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  1. A Visit Home (closed)

    "Performer?" Ejaz pondered curiously as he watched Thunderstrike describe what she did, he guessed he could sympathize with her lifestyle, always traveling with no real place to call a home, just multiple hotels to temporarily stay at. He himself had yet to go to Las Pegaus, but from the way Thunder shuddered, Ejaz could guess she didn't have the greatest time there, much akin to how he didn't have the best time when he was in Canterlot. Ejaz couldn't help but give Thunderstrike an apologetic look, he truly felt sorry when he heard of how she only had her brother to play with, and the mechanic could feel anger begin to boil in him when the mare described how she was picked on and why. Ejaz could never even wrap his head around why somepony would hurt another just because of some differences, it just didn't compute to him. But he did understand where Thunderstrike was coming from. "I uh, I mostly wanted to be by myself. I really only had one friend, and that was because she had interacted with me constantly and I just gave up trying to be alone... For the most part..." Ejaz explains rubbing the back of his head with a wing. "So... While I can't sympathize with your inability to make friends when you were a filly... I can sympathize with being picked on... For me, it was cause I liked tinkering with things more than interacting... And because my wings are much larger than a normal pegasus..." Ejaz explains smiling gently as to show he held no grudges towards those that were mean to him. The mechanic then blinked in surprise as he heard Thunderstrike explain how popular she became when she became a Wonderbolt, and shrugged in indifference. "Well... There are jerks who also end up becoming part of organizations with amazing reputations, so I'm not becoming your friend because of that." The biege pegasus states honestly, cause it was true. What someone is a part of doesn't matter, what does is who that person is, and from what he's seen, he can definitely say he liked Thunderstrike for who she was, not what she was a member of. Ejaz's attention was then taken off Thunderstrike as he looked and observed Ponyvile with amassing curiosity as they walked through towards a hospital. Taking in all the smells, the sights, and especially paying attention to the attitudes of the civilians they walked past. He was trying to get a general feel for the kind of aura the town had, and so far, it was really friendly, something he did enjoy. Ejaz then looked up at the top of the hospital with curiosity as he and Thunder entered, the mechanic staying completely silent throughout the entire time Thunder checked them both in and found a seat to sit on an wait. Even then, Ejaz was completely silent as he absorbed all the little details of the hospital he could, only stopping and turning to look Thunderstrike in her eyes when she addressed him, noticing their similar eye colors and inwardly chuckling a little. "Me? Well... Flying... I uh, I really like flying... And... Relaxing under a night sky?" Ejaz answers with a mix of awkwardness and confusion, there wasn't many things he did aside from fixing and flying, so his list of other activities he liked to partake in was incredibly short, the mechanic even awkwardly admitting to that. "I don't exactly have many things I do, aside from fixing things and flying..." The male admits as he opens a wing and curls it up in front of him like a roll of paper towels. After culring his wing all the way, it had clicked in Ejaz's mind that Thunderstrike might be freaked out by his unnaturally flexibile wings and the pegasus softly sighed as he put his wing back in it's nutural position against his side, and semi-expected Thunder to at least ask something about it. //Hey it's completely fine, as long as you're okay. Take as much time as you need considering you must be recovering still, I know what it's like to have a really bad concussion so don't push yourself for my sake okay? Just take it easy ^^ \\
  2. Ejaz had been exploring around, taking a curious look at all the sites and sounds. Even though the mechanic had been here for a couple of weeks, this place still has many new things for him to see and experience. It's never been boring here, and Ejaz hasn't felt any confining feeling, he might even stay here for a much longer period than he had at the other settlements he had traveled to. During his search, Ejaz felt his stomach rumble, and frowned as he glanced around for anything to consume sustenance from. It seemed luck was on his side as there was an apple sale going on nearby, smiling at the thought of a nice bag of apples to eat, Ejaz headed on down hoping there were some apples left to have. Upon arriving, the beige pegasus noticed a lightblue and rainbow colored pegasus talking to a tan and yellow colored Earth Pony, they seemed familiar, Ejaz couldn't exactly place where though, maybe he had seen them in a paper or something similar. After a moment of trying to remember who the two were, the stallion decided to just ask them once he's in line and can actually talk to them. So Ejaz got in place to get an apple, and only became redfaced when he saw the light blue pegasus lean in for a kiss, the male then looked away to give some form of privacy. Now the pegasus had nothing against lesbian relationships (as a matter of fact he himself was pansexual), it was more the stallion was surprised and didn't really know how to react to affectionate events going on nearby him. So the mechanic decided to simply just do his best to not pay attention to the two until their moment had passed.
  3. A Visit Home (closed)

    Ejaz paused at hearing about a red stain in his white hair, an glanced up before letting out a huff. "Aw man... Well... I guess to the hospital it is." He mutters quietly before giving his full attention back to Thunder, upon seeing her smile at him, the pegasus gave a small sheepish smile in return, the stallion then quickly caught up to the mare and walked at her side as he listened to her question. "Well... I honestly don't know, usually I just stay somewhere until I either get bored or start feeling trapped..." Ejaz answers in a gentle tone, looking ahead in thought as he listned to her other suggestion and smirked gently. "Yeah... I think I've been traveling for about a year now? I'm not exactly sure but that feels right... As for your googles, I wouldn't mind taking a look." The mechanic answers cheerily, though the male then blushed and paused in his steps briefly when Thunder noted his shyness. "W-well... You see it's not you, it's just-... I uh, didn't interact with many ponies when I was growing up... So my social skill are kinda lacking..." The mechanic explains with an awkward chuckle, rubbing the back of his head with a wing while he noticed ponyvile getting closer as he and Thunder continued their walk towards a hospital.
  4. A Visit Home (closed)

    Ejaz watched curiously as Thunder checked herself for any injuries before blinking once she spoke about his own, the mechanic then froze up with slightly red cheeks when Thunder leaned closer to look at his forehead. After a moment, the beige pegasus sighed before noticing her lending him some help, which he accepted happily, but he wasn't so sure about the hospital trip. Not that it's bad, but rather Ejaz felt as though it was a lot of effort for an injury that he felt wasn't as bad as it looked. However, it was always better to check, Ejaz knew this, what he didn't just realize, was that he had said his thoughts out loud. "A-a hospital? I don't think it's that bad... It certainly doesn't feel that bad... But, then again I guess it couldn't hurt to check... S-so I guess we could go?" Ejaz voices in an awkward tone of voice, blushing as he realized he had voiced his thoughts. He was always so sheepish when it came to talking to others, especially females (and his choice for a semi anti-social life style while growing up as well as his childhood friend didn't exactly help with that). After a moment, Ejaz's eyes widened as he just realized that Thunder introduced herself. "Oh apologies, I'm Ejaz, Ejaz Ferron, it's a pleasure to meet you." The mechanic introduces with a bow of his head, getting his awkwardness undercontrol and regaining his calmer attitude. "I'm a traveling mechanic, and I uh, just arrived here a little more than a week ago... So it makes sense you haven't seen me." The stallion then explained with a gentle smile, and a just as gentle look in his eyes. Though he then realized that he probably had gunk and dirt in his hair, and so quickly shook his head to get it out, the hair that was tied in a bow whipping about a little, and the male accidentally making the red stain in his hair spread, and even create a tiny stream that ran down his cheek.
  5. A Visit Home (closed)

    Ejaz peacefully woke up from his nap, the pegasus slowly raising up to a sitting position while yawning and stretching his large wings. It had been a little over a week since he arrived at Ponyvile and decided to stay for a while, and so far it's been an amazing experience; every pony was different in terms of personality and attitude, and a lot of them seemed to be fond of a group of mares they refered to as "The Mane 6". Ejaz made a mental note to eventually make an effort to meet this group, but since there was no time limit, the mechanic wasn't in any rush. Taking a deep breath, the beige pegasus took in the scenery that surrounded his naping spot, a nice grassfield with trees nearby, and the village just a little ways away with even a yellow path leading both towards and away from it. The stallion smiled gently as he enjoyed the quiet and peaceful surroundings, especially taking a liking to the wind blowing in his face which went nicely with the relaxing heat of the sun, and the occasional sounds of birds that happened to fly by his position. All this peaceful enjoyment however, was suddenly interupted as Ejaz had heard a strong thud accompanied by the sound of somepony skidding across the grass. The pegasus only had a second to react once he spotted the mare headed for him, and could only begin to scramble to his hooves before he was body slammed and rolled across the field with an almost canine like yelp. Once he came to a stop, Ejaz groaned as he could feel certain areas of his body giving him friendly little notifications of his now sustained bruises and scrapes, specifically a cut on his cheek that bled a little and a cold spot on his head that he guessed either met a puddle or was now bleeding a little, if it was, then it would definitely show a redish spot in his bleach white and cobalt blue hair that might be a bit difficult to wash out. But his current state of being wasn't currently occupying the pegasus' mind, but rather, the state of the fellow pegasus that crashed into him was what took up his thoughts. "A-Am I okay? O-oh yeah I'm fine, my worry is, are you okay?" Ejaz asked after rubbing his head with a wing and shaking off his diziness, then looking over at Thunder with a worried and curious expression. "I-I mean you did slam into me and rolled around as well... S-so are you fine?" He added and inquired again with a tilt of his head, his ears flopping over a little with his motion.
  6. Service and Assistance (Open!)

    Ejaz watched quietly as Lens got up and dusted himself off, the mechanic nodding as his question was answered, and tilted his head in the other direction in curiosity as he heard Lens talk about locations, railway stations and paydays. Not that he was interested in bits, in fact the pegasus couldn't care less about bits and how much one earned. However, he couldn't simply ignore what his ears had picked up, and his gears were turning as Ejaz thought curiously on the situation Lens was in. The mechanic couldn't help but scan Lens up and down while the unicorn checked the time, Ejaz trying to get an idea of the kind of pony Lens was, before the Pegasus finally adressed the Unicorn. "A-are you headed somewhere? O-or trying to meet somepony?" Ejaz asked in a awkward and curious tone, rephrasing his question incase it came across as rude the first time.
  7. Service and Assistance (Open!)

    Ejaz came to a complete stop as the fellow stallion flew past him down the hill. The mechanic watched with wide eyes before making a squeak sound as the sunglasses flew past his head. "Well.... That's something I've never experienced..." Ejaz thought, already somewhat happy at the new things happening, but he also couldn't help but worry if the stranger was okay, so Ejaz trotted down towards the stallion, and gave him a curious look. "Are.. Are you okay sir?" The Pegasus asked with a tilt of his head. He wasn't entirely sure if the guy wasn't fine, in fact, the other stallion acted as though this event has occurred before, or something similar to it. Ejaz had guessed it couldn't hurt to ask so he did, his ruby eyes shinning with curiosity and even a bit of innocence.
  8. It was a beautiful day outside, birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and the sky was bright blue with nice puffs of white that were the clouds. The village of Ponyvile was bustling in this beautiful day, Pegasus, Unicorns, and Earth Ponies of all kinds were walking around town each tending to their own matters; whether personal or business. Some paused their activities however when a leaf had suddenly flown in front of them, the green piece of life being carried by the soft caressing wind. The leaf flew past the civilians and off to the wind, letting the flowing air carry it as far as can be allowed, soon arriving out of town and landing on the nose of a beige male Pegasus who had been sitting down just outside a forest. This young stallion, named Ejaz Ferron, blinked as he noticed the detached plant-life resting on his muzzle, and smiled gently as he watched the wind carry the leaf off his nose and into the distance. Ejaz stared up into the sky where the leaf had disappeared from his vision, before looking down and noticing the village. "Hey! There's the next village!" He cheered calmly as he stood up. The mechanic then checked to make sure the harness that attached him to his heavy carriage of tools and parts both metal and wood, before merrily making his way down into the town. It had been quite awhile since the mechanic had last been in a town, almost a week now? He had definitely enjoyed the wildlife of the forest, and was even pretty sure he made a few animal friends, but he missed interacting with other ponies, and as a result, seeing this place excited him. So down Ejaz went from the high hill with a nice view towards the village of Ponyvile, excited to meet other ponies, and curious on what new things he will experience.
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    To RoseWind: Well if you look past the occasional frame rate drops the game is really fun, and the ending made me cry. As for the whole Sonic fans... I think I can agree with you on that they're pretty split. I myself like any Sonic game that comes out as long as it's fun, looks great, and has a nice story to enjoy, whether it's classic platform or modern rush games. (I've played almost all the Sonic games that have come out both classic and modern so I can say with experience that I do like all of them, except Sonic 06 but then again nobody likes that one.) As for the cartoons, I don't really have an opinion on them. I don't hate any of them, but at the same time, I don't necessarily love any of them.
  11. Last post wins

    Agreed, I saw the cover for the first issue of the IDW Sonic comic, the artstyle looks nice. And at least the Archie comics ended on such a nice note with the Sonic Unleashed adaptation. The original game was hands down one of my favorites and I was happy to see it put into the comics. Also, I don't think IDW will replace them, after all we could never forget what Archie had created. But rather, IDW will hopefully take us on another ride that can match the amazingness of the original Archie story line.
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  14. Roleplay Type: Any Type Name: Ejaz Ferron (Ey-jazz fur-on)(which translates from two different languages into "Miracle Worker" (Ejaz = African = Miracle, Ferron = English = Worker)) Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye color: Vibrant Red Coat: Tan Beige Mane/Tail: Bleach white with blue at the edges, is somewhat wild and unkept, and his mane is tied in a low ponytail. Physique: Incredibly fit and tough, but slim in appearance. He also has incredibly soft fur and hair. Residence: Used to reside in Hoofington, but currently travels around. Occupation: Mechanic Cutie Mark: His talent is being able to fix anything physical as long as he has enough time and parts, sometimes improving these projects further and having them work more efficiently. This is symbolized by a yellow star with a grey wrench running across. Another variation of these talent abilities is how he can solve almost any practical problem; whether it's getting to a destination, bypassing an obstical, finding a weakness, or simply helping another living being in need if physcial or emotional aid. Ejaz's ingenious mind combined with his talent allows him to see and analyze all the possble paths and decisions that could be taken to solve almost any equation (but it doesn't mean that he could pull off all of them or is even willing to). Ejaz had gotten his cutie mark when he was an Adolescent. His caretaker's oven had broken down, and Ejaz had taken apart the whole thing and put it back together in perfect pristine condition, not only fixing the problem, but even made it work better by using different parts in conjunction to replace a broken piece. It was after this event he had realized his talent of fixing virturally anything and as a result, gained his mark. Unique Traits: His wings are abnormally large (not insanely abnormal, but definitely noticeable, especially when he fully opens them). He is also able to use his large wings in a smiliar manner to hands, wrapping them around things he wants to pick up without using his mouth (which helps a lot with his profession). History: Ejaz was born in the city of Hoofington to low class parents, who couldn't afford to take care of him properly. Fearing for his future, they dropped him off at a middle class orphanage with an outstanding reputation for raising children of all races into bright and rich futures (whether it's rich in a physical term, or metaphorical). In this orphanage, the pegasus grew up socializing very scarcely with the other orphans, preferring to tinker with the mechanics and toys they had instead. The only orphan he ever interacted with on a day-to-day basis was a female Griffon named Listress, who was stubborn, rude, and tough, but a real soft-hearted friend to those who actually knew her. Ejaz grew up learning how to fix, and even improve, every toy his home had owned, eventually moving on to the more complicated mechanisms in his settlement. Once he was old enough to actually fly, it was all he did aside from messing with machines and tools, playing often with Listress while still developing his ever growing passion as a mechanic. Granted, being a pegasus has made the life of a mechanic difficult, as the profession was more suited to a unicorn, or even an earth pony. But Ejaz has found a way to make it work, by using his large wings and his mouth, in a similar matter to hands. Ejaz had realized his talent and earned his cutie mark at the age of 16, and immediately began giving his services to the other residents of Hoofington. All the while wondering what other villages and cities he could find and lend his help to, but he never went through with any thoughts of traveling due to wanting to stay with his only friend. For the next two years Listress would see Ejaz's desire to explore and travel grow stronger and fiercer, all the while also observing the pegasus' ever growing feeling of being trapped. For the profession of being a mechanic for the city had kept him grounded, and with barely any time to open his wings and fly. This would lead to an inner conflict in Ejaz's mind between whether he should continue to work his passion as a mechanic and help as many ponies as he could in each day, or cut out most of time needed for such a profession so that he could find the time for his other passion of flying, and feeling the freedom of doing so. Finally, at eighteen years old, Ejaz was encouraged by Listress to leave Hoofington, to explore the world as he wished and find time for himself to fly and feel free. The pegasus was ecstatic to do so, but was pained by the revelation that he and his closest and only friend would be going their separate ways, with little chance of encountering each other once again. So with a heavy heart, the pegasus packed what mechanical parts and tools he could carry into a carriage, and left the town where he had grown up. Spending the next year traveling from nearby village, to nearby village, Ejaz would lend his services for very low and fair prices, and find plenty of time to fly and feel free, even now he travels around doing what he loves, helping others and seeing their smiles. Character Personality: Ejaz loves fresh air and comfortable environments, being able to feel at peace without any worries when he's in these situations, he also loves tinkering with mechanisms and items as it is his passion. He has a passion for flying that is just as powerful as his passion as a mechanic, he also loves seeing smiles on other's faces, even if it isn't caused by him, for the simple reason that knowing another living being is happy makes him just as happy. Ejaz doesn't like very loud places/ponies, due to both cases making it extremely hard for him to think and get his mind straight. He hates getting exploited on both a business and personal level, as he loves to trust others, and being taken advantage of in such away convinces him to lower his trust in others, which is something the pegasus never wants to do. Ejaz does not like being unable to finish what he started due to his obsession with completing whatever objectives he set for himself while he was little, which so far has stayed with him in the present (though has weakened in it's effects significantly). He has a dislike for being grounded for long periods of time, as being unable to feel the wind on his face, and the freeing feeling of flying, makes Ejaz feel as if he's trapped in a invisible cage. Ejaz is emotionally weak, and can't take much verbal punishment without it affecting him strongly (whether it's in anger, fear, or sadness). He can be too stubborn, being focused on a topic or event to the point of it being detrimental to himself, and ever rarely, to those around him. In the case of an event where he is verbally abused, or experiences extreme stress, frustration, fear, sadness, or anger, he has an unhealthy habit of bottling in whatever emotions he experiences in those moments, which will eventually lead to an emotional outburst or breakdown. He is conflicted with his biology as a pegasus with a passion to fly, and his job and passion as a mechanic, as in order to commit to one passion, he has to nearly give up the other entirely. Which is a decision that Ejaz can't make, being too selfless to want to sacrifice the time required to be a mechanic in order to satisfy himself. Yet being too free spirited at heart to want to give up the time required to fly and feel completely weightless. Isolation and complete silence are fears that clings to Ejaz strongly, as he is too emotionally fragile to stand the idea of being completely alone, while complete silence leaves his mind empty, which will lead to a mental discussion over his inner conflict. He is claustrophobic and cannot stand the idea of being unable to open his wings or move, as his strong passion for moving about and being free leaves him in mental pain whenever he can't. Character Summary: Ejaz is a calm and relaxed Pegasus, he has a tendency to be awkward but is pure at heart, with a desire to help and a love for seeing other's smile. He loves to fix, build and improve things around him, and approaches most of his life with a curious outlook filled with ingenuity. While he does love the peace and quiet of uncrowded settlements, he just can't help but love the company that comes from being in crowded places. He likes to verbally joke around, and uses sarcasm as his main source of humor. Ejaz doesn't like violence, but isn't afraid to fight with ferocity should he have to. If he is angered, he takes a cold, calculative, and sarcasm laced tone. Being one of a generally selfless persona, Ejaz likes to involve himself in the problems of others. Whether it's a mechanical issue, or one of personal matters, Ejaz is always ready, and eager, to lend his services. However, the pegasus is not so good at being the receiving end of such selflessness, as he will shut himself and his personal problems inside and lock it tight. Not wanting to bother somepony else with his personal issues, especially the one concerning his inner conflict between his two different passions. The result of bottling such things in is that, on rare occasion, Ejaz could have either an emotional outburst, or an emotional breakdown. He also has a tendancy to rant, especially if it's about a machine he has never had experience with, going on constantly about the different ways it could possibly work, he also rants in anger about the different ways either he, or somepony else, handled a situation wrong, though these kinds of rants are rare, they do happen. Extra: Ejaz loves vanilla ice cream and milkshakes, as well as anything chocolate and caramel. He is both pansexual and polyamorous, and carries an accent that oddly enough, isn't native to Hoofington (think something like a New York Accent). If there were other kinds of elements that existed, Ejaz's element would be Determination (alternatively known as Will) while his opposite would be Doubt (alternately known as Fear). Ejaz's Deadly Sin is Pride, while his Heavenly Virtue is Diligence
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