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  2. My character application is ready. Please let me know if I need to make any revisions to the application. Thank you and stay awesome. ^^
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  4. Hogo-sha did not back off from Tempest's hook he took it full on as came in... just as he'd been Hoping. Bringing her antlers in for the headbutt might have seems a good idea but while her opponent ws fast with his fist, he was faster with his teeth. Those jaws snapped down on Tempest's antlers and Took hold tight. In a swift motion, Hogo-sha lifted up the cow in and arc in a grapple and tossed her back down to the ground on her back. Once she landed, the dog brought up his foot and tried to bring it down hard onto her stomach with great force. The Dog was already smiling down at her, still enjoying this bout.
  5. "I'd love to speak more about this with you, Miss Raven. I'm sure I've plenty of stories to share with you. I'd also be glad to learn more about your friend Sombra." As Raven made her way to inside alongside Sombra, Hogo-sha looked down both passages of the hallway. Was this dark in this corridor previously... he could have sworn that it wasn't, but then again he'd had his nose to the floor until a moment ago. Hearing Sombra's bedgrudging admission that he found something was good enough for Hogo-sha. The wolf's tail began to wag behind him at the words of praise, some instincts never fade it seems. "I can assure you, friend." The wolf took another deep breath and sniffed a few times at the doorway, "If there's is any notable magical disturbance than this is the room it shall be in he--." And then a book soared off a shelf and collided with Blueblood's Muzzle. Hogo-sha's hackles rose and he let out a deep growl towards the bookshelf, the yokai having a dramatic staredown with the ominous bit of furniture/storage space. When No other books came out to meet the group he turned around to face blueblood, "Are you alright?" He asked as he circled once around the stallion. He seemed to be alright, save for the bloody nose and even that wasn't terribly bad. Before Raven and Sombra came to inspect, Hogo-sha leaned in and took a curious whiff of the book. He flinched and had to back up, bringing his paws to his muzzle and fighting the urge to retch. His tone was tense and hurried, "It... Definitely has magic around it." It felt to the wolf as if he'd walked into a perfume store. For a nose so sensitive and in tune with magical auras it was like a massive sensory overload that made his stomach turn from the shock.
  6. As a scootaloo main (lol), I approve this episode times 10. Being the spoiler magnet I am, I already knew about the aunt thing, but I didn't expect the non-permanent residence to start off with. The idea that she was basically shared around is as fanon as it gets. I guess It's Scootaloo Irwin then. To be honest, I was expecting something more along the lines of the Everfree forest, kind of disappointed, but maybe they've already been there. Damn, I'm too tired to think. Will post more later.
  7. Unexpected visitors to Ponyville threaten to break up the Cutie Mark Crusaders forever. This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk
  8. lol, idky the site didn't give me the notification. I finally decided to check the thread manually. Weird. Anyway, edited. and I'll keep that in mind for any future apps. thx.
  9. The Iron Pony 2019  starts June 28th! Get ready to claim the crown in a number of fun events!

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      Weeeee!! The Ponk will be there with bells on! Also other cast characters :D

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      Well I have that Squall should do better, after a discomfiture of the last year....

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  11. (( whatya say Kill, help me close out a remarkable Legacy? I can take Metal’s characters, I think I can see where he was going with it.))
  12. This was not at all how she had planned it! Nothing irked her more than to have her plans go awry. This wasn't even awry this was downright 'why had she ever even bothered to plan anything?' disaster level! She could her Rainbow's hooves clopping their way towards her. Twilight shuffled back and forth a bit, indecision ruling the moment. "Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh-!" Her words were cut off as Rainbow entered the kitchen aka catastrophe of the century. The Princess of Friendship was frozen in place as the pegasus entered. Twilights cheeks were crimson with embarrassment. "Rainbow I-i uhhhh," And then her friend burst out laughing and offered to help! For some reason her laughter was contagious. Twilight's muzzle turned up into a grin and before she knew it, she was laughing too. This was why they were friends! It helped to relieve her tension and calm her nerves. It was Rainbow after all. Her long time friend. The one she had been through thick and thin with! Sure she was also the one Twilight pined after but she was also one of the ponies that was already closest to her heart! "Not that bad?" She spoke quizzically as the bowl of carrot levitated off her head and onto the counter. "I think Spike set off some kind of food bomb in here!" "Heeeey!" The dragon entered, glancing around. "It's not that bad Twi! Rainbow said she's done worse!" "Oh, I'm sure she has!" She eyed both her friends. "We should probably start over on dinner," A cloth and spray bottle levitated to Spike and Rainbow. "Spike you start on the counters. Rainbow? If you could get the ceiling?" She was in her element giving orders. It made the nervousness she had been feeling earlier dissipate. "I'll start on the dishes!" As she spoke dishes began to levitate and the sink faucet turned on. "So!" Spike tried to break the silence a moment later. He glanced up at Rainbow who was making quick work of the food that was stuck to the heights. "What do you guys think we should try to make next? A special dinner date deserves special food." Twilight blanched! Had Spike just casually called their dinner out as a date? "Spike!" She shushed the dragon and then continued on quickly, trying to cover what was quickly becoming awkward again. "Why don't you uhhhh, look through the recipe book over there and pick something easier than souffle?" "You got it!" He trotted enthusiastically to the book and started leafing through pages. "So Rainbow..." She fished for something to say. "Thanks for the training session earlier. Not just anypony gets lessons from a real Wonderbolt!" She rubbed her fetlocks and grinned. "I'm gonna be sore for a week from that!" There not awkward... heh heh (Twilight awkward laugh)... not awkward at all!
  13. AJ listened intently as Valen laid out the basics before her. Sure it was an embarrassing scenario but the farm mare knew in her heart it was best if he spoke it out. Hopefully that would help him come to terms...at least a little... with who he really was. There would be some pretty tough barriers to cross in the life change Applejack knew was coming his way, and he needed to strengthen his resolve if he was going to make it. Applejack prided herself of course on having a knowing about what ponies really wanted. Her honesty went beyond herself at points, making it so that she could see through the facade that many ponies put over their real wants and desires. Valen's was plain to her at this point. As easy to see as a filly up on the stage actually. He wanted to be a filly in his heart. She knew he did and this was part of coming to terms with that. She raised an eyebrow when he spoke of things returning to normal. If there was one thing she didn't want it was for him to back step after coming so far. Some of the baby stuff might have been over the top. Wearing a pair of too tight diapers being at the top of the list. But, she figured it was part of his process. Going a little too far was normal and helped a pony figure out where the perfect happy medium lay. The farm mare glanced at the offered hoof and took in a deep breath. She wasn't the pony to shake on loose terms. She knew she couldn't keep the end of the bargain he was offering. It was for his own good a'course. She wanted to make him happy and feel at ease in this difficult time but she herself knew from experience... fairly recent experience with a certain lovely unicorn... that getting to where you wanted to be often involved going to areas of discomfort and even mistrust in one's self was needed to get to what the heart really wanted. She exhaled the breath and moved up next to Valen, her shoulder bumping his lightly in support. "Well now sugarcube," She nodded towards a couple upturned apple baskets and trotted over. Taking a seat, she offered the other to Valen. "Yah know I'm not one ta jus' shake on a deal until it's been thought all the way through." She eyed him softly. A look of almost motherly concern coming over her features. "Yah know I care about you. Yer part of the family and always will be." She paused, gathering her thoughts. "An' I know ol' Silver Spoon went a bit too far with the recent turn of events," She raised her brows. "I'm sorry 'bout that a'course. I should have been able to see you didn't like being treated like that..." She too let the details fall away. "But, truth is Lilly, I've never seen you more yerself than when yer dressed and behavin' like a filly." She moved to place a hoof on his shoulder. "I'm a mare who's always believed in being the best version of one's self an' when I see you as a filly, well, I think ya know that's the best version o' you." She didn't hitch on any of that. There was nothing to be embarrassed about when it came to living one's best life. This was no time to mince words. "I'll a'course put a word out for ya, keep Silver away from you and calm down the CMC," She chuckled though it didn't help to cut the serious nature of her words. "They can be right precocious though I do believe it's from the goodness of their hearts. Fact o' the matter is, I'll support you in this life change you're going through, I'm yer cousin and I've never been one to let family down." She took a moment to read his expression. Would he admit what he really felt? Would he finally succumb to her sense on the matter? She sure hoped so!
  14. Rarity well knew the effect she could have on stallions, an effect plainly seen in Boulder Dash. It was the same effect she had on plenty of mares as well, and truth be told she rather enjoyed it. Few things were as self-affirming as the knowledge that many ponies could hardly handle themselves around you when you put your best hoof forward. There was nothing harmful about it as far as she was concerned. Be the center of another pony's world for a few seconds, certainly not an image or moment they'd regret. She was certain that Boulder Dash would agree, judging by his inability to speak like an adult for a moment and breathlessly calling her beautiful. Compliments, flattery as it were, never hurt! She was certain he likely had the same effect to some degree. Ponies rather enjoyed a large hunk of a stallion, didn't they? His manners complimented his form too. Indeed, there were many ways to leave an impression and she was certain that he left his own trail of devastated mares behind him. Rarity herself would admit to admiring the physique. Of course, her tastes were wide-ranging. She was generous in many ways and with her attractions she was entirely open. He was a very fine specimen in the mould of Ponyville folk- large, firm, rough but not ungentle. In her younger years she found herself wanting the Prince Charming, the high-society type who would sweep her off of her hooves. She didn't suddenly dislike the concept, but she found the concept of a strong pony with less grandeur and more core-humility equally appealing nowadays. "Why thank you darling," She said as she accepted his gift, giving the white rose a pleasant sniff. Smelled like a wonderful gesture, using her magic to fasten it correctly. "What a kind gesture. White roses are very in this season,” Rarity mewed while making sure it attached just well. She looked away just long enough for Boulder to assume the position. A true gentlecolt! She smiled genuinely. “Of course, good sir. We have a dinner to attend!”
  15. I've heard a thing or two about MLP. Is it any good?
  16. Howdy! I've reviewed this app and looks like there's only one thing to work on before it's approved. " (It's at this point I realise I'm turning this application into a fanfic, lol. sorry. I'll just summarize the rest)" If you wouldn't mind removing this section as we would rather not have added in writer dialogue in apps. Once that's finished just respond in this thread and I'll approve!
  17. Aaaaand of course only now I realized that I missed my Centerversary it's just so......Me.

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      Boo. Well there's always next year.

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      Well, happy late Canterversary anyway!

  18. Thanks, guys for looking it over and considering my request. I'm going to give my app another once-over, and (hopefully) mark it ready.
  19. Lilly? Oh no. If she was throwing around Valen's stage name all willy nilly like, that could only mean one of three things. One, she was being a bit of a tease and knew why he was here. It wasn't like her to be the joking type over such matters, but it wasn't like she was humourless either. The fact he was hanging his hopes on her sense of humour homing in on a very specific element by coincidence gave him less confidence than he'd normally enjoy. He let out a large sigh. “Well, recently the CMC discovered my work as Gilded, and- well, you know how excited they can get. Then Abby brought up the...” he looked around, leaned in, and whispered, “...bedwetting...and well...as I said, you know how excited they can get,” he said, allowing Applejack's knowledge to auto-complete the scenario. He'd rather not relive the nitty gritty of it, after all. "Silver Spoon used that, took advantage, and- well to make a long story short, and I'm absolutely not lying about this, I'm pretty sure she used magic or a potion or some chemicals to make me say and do some pretty silly things. About being a filly and all that other stuff, all of it. Pretty outrageous," Valen said with a wild blush. It was almost too embarrassing to put into words and he had even skated around the worst of it, if only because even he had his conversational limits. Some of what had happened or was said was hard for him now to come to terms with. He smiled, shaken with confidence as it was. "So after the past few days I think I've recovered enough to take action and hopefully return everything to normal. Put all this salaciousness and malintent to rest and continue on with what I was doing before. I couldn't think of a mare who was better suited or more reliable, so I came to you first. Hopefully I can get you to talk sense into everypony! It has been a rather crazy several days, after all," he said with a shake of the head and a smile. "And in return, I'll try to help out more. Sound like a good deal?" Valen asked, extending a hoof. He knew he didn't have to but the way she called him Lilly told him he'd have to break through some barrier tonight and this may as well be a direct way of confronting it. Hopefully it would work?
  20. Rainbow had to wait a few seconds longer than she would normally have to wait, allowing the pregnant pause in her thoughts to grow anxious with wildness and misappropriation of emotions. She went back through the long backlog of events and meetings, words and actions, friendly dates and heart-pounding adventures and tried to mine it all for little nuggets of information that could help her understand what was in front of her. All she could come back to was a feeling of confusion, both at what she was feeling and what Twilight was offering, fitted nicely inside a small but unstable box that she was trying to keep under control. She had to be calm, cool, collected, and just be a nice dinner guest. If Twilight wanted to broach the subject then Rainbow would get into it but she was content just passing the time in a friendly, pleasant manner with a long-time friend. Spike was the one to answer and he seemed nervous. Stammered, out of sorts, the whole nine yards of anxious just like Rainbow was. He did like the blush that kept on from time to time making a home on her cheek- he didn't know or was being a great little helper and wasn't letting on that he knew. Rainbow wasn't going to dissuade him from that. Heck, she wished she didn't know. It would make the dinner far less awkward. “Hey there, Spike. Lookin'....good!” She said with nothing else to really back it up. She shuffled in place a second before Spike regained himself. He invited her in- “Thanks!”- and she followed right by him, allowing him to outpace her as she slowly trotted through the castle. The clip-clop of her hooves echoed stronger than she could have ever imagined it could. After a little bit the noise got to her nerves so she started hovering, thanking herself for the silence, the echoes ending their torment of her. When Rainbow got to the door leading to the kitchen where the noise and sound of a pony came from, she had to stop cold. Then had to stifle a giggle. What the hay had happened in here? The smell of half-finished or over-prepared food was one thing, and the mess was another. The cherry on top, however, was Twilight, the Princess of Friendship and soon to be the ruler of all Equestria, looking like a mess. Not even a Princess could save what was looking like a disaster of a dinner, right? After a brief moment trying to hold back laughter, Rainbow took flight and laughed as she got to her friend's side. “I guess that's one way of preparing dinner. What book did they cover this in? Bahahahahaha!” She guffawed as she looked around, landing and putting her front hooves on a table. “It isn't that bad, honestly. I'm sure I've done worse. Where do you need me to start?"
  21. KaityKat: Please see the PM I sent you
  22. Seems okay to me. But I'm not credible enough, so don't listen to me.
  23. The young dragon was still impressed by Valen's little dance. She knew it wasn't that hard for those who could stand on two legs to break into some moves...But those who were born on four...That took true talent to look good..."I should hook up with one of those dance club things as we dragons are cool and those who know the moves, always rule the school." Back to the tree.... “It was so....”, Smolder paused to think of the right word, “Bizarre this feeling we all shared over the loss.” The dragon planted herself back on the ground, “Some of the other students and I tried to come up with something to memorialize the Tree of Harmony...So those who passed nearby would know something of such great importance, even for such a short time was once there....And we all tried to come up with something..", she frowned, "Being a dragon we go big...we go strong and we try to make things that last forever....I tried with a statue...But considering our art classes recently had us make pipe-cleaner spoon ponies....We had not yet made it to stone carving....So you could see where it went.....And we all put our heads together..." She was pretty sure Gallus' noggin sounded like a coconut. "And we all worked on something and it turned out how you expected....eh...", she shrugged. "But something happened...Something magical, and in a blink of an eye, we had ourselves an 'Treehouse Of Harmony'...I'll have to show you it later.." She really wasn't sure how to answer the next question, but she tried anyways. "Eh..", she shrugged her shoulders. "Guess the tree maybe thought you were special....Wanted to say hello....Heh..", she grinned back at the pony.
  24. I started watching ponies again. Saw Viva las Pegasus last night.
  25. Howdy! Welcome to Canterlot! I hope you enjoy your time here If you have any questions on the use of the site please feel free to PM myself or another staff member See you around Canterlot!
  26. You'd be surprised at how many people read these. EVentually.
  27. It wasn't surprising to Blueblood that Ossia would hold the falsified alicorn in contempt. Didn't do a darn thing to cure his wing-envy, but that was a side matter. What he could offer more relevant commentary on was reliability of allies. "Honestly, that's why I use the House staff as my henchponies. It turns out that being able to do a good job in cleaning an upkeep signifies quite a lot in terms of how reliable one is in supporting one's acts of theft and mayhem. I wouldn't trade them for any mercenary or powered-up pony you care to name." He chuckled. "I guess my general rule of thumb would be, if you're not willing to get into a maid outfit for me, you're not really on board with me." An amusing thought, but on reflection, not one that could be realistically applied universally. "I suppose that's more for subordinates than allies, though." Ossia's question about Bravo caused the Prince to purse his lips and furrow his brow in thought. All for nothing in the end, though, so he quickly smoothed out his expression before nascent wrinkles made their presence known upon his face. "I'm afraid I couldn't tell you. I think he's taken it upon himself to guard the gate against unwanted intrusions from his world, though he's smuggling his children in." He gave another sigh as he said, "Probably going to get them enrolled in Auntie's school, now that I think about it." It was just as well for the interdimensional alicorn that Blueblood's last thought before her song and dance number was negative regarding his aunts. As it was, the whole display both thrilled and puzzled him, seeming to come on at an at best tangentially relevant question. His expression remained impressed, but his tail was thrashing in an almost impatient manner, until she reached the very climax of her coda: "Alright, alright! Should have known better than to ask a mare her age..." The bathos of the moment struck the pair like the floor would after slipping on a banana peel. That said, he could not have witnessed the moment unaffected, and most certainly was not. "All that said..." He took a deep breath, knowing this would be the moment of no return. "If you think me worthy, I shall be a carrier and envoy of your flames!"
  28. I realize it may be a bit much to request depending on how you view it, but I think I can make it fit well. I've made a character application (I've set it to WIP for multiple reasons. If you want to find it, his name is Dramatic Flaire). Anyway, I wanted to know if it was acceptable to have a character who's a half-pony-half-changeling. His pony half is Earth Pony, and he has a limited amount of changeling ability. He can only change his colors, voice, and the length of his hair. His cutie mark remains unchainged, and he can't grow wings or a horn or change race or into inanimate objects. He can't even change his height. If you'd like, you can look under "unique traits" on my character app for more details. If I can get the race approved, that'll be one step closer to changing the app to "Ready" Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you.
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