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  2. Flux hopped along as she made her way down the road, humming happily to herself. The changeling was wearing her typical purple unicorn disguise, watching the clouds go by and not really paying attention to the road. Unfortunately, that meant the sudden appearance of the ball and voice caught her completely off-guard and caused her to face plant as she stopped suddenly. She stayed like that for a few seconds before standing back up and bouncing over to the ball. She giggled as she picked it up and bounced towards the voice. “Play with you? Sure! Let’s go play!” She giggled some more, looking for the source the voice. She loved playing with others! (Flux’s bio)
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  4. Tempest chuckled softly at how much AJ loved talking about her colt, it was adorable. Even if the fact that it was… stuck her as odd. Something about it just warmed her heart and she just can’t explain why. “That is good to hear and glad he’s learning well! Math gave me one heck of a time. Never was one for it or much learning when I was young. Just wanting to run about outside.” She remarked shaking her head. “And things have been… Stressing. Been trying to change my life around some. Call my crazy but I have really been thinking about just packing it all up and heading deep out in to the wilderness for a time. Maybe try my hoof at map making remote places? Don’t know. I just know city and town life has been nothing short of a fuss for me. But keeping my nose out of things to bad for now… just some scraps here or there for fun.” She says with a wave of her hoof sinker. “Now… I am willing to buy some apples. But a kiss?” She arched an eyebrow. “Well tell you what, let me crash my flank in the barn again tonight for free and maybe I will let you.” She says leaning her head back just to be on the safe side.
  5. Cheese wiped his forehead in feigned worry. "Oh, boy. We shouldn't leave these two together for too long - they might cause a dessert shortage." He chuckled. If Boneless Two was offended, it (obviously) didn't show. Cheese cocked his head as he waited for Pinkie's solution to the balloon problem, not noticing the balloons now tied around his waist for a second afterwards. He blinked, then shook his head. "What in -" He didn't even finish asking. Pinkie operated on her own rules. Sometimes, those rules make her do strange things. Like moving incredibly fast. Cheese had learned a long time ago not to question it. Why would he? Pinkie's talent for randomness was just another thing he liked about her. "Oh-ho, this looks awesome!" He nodded in agreement, hopping a few times to test his bounciness. The slight feeling of weightlessness made his stomach flutter a bit. "Oh, boy. . ." Cheese followed closely behind Pinkie as they hopped off to Sugarcube Corner, performing a few stunts as he went. First was a midair spin. Man, Pinkie's ideas are the best! The stallion grinned, but the expression soon faded into a somewhat annoyed look. Why can't I have fun ideas like that? Cheese continued to do more maneuvers as he thought. A backwards hop. Maybe that's why I'm having such a hard time now. My style of partying isn't flexible. A cartwheel. Those folks never liked what I did, anyway. Too bad I can't do a 'normal' party for them. Not my style. A dancer's twirl, using Boneless Two as his partner. I gotta find another angle. Maybe if I do something completely and utterly insane, they'll crack? A slow bunny hop. . . . I wonder if they'd like Pinkie. When the two finally arrived at Sugarcube Corner, Cheese finished with a stumble and a fall, having been distracted by his thoughts and skidding on the ground too far. Not that a fall like that could keep the party pony down, of course! Cheese popped his head up, which was now slightly dusty, and ruffled. "I meant to do that," he said quickly, before Pinkie could question him. His face flushed for a second. Normally, he would have intentionally done something like that. Heck, even if it was unintentional, he would have just laughed it off. Right then, though, Cheese felt oddly embarrassed that Pinkie had seen his mishap. Strange, he thought. He didn't usually care much about what others thought about him. "Oh - um, well, we're here, it seems!" Cheese untied his balloons as well, tying them near Pinkie's. "T-Time for cupcakes, then! Say, if you're cooking, did ya mind if I helped? I think I've gotten the hang of it - It's been almost a week since I made a cake explode, so it should be fine!"
  6. Pinkie couldn't help but giggle as Cheese revealed the ugly truth about Boneless 2. "Hee hee!" She leaned in close and whispered in his ear. "I caught a certain gator polishing off a dozen cupcakes yesterday morning! He thought I didn't notice." She glanced up at the gator, totally aware that he could hear her. "But, it doesn't ever show on your hips does it buddy?" Gummy's tongue whipped out and ran slowly over his eye in response. "Wellll," She began in response to his inquiry about balloon travel. "There's not enough to float us completely but..." She reached over and tied half a dozen balloons around his waist as quick as you could blink! "These will make the trip more fun!" She tied the rest of the balloons around her own middle and then bounced! The balloons certainly gave her bounce more lift than normal and she floated gently back down to the grass. "You can bounce, or trot, or whatever you'd like!" After that she was off, bouncing and floating towards the town. As she went she mulled over her thoughts about her friend. She was super happy he'd come back to town. Funny enough the happy she felt was different than the kind she usually got. It was a mix of butterflies and giggles, and it made her heart beat faster when she thought about it. She shook her head! She couldn't get carried away! Sure she'd felt that way a couple of times in the past but it was different with Cheese. She'd have to talk to him about it later. Soon enough Sugarcube Corner was in view. She bounced onto the porch and tied her balloons on the railing. "Here we are!" She exclaimed, watching to see how Cheese would make his entrance.
  7.  Not wanting to push the little guy too far on his lessons, Dash figured she would take him to see something that had inspired her as a budding flyer back in the days of her youth. It would involve a trip up to Cloudsdale but that wouldn't be a problem. Zappers had been up there quite a few times before, and had even been baby sat at her house one time. She blanched at the thought of getting her mess of a cloud house ready to accept not only her son but a babysitter too! Thankfully today it would just be her little guy and he didn't mind a mess. "Ok! We're gonna go up to Cloudsdale. Got something for you at my house and then..." She winked. "There's something super awesome to want to show you!" She would allow him to buzz as far up as he wanted and when he started to show signs of getting tired she'd bolster him up the rest of the way. "Let's get going!" She flexed her wings and did a few flaps, letting him move at his own rate. Someday he'd be able to make the trip all by himself but that would be a while still. Rainbow watched him with loving eyes, not wanting to miss a minute of time with her special little guy.
  8. The Clouds in the sky dimmed the light around the town as a cool, wet, breeze blew through. A storm was being brewed in the sky, the pegasai weather team barely visible among the clouds... well mostly... occasionally one certain member of the weather team was highly visible at the very top working on the inner stormclouds - though herself still barely a spec in the distance from the ground. The dim light that managed to find a path through the clouds cast long, dark, creepy shadows across the town, and even more on the woods that nearly surrounded it, reminding everypony all the more that venturing too deep would lead them into the perilous everfree... all across town ponies were trying to hurry about their errands or preparing their shops for the storm, knowing that though they still had time before it was scheduled to start, it was going to be a big one. From deep within those woods though came the sound of quiet laughter, the voice carried on the wind sounding eerie and almost unnatural... then from a dark section of the woods an old and battered hoofball rolled out towards you and the voice echoed from the trees behind it "Will you play with me...?"
  9. I'd say give it a moment for things to settle than we'll go post-Ending of the end
  10. The griffoness could not help but grin just a little as she spied the cute blue griffon through the corner of her eye, checking her out. She was that way too when she was his age. Always hanging around with her friends in Canterlot. Fire Walker was the military minded tough-girl. Presteza was the creative and cute planner. Docket was the brains. Together they......Wow....Something else caught her eye. Towards the farm, there was a rather large wolf-dog-thing? Did the Apples trade away their Border Collie for that big fella? Apparently they were ready to make a big batch. Hopefully enough for every creature. From what she had been told, the cider was made on the spot. Fresh with an proper head. Shame it wasn't hard cider. There were a few other interesting folk nearby. From a rather adorable and fuzzy bat-pony in sun-glasses. Wait a second? Were those dragon-wings? He almost looked like Wind Walker's little fuzzy 'Draco The Dragon-Pony' plush doll she used to have on her at all times.Was Draco for real? Further down was an rather attractive mare that seemed to be offended by the very idea that she was standing on an dirty, unpaved path. Still, she was a cutie. Griffons were born with incredible eye-sight, so she could see Prince Blueblood...And she was sure her old friend Fire Walker had been pulling her tail. Said he used magic and turned himself into a mare. Ha. Even said former colt-friend Dunder did the same. Poor gal must have been drinking some of Swift Squall's stronger wines he had in his cellar. Squall Sherry....And speaking of Dunder...That mare did look a little like.....Nah. It was probably a good idea to dissemble her tent and roll it up, which she started to. The griffon did not want to lose her deposit. "Huh....", she caught sight of a creature she had only heard stories about. An Hippogriff, and a rather pretty little on at that. She seemed to know the bluey and even called him out. Gallus. An proper, heroic griffon name. She liked him even more. They were probably school-mates over the nearby school. Being an bit of the beaky side, she decided to listen in to their conversation as she finished putting her tent back into its bag. Was it always this small? Oh feathers.
  11. “Patience...”, the officer warned the farmer. ‘It’s slow and steady....If I pull you out too quickly the sand’s vacuum will push you down further.”, this worked just until the Sombra-Lite? She really did not want to call him by that name. The real Sombra was an horrible living shadow that tormented and enslaved Crystal Ponies. This one seemed to be just grumpy. Could this be Discord? She knew the devious draconequus liked the marvelous yellow mare and sometimes she would see him follow her about like a puppy dog. Even while making barking sounds. He was an odd fellow. Things were going slowly, and soon the....Sweet Celestia...While she lacked the utter beauty of Fluttershy, Ali looked incredibly adorable when grouchy. Fire Walker just wanted to fly down and squeeze those big cheeks of hers. But that would not be helpful. And speaking of helpful, the hopefully mock prince off shadows was helping! Yay! he Diet version of Sombra finished the rescue, and the farmer would soon rest her hooves on grassy ground. It was now the deer's turn. With Ali free, she scooped up her rope and flew it over to the others. She lowered the rope to Fluttershy and her squirrel friend. "We just need to wrap it around his stomach and pull him out...Just like before...But he'll need to be calm." this was something the animal caretaker was a pro at. However, there was something else wrong. Apple Bloom had rushed off again. Ugh! Has that girl ever seen a horror movie? They needed to rescue that deer before the filly wandered into further danger!
  12. The warm wind was whistling through her feathers as it passed, as if there were secrets it wanted to whisper. The Princess's sun shone brightly, warming her feathers. Her... singed... feathers... The sunlight was almost bright enough to blot out the embers and shards of wood that were falling down around her, the wind almost enough to deafen the explosions... but both of those were "almost". As she fell, oddly calm and at peace with whatever her fate may be, a large airship above her was exploding. It appeared that the engine had caught on fire and ignited nearby fuel, completely destroying the read of the ship, however, being an airship it would no doubt safely reach port eventually. "waste of some perfectly good coal dust" she commented as she finally shifted enough to turn over and face downward now that she was convinced that she was not being followed. Of course the reason she was not being followed had gone through her mind as well... after all, she was high-profile, even if the proven crimes on her record were minor, it wasn't every day that you get to arrest a legend... so why did they let her go? Trees. Fast Approaching. She took a deep breath and strained, her wings flexing, but still held tight against her body and coat by the chains, same with her paws and claws. "Well, I guess I've had a good run" she said "maybe next life will be better, cant be much wo-" everything went black as she hit the canopy. ----- Harle groaned as she opened her eyes. the sun was still above her was now framed within a griffon-sized hole in the tree canopy... She lay there for what might have been a minute or an hour, but finally the pain was starting to reach her head and she forced herself up onto all fours. The good news was that the fall had broken the chains that held her wings against her side... the bad news is it had been indiscriminate and also broken one of those wings, which was now bent in an angle that would make any wing'd creature wince. Despite this, the fall had done nothing for the shackles upon her legs, whether this could be good fortune, as it did not break her legs too, or bad fortune since it did not break the chains, remained to be seen. Harle dusted herself and her red captains coat off best she could with only one wing and four chained legs, looking around at the trees that were her new temporary home, wondering why the guards had not followed her down, completely unaware of the danger of the forest she was taking shelter in...
  13. It will currently be handled on a per-thread basis, at least for the moment.
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  15. Taira was nothing if not a wolf of his word. He'd promised not to take any shortcuts with magic while he worked and he was going to stick to that. "Thanks to your family's filling breakfast I'm sure I won't get tired for some time. " He did a few preparatory stretches before bowing his head, "I'll do you proud, Applejack." Thank goodness it was only running he needed to do. If there was one thing Taira did it was run. Well, running and lollygagging. Taking the silver in the running of the leaves was more than enough in his mind he was capable of doing a long distance run. If anything, this would improve his stamina. Seeing the apples already being tossed into the press, Taira didn't waste his time. The swift yokai making his way onto the treadmill and taking his place. He started slow at first, just getting feel to this device. Did she call it a treadmill? Such a curious term. Dwelling on it for too long might affect his performance so he pushed on and in good time made it to a sprint. The stone grinder on the big vats went to work in perfect pace with the Lupine powering it. His run was visibly different to a pony's gallop, more like a speedy series of bounds as he made good time on the device. Soon he caught the scent of something on the air, "Hm! Blueblood is in town... I'll have to bother him once the day is done!" he thought to himself. While Taira was onthe mill he couldn't quite allow himself a distraction but he was happy to see a friend again.
  16. Cheese sighed in thinly veiled relief. Maybe he had just been trying to stall by asking about the cupcakes. Still, he really liked the crazy pastries Pinkie thought up and made. That, and it always made Cheese feel good making others happy, especially if it was Pinkie. Maybe she didn’t think the same way, as she was pals with the Mane Six, but Cheese considered her his best friend. There were other feelings in there, but Cheese wasn’t entirely sure how to address them. He had no past experience with anything beyond friends, so he wasn’t entirely sure what the thoughts and feelings were. He’d have to ask Pinkie what she thought at some point in time. It would be enlightening, at the very least. The stallion grinned, nodding. “Yeperoo, ma'am! For you, I’ve always got time.” Cheese glanced back at Boneless Two. “And Boneless Two does as well, right?” There was a bit of force in that last ‘right’. Boneless didn’t move, but Cheese nodded like everything was in order. “Thought so,” he murmured. The stallion walked a little closer to Pinkie, glancing at the balloons. “Did ya plan on taking to the skies to get there? I’d be all for it, but I don’t think that’s enough to support my weight as well as Boneless’s.” Cheese leaned in close, whispering, “Not to insult him or anything, but Boneless Two isn’t exactly the pinnacle of health. He’s a bit of a, ah. . . heavyweight, y’know?” Cheese giggled a little, his curly hair waving a bit. “Shall we head off?”
  17. Finally getting around to apping my mane OC (still WIP).


    What's that? Why, yes. I did make apps for a bunch of randos (including new OCs I made specifically for Canterlot) before I even made one for my mane OC.

    Why's that? Well, it may be more obvious if you knew me before Canterlot, but I'll leave that answer up to your imagination. ;)

    Let's just say I've had to make adjustments to her character.

    Anywho, y'all can finally meet Flower Love (who is in my pfp).

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      I always make sure to keep a base canon of my OC's on docs for different sites.

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      lol, I just feel like that would be a lot of work, and I'm lazy. o3o



      says the same person who does a new art for my OC that didn't have a good one just so I can do an rp, and refuses to submit an app without art

  18. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Flower LoveSex: MareAge: young adultSpecies: unicornEye colour: greenCoat: yellowMane/Tail: greenPhysique: averageResidence: PonyvilleOccupation: FloristCutie Mark: Flower in front of a heart. She earned it while helping her parents run their flower shop. She has a knack for caring for Flowers.Unique Traits: Flower's skill set is diverse and far-reaching. The embodiment of the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" except for one thing. She is exceptionally talented at her job as a florist. History: Born to a couple in Manehattan who owned a Flower shop, Flower was always the overachieving little filly. She showed a real interest in learning for learning's sake. Her parents decided to take advantage of this enthusiasm and enrolled her in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Unfortunately, this meant she would have to travel to Canterlot for a long time. While she lived in the student housing, she would write her parents every week. She was learning a lot at school, but she missed home. One day, the return letters stopped coming. Last she'd heard, they'd just had another daughter. Maybe they forgot about her, and they're spending all their time with their new daughter. No, she thought, that's not like them. She was nearing the end of her studies at the school, but she couldn't focus. Not with the worry she was feeling. So she packed up her bags and headed home to Manehattan. She found her way to her parents flower shop, where they should be, right now, and she stopped. What she saw shook her to her core. The shop had burned down. She was devastated. From that day, Flower Love eventually learned to move on. She abandoned her studies at Celestia's school and decided to start moving around. She did odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. She met some shady characters and learned to defend herself. As she grew up, and came to terms with how her life had turned out, she decided she'd carry on her parents legacy. She moved to the quietest place she knew of, Ponyville, and opened her own flower shop. Character Personality: Flower is outgoing and friendly. She's helpful whenever she can be. She's also strong-willed. She won't take crap from nopony, and she will call you out if she feels you need it. Character Summary: Flower Love has had a bit of a rough life, but she's become the mare she is because of the hardships she's endured. She doesn't dwell on her past, instead, she lives in the present and tries to make the most of life. She has many skills she's acquired over the course of her life. Most of them unrelated, ranging from hoof-to-hoof combat to exquisite flower arrangements. Mostly, tho, she just prefers to live a quiet, friendly life and sell flowers.
  19. [[WARNING: This thread may contain spoilers for the FiM series finale. If you still haven't seen it,what are you doing? don't read this]] I'm just wondering what, if any, changes will be made to Canterlot.com canon in light of the recently aired series finale. I know site canon diverges in many places from show canon, so I was wondering if we were going to update site canon to accomodate the changes that have taken place in the series. For instance the royal sisters' retirement, and Twilight's subsequent official promotion, relationships' updates and the significant time jump. Or will this be more handled on a "per-rp" basis? Just curious what the official say is for the site. TIA
  20. The mare was just out of his long reach, a fact that brought a frown to Sombra's face. It appeared he'd misjudged where he'd extended the crystal, but from the shore it'd look like it was close enough. Although, with the Captain flying above them with her rope with Alizarin now on the end, she was coming ever closer. Soon enough, Alizarin was grabbing onto his foreleg. His muscles strained as he pulled her towards his safe plank of crystal, heeding Apple Bloom's earlier warning about being careful with the strong pull of the quicksand working against them. Before he knew it, Alizarin was tumbling into his forelegs, much to his surprise, and he fought to keep his balance on his rear legs to keep himself from tumbling backwards and sending them both into the sand. He managed to keep his balance, his attention returning to the pony pressed up against him and a small jolt ran through the stallion's body when he realized how close she was to him. Sombra tensed up slightly, alarmed, and easily let Alizarin go when she hopped away from him. He awkwardly brushed at what bits of sand ended up on his coat and legs while Alizarin thanked the Captain up above... and turned to him to express the same gratitude. Sombra stilled, blinking, his ears twitching ever so slightly back. Thanks? Well that was certainly.. new.. and the first time somepony had ever thanked him for anything. He hardly knew what to do about it, much less feel. Confused, he only managed a soft grunt before he got to his hooves and carefully strode back towards nice, solid ground, and he struggled to get his thoughts back together all the while. There was, at least, a welcome distraction in Alizarin's abrupt question, and of course, the sight of the deer past the mare serving as a reminder of what else they had to rescue. Sombra could almost roll his eyes, but it'd have to be saved.. "The foal ran off into the woods. I don't have a clue where she could've gone or why she thought it was a good idea to go off on her own, but she has," Sombra replied, almost grumbling. It was mildly annoying, and in this darkness? These woods? They'd have a hard time finding her if whatever this mysterious creature didn't get to her first!
  21. Hogo-sha couldn't help but think about what the Jarl had said, there was a grain of truth to it. The only way this wolf thought that it may not fully apply to him was because 'Breeding' was not something he thought positively of. Hogo-sha's desires lead to him surpassing his breeding and being better than his father. To be a figure of renown whose story would be shared for years upon years. Perhaps going around as he was could be more interesting to try in the future. Soon, the topic went on to the Bull's pitch. It was a tempting offer on some levels, but repulsive on others. A chance to fight in great battles against strong warriors? That was entirely up this dog's alley. Raiding vessels and stealing from others, that was not something Hogo-sha could live with however. Rather than speaking immediately, Hogo-sha turned to his new acquaintance. She seemed very excited by the offer. Unreasonably so in fact... there was a story there, one he hoped to one day learn about. The fact the Jarl's Lupine guest was so quiet, likely betrayed his hesitance. "Jarl. I will admit, the chance to exercise the power one has trained and gained is a tempting one. The opportunity to fight against the best opponents of this world is very enticing on its own." He cleared his throat, "But... I would rather take what power I possess can grant me on my own terms and without raids on those who have nothing to do with this country's internal issues. Most importantly however: There is a great issue that I could not get past if I aided you in your endeavor." The wolf smiled at the caribou across the table, "That issue being: I wish to defeat you in combat one day." He momentarily glanced to the silent caribou then back to the Jarl, "You see. One of your ancestors who warred wth Neighpon along with other caribou clans once was defeated by my father. If I am to step out of his shadow, defeating you will always be a high list on my agenda. Serving you with such a desire would probably not suit your needs."
  22. Does the site allow for pings? @Dio @SteelEagle @Rosewind
  23. Why did you kick a child in the face? And a better question is why are you trying to be a korean childs first teacher crush?
  24. The red Pegasus let out an painful yelp the moment she tried to move. Something was very wrong with one of her back legs. Her left one. She was almost too scared to look. Thankfully it didn’t look too bad. Just a clean slash right against the gambrel. This was still something she needed to take care of. She let loose another. "Swift!". She needed to make sure he knew where she was. "Really don't want to do this....Swift spent so much on this dress...But if I don't...", she tore off a bit of cloth around her neck. This is turn was quickly shifted into an sturdy bandage. Why did her vacations always end in tragedy? Take a cruise? She ends up in an crazy island of chaos. Trip to the Crystal Empire? Insane warrior caribou. Spend time with fellow officers on an old training field? End up in the land of the dead. She could only imagine if they ever make an stop over at Whinny World. This she pondered as her bandage was formed and applied. The longer she was without Swift, the desire to panic drew further near. Once the bandage was secure, the officer tested her leg. It still hurt like a mother-bucker, but she would be able to move. "Swift!", she called out. It was time to move....Where would Swift be? Thankfully the airship was not even close to being halfway full. So while there would be less ponies to help her, there wasn't going to be as much carnage as if they were on a full cruise. She pushed herself further...."Swift!"
  25. Last week
  26. “Huh,” Flash commented as Pretezas wrapped up her story about Empress... Yu, or so her name apparently was. “You’d think Yu’s handlers would have tried harder to chase you off. But I guess not even an Empress is immune to Pres’s charms, heh heh.” The stallion gave his date a playful wink. As if on cue, Flash Sentry himself blushed in the face of the painter pony’s charm when she played up his skill as a protector. Personally, Flash knew better than to believe he could take on a party of Viking Caribou... even one alone would pose a highly challenging threat! Nonetheless, the Corporal had the good sense of projecting outer confidence by giving his companion a return nuzzle. “Oh yes,” remarked the pegasus; “They’re the caribou clan that paint themselves blue. We’ve been seeing more of those guys around Canterlot recently, especially going in and out of the Clan Askr Ambassador’s residence. Wonder what’s up with that? So Pres, did you manage to make any caribou friends on your last voyage to Whitescar?”
  27. "Different... world?" Feng couldn't say he understood that much; his foalhood hadn't been as full of fairy tales as that of an average Equestrian colt growing up. He'd dreamed of other lands, sometimes, when he could sometimes hardly stand living in his hometown. But other worlds were a bit beyond him. Looking again to the pair, it looked as if they weren't going to approach, but Tempest no longer looked as if she'd bolt after any sudden noises. "I think it's safe to rejoin them." That might have been an optimistic approach; Feng was slightly better at judging physical than social risk. Not that it ever stopped him from surging into dangers of the former type anyway, so it was honestly surprising his patience lasted this long. They managed to catch up to Sunset just as she was drifting off into a dreamy look by the pond. It brought Feng up short, looking oddly at the mare. His confusion would have been darkly humorous for Hanabi, as she had often seen him look that way when thinking about a certain other mare. "Hey, so, uh, mind if we join you again?"
  28. No idea how to jump back into the rp game though  ._.;

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      I say just make a new thread (sign up thread where you ask for people to join you and you can include that you may be a little rusty if it helps you feel better) and start rping with someone. You'll get back into the swing in no time. ;) 

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