Pocket as he made his way to some thick bushes nearby, "Any idea what those drums might be for?" He asked as he lifted up some of the large leaves to let the unicorn have free entry. Hogo's magic shrouded him for a moment to make himself a bit smaller so that he wouldn't stick out so much... and he even managed to turn off the little lightning bolts too. He crouched down beside pocket, listening carefully in case he could hear any hoofsteps coming close...
  24. Valen looked Smolder up and down. She wasn't bulky like other dragons, with broad chests and treetrunk legs. She was lither and proportioned well for activity rather than raw strength. Of course, Smolder likely had a superior strength-to-weight ratio for her muscle fibre, and more muscle fibre to boot, than Valen could even imagine. Whether those two factors would combine together well, and whether she would have the patience or skill needed, was another story. He smiled. "I think you could dance well. You look pretty athletic, and that is half of the requirement for any good dancer," he said, allowing for any number of possible issues. Athletic did not always translate to a great dancer- just as a lack of athleticism by trade did not translate to a poor one. Smolder spoke at length about the loss of the tree and the reaction of her friends to it, and the manner in which they tried to honour it. Hard to judge them. Who can say what is right when one is grieving? What was revelatory about the way they went about business was how they came together, not before. Valen smiled softly, solemnly, allowing her to weave through her tale until he found a subject to speak positively about. "You tried to make a statue? Very cool. How do dragons try to do that?" He asked, his mind working the angles. Claw and tail work, with fire breath to set the work? Creatures would do what they must to secure the future they sought to create. Whether it was art, a sculpture, dance or literature, art worked to leave an impact. Smolder was aware of the draconic underpinning to it Was she aware of her own? But there was something much more entertaining than introspection, and decidedly lighter in tone. "The Treehouse of Harmony, really? Sounds so cool! What does it have inside of it? How big is it? If its a treehouse, I've got to imagine it has something fun. Hard to have a treehouse in Manehattan. I've been in the Cutie Mark Crusader's treehouse once or twice, but it isn't a, you know, magical construct," he ended with a pleased sigh. This town and its residents were magical in many ways., and those who came now from lands foreign and enriching in their own wats only added to its charms. Recent events were dramatic examples of Ponyville's unique place in Equestria but it was in the details of words that it was found most purely. No hesitation in revealing the Tree and the events connected to it from one so directly touched by it. None either in discussing this Treehouse, and just as little in offering to show it at some point. This Ponyville attitude was strong with this Dragon Lands born and bred dragon. Perhaps it was more accurate to say that the attitude was always within and simply required a reason to reveal itself? He was simply waxing philosophical to distract from the fact that they were talking and walking with him feeling all out of sorts in a ballerina outfit. Why would the tree do what it did? He had hoped she could provide greater clarity but alas, she too could do little but shrug. He couldn't think why it would choose him, though. "Me, special? Ha, well, all respect owed to the tree but I am as far from uniquely gifted as a creature can get. I mean, I guess there is the modelling career but..."
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