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  1. (sorry got real busy real quick, nearing finals and down to crunch time. Probably not gonna post, my bad.)
  2. (sure thing and thx, I'll have a response up soon)
  3. (Heyooooooo, didn't think I'd see another rp starting on this site. Mind if I join?)
  4. (Alright guys bad news. It is with sincere apologies that I'm gonna have to put this little op on hold, if not scrub it entirely. This semester brought with it a slue of new classes and a packed schedule. This along with my new commitment to the school's ROTC program is eating up far too much time. Again, my bad I didn't gauge my time properly...thanks for sticking around guys.)
  5. Greetings, I had an RP going and it sort of fell apart (btw sorry about that szahli). Anyways, could I possibly join up with you two?


    Ha Ha





  7. (Happy Holidays Ya'll! This is just a friendly little reminder that this rp is still active. I guess this can also serve as a bit of an interest check to see who's still on board and ready to go. I'm still in communication with Toast and I've also been talking with Shadow, I've been assured that they're both still ready to go when their schedules open up. Feel free to reply just so we know who's still on the roster.)
  8. (Just posting to confirm that this is still active....people are just busy is all)
  9. (First bit's up, also check the story in the first post....bad news we're no longer getting paid) With a short vinyl jump the broadcast continued, giving way to a steady holiday tune complete with the ornamental scratchiness of transmitter technology. The distant voice of a vocalist wafted gently from the small glowing box on the counter, the aqua green glow of the device's central spectra pool rising and falling with her voice. The composition did well to continue the establishments tranquil, bordering on downcast, atmosphere. Though it did seem that at one point the diner was designed to evoke feelings of foalish joy or playfulness, it was apparent that times had changed. The once vibrant pink booths were now worn and a closer shade to rosewood. The many light sources, fixed in various positions along the walls, shone dim from age while their newer network of spectra tubing tried and failed to reflect and amplify the dismal display. These pipes ran from the worn blu-ish floors and up onto the aged cream walls, snaking along to the many over-sized bulbs along the way which were awaiting their fair share of Spectra Yellow. They shone in contrast not only to their accompanying light fixtures, but also the very structure of the building in which they were installed. The rafters, once painted the same pink as the booths below and decorated with an assortment of delicious looking imagery, were now chipped and worn. The same could be said for the many supporting beams that stood throughout the business's main space, twisted and colored to appear as over sized candy canes. It was in this environment, reflecting a time of long lost cheer, the patrons of Sugar Cube Corner resided. The crowd was composed of the usual gaggle: blue-yolked and tired work horses, dead end souls, and two Rangers. They sat in a booth not too far from the swinging doors of the establishment, obviously automated as to keep out as much winter air as possible. The mare, of average build for one of her youthful age, sat slumped and slumbering over an unknown sleeved chart. The stallion across from her, sipped from his steaming cup. He took shifts, briefly looking to his companion before turning his attention outside the large window. He'd been keeping track the snowfall, which so far had proven to only worsen as day drew into night. A battle raged as the white blanket attempted to cover the streets of the small town, but was continually blasted back by the opposing heating system operating from nozzles within avenue gutters. He witnessed as small burst of steam would puff up along the street, alluding to the myth that the winter roads were marginally warmer. He thought of the contrast between the cold world beyond his glass shielding and the relatively cozy interior in which he found himself. Shifting, he took the time to stretch and lean back into the booth, extending his hoodie garbed formed towards the ceiling. He groggily scratched light blue snout and ran his hooves through his grey mane, only reinforcing its upward swooping posture. Within a final flutter of his turquoise eyes, he felt the after affects of the stretch subsiding and a gradual resulting surge of energy coming on. He turned back to his companion, who remained asleep, before a flicker of pink caught his eye. He turned again to face the front counter of the establishment as a pink mare, sporting an equally pink and frazzled mane approached in waitress ware.
  10. (alright troopers, we're gonna start now, but I need everyone to delete their posts that aren't their app. Everything else of yours must go. Basically just delete all the text and put in ( ) "deleted".)
  11. (I think we'll be starting soon, I think all we need to do before we get started is sort out the winter gear our heroes will start with before they find out about the mission. These would be more personal items and pieces of clothing aside from combat gear, perhaps it would be packed up and used during times of rest on their journey ahead. Also Here's my app along with the gear.) Name: Patch Sex: Male Coat: Light blue Mane: Grey, pushed by hoof up and to the right Eyes: Turquoise Complexion: Smug, bordering on cocky, commonly wears band aid over bridge of snout Cutie-Mark: "Star of Life" medical symbol Personality: As said in Complexion; cocky and sarcastic,however loyal like most Pegasus. Activity: Takes up medical professions, doesn't shy away from violence, can be running common errands like others Bonus Notes: Depending on the era or dimension of the current RP, Patch finds himself rather attracted to Nurse Redheart Winter Civilian Gear: -a bandanna of sorts hung loosely around his neck to warm his muzzle against strong winds. -Wears a hoodie/windbreaker often in the winter, but will also include it under his vest and ranger jacket when operating -Wears a beanie to cover his mane when cold, with the exception of a few stubborn buts of hair that stick up out of the front
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