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  2. It seemed that Blueblood's new companion had some sort of plan, at least. "Are you sure you're strong enough to take her on, though?" He had to ask. "I mean, you just said she took over the whole of your kind, and you didn't stop her then- hold up, what?" He was a little shocked when he got cuffed; the disguise made sense, he had to admit, but that didn't mean he had to like it. "Mph, won't be of much help to you like this." Not that he'd be much of a help in a fight in any case, being more for ornamentation than practical use. Still, as Hope led him through the guards, they seemed to buy the act he put on. To give the Prince credit, he could completely sell the 'utterly peeved' look. "Ugh, finally. The little brat's been nothing but a hassle all day. I dunno if the queen will appreciate being bothered, but she could use somepony to vent her frustrations on for sure." The guard, wearing a most unpleasant expression of schadenfraude, stood aside to let them pass.
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  4. Shield Hero is great! I'm glad I gave it a chance. ALSO ROCKY LOOK, MY CUPHOLDER LOL It holds not cups, but Black Black and Tylenol, the holy trinity of chemicals. Also my husky purse.
  5. "we...we face the new hive queen. She's destroyed too much already." she set aside those horrific thoughts and stood up. She wanted, no needed, to destroy Chrysalis. She didn't deserve to ruin equestria. She began flying into the castle, before realizing blueblood couldn't get in. She put some cuffs around his hooves. "if we want to get you in, you have to act as if you've been captured. Like a prisoner. Don't overdo it. They're more suspicious of anypony than you think." she flew to the gates, getting stopped by guards. She used a slightly more venomous tone of her voice, giving her the looks and sounds of a Changeling of the hive. "i captured this little..rat. tried to get in multiple times and i was done with it." she motioned to blueblood, giving him a slight hint of an apologetic look in her eyes, to not seem suspicious. She carefully waited to be let in.
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  7. Blueblood, now even more bewildered, recoiled at the revelation of Hope's true form. Canterlot, his beloved city, invaded by a bunch of lovesucking bugs! It sounded... so gauche, like one of those comic books the commoners read. But, these were the times they lived in now. He would just have to face them. Him and this defector. "Uh, alright then. I... what do we do? Has the guard been replaced? That would explain why nopony has let me anywhere, but that means we can't get help! What do we do!?" He was starting to panic again.
  8. She almost facehoofed. She hid him behind her and to her distaste, changed to what she actually was. A Changeling, disguised as a guard, nodded. She changed back. "changelings from now are sucky creatures, literally sucking the love out of everypony to satisfy their neverending hunger. I, however, don't want that. I don't feed. I only take if it is given to me." she sat down, ashamed of her kind. She wanted to save what she could to make up for the mistakes of the hive, but knew if other ponies knew, they'd send her away. "changelings don't change." "they're a disgrace." "They shouldn't exist in the first place." everything bullies had said were spiralling through her head as disgusting depressed thoughts. Tears streamed down her face. "i moved to equestria for that reason...that's all i can remember"
  9. A little stunned by the whole revelation, Blueblood could do nothing but stand before her, nodding weakly. It didn't all make sense yet, but the one thing he did pull out was that Hope was the daughter of a Queen, and therefore technically a princess. Which he had treated as if she were a commoner. Apologies were in order. "I... see. And I do believe I owe you as much to say I'm sorry for my prior behavior. It was unbecoming of our respective stations. I just have one more question." He held up a hoof in inquiry. "What's a changeling?" It would be clear to her by now that she was not dealing with a pony of great intellect.
  10. "Well, good thing I don't really have a sweet tooth! Otherwise I'd probably be throwing up right now from the thought of eating nasty little red bugs. Blagh!" The bandaged mare responded, her nose scrunched up from disgust. She heard something about creatures finding new or better ways to create such bright colors for things like candy, but she never really looked into it. Not her type of stuff to be searching up. The kitty went on about touring around Equestria, and Daze's eyes brightened up as her wings stretched out in excitement. "I'd really love to go see 'ya! I got a few partners I could bring." Daze's smirk was plastered on her face as they continued the conversation, bringing many different scenarios to her head. Imagining sitting up there in the stands, popcorn and cotton candy in her hooves, the bright array of colors shooting around the very talented group of circus performers... it was really dazzling to think about, speaking from wanting to go since she was a little filly. "Just let me know when that's happenin', and I'll be there for sure." Fast forward at the hotel room, Thrilly told Daze she could stay there if she wanted. "Wait, really, Thrill? You're being serious?" She couldn't possibly be serious. The idea of staying at this hotel for a couple days made her smile. She was gonna have to stay here for a week anyway, for the next meet. She could imagine telling all her competitors that she was staying in this hotel. Their faces would make Daze crack up. It was an honor to be there. The cat then went on about her brother not being there, and that she didn't wanna sleep alone. "Hey, I'll definitely take up on your offer then. After the amazing to-ur I'm gonna show 'ya, I'll grab my stuff." The Pegasus nodded her head at her words. "If you don't mind me asking, I'm kinda curious, what happened to your bro?" She then thought for a second. "You totally don't have to tell me." Once they were in the amazingly gorgeous room, and after Daze shot around, she took off her jacket and let her mane down from her ponytail. Her mane was messy, and covered over her eye just slightly, but it fit her style. "I don't really have anything fancy, so I'll probably walk around like this." The mare fluttered into the air again, breathing in the fancy hotel air. Suddenly she noticed Thrilly starting to be more frantic, making Daze fly quickly over to her. "Silver thing with a bell.. got it." The mare searched the ground very slowly, trying to find something shiny. The floor was way too clean thought to miss something like that. Suddenly Daze heard a clink from behind her, making her whip around and spot a black cloak the shape of a very large pony standing there with something silver. It took a moment to realize what was happening, questions floating around her head. Her heart was pounding now, this was kinda scary. How did this pony get in here? "Yo, Thr-ill?" she slowly said as her raspy voice cracked. She needed to get the cat's attention. The shifty pony took in their place, and sprinted across the room and out the door in a second. "Hey! Get back here!"
  11. She sighed and a horn appeared on her, making her wings disappear. She used magic to stay up. "before Cadence, there was another queen, who had an affaire with a Changeling before they went all sucky. I don't know who they are and where they are, but they had a daughter, who was born a changeling, not an alicorn, but a princess nonetheless. They called her Hope Goldy. She was fillynapped after a year and taken away from her past life, making her forget about everything, including her parents' faces. That daughter, is me. After i learned I'm a Changeling i denied it, never wanting to be seen and treated as one of 'those' creatures. With that, i betrayed my own kind. There's a new queen to the hive now and she knows one of her subjects has betrayed her people for her own selfish reason of wanting her parents back. She's trying to take over equestria so I'll be forced to obey her again, which i don't want." she almost cried as her horn disappeared and her wings came back. "so will you please help me?"
  12. With all the iron will that Blueblood could muster, which wasn't much to be honest, the Prince tried to tamp down on his own growing panic. "They... could be just out. You know, out on the town. Seeing to things. Big wedding and all..." The wavering in his voice betrayed the disbelief he felt in his own words. This would be, what, the third attack his country came under in the past several years? The increasing frequency of such things in recent times made the fear all the more plausible. Upon having his cousin pointed out at him, Blueblood looked over at Hope. "Her...? Surely not Princess Cadence..." It was clear that he had no idea about anything like changelings. He probably didn't even think that they existed, let alone that it was them responsible for these goings-on. Hope would have to take a little time to explain things to him if she wanted his help.
  13. "just gone! Not there! Vanished into thin air!" she whispered in a panic. If the changelings heard her, she'd be a dead mare. She wished her parents were with her, but they weren't. She'd never meet them, ever. "what if they died? Ohhhw i don't wanna even think about it.." she noticed 'Cadence' and shining armor walking towards the entrance and when 'Cadence' looked up, she looked away, trying not to be suspicious for anypony until she knew for sure that what she heard in her mind was 'Cadence' her doing. She did a slight point at her, acting as if proud of the princess, but actually telling him that that was Chrysalis.
  14. "Changeling Hive.... what?" Blueblood had hardly any idea what she was talking about, and could only blink as she ranted at him and then rushed off. He contemplated following her briefly, as he very much doubted his Aunties would appreciate being interrupted by a random crazy pegasus from off the street. Still... it was weird that the guards which had barred him from going through the hallways weren't sounding any kind of alarm in attempting to detain her. They... were attempting to detain her, right? The changelings wouldn't have bothered Hope anyway, they recognizing her as one of their own, hence her being given freedom of the castle. That said, a few might have thought her behavior odd, especially if any saw her return to the Prince in panic. And truth be told, her panic was infectious. "Gone?" A pit of worry began to open in Prince Blueblood's stomach. "What- what do you mean, gone?"
  15. I'm still keeping up with Shield Hero for the most part, and I'm watching OPM S2 as it comes out despite the, uh, downgrade
  16. I’m really bad at Anime now. I’ve only been keeping up with JoJo.
  17. Now she got grumpy. "hope goldy. And maybe because the changeling hive is gonna attack and the princesses need to know before all of you are gonna die. So at the moment i don't care if you're a prince or not. If you want to live like the rest of us, you're gonna take me to the princesses, Luna and Celestia." she whisper-yelled. She sighed. "man that relieves a lot." she smiled and flew further into the castle, avoiding the ponies who had a green glow in their eyes. Once she got in, she searched fof the two sisters, only to find nopony there. 'they aren't here...' she began panicking. She came back to the prince, depressed and having a panickattack. "THEY'RE GONE!!!"
  18. ( I was asleep? IRL happens.) "OOF!" The volume and affront of the stallion's reaction to the bump was far out of proportion to the actual impact. He jumped in the air slightly, rearing back as if Hope had suddenly sprung up from the ground. From the look he was giving her, he might have seemed to think that she was some strange mushroom-pony hybrid, too. Wiping off his coat as if it had touched something nasty, he huffed. "Don't you know who I am!? I am Prince Blueblood Platinum LVII, and I have absolutely no idea who you are nor why in Equestria you should be allowed to the see either of Princesses!"
  19. (I just joticed that i have to wait haying 7 hours until i get a response. Why's that???????????)
  20. I've been watching Demon Slayer and Fruits Basket this season. So good! Watch The Promised Neverland if you haven't yet -- it's amazing. (I gotta take a pic of my cup holder now.)
  21. 'must go to Celestia and Luna.' she thought, not paying attention to her surroundings at all. And once again she bumped into somepony. "oops. Sorry. I need to report something to the princesses. Have you seen them?" she asked, not realising who this was. Maybe he too, was a Changeling. But that wasn't possible. The hive couldn't get through yet. And she was a trusted pony, so they let her inside.
  22. Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka is I don't even know, it's something
  23. Embrace your inner weeb I just caught up with the last three chapters of the manga I hadn't read yet, I should check for another soon
  24. 'Cadence' kept a side eye on Hope as she smooched her 'soon-to-be-hubby', a faint green glow enveloping both their horns and causing his eyes to spin a bit as he blinked. "Uhhh.... yeah, got to get... back to the wedding." The stallion blinked in the haze, barely focusing on the pegasus as a pink wing draped over his shoulder, turning him around. "Uh, Blueblood, right! You can help by keeping watch over him. Keep him out of trouble, and... away from us. Or any important guests." "Oh, Excellent idea, Shining!" The smile on the disguised Chrysalis' face was truly genuine, shining through the alicorn guise. It seems the pompous Canterlotian had gotten on the Queen's nerves at least once during the wedding prep. "Do go on, Miss Hope, you should find him on the way to the palace. Tata!" Whether or not the Queen could mind read her subjects, she was in no fear of her perfect day being ruined. It almost made her want to sing! ~***~ Meanwhile, in Canterlot Palace... "Ugh, I cannot believe the nerve of these upstart servants. Barring the grounds to me! Me! The Prince of this city! I have as much of a right as anyone to look over the preparations, I'm the bloody Master of Ceremony, among my other high offices. No respect of bloody authority...." Another white stallion, this one with a golden mane, was ranting to himself as he paced in the gardens, clearly out of sorts. The staff were giving him a wide berth; Blueblood had a reputation for when he got into these moods, though truth be told he'd never really been himself since that Gala. Being covered in cake in front of all his peers had rather put him on tilt ever since. Hopes were had, faint but real, that some sort of character improvement could result from all of this, but it was baby hoofsteps yet. He barely noticed the approaching pegasus, who might well be inbound for another collision...
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  26. After she asked about the size of horseshoes, Forged got a bar of clay. “Usually, when the metal is workable, I have the horseshoes ready in an average size, then I get the shapes of the hooves with a clay form. After this, I compare the horseshoe to the size and ajust it by hot work til it fit the correct size, and after do a heat treatment if necessary. Please, stomp this shape.” While this, Forged went to prepare the material and process, and consulted a book for the heat treatment of titanium. When he read, remembered of her request and noticed he have made a mistake. The right horseshoe for her need is the Alpha-Beta titanium, and it’s very complex to work. After fitting it to her size, he’d need to do a heat treatment with vacuum. The tool used is a oven with camber inside where is a vacuum system, powered by energy orbs or mechanical work, like a running machine to make the vacuum works. It takes a lot of time and leg efforts also in case of not having energy orbs. He felt ashamed and asked himself why could he commit a mistake like that, he work with that for too long... He was afraid about telling it to her, fearing he would lose the costumer. In the other hand woudn’t be fair sell wrong product or trade it without she knew even if she got the more expensive one. He decided to be honest, his father would do it. He trust the quality of his work and have pride of it as his father, so, in order to compensate her for the mistake, he would charge the same price for the alpha titanium. So, he would do it, and got back to the balcony. “Applejack, I did a mistake. I offered you the wrong titanium alloy for your need, just for not pay enough attention. The horseshoe you need is from alpha-beta titanium. To compensate the mistake, I’ll charge you the same price of the alpha titanium! And, to prove to you that I trust in my product and work, I make with you the compromise of giving your money back if it fails before 5 years of use.” Forged was really convinced of the quality of his work, but still feeling shame about that mistake, but the shame didn’t extinguish his will of finding his father, so he got back to the topic. “I really wish that you’d know where my father is. No pony in town that was close to him knows. Someday he received letter with a task. He was used to receive tasks from costumers from other cities by letter, but that one was different. That letter had a royal stamp, and he told me that he would go to the earth of the dragons and be back as soon as possible, but last two years since he is gone. It happened before Twilight become princess, and after Princess Luna coming back. I plan to someday go to the earth of dragons to look for my father, I’m even building a cobalt armor for me to resist the possibilities of intense heat. I want to improve my physical abilities too before doing this quest.”
  27. She narrowed her eyes at 'Cadence'. Her eye twitched. She didn't say anything and ignored her completely. "so how about it? I can help. Pleaaaase???" she smiled at him. All that while her mind was cursing at the queen. Lucky for her, she knew the queen couldn't read minds. 'dirty little....HAYRUNNER' she once again smiled at Shining armor. "let me know when you're done 'correcting' some mistakes the planner made!" when shining armor was gone, she huffed at Chrysalis. "names Hope Goldy by the way, for if you were wondering." she then flew along, going to check on Celestia and Luna. (you called me honey the whole time, lol)
  28. Speaking of MHA, I bought another one just now for some reason..
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