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  2. Sombra's snout immediately wrinkled. "Don't be foul. This disguise is hideous compared to my actual appearance," he snapped back and strode past the pony, his tail flicking behind him; he may or may not have attempted to flick Heart Shield in the face with it. Whether or not that he managed, he didn't bother to look. "I do," he deigned to answer, heading towards the edge of the platform. The umbrum was eager to be off, and he knew just where to go. It wasn't as if traversing Ponyville to reach the Everfree Forest would be hard, it only bordered the south side of the town- right across from the very station they were still at. He'd looked at the maps, of both the Equestrian map and the map that involved the area Ponyville was in, all found in Canterlot's libraries. Without another word, Sombra was off, intent on getting across town so that he might finally shed his disguise in the heavy shade of the Everfree Forest, and find that old castle. He'd never gotten to see it before, not when it was newly built, nor when it was in ruins. There was something of a depiction of its ruins on one of the maps that he'd managed to find, but drawings and depictions could never really do the real thing justice.
  3. Female Aerion/Pegasus Hybrid Reckless PROFILE Role Play Type: World of Equestria RP TEXT COLOR: #ff33cc
  4. Midnight could feel his heart rate rising as he read the droids text on the small screen in front of him. He had known Master Luna had been spooked about something and this only confirmed it. What could make the second highest ranking Jedi so worried. Nodding his head in agreement to Tiger Blood, his ears would perk up once he heard his padawan speak. "That's a good thought Raven. Thank you for your input." The bat pony would try to hide a sigh however before sharing his thoughts on the matter. "I feel there is a disturbance in the force, though I can't figure it out. It's surrounding our republic. With this war with this Sith led army....and increasing oversight from the Republic Senate with the Jedi affairs....who's really going to miss three low level Jedis." Midnight looked to Tiger. "Didn't you find it odd that we both got promoted to Knights, though our rank in the Republic Army did not increase to General like the other Knights and Masters...and with Raven never being out of the Jedi Temple since her training began...or at least that's my theory." He would stop talking and started to take deep breaths trying to calming himself back down. Pressing a button, the ramp to the shuttle would begin to rise.
  5. I’m back at school teaching so posts won’t come as frequently. I’m shooting for once or twice a week in each of my threads Feel free to skip me as needed.
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  7. It came deep out of left field seeing Feng fly up to the fox-demon and boop its nose, seeing how Sunset Shimmer was this close to reaching a breakthrough. But by Celestia; whatever Feng did worked spectacularly, because the visage of the fiery monster immediately vanished, revealing the true form of the eight-tailed vixen. As the tearful reunion between fox and longma commenced, Sunset started feeling way out of the loop, as if she wasn’t missing the full historical context between Yanhua and Feng. Sunset took a quick peek at the house rooftop Tempest Shadow had made her stand on to judge how she was reacting to unfolding events... only to spot nobody! How peculiar. As Sunset blasted Tempest with a dispelling Fail-Safe spell moments ago, she felt compelled to at least check up and see if the other unicorn was all right. That was, if the broken-horned mare hadn’t wandered off yet. “Tempest???” Sunset cried out as she walked back in the opposite direction from Yanhua and Feng; “Tempest Shadow, you there???!!” Still no response or sign of her. “Hmmph,” Miss Shimmer reflexively grumbled to herself; “Go figures she runs off the moment there’s no fox to hunt anymore.” Just as Sunset was just about to call off her search, the mare rounded the corner of the house and found Tempest Shadow sprawled on the ground! “Tempest!”; Sunset cried out in worry as she galloped on over; “Are you alright?!” Tempest didn’t appear to be in physical pain, thank goodness, but why did she look like she just saw a ghost? A minute ago, Tempest had been aching for a fight, so what was up with this sudden 180? ...Was this all because of that dispelling spell?
  8. I might be able to come up with something here today possibly if you would like?
  9. There's not exactly a posting order, I'd just like everyone to either post or pass each round.
  10. Oh um. I can reply if needs be. I was unsure if it was my turn or not. I hope i'm not holding things up Might try to fit a reply in
  11. It's been just about a week for this, so I'm curious what everyone's up to. Do I need to do something to move things along or are we just busy?
  12. [Shadow Storm][Unicorn][Male][Middle aged Stallion][Shadow Storm's app] Past and present threads Notable events and achievements
  13. Tempest started down the giant fox, unflinching as its muzzle filled with green flames and fang. She steps closer, her horn thundering as the thatch roof underneath her hooves smolders and smokes from the rolling storm of magic flowing down her body like a living lightning rod. Hooves space out, horn aims. She did not plan to hit the fox, they were not out here to hurt her after all. But if the fox was going too show off so was she! Than a spell hit her. Tempest was taken back from the shock as her magic sputters out. Betrayed! That word screamed in her head. She was Betrayed. Swinging her head to aim at Sunset, her eyes full of rage. Than nothing… The rage faded away from her face as her eyes go wide. “No.” She mutters, trying to channel her magic again. “No no no no no!” Is the only word leaving her muzzle as she back pedals and looks up at the giant fox. Towering. Fangs. Just like the ursa. She saw it replay in her head. A small helpless filly with no magic. Helpless, screaming for her life. Tripping over her own legs Tempest falls off the thatch roof out of view of the others well they were busy talking to Yanhua. In her panic and fall she failed to what see happened between Feng and the fox.
  14. Heart Shield hadn't been sitting long on the bench when he spied a white maned unicorn get off the train. Initially he had dismissed the pony as just another local pony, and had continued to look around at the ponies in the Train station. Somehow he knew Sombra wasn't going to show up as himself. It was only a matter of figuring out which pony was him. Gazing around at the crowd of ponies, Heart shield studied each one trying to determine which one was him. His memory went back to the White maned stallion he had seen get off the train. If he remembered correctly he thought he saw that stallion board the train at Canterlot. As he watched this pony as lingered around the station a bit. The stallion seemed to glimpse at him a moment, before heading his direction, A grumpy look on his face. This had to be Sombra. Before he knew it the Unicorn was standing next to him staring him down. "I'm glad to see you made it as well." Heart said with cheerful tone looking up at the Unicorn. A smile rose on his face, He had to comment on his disguise. Perhaps it would be like poking a bear with a stick, but after all Sombra had given him enough grief at the castle. "I must say, this look rather suits you. Its a big improvement from before. Why you look rather cute, and handsome now." The grey Pegasus said just loudly enough for others around them to hear. Suppressing a little giggle Heart shield stood up from his seat. "Well we have the whole day ahead of us. Have you brought everything you need?" He said before looking back at Sombra to ask him a question.
  15. Standing atop of one of the many green, rolling hills that made up the area of land surrounding Ponyville, a lanky, fedora - sporting, poncho - garbed stallion could just barely be made out by anypony that might have happened to be looking in that particular direction at the time. It was just about to make a joke to his rubber chicken buddy, Boneless Two (one that involved tumbleweeds, shouting, and a cream pie - don’t ask), but thought better of it. The stallion, the one-and-only Cheese Sandwich, sighed in annoyance and boredom, and began pacing, as he had been doing for some time now. Cheese had arrived at Ponyville early, a little after most of the townsfolk had woken up. He had been stalling for a few hours now, just along the outskirts of the little town, reluctant to do what he’d come here to do. This was embarrassing. . . Where did he start? Well, Cheese was in a bit of a doozy. This particular doozy was one that Cheese hadn’t been expecting, and wasn’t prepared for in the slightest (a true insult to anybody as sporadic as he was). It was a doozy regarding a certain party. This party was something that Cheese had known would eventually happen, as it did every year - yet he was no more prepared for it than a balloon being prepared for a popping, or somepony’s face being prepared for a sudden pie. “Oh, wait. Scratch that,” Cheese muttered to himself. He’d already made a pie joke earlier. The curly - haired stallion struggled to focus. The problem was this: He was here at Ponyville on account of a birthday. Not just anyone’s, either - this pair of ponies was by far the most difficult case Cheese had ever worked on. This year, he was drawing blanks on how to plan a party for them. Nothing seemed right. At least, not for Cheese. The stallion paused for a moment, glancing back at Boneless Two, who lay on his back. “This was a mistake,” he murmured. “Party ponies don’t ask other party ponies how to plan parties.” Especially not the particular mare Cheese had come to see. Pinkie Pie was great - one of the most awesome, energetic, and interesting ponies Cheese had ever had the pleasure of interacting with, if not the most awesome, most energetic, most - well, you know. Cheese had secretly been fanboying in his mind one of the more recent times he'd met with her. So, naturally, it was a horrible embarrassment to have to ask her for help planning a party. Not that he couldn't learn a thing or two from her - any newer, ambitious Party Pony should look to Pinkie for advice. Just not Cheese. He had many reasons, the biggest being that he expected that Pinkie might think less of him for running to her for something that was not her problem. Cheese also couldn't deny that his pride would have been dented, having to get pointers in general, from anyone. Cheese continued to stare at Boneless Two for a response. It was silent. "What do you mean, 'incompetent'? I'm not 'incompetent' at planning parties! I'm. . . capable, I guess." The chicken was silent. Cheese huffed. "Well, maybe if a certain someone wasn't such an open pessimist, then I wouldn't be whining!" The chicken was silent. It's head lolled to one side, but was otherwise motionless. "You're the one that convinced me to come all the way out here, and you decide to complain now? Boneless One was never like this." Silence. Cheese sighed. "Sorry, buddy. My bad. I'm just a little stressed out is all. I just. . ." The lanky stallion bit his lower lip. "You know how this time of year can be. For them, I mean. I just wish planning a party for them wasn't so gosh - darn difficult all the time. . ." Boneless Two was, again, silent. With another poorly hidden sigh, Cheese took a seat in the grass, staring out at Ponyville, and beyond. Maybe he'd just sit out here a bit longer - better not to talk with Pinkie with a headache. . . The stallion just wished that something would happen. Anything to take his mind off of his problems. He chuckled weakly. Pinkie would have been perfect for that. Too bad she was the one Cheese was currently avoiding. . .
  16. Applejack watched her son let go of his stick fitfully but, once committed, forcefully. The stick clacked to the ground and stood still for a moment before it started to roll into the darkness alongside its scattered brethren. At least that answered the important question. They had come for part of their body, lost in the Everfree, and carried all the way back to civilization. A part of her could almost commend the audacity they had to come this far, but she couldn't really get past the mental image of that timberwolf standing astride her little stallion like a wolf to a sheep. Any semblance of understanding that could exist, an accord or respect afforded from one family to the other, was shattered upon the altar of her maternal rage. As far as she was concerned they could get their little branches and tear flank out of her Orchard. Slowly but surely Applejack backed up. She knew better than to present her rear to them, lest they grow bold and decide she was weak enough to attack. Not that they'd be in a position to do so based on what she did to them for a while, but it paid to be careful. Eventually, her hind legs hit the porch and she slowly made her way up them backwards. As she did so she saw the branches finally vanish entirely into the gloom. She knew her Timberwolf behaviors to know well enough that they would retreat back out of the orchard once they were constituted again. They didn't understand her words but they sure did understand her violence, and there was nothing to be gained now from further action. They weren't dumb. They were just ornery and mean, but not base enough to throw themselves fruitlessly, breaking themselves upon the rocks of this particularly sturdy shore. Applejack felt the warmth of her home and nipping of her heels by Winona and breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, nelly..." she whispered to nopony in particular, her adrenaline starting to slow down. Her muscles grew weary and she could feel the weight of her little stallion on her back now, where before he was a weightless feather. "You did real good, Zappy. We'll get you somethin' ta replace that stick," she said as she turned her head to yell for her brother. "BIG MAC, GE-" she bellowed- directly into his face. The much-plussed brother frowned, revealing he already had the door repair supplies. "Oops, sorry. Hehehee," she chuckled sheepishly as he made his way to the door. She took a seat on the couch and placed Zap Apple next to her. "How are you feelin', sugarcube? Are you okay? Are you scared? Momma's here for you," she asked and said quickly, finishing with a warm embrace.
  17. He kinda liked her being concerned about him. Being the center of attention wasn't normally his bag but it helped get over his little tiff with that seapony by having the attention of a friend. It also hurt a lot. That crab was pretty awesomely powerful and he was certain that it never skipped whatever passed for a workout for undersea crabs. More importantly, she liked the necklace. He was still getting used to how everything felt down here so was pleasantly excited to see that his necklace didn't collapse under the weight of expectations. It felt good to have something you made get somecreature you cared about- as a FRIEND- happy. He could do ith that feeling again. "Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine. Griffon claws are strong," he said, though he did start rubbing it. "I'll be okay." He was a very tough bird, but... Gallus wasn't a great dancer. There wasn't a lot of dancing going on in Griffonstone and he wasn't entirely sure that they'd care to start anytime soon, even with griffons becoming a little friendlier. Indeed, he was happy to report that he had gone most of his life without having to flap around like a loser and had continued this winning streak into the school. Nocreature had tried to force him to dance. He had the excuse of being too cool for it during the Fetloch whatever it was and his desire to never dance with Smolder or see that dragon do her interpretation of dance. And then with everything that happened that night he was able to showcase exactly none of his non-existent talent- the same as everycreature else. It was awesome and something he hoped to repeat exactly zero more times. He wasn't a fan of not being good at something. He was also terrible at admitting he was not good at things. These two things existed in a constant state of conflict. Most of the time, pride won. Like now. He wasn't going to tell Silverstream of all creatures that he sucked at dancing. Besides, he had a great excuse for his failings, and a great excuse always trumped history- especially if that history was hidden. "Yeah, I'm good to go. Cutting a rug or whatever that phrase is, I'm your seagriffon," he said confidently, trailing behind Silverstream towards the electronically impossible soundstage and dance area.
  18. As much as Sombra hadn't wanted to, he chose to go out into the city under a disguise when the time came for him to leave. The disguise was that of a generic unicorn stallion, pastel fur, white mane, green eyes. It worked well enough for his purposes, as much as he hated to hide his good looks. He boarded the train, and he wasn't sure if he'd glimpsed Heart Shield at one point- he'd met him once and only ever saw him with his armor on at that time. Whether or not it was that very stallion, Sombra made no attempt to greet him or make his presence known. He just picked an isolated section of one of the train cars to sit in and stare out the window, to watch the world go by once the train started moving. The train's journey down the mountain to Ponyville seemed, at least to Sombra once it eventually reached Ponyville's train station, like it'd fallen into this strange in-between place where it simultaneously felt like it'd been an eternity and like it hadn't taken long- he certainly wouldn't say it 'took no time at all'. It still seemed to stretch on for a time. Sombra was glad when they finally reached their destination, and he rose to disembark once the train's assistants finally opened all the car doors. He sauntered out, eying the crowd of ponies for a semi-familiar pegasus. He knew, at least, that Heart Shield stood out just enough with his grey fur and the blue streaks in his mane- that is, if he was remembering him correctly. The tyrant himself, while disguised, could've been easy enough to spot- all a pony had to do, at least those who either knew or had interacted with him, was look for his signature grumpy expression, apparent even in any disguise that he crafted for himself. As his eyes swept across the crowd between himself and the train station's wooden building, he spied Heart Shield out on one of the benches against the wall. Looking a bit more alert, Sombra headed straight towards him, green eyes boring into the grey stallion's own. "Good to see you came."
  19. Name: Reckless Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Aerion/Pegasus Hybrid Eye Color: Bright pink gradient Coat: Her coat is a sleek ash grey Mane/Tail: Both mane and tail are neon pink. She keeps her mane cropped fairly short and the ends are cut into jagged angles. Her tail is cropped just above her hocks and it ends in a jagged cut angle not unlike her mane. Physique: Reckless has a body that makes lots of stallion (and mares) swoon. She's fit and svelte. Lots of hours in the gym and on long patrols has fashioned her muscles for peak performance on the training grounds and on the field. Her tufted ears are lined with neon pink fur. Her feathered wings have neon pink pinions. Residence: The royal guard barracks is her home when on duty. When off duty she rents a small apartment in the market district of Canterlot. Occupation: Proud new recruit to the Royal Guard. Cutie Mark: A silver dagger with zig-zag cutting marks Unique Traits: She's trained in the art of flighting with blades on the front edges of her wings. Being only half aerion she's fully able to see during the day. She's a day time creature but could switch to the night if needed. History: Reckless was born to an aerion father and a pegasus mother and grew up in the market district of Canterlot. Though not many of her particular kind were around she was never troubled by it. She did well in school, gaining good marks and having many friends. Her parents noticed soon after her birth that she had quite the care free nature about her. She'd go wandering off and not really care if she got lost. She made friends easily enough as her antics were entertaining and she had a fun and energetic personality. As she grew Reckless became more and more like her name sake. She'd try flight stunts others her age wouldn't dare attempt. She got up to trouble now and again as those of her age are want to do. She was not unused to showing off, which brought her local notoriety. She was taken by Wonderbolts fever not long after viewing her first show. From them on she practiced flight to prepare herself to enter the air force of Equestria. However, as time went on she was intrigued by her father more and more. The proud aerion had been a member of Luna's night guard for many years. His skills with his wing blades were known throughout the guard. Reckless decided learning to not only fly fierce but also to fight fierce! Her father was happy to teach her the basics in the use of wing blades, but she was young so he tried to keep it simple. Reckless would have none of it and before he could blink she'd flown through the targets he'd set up in a zip zag pattern. Each of the target broke in half as she sliced with her blades! When she landed the last target fell to the ground and her cutie mark appeared! He father took that as a sign that his daughter would be well suited to learn the fine arts of aerial fighting! Eventually Reckless was ready to enter the forces of the royal equestrian guard! She's never been prouder than the past few months of her service! Only time will tell if being part of the guard will slake her desire for adventure! Character Personality: Reck is brash and not afraid to be who she is! Most ponies take to her easily enough though stallions are known to act odd around her. She chalks that up to her good looks and confident nature! She's a solid friend and trustworthy once she's in a pony's confidence. She can be a bit rude at times and can also push others too far with her charisma and wit. Character Summary: A new recruit in the Guard, Reckless is on the hunt for adventure and possibly a stallion or two... *wink wink*
  20. Raven nodded as she focused on the console. She'd completely missed it when she sat down, but wasn't too surprised the ship had one. She was a little surprised at the Astromech came in, but quickly smiled. One of the things she liked was working on machines, and she couldn't help but value the various robots she saw highly, though she did her best to tamper it. The news it brought, that the council wanted their mission to be a secret, and bit her lip in thought. "Maybe... Maybe we're going somewhere the council doesn't have a lot of pull, or they're worried how it will be perceived..." She offered, quickly looking back at the Com screen, acting like she'd not said something... She wasn't sure how Midnight would take what she said. Her former master had been lenient, letting her speak freely, but she had heard stories from other padawans that some masters were strict...
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  22. To hear praise and acknowledgement from the Empress' own lips was like the sweetest of Yanhua's steam buns to Feng; it could fill his entire body with the feeling of light and airy bliss for the better part of a week. And to be so able to share the moment with his good friend Yanhua? That was like two whole steam buns! He'd be on something like a sugar buzz for the forseeable future. That said, an Imperial Watcher grinning like the village troublemaker and vibrating like the wings of a bumblebee would have been... inappropriate in the presence of all the illustrious figures of the Dragon Court. As much of a loose cannon as his superiors thought him now, Feng devoted no small part of his considerable will and energy into binding himself into the disciplinary framework of the Watch. That raised the disturbing specter of what the longma would become if he felt that he no longer had anything to lose by letting himself go... But when or if that day would ever come, it certainly wasn't today. Thus, he took the welcome respite from Yue's attention as she congratulated her chef on her own gold medals to keep his face from splitting in half and his hooves from dancing in delight. By the time the two of them had agreed on a private meeting, he'd managed to straighten out to the point where he was merely smiling, rather than grinning outright. That said, he also caught all the implications of what that 'private conversation' was likely to consist of. The trip they'd taken to Equestria had revealed to Feng Yanhua's true identity, though thankfully not in a way to disturb their friendship! It was just that, well, she wasn't truly a qilin... Thus it was that he sucked in a breath at the sight and implications of the Fenghuang feather. Like most of the court, he found the beauty dazzling; he'd been fortunate himself to befriend one of these magnificent phoenixes by saving one from foreign poachers while on recovery. That had been a harrowing little incident, having to rely almost solely on a bluff to see the lot of them off. He shook off reminisces. This was a delicate situation, one which could turn disastrous if not handled well. He had to interject, but could not supersede Yanhua's decision in the matter. Public confession of her true identity might not be the best tactic here and now, but given how he'd found out about it back in Ponyville, it was unlikely to stay a secret forever. Best the Empress heard it from Yanhua herself rather than a foreign newspaper, or worse, an intelligence briefing... "Knowing Yanhua as well I have come to over my time at the Palace, and the opportunities I have had to observe her over the course of our journey to and from the west, I can absolutely vouch for her worth of character and service." He allowed himself to grin. "I will give my testimony officially if called for!" Though it seemed no more than a manifestation of his normal flippancy towards officiality, in truth it was a bit of theater deliberately engaged in. He wanted to communicate his true confidence in his friend, in a professional as well as personal capacity, without alerting the onlookers that anything was actually amiss with Yanhua, should she choose to remain silent now. They already thought him odd, best let them keep thinking that. Contrary to common misconception about the Watch, it wasn't about being inconspicuous, but simply keeping what didn't need to be known unknown.
  23. Last call for sign ups before the ship leaves. Jedis, troopers, smugglers still welcome.
  24. "And normally I would be, but today is my day off, so here I am." Aegis chuckled to himself at the look of confusion on the other stallion's face before continuing. "As far as being part of a band goes, guess you could call it more of a hobby, something I do when I don't have guard work to do." He nodded, looking from his fellow guard to the mare as she began speaking. He listened to her words, chuckling at her flirting line. "Well, you certainly look like a work of art, so let's stick with that, huh?" He responded, returning her wink. "I'm actually playing a show later if you wanted to stop by, it's at a club a bit over there. We play all sorts of stuff, but I'd say mostly types of rock." He added, pointing down the road towards the club in question.
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