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    Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    ((cool, yah it wouldn't be anything huge or world building like this because I've learned that doesn't work. Still, good to know))
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    Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    ((SO YAAAAAH, sorry for killing this. But, some more time has opened up and I was wondering if you guys wanna brain storm a new rp scenario.))
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    Looking to RP for fun and games?

    Don't know if you're still in the market, but I'd be happy to RP.
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    Piece of cake! Or not. *open*

    (Greetings! Is this still ongoing or am I late to the party?)
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    Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    ((Senior year got busy guys, I'll try to post soon))
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    Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    "Heh....I apologies for the inconvenience, sir." Mick slightly stammered, regaining his composure. He had slowly picked up a mug and begun cleaning it, the simple motion of swirling his hoof around soothed his racing heart. "But, in all fairness this isn't exactly the quietest bar on this level," he joked. Back outside, the group of thugs remained in a blue covered heap and standing triumphantly before them was Snap Shot. He chuckled a bit as one attempted to right himself, before again falling back on top of his companions in a disoriented manner. That's when Snap heard the exclamation behind him, a compliment from the pegasus mare that had helped Mick in the bar. He turned and with a mock bow instinctively turned up the charm, "I aim to please," "As do I," he heard from behind. Snap's face changed from flirtatious grin to inquisitive frown as he turned again, this time facing a drawn weapon. At the end of which, stood a griffon. She seemed more put together than her thuggish friends, though she still wore the clothing of a commoner. Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless vest and rolled shirt, only reaching to about half way between her neck and rear. A loose tie also hung from her neck, as if she was attempting to come off as proper. However, the ties affect was canceled out by the numerous piercings along the ridges of her ears. Besides her get up, she possessed yellow eyes with purple spots around them. The forward portion of her body was mostly white, though a bit dirty, and further down towards her waste it became brown. Her wings seemed the darkest portion of her figure, while her bright yellow claws complimented them. Snap recognized this griffon. "Well if it isn't good old Gilda, no shake down would be complete without," he raised his hooves in response to the weapon. "Can it, Mule!" she spat the slur. As she did so another fresh batch of thug ponies appeared, again materializing out of the crowded street. "Deal with...this," she motioned with her pistol to the heap of thwarted ponies. The thugs where hesitant, taking notice of the blue dust their allies were covered in. However, knowing Gilda, they realized it was better to risk the rash and began to pull up and steady them. The griffon turned her full attention back to Snap. "Told em it wouldn't work...the feather head," she spoke of her presumed boss. "I'm sure you did," "But that's why he calls me," she arrogantly bragged, "The pictures, NOW!" she shook her pistol, emphasizing its existence to her hostage. "You gonna shoot me?" he chuckled. "You got a death wish or something? Cops are on the way, if they ain't somewhere around here already," "Don't you worry about it, boss's got it covered. Beside's you got bigger problems," Snap new Gilda's boss was very influential on certain levels, and that crooked cops weren't uncommon in these times. He gave one last look around, failing to spot any patch of blue uniform in the crowded area. He sighed, "Check tomorrow's paper Gilda, you'll find your pictures,"
  10. Bronco

    Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    And just like that the situation was out of hoof... Luckily it appeared that two patrons had come to Mick's aid, however they seemed like the trigger happy sort. Already running late, he mentally scolded himself for stopping at the bar, the last thing Snap needed was to be caught up in a shooting. The large unicorn had risen and assumed a fighting stance, the spark atop his head growing brighter and brighter as it was fueled by his mounting anger. Mick was now pressing himself up against the shelves of the opposite side of the bar, hoping to distance himself from the coming violence. That's when Snap galloped in, racing back through the door he'd exited. He slid to a stop as the unicorn readied himself for what he assumed would be some foolish attempt at a charge. Snap put his forehooves up in a passive gesture, "Woah woah-easy big guy," he started. He then turned his attention to the stallion nearest him, with his sidearm drawn. He also took notice of the pegasus across the way, also prepared to put a fresh volley of bullets into the unicorn. "Mick just cleaned fellas," he joked. Snap knew the reason for the stallion's visit, he also knew that if this turned ugly reinforcements would come swiftly if they weren't already converging on the bar. "Let's not beat around the bush..." he addressed Mick's assailant before turning to the frightened Mick, "...or the bar tender to be more accurate. You're here for the portfolio right?" He could see the unicorn's spark gradually sliding back down the amplifier. He contemplated revealing the nature of his task to such a hostile crowd, but eventually he found no disadvantage in doing so, "Yah, what's it to you?" "I'm the one who put it together, consider it a bit of a side project I've been invested in," "Well your little side project ends here, capisce?" "Caposce, they're all yours," Snap noticed Mick's two "heroes" stiffened at his proposition. Seems they didn't like the idea of a crook getting off so easy, he flashed them both a look urging them to trust him. The unicorn gruffly chuckled. "Smart little guy aren't yah?" he commented relaxing a bit. He began to peer over the bar top at the drawers below, quickly scanning them before randomly throwing a couple open. Glasses jingled within as napkins fluttered to the ground. The unicorn's search grew in haste as he continued to guess wrong, until one drawer refused to yield to his efforts. He tugged a couple more times to be sure, before smiling at Snap and sending a spark up his horn. The inferior lock clicked and out came the contents of the drawer...a single peach envelope. It appeared packed, as it was bloated from whatever was inside. The unicorn took hold of the envelope in his mighty jaws before slowly exiting the building, brushing by Snap as he smiled maliciously down at the earth pony, "Pleasure do'n business with ya," The unicorn exited the building, and in doing so attracted the attention of his comrades. They appeared out of the crowded streets, bringing a set of two new fresh ponies into the equation. They were both equally built to match their unicorn counterpart. They also both sported scars and deformities commonly found on Talonopolis thugs. They gathered around the envelope a moment, before beginning to retreat as a pack, however before they could Snap's final comment came from the just within the bar, "Wait...that's it?" The unicorns and his crew turned, confused looks plastered across their muzzles. "What?" the unicorn spoke for his gang. "I mean...you're not gonna bother to check? I could've put anything in that envelope, for all you know you're walking off with used napkins," "You play'n games with us?" one of the new arrivals threatened. "The only guys I see playing games are you, I mean you've actually done this kinda dirty work before right?" "Oh we've knocked plenty of heads in little fella," the unicorn chuckles. "Try knock'n around on yours some times, see if anything still works. I MEAN COME OOOON PEOPLE!" Snap took step forward out the door. "It's thug 101, check your work," "What's a small fry like you know 'bout being a thug?" another one of the new comers laughed. "More than you apparently, but hey...you wanna screw up and get thrown off an airship be my guest," Snap began to retreat as the group steamed with anger. The unicorn took a quick look at the envelope now at his hooves. He glanced to his sides before sliding it over to his partner on the right. "Take a look will ya?" he commanded, agitated that the smaller pony did have a point. Snap heard the sounds of paper being torn behind him. A smug grin spread across his face as the one of the thugs struggles with the envelope behind him. He almost laughed when a small click came from the same direction followed by a great POOOF. As a small gust of wind swooshed past, he turned to see the three thugs had been replaced by a great blue cloud. The dust sat in the air for a second before settling down onto the street. As it did the trio was revealed, each of them appearing very different then before. Instead of their hulking masses standing threateningly above Snap, they were a crumpled sneezing mess on the ground. As they gasped for air, Snap took note of his trap's affects. The unicorn had been altered, with his amplifier now sitting in front of him and the horn it once sat on now drooped over his face. His two other companions had also been slightly transformed, with their hulking bodies now reduced to small scrawny shapes. "You see," he began to lecture, "What you thought were pictures, turned out to be poison joke...rookie mistake,"
  11. Bronco

    Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    ((sorry for the delay in posting, it'll be here soon))
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    Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    Snap turned and proceeded to lean on his elbows (elbows on a horse...maybe?) while facing the dining area of the bar. He looked over the rustic establishment before finally catching site of a group of three disappearing into the back room of the bar. He noticed one in particular, partially because she was the only mare of the three and partly because her posterior was the first glance he got of her. "Hiring are we Mick?" the stallion behind the bar turned to the newer arrival disappearing into the backroom. "Over my dead body," the stingy barkeep chuckled in his thick Pieish (Irish) tone. "They're just doing me a bit of a favor," "What kind?" Snap teased. "Down boy. If you need to know, I actually asked for some help with a couple o break ins," the demeanor of Snap changed swiftly, he quickly leaned over the bar, apparently looking for something. Mick comforted him, "No worries, they were a couple o gimps that's all," he smiled smugly as he patted a particular drawer behind the counter. Snap relaxed but remained stern. "You think they were here for em?" "That, or there's a few out there that actually ENJOY your drinks," "Didn't you mention a client earlier," "Okay okay, I'm gone," Snap backed off with his for hooves raised. He dropped back onto all fours and began to make his way to the front door. he quickly snatched his hat off the coat rack nearby while doing so. Suddenly, the door creaked open. In came a single unicorn, rather built for his species. The two exchanged a stare as they passed each other in the door, neither seemed to friendly towards the other. It was this fact that caused Snap Shot to linger, just outside of the bar looking in. The gruff unicorn continued to advance, with a slightly agitated look on his face. His glare bore into poor old Mick, who shrank behind the counter as the ruffian approached. "Cider," he said flatly, crushing a bar stool under his haunches. Mick gave him a quick look over before retrieving a mug and beginning to pull on the correct lever. As the foaming beverage spewed from the tank, the party of three took notice of their new guest. They seemed intrigued, with cautious undertones. The three had stopped their mingling in the backroom and stepped forward as a group, nearing the exit of their makeshift lair. They didn't get far. Atop the unicorns head sat an antenna of sorts, wrapped around his horn it was comparable to a wrecked coat hanger or maybe even barbed wire. A small spark quickly traveled up the amplifier, erupting with a small pop at the tip of the horn. In response, from above the backroom's door a picture was shaken from its place on the wall. Crashing downward it slammed into a mop propped against the wall, this fell and closed the door. As it swung shut the three could be seen picking up their pace, before being cut off from the outside room with the magical click of a lock. The stallion made his move, grabbing the unsuspecting bar tender by his bow tie and causing his drink to spill to the floor. "Where are they!" he interrogated. "I don't have the faintest idea what-" "I don't have time for this!" the unicorn pressed, another spark slowly traveling up his shabby amplifier.
  13. Bronco

    Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    ((SirWhiteToast, the bar at the end of this is the same one your characters have entered)) The room was dark, blinds covering the small windows. Only tiny rays of light penetrated the apartments defenses, illuminating the particles of dust that floated up from the wooden floor. Below came the sounds of chairs being put out and the gentle clops of early customers wandering in. Despite the slight commotion however, the stallion continued to sleep, tangled in his blanket. One of his hooves hung from the mattress next to the nightstand, occasionally twitching as the pony mumbled in his sleep. Opposite the side it hung, was a small writing desk. It was cluttered with crumpled documents, pictures, a few bottles, and a single ash tray (currently filled). On its second level was a simple lamp and a phone. RING RING RING!!! The stallion jumped from his slumber, discarding the blanket on the floor. He whirled around in a plethora of directions before retrieving a ticking clock from his nightstand. It was still early for the stallion and with a grumble he slowed himself, turning with an annoyed expression to the bouncing phone. With some effort he leaned from his bed to the desk, and put the speaker of the device to his ear. "Pluck his damned feathers already!" he answered with distaste. "I'll pluck your infernal feathers if you don't get over here!" the voice threatened. The stallion took a moment to acknowledge that he indeed had no wings, but resisted the temptation to correct the caller. "Fired the shrink just now, said he was gonna start charging for more appointments," this brought a fresh wave of distress upon to the pony. "Are you shitting me! Birdbrain, what happened to digging in?!" "There's a fresh set of talon marks in my carpet," "I'ma put a couple marks on you too! How am I supposed to get close to this guy now!?" "Improvise kid, you're good at that...unless we no longer have an agreement," the stallion sighed, pulling the earpiece away for a second. He stared at the ceiling, the gears turning in his head. he returned promptly to the conversation. "Well, you can count on that. I've got a plan but I'm coming over," "Hurry up Snappy, It's a week day," with this static replaced the voice of the caller as he hung up. Snap Shot did the same and rolled out of bed and went over to a sink hanging off the wall. looking into a shabby mirror he rubbed his face and temple, mentally rearranging his schedule. "it's gonna be one of those days then," he said to himself with defeat. He cleaned up and headed out, grabbing his old jacket as he opened the door and headed down the stairs. When he reached the bottom he found himself coming out into a local pub. It appeared that the establishment was just opening. Stools where being placed in front of the long golden bordered bar as chairs where being flipped off their tables. The many caged lights that hung from support beams in the room were also slowly flickering to life. A hiss could be heard from the machinery behind the bar as brass tanks where pressurized, the needles on their dials shooting up. It was in these brass tanks that the ciders where stored, each possessed a lever and nozzle for easy access. Fresh mugs had also been hung below the shelves of bottle beverages between the tanks. After a brief look around Snap Shot's eyes fell on his emerald landlord and the owner of the establishment, "A roadie for me Mick, and give 'er a kick; I've got a client!" The stallion abruptly looked up from behind the bar, giving his long time guest a smile. He possessed a balding orange main and neatly tied tail along with a bushy stash across his muzzle; all of which came in a fiery orange hue. "At the top of the morning, Snappy?" "Beats getting ripped off at a food stand, I want my wits around these feather dusters," Snap Shot leaned on the bar, avoiding sitting as to not stay too long. The bar tender took a bottle from the top shelf of his store and poured the contents into a small glass. Snap turned and took it, nodding to the bar keep before downing it, his face scrunched as a burning sensation erupted in his throat. He then felt the same sensation erupt down his core and quickly disperse over his limbs as they tensed slightly. His eyes dilated gradualy and he stretched, letting out a great yawn as he did so. The concoction he was given was no normal cider. "You know the drill now, get caught I don't know you," "You're too good to me pal," ((In regards to Szahli's question: YES, all magic has stopped existing so Pegasi are now limited to only short burst of speedy gliding and unicorns are limited to amplifiers which only produce drastically dampened effects))