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  1. A few hours past, he was all ready, he went to her house and knocked on the door. "Hey Rainbow, you ready to go?"
  2. "R-really..? You'll go out with me?" He said, looking up at her, smiling a bit. "That's great, I'm going to get ready." He then was about to leave. "Oh, our date is at 6 pm, don't forget it!" (Is it anthro?)
  3. "I mean, its okay, I did ask you out... At least..." He said, looking down. "Forgive me for me just asking you out for no reason.."
  4. "I mean, you don't have to... I know we have been friends for many years, but... I've had a huge crush on you..." He said, pretty embarrassed.
  5. "Oh, nice, hey, before you go..." He got a little nervous. "Um.. Would you want to um... Go for a date?" He said, blushing deeply.
  6. Thunder then saw her, he wasn't sure what to do, but he was laying under a tree, as usual. "Heh." He might like Rainbow, but he wasn't scared to ask her out for a date, they were friends for many years, but it was worth asking her out. "Hey Rainbow!" He waved at her, smiling at her. "What are you doing right now, Rainbow?" He asked her, smiling at her, getting up from laying under the tree.
  7. Hiiii~

    1. PrinceoftheNight


      So sorry! Got in a fight with my parents and hadnt been able to use my lap that much! And I have an exam later. Will have to bring up tomorrow D:

    2. ThunderScratch
    3. PrinceoftheNight
  8. Booooooooooorrrreeeeed!

    1. Lyipheoryia


      Then do something and make yourself less bored~as I always tell another C-lot member.

  9. ThunderScratch

    Anthro Applejack

    Niiiice, maybe you need some refrences of some art.
  10. I like how British people spell color.

    1. Eventide


      *British horse noises* :I

    2. Noedig


      Color, colour... what's the difference? They both mean the same thing, just with one letter less in the former!

      Fun fact: Did you know that the British were actually the ones that invented the word, "soccer"? Next time you hear a trivial bashing about the word "football", be sure to know who actually started it! =P

  11. Mortal Kombat X is gonna be fun now.

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