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  1. (Howdy! Could I possibly join this, and out of curiously is there an OOC discussion perhaps setting this little operation up?)
  2. We're all kind of waiting for this to catch fire again honestly Raptorvelo, but if this does somehow manage to pull through you'd have to ask the topic creator.
  3. Bronco "Suppressing fire in, suppressing fire out, do the hokey-pokey and that's what it's all about," Sex: Male Coat:Grey-beige Mane: Light brown, trimmed on the sides, spiked to the front Eyes: Grey-green in color Complexion: Grizzled, posses some shadow around snout Cutie-Mark: Slanted cross-hair Personality: Blunt, possesses a fatherly side, Spoken like a military man (horse) Activity: Can be found on the battlefield or in a backstreet brawl. Patch Au Pair "Your friend appears to be suffering from a combination of Dumb-lepsy and Ass-itis," Sex: Male Coat: Light blue Mane: Grey, pushed by hoof up and to the right Eyes: Turquoise Complexion: Smug, bordering on cocky, commonly wears band aid over bridge of snout Cutie-Mark: "Star of Life" medical symbol Personality: As said in Complexion; cocky and sarcastic,however loyal like most Pegasus. Activity: Takes up medical professions, doesn't shy away from violence, can be running common errands like others Bonus Notes: Depending on the era or dimension of the current RP, Patch finds himself rather attracted to Nurse Redheart
  4. Hey I'm up for it too, been away from the site for awhile so I've kind of been looking for an in.
  5. Okay, THIS looks cool. I see it's full already but just wanted to put in my two cents.
  6. I'm sorry to hear about that, but they're in a better place. You have my deepest condolences.
  7. Maps

    This is only here to be used in tactical RP's.
  8. Solarlines' character sheet

    neat my fam
  9. I've got honesty covered, was gonna just use bronco cause he kinda fits into the country earth pony stereotype. Was gonna be ironic too with his sarcastic side.
  10. here bro, don't worry I disappear a lot too.
  11. DEFENDERS (of equestria)

    "Now, while shrubchub's out getting what I can only hope's a breath mint, I suggest B-lining for home...something tells me he's pissed," As he finished his instructions a loud roar erupted above. Over the rooftops of the shabby village appeared a familiar craft. resembling a horseshoe, but with all of the aerodynamic features such a craft required, the silver vessel hovered near them. It's faded blue thrusters sending warm air through their manes. Lucky stared in shock, as horrified as the foal beside him had previously been. He quickly snapped out of his panic. "shi-QUICK I need you to take these," He began hastily offering his pistols to the young pony. "Wait what-NO, why?" "Don't worry safety's on, we'll call it even afterwards," The foal continued pushing the weapons away. "No no no, I can't-YOU can't" The craft had reached the ground, and with a hydraulic wine the back of the ship dropped down, revealing the cabin within. Lucky quickly holstered his pistols, stood erect and plastered what he could only hope was a convincing smile across his snout. "Prick" He whispered to the foal. He received a disgusted and confused expression in return.
  12. DEFENDERS (of equestria)

    (btw what green did you choose?)
  13. DEFENDERS (of equestria)

    "Again dude, name's not Lucky. THAT'd be dim wit of a brother," "Yes, but Lucky IS the more polite of the two," "Toggle speaker," The display fell silent as the engines began to take dominance of the quiet cockpit. Shortly after one final beep came through. A message had override the gauges on the small screen. The pilot took a quick look. Rude_ Frozen, a multitude of thoughts raced through the filly's mind. They were a mix of happiness and bitter moments alike, but above them all unspeakable fear lingered. Her pupils, the size of dinner plates, refused to turn from her demise. The Timberwolf remained stiff as well. Huffing aggressively it barred its' wooden fangs. The stench wrinkled her nose. "Please" She squeaked her plea to the beast. For a second it stood their, inviting the thought that it may have considered mercy. But then, it reared up on its hind legs. Its' sharpened claws reached to the sky, towering over all (even the buildings) around. This Timberwolf was not the average Everfree predator. It was something more, enhanced, grown for pure destruction. The thoughts quickened, racing through the young pony's head at lightning speed. She felt the tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "Mommy!" She called out before huddling into a tight ball. *BOOM* She waited for the pain of the wolfs' crushing weight. When none came she dared a small peak. *BANG* The wolf staggered, hit by some unseen force! It continued to retreat, step by step, as more shots whizzed by. *CRACK BANG BOOM* Suddenly, another shadow stood over her, she looked up to find another pony much older than herself. He donned a leather jacket and stood on his handlers. Two firearms, one a kind of revolver and the other a more modern weapon, were grasped tightly in his hooves. "wh-who are you?" "Apparently Mommy,"
  14. DEFENDERS (of equestria)

    Within the Ever Free Forrest... (Damnit) Feeling the soft grass beneath her hooves, a small foal stepped out into the light. The clearing before her hosted a bounty of beautiful flora. Rich lavender rose from a sea of radiant yellow violets. Slowly they parted as she made her way out of the forest shadows, shafts of light warming her coat. Out in the middle, a singular red poppy rested in the shade of the towering purple flowers. Her eyes widened in excitement over the discovery. "Perfect, just what I need," She pranced with glee, making her way to the handsome specimen. Lowering her head to the flower she took in a whiff of its' sweet aroma before attempting to pluck it from the ground. *Snap* Her head shot back up. Swiveling around she scanned the trees. An uneasy feeling began to rise in her stomach. The rustling of leaves directed her attention in front of her. She peered into the darkness, struggling to make out any kind of figure. A growl erupted from the shroud of branches and she took a hastily step back. Another growl as glowing green eyes opened ahead of her. Heart racing and lungs burning, the foal raced through the endless foliage. Weaving through the forest's tightly nit labyrinth of trunks she struggled to keep pace. Stems seemed to snatch at her hooves while the ground steadily shook, a sign of her follower. Muscling through on pure adrenaline the forest shrieked around her as birds and insects scattered in her wake. The screams terrified her, chilling her to the core despite the many shafts of springtime sun lighting the way. A little further and the light seemed to brighten as the foliage gave way to an open field. Bursting from the shadows, the little pegasus flapped her young wings. "gah!" tumbling back down to the ground her wing hurt as much as it did before. With little time to focus on her injury she was quickly shaken from her thoughts as the forest shook violently. Horrified she watched as the mighty trees snapped like twigs, wood chips showering down like snow. Through the creaking of wood came the fierce roars of her pursuers. She continued to run, galloping as fast as she could towards the small village ahead. Hoping to seek shelter she mustered the strength to jump the front gate, spiked barricades and all. Another rough landing awaited her on the other side. Her wing stung as she landed on her side. Another scream erupted from her throat, they were answered by the predatory cries of her followers. Unable to recover, stunned by the pain shooting through her body, she tried desperately to squirm to safety. The closest house, though shut up tight, could have provided safe haven. But as she crawled, she felt a hot breath blow down her neck. The rumbling had stopped. Turning, she locked eyes with the devil. It's menacing green eyes drilling into her soul. The creature cracked and snapped as it breathed, sharp twigs and sturdy logs made up its' biology. The Timberwolf had caught its prey. "o-oh..." "Shit." The steady drone of engines could be heard in the cockpit. Below, the land of Equestria whizzed by. "Damnit that bastard! Unbelievable!" "You worry too much Mr. Barns, I'm sure Mr. Barns is fine," The console in front of the pilot, steadily blinked as it spoke. Above the two were more switches and instrumentation. The radar blipped as it tracked their target. "Aint him I'm worried 'bout. Look, we're almost there he shouldn't have been able to cause too much trouble yet," He turned in his seat to face the cabin behind him. "we're com'n up on the drop doc! Get ready, this one's a real hoof full,"