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  1. Merry Cherry (Closed)

    Laughter had almost immediately erupted from Ejaz once Cherry had complained about him sneaking up on her, but it wasn’t teasing, or mocking, or even loud, it was soft, genuine, and more Ejaz actually enjoying Cherry’s presence than making fun of her. Then she had spoken about accidentally getting him sick, and Ejaz had only raised an eyebrow with a soft smirk at the mare beside him as the two entered her house. Ejaz had given a small nod in agreement as he grabbed his cloak and began fastening it on himself, the long cloth having holes for the pegasus’ wings while his mane still stuck out unchanged from underneath his hoodie once the mechanic pulled it up. After doing one last check over to make sure he was set, Ejaz headed back to Cherry with a happy smile on his face, the stallion nuzzling her affectionately once again after she suggested heading to a pastry she wanted to try and giving the mare a simple answer. “I’d love to.”
  2. Be my Guide.[Request Join]

    ((Aww, I got buried... oh well ^^)) “Nah, you’ve got a good point, as for my habit, I’d clearify when I was legitimately guessing...” Ejaz explains smiling at Loose, and the pegasus couldn’t help but internally admit that a blush looked adorable on the earth pony. Ejaz then blinked as Loose cracked a joke and found himself snickering as he took her words into consideration, the stallion then started to go quiet when Loose brought up the question of whether or not their direction of travel was correct. The beige pegasus paused as he was confused by her question, before remembering why exactly she asked. “Oh crapbaskets, I’m so sorry, I forgot you were blind... um.. yes this is in the right direction... In fact the station is just up ahead.” Ejaz replies, honestly feeling guilty for forgetting his friend’s disability. Th pegasus never liked treating another pony differently just cause something was biologically wrong, so he never really made a big deal or paid much mind when somepony he met had a disability of some kind. But, that doesn’t mean he wanted to forget they had one at all, the mechanic felt as if that would be more rude than altering his behavior just cause of their biological incapabilities. So Ejaz felt incredibly guilty and rude for letting Loose’s blindness slip his mind as it did now. Then the subject changed, as Loose began pondering the possibility of becoming a drill sergeant, and began ranting about the idea, specifically about the talking portion Ejaz smiled softly as he quietly listened to every word she spoke, and pitched in what he could. “Well... I’d say you’ve definitely got the talking bit down.” The stallion lightly joked with a grin, gently patting Loose’s head with a wing as he childishly snickered, before going silent as the mare elaborated on the Drill Sergeant idea, and the pros of both Ranger and Military professions, before admiting to the appeal of the Ranger job, and stating an appeal of the Drill Sergeant career. “But then why not just be a Ranger and open classes? Then you get to be your own boss, live the life of the very first Everfree Forest Ranger, and be a drill sergeant-like teacher to anypony who takes part in your classes.” Ejaz states and explains contemplatively, looking up in thought as he pondered the idea, then turned his eyes to Loose to see her opinion.
  3. Kahoot

    Ka...... hoot... kahoot
  4. Merry Cherry (Closed)

    Ejaz blinked as he watched Cherry’s reaction with childish curiosity, eventually smiling as he saw her big grin. The pegasus held the door open as wide as he could when she began approaching, and laughed at the warm feeling as she quickly nuzzled him. Looking back into the green house, Ejaz took in the beautiful sight one last time before closing the door and following after his friend. Once outside, the stallion silently walked next to the mare, a content smile on his face as he was happy to help Cherry and brighten her day. In the past, Ejaz had been refered to in the form of the tittle “Fortune Cookie.” Though it was only by his childhood friend, Ejaz took it to heart and loved giving advice to anypony who talked to him, so seeing how happy it made Cherry definitely made the mechanic just as happy. Upon hearing her stutters as she fumbled and tried to think of something to say and someplace to go, Ejaz chuckled softly as he approached Cherry and suddenly nuzzled her cheek as he passed by. “Now look who’s stuttering?” Was the question Ejaz asked with a laugh before heading in a certain direction that lead to a familiar house. “How about uh, how about we head back and grab some stuff to keep us warm first? I don’t want you getting another cold considering you just recovered.” The mechanic suggests and explains, turning his head to look back at the earth pony with a heart warming smile.
  5. Merry Cherry (Closed)

    Ejaz followed Cherry as the two moved through the greenhouse, the mechanic quietly listening to the gardener as she had stated how inspiring his profession was. The stallion then looked at the mare as she had wished her talent was that helpful, it didn’t take long for Ejaz to voice his opinion on her wish. “Well Cherry... in my opinion... Your talent is more helpful than mine.... I mean, think about it... You tend to the very nature that grows around us and to some extent feeds us... maybe not literally... but, but definitely spiritually, and emotionally... Me, I tend to artificial objects that help individuals, I in a way, make lives easier... You... You make lives better... By nurturing the plants and the flowers, you make things better cause throughout the day, when even the toughest things happen, ponies can take a moment to look around and see... Life. Beautiful, peaceful, life... and it makes their day all the more richer... So, I tend to individuals, you, if done right, can tend to whole communities...” Ejaz explains in a gentle and passionate voice, looking behind him at the mesmerizing house of growing and prospering life, before returning his attention to the very mare that was the main reason this was even possible. A warm smile filling the pegasus’ features as he addressed Cherry directly once again. “So yeah... if, if you ask me... I’d say, your talent is way more inspiring, and helpful, than mine...” Sighing in a relaxing manner, Ejaz walked over to the door, opening it with a wing and holding it open with a soft grin. “And um, sure, I’d love to go into town.” The stallion happily agrees, blinking as he thought about what she said about his stuttering a shrugging. “Yeah sorry, my uh, my stuttering is more me just taking a moment to formulate my words... I, don’t really feel nervous around you at all.... For the most part...” Ejaz explains sheepishly, still smiling gently as he held the door a little wider with a wing for Cherry.
  6. Be my Guide.[Request Join]

    Confusion etched onto Ejaz’s face as he tilted his head at Loose’s words, why did she say that? Did she- oh, it then clicked in the mechanic’s head what the earth pony was talking about, chuckling sheepishly, Ejaz rubbed the back of his head with a wing as he adressed the mare next to him. “Oh that, you see, hehe... when I say ‘I guess’, it’s less me actually guessing and... well, more talking out of habit...” Ejaz explains, laughing a little inside at the small misconception, blinking as Loose warned him about her lightbulbs then nodding with a smirk. “Well... it shouldn’t be a problem, if it’s broke, then I’ll just fix it right up.” The stallion explains shrugging, once again going silent as Loose began talking about her own opinion on violent confrontation. While listening Ejaz pondered on each of her statements and explenations, payng attention to words spoken, the tone of which they were spoken at, and the meaning of the sentances put together from said words. Letting out a small hmm to agree with the mare and show he was paying attention, Ejaz looked at his environment, eventually noticing a sign that pointed in the direction the two were walking in. Upon further investigation, Ejaz saw that it was in fact, a train station he and the earth pony were headed in. Smiling brightly, Ejaz continued on his merry way, all the while still listening to Loose as she began to seriously consider becoming a ranger, the mechanic raised an eyebrow curiously once she asked him if she was saying too much. “No, not at all... I’m not really a talker myself... so.. I do better in conversations where I listen more than talk...” Ejaz reassurres with a chuckle, ever so slightly tilting his head left and right at a steady rythm as a tune found its way into his head. “As for your decision, it’s up to you... If it really seems like a good idea, and appeals to you in such a manner... I’d say go for it... But uh, as I’ve said, in the end the decision is yours...” The pegasus informs as he looks at Loose kindly, then looks ahead at the trainstaion, still tilting his head to the tune in his mind as he began to hear the sounds that were commonly associated with train stations.
  7. Be my Guide.[Request Join]

    Ejaz couldn’t help but laugh as his blush deepened, letting himself be moved slightly when Loose nudged him. “Well then I.. I guess you are.” The mechanic states as he nudged her back only slightly harder, his more playful traits beginning to show as he grew more comfortable around the earth pony. Ejaz then tilted his head as she suddenly went quiet, then agreed that they seem to be in fact, going in the right direction. Grinning almost childishly, Ejaz happily walked on as he noticed more ponies with luggage, and even saw a small long building a few ways down the road. The beige pegasus was about to inform Loose of the building ahead, only to pause as she insisted he’d stay over. Blushing once again, Ejaz sheepishly scratched his chin with a wing as he glanced up at the sky. “Well.... it’s also considered rude to rjeect an offer... so.. I-I guess I’ll stay the night... thank you..” Ejaz calmly and semi-awkwardly states smiling softly at Loose as he looked at the mare, then back ahead, tilting his head at her question on his liking to be chased. “I definitely agree that at least two of us would be better than just one... Now... with the chasing thing... I wouldn’t say that... I-I like exploring, and adventure... fighting... not so much... n-not to say I can’t fight... I’ve studied a couple of self-defense and offensive combat styles to keep myself safe... along with anypony who happens to be with me.... and... I’ll admit a nice sparing match feels nice..... but... I’d rather avoid legitimate confrontation...” Ejaz explains contemplatively, thinking back on a couple of scenarios he had found himself in where such knowledge was helpful (not to mention safely practicing it was a good stress reliever). Deciding not to ponder on it at the moment, Ejaz returned to reality just in time to hear Loose ponder on becoming a ranger. The stallion could immediately feel himself chuckling as the idea played out in his head. “You know if you did that you’d be the best darn Ranger that ever ranged.” Came the honest opinion from the pegasus as he chuckled and laughed a little more.
  8. Be my Guide.[Request Join]

    Ejaz quietly raised an eyebrow as he looked at Loose curiously, smiling sheepihsly with a tint of a blush as she asked if she was giving him too compliments. “W-well... I honestly wouldn’t know... I-I mean I’ve never really gotten this many compliments, so... I assume maybe? Not sure really... but uh, thanks...” Ejaz explains shrugging as his blush faded away, the mechanic glancing around before noticing some ponies with packages and luggage, who also looked dressed for travel . Figuring out where they were coming from, Ejaz began to lead Loose in that direction, the stallion using a wing to once again nudge the earth pony and inform her of his change in direction. “This way... I noticed someponies with luggage coming from this direction...” He explains, hoping that his gut feeling was in fact, right. It seemed to be case as they had walked past more ponies who also carry luggage with them, this only made Ejaz more confident in his decision to head in the direction the two were currently traveling in. Once again Loose caught Ejaz’s attention, the pegasus watching the mare as she began explaining where she was born, and how she ended up at Ponyvile. The mechanic could feel a part of him getting a little giddy at the idea of the village, before it was replaced with surprise as she had suggested for him to stay at her place. “Y-your place? Are you sure it’s okay? I mean, I don’t want to intrude... I-it normally takes me a couple of hours to build my shack so.. so you don’t exactly have to have me over...” The stallion explains smiling shyly as he glanced around before looking at the earth pony beside him again as she began explaining the mysterious forest that existed near the town. “A-actually... that sounds like fun... going into the forest....” Ejaz mutters in while mentally entertaining the thought. He’s heard of Everfree Forest, a couple of towns had told the mechanic about it. But everytime it was brought up, no amount of fear entered the mechanic’s body, instead, only curiosity, and even a bit of excitement. Which was why even now Ejaz had no objection to going into the reportedly dangerous forest.
  9. Merry Cherry (Closed)

    Ejaz blinked and turned to face Cherry as she approached and thanked him, the mechanic smiling happily at her cheeriness, before feeling a bit of heat in his cheeks as the mare nudged him and spoke of dedicating an area to him and his colors. “O-oh wow... um, you don’t have to you know.. I-I mean, I can’t exactly stop you, but I’m just saying... you don’t necessarily... uh... thank you I guess?” Was the mechanic’s response to the idea, not knowing exactly what to think of her suggestion other than being flattered. Staying quiet and listening to her opinion on the winter, Ejaz smiled in agreement becore tilting his head as she began to wander around the greenhouse. The mechanic figured he should do the same considering where he was, and began following the mare through the plant house, only stopping when she turned to face him and ask about his profession. “Me?” Ejaz asked honestly surprised by the sudden question, before looking down slightly and clearing his throat. “Well.... As a mechanic, my job is to repair and if I can, improve the multiple contraptions and tools that aid ponies in their daily lives... As my name means Miracle Worker, my talent reflects that, given enough time and parts; I could fix any mechanical problem anotherpony may have.... Sometimes... I’m even able to help others with personal problems.... but that can get difficult sometimes.... Ponies.... They have a-... a rythm of some kind... And... and I sometimes hit it perfectly... other times, I just-, I just struggle to communicate...” Ejaz stared down at the floor in contemplative thought, figuring out what else to explain before getting an idea and returning his gaze to Cherry. “B-back to the correct subject... Um... I like discovering new things to fix... I-in fact it’s why I travel... each town and city have different things to offer... and learning them all would make me a better mechanic... Though I guess that’s more about my personal life rather than my profession...” The pegasus then began rubbing the back of his head with a wing as he tried to figure out something else to say, only to sigh when he couldn’t and smiled sheepishly. “Sorry for not having a full strong answer and just snippets of one.”
  10. Merry Cherry (Closed)

    A smile grew on Ejaz’s face as Cherry held the door open for him, nodding his head in thanks as he walked by, the mechanic couldn’t stop himself from freezing up in awe. The vines, the flowers, baby trees, and sprouts filled Ejaz’s vision in a beautiful mix of cold colors, with the addition of pink into the mix which only helped the Greenhouse’s beauty. “Holy wow... this is so cool... so beautiful... but I don’t think the words do it justice....” The pegasus admits as he begins to carefully wander around the plant house, his ears tilted towards Cherry as she began to speak of collecting other vibrant colored flowers that could survive alongside the other flora in this temperature. Pausing to think for a moment, Ejaz was trying to remember if he had encountered any plants that would be perfect for Cherry’s qualifications, only to sigh as nothing came to mind. Plus, Ejaz was a mechanic, not a gardener, so the stallion doubted he’d be much help on that subject anyway. Turning to face the earth pony, Ejaz listened to her complaints on the temperature, and her fantasizing on the look of her house once the plants are free. “I agree... Your house would look really captivating once you plant these guys back outside...” The male agreed, glancing around before letting out a slight chuckle. “And to be honest? I don’t really mind the winter.... it normally means longer nights...”
  11. Be my Guide.[Request Join]

    “I’m fine with that...” Ejaz shrugs as he leads Loose along, blinking as she questioned his legitimacy as a traveler and started snickering. “Yeah... I guess you would have to... you know now that I think about it, I guess my system is simple, quick, and straight to the point....” Ejaz states glancing over at the smaller mare, his face baring a warm smile as he observed his new companion and stayed silent as she had begun to explain Ponyvile, or at least the abridged version. “It sounds like it’s a nice place judging from your tone.” Came his quiet observation as he glanced around and began searching for a sign that points towards the train station. Now, Ejaz was pretty confident he could find the transportation center on his own, but now that he was actually leading someone there, he wanted to be absolutely sure he was going in the right direction. The mechanic’s ears had tilted towards Loose once she suggested to show him a few places, Ejaz smiling brightly at the idea as he kept watch on their surroundings. “I’m up for it... h-honestly now I’m kinda excited.” The stallion sheepishly admits with a laugh.
  12. Ejaz watched Applejack put the Honeygolds away and replace them with Honeycrisp, still feeling slightly guilty for having used up time like that. The stallion could feel a small smile as he grabbed the two bushels with his wings (by wrapping them over the baskets) and held one against each of his sides with ease. Looking at the mare; Ejaz gave a nod in appreciation, and was about to voice his thanks, before pausing as Applejack gave him some reassurance on his nervousness, pausing in slight surprise, Ejaz’s hoof came up to lightly scratch the stallion’s cheek as a sheepish expression grew on his face. “Heheh, that’s uh... Well you see, it’s not that I’m nervous, it’s more so because I um, I never really socialized when I was little... cause back then I didn’t see the need to... But anyways, cause of that, I kinda overthink things when I’m talking to others.... so... It’s less nervousness and shyness.. and more.. Cautiousness? Awkwardness? I think that would be the right word to describe it...” Ejaz explained, the same hoof placed against his chin as he looked down in thought before he heard Applejack inquire about his birthplace. Bright smile growing on his face, Ejaz returned his entire attention to the mare in front of him. “Hoofington? Well yeah it is nice... it’s a little smaller than the average city, fairly crowded, very talkative ponies... but overall very welcoming.” A glint of nostalgia could bee seen in the pegasus’ eyes, along with what seemed to be the tiniest hidden tint of sadness before the mechanic blinked it away. It was then Ejaz noticed Applejack looking down, and tilted his head in both confusion and curiosity; was something wrong? A part of the mechanic hoped he didn’t accidentally say something that confused the farmer because it made no sense again. “Um... are you.. o-“ Ejaz never got to finish his sentance as first he felt hooves latch onto him before feeling lips press against his own, his eyes widening slightly, and a blush growing on his cheeks; Ejaz could feel a jolt of energy move through him, and paused completely as he had no idea what to do. Eventually, the mechanic figured he should gently kiss back, and was about to when Applejack backed away. Pausing again, Ejaz stood there silently before shaking out of stupor, his cheeks still slightly red. Looking down, Ejaz placed a hoof against his mouth for a moment as Applejack’s words reached his ears, thinking about what transpired. The stallion could describe the kiss as, pleasant? For sure the intimite interaction was nice, and the stallion felt what he figured was a mix of adrenaline, and euphoria wash over his entire body almost like a wave. After a moment, the mechanic then looked at the farmer once again, a gentle grin on his features. “It was.... nice... I feel so full energy for some reason, and it- well... I-I really don’t know how to describe it other than saying it was amazing..... E-especially since it was my first.... but I feel a little guilty for kinda just standing there and not doing anything, so..” Was Ejaz’s calm, and slightly awkward response. Then, cheeks still red, the pegasus suddenly leaned over, and pressed his lips against Applejack’s in a second gentle kiss, the stallion keeping it short as to hopefully not make it too awkward, pulling away and smiling warmly at the mare, Ejaz gave a nod as his blush finally faded away. “There..... Thank you... and um... Have uh, have a nice day...” Ejaz states softly, his smile brightning before the mechanic raised a hoof in goodbye, and began trotting away with a bit of confidence, the bushels still held at his sides by his wings with as though they didn’t weigh anything. Ejaz had decided to head home and see if anypony had sent him a note requesting his help, the stallion also deciding that today was in fact, a great day so far, and a part of him hoped he could see Applejack again in the furture. The mare was kind, funny, and fairly pretty, not to mention her accent was fun to listen to... Yeah, Ejaz would say he’d like to be more acquainted with the earth pony.
  13. Ejaz’s head tilted once he saw AppleJack’s face blank out, was it something he said? Or something he did? The mechanic reflected on his actions and words curiously, he didn’t find anything wrong, he introduced himself, admitted the mare in front of him was pretty, and ask for- Wait. Was Honeycomb the right word? The mechanic himself pasued as his mind came up blank with the right answer, before it clicked in his head just as Applejack asked him if he meant Honeygold. Ejaz’s eyes blinked a few times as his attention returned to reality, feeling his cheeks heat up slightly before the pegasus lightly wacked his head with his own wing. “Ah! No, crapbaskets, I-I meant Honeycrisp!” Came the panicked words from the stallion, who covered his face with his wings, eventually letting out a sigh and returning the limbs needed for flight back to his sides, his eyes casted downwards as he was too embarresed to look at the farmer eye-to-eye. “S-sorry, I accidentally messed up what I was saying... I meant to ask for two bushels of Honeycrisp apples... a-again I apologize...” Taking a moment to relax his red cheeks (which still lingered ever so slightly thanks to his minor mess up still being fresh in his head), Ejaz looked at Applejack with a soft smile naturally growing on his face, partly glad that he could talk about something else for a moment to ease the embarrassment he was feeling. “Well... To be honest I don’t know exactly where my name comes from... I know what it means, but not it’s origin... Oh, and umm, I’m from Hoofington.” Was the information the beige pegasus gave, who glanced at his surroundings for a moment in curiosity before looking at Applejack once again. Remembering the price for the single bushel, Ejaz reached into a bag strapped to his side and grabbed a small bag of ten bits before gently placing the cloth on the table. “And uh... that should be the amount two bushels cost... right?”
  14. Ejaz remained quiet, a small smile gracing his features as he listened to AppleJack’s sales pitch, the mechanic feeling a small laugh hiding out in his mouth as he watched; she was making a pitch to him even though he was already here to buy, really he found the whole thing.. what’s the word, cute? Funny? The pegasus didn’t exactly know how to describe it, but he could definitely tell he enjoyed this conversation with the earth pony, even if it was short and semi-business centered, then there was her accent which he had a whole bunch of fun just simply listening to. Nodding to show he was paying attention, Ejaz glanced at the bushels of apples before looking at AppleJack and tilting his head slightly. “Well... do you have any Honeycomb apples left? If you don’t mind me asking...” The stallion inquired in a gentle but solid tone, showing more curiosity than awkwardness in his body language. After a moment, Ejaz paused as something had clicked in his head, before an awkward smile made it’s way onto his features, the pegasus opening his right wing and holding it out to the farmer as if to shake a wing. “Oh, and um... I’m Ejaz Ferron... It’s nice to meet you ma’am... oh, wrong limb... sorry.” The mechanic introduced and apologized with a little hint of red cheeks as he closed his wing back and lifted his front right leg instead, remembering just now that Earth Ponies have a different greeting than Pegasi, and feeling slightly awkward for forgetting.
  15. Chibi Shan Pui

    Aww... Adorable