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  1. Note: this first session is to introduce the rp world this will take place in. This will be a quick prolouge between Monokuma and myself. FOB "Tumble Weed" Dodge Junction, Equestrial Union How confusing the world is, how fast things can change. And when they change, we'd better change with them 'cause the world doesn't care. We're just unwelcome guests. And now the world's trying to give us the boot. First it'll ravage us, coaxing us to points of no return. After the bombs, it'll just feed the flames with hope. And as we straighten our feathers top side, it plots below, waiting for history to catch back up. And this time we'll be weaker. This time we won't see it coming. Our books are filled with tails of the Princess, and of her valiant sacrifice during Canterlot. **** I feel invincible when I think about that final charge. Truth is though, God is dead...'cause ain't even God invincible against the world. "What?" "Tartarus you mean what? You got ears." "I heard you sergeant, but what's it gotta do with this?" ... "Sergeant?" "You done yet private? I grow board." "Feel free to let me go whenever you want sergeant." The sun had not yet risen in the western sky, yet already one unlucky grunt found himself at the mercy of his superior. At his hooves, he rigidly rose and fell at front grazing rest. Having given up on counting long ago, his ears had begun to ring with nags of the sergeant. "You feel tired private, I'll let ya hoof it around camp till sunrise. You can distribute your PT across all four legs then," he sarcastically offered. "All good here sergeant," the private replied, quickly retracting his last comment. "But, since I'm still stuck here till sunrise anyhoof, I gotta ask: The Tartarus you talk'n bout?" "About the only thing that matters kid," "You're, like... Thirt-" "LESS LIP MORE DIPS PRIVATE! Get doooowwwwn on that sexy ground. Get to know it good colt, you gonna be dyin for it!" As the sergeant mercilessly continued his verbal assault, the private hastened his exercise. His breaths grew deeper and rapid as the early hours mixed with the extended exercise. He could feel his coat growing moist as sweat began to form and run into its hairs. The aching in his forelegs grew worst with every push and so did the sergeant's malicious smile. The two were positioned out in front of the majority of the base. Before them, facing out of the wire, was a large wooden sign jammed into hard barren riverbed. It read: Welcome To Tumble Weed, Grab a chariot and get out. Flanking the jovial greeting were the insignias of both battalions that called the sandbag oasis home. Through the entrance of barbedwire gates and sandbag bunkers was a straight row of buildings. All of them long, short, and more or less serviceable, the avenue of green sheds served as barracks to the soldiers on base. Other vital buildings were mixed in though, breaking the uniformity of the avenue as off branching routes hung off the main road. A handful of these buildings included ones such as: the infirmary (marked by a large red cross out front), the bases communication's hub, and also a small bar. The largest of these though, stood in the middle of the avenue. The shed was much larger than the others, serving as the base mess hall and kitchen establishment. And just as it seemed like the sergeant and his private were alone, a single pony slowly creeped open the doors, groggily setting out into the young day.
  2. planning

    Then wait no longer my friend!
  3. planning

    Sounds good, but actually I was wondering if your good for our Ever Free to to start.
  4. planning

    I know you guys wanna do this private, but it seems cool so is it okay if I follow?
  5. Stuck in an airport...

    someone answer HEEEEEEELP

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  6. Mission success, Finals are over and the academy's closing for the summer.  Time for some R and R.

  7. We still need to wait for Storm's two apps. But once they're in we should be ready to mount up.
  8. Alright good to here. Yah the time zones may throw us off, but whatever.
  9. Pumped here to Corporal, lock and load...
  10. Oh yah none of that. Basically just picture an action movie, but a little more real than what Hollywood cranks out tactics wise.
  11. Oh no, we're going full Call Of Duty on this one (probably no guts though, little disturbing for the first operation) If you want an example of what to expect, here you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo-7e32eUSg
  12. Great, now all we need to do is wait for the others. Any more questions on how this'll go down?
  13. I don't have one yet, maybe I'll get to it later, but for now I'm still trying to figure this character out through RPs. Also, if there's any questions on your loadout consult me or google.
  14. Alright here come the loadouts: Pheonix Squadron: - Standard EUA jungle BDU uniform: olive green blouse and pants, black hind boots, shoulder armor, modified guard helmet (resembles guard helmet from show but olive green and more vietnam helmet shaped), olive green saddle pack, BDU belt (with pouches included) Sgt: -1 Flim Flam Mark 22: semi-auto pistol -1 P16A1: M16A1 knockoff, semi-auto/burst rifle -3 Mark 2 Frag Grendade: classic grenade -2 M18 Smoke Grenades: smoke grenade (duh) -2 Clayhorses: Claymore knockoff, directional explosive that sticks in ground -1 Binoculars Specialist (Screw: -1 Flim Flam Mark 22: semi-auto pistol -1 P16A1 (with grenade launcher): M16 knockoff, semi-auto/burst rifle -5 40mm Grenades: launch able frag grenades -2 M18 Smoke Grenades: MORE smoke grenades -1 Clayhorse: Claymore knockoff, directional explosive that sticks in ground Corporal/Medic: -1 Flim Flam Mark 22: Semi-auto pistol -1 P16A1: M16 knockoff, semi-auto/burst rifle -Assorted Medical Gear -2 M18 Smoke grenades -Bitaca 37: Ithaca knockoff, short barreled pump shotgun Specialist (Storm): -1 Flim Flam Mark 22: Semi-auto pistol (single shot) -P14: M14 knockoff, semi-auto/wood stock/magazine fed rifle (look up image of this) -2 Mark 2 Frag Grenades: classic grenade -2 M18 Smoke Grenades -1 Clayhorse: Claymore knockoff, directional explosive that sticks in ground (look up image of this) -1 Suppressor: silencer for rifle -1 Binoculars Note: You won't have an average helmet, you'll be issued a Boonie Hat (look image up) Resistance Commander: -1 P1917 Revolver: Semi-auto, powerful pistol (hammer action, you'll have to cock back the hammer before every shot) -1 Whistle (to signal attacks and retreats) -1 Binocular Uniform: lighter green blouse and pants, brown belt, black beret, brown boots
  15. Well I'll post them in one reply and then when they hop on they'll see their loadouts. Trying to save time so we can hop right in.