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  1. what do you think that is, and why do you think it is significant? its just a small pegasus silhouette?
  2. this is a spoiler thread... why are you hiding it from me and making me jump through hoops? i watched it on a friends TV, it isn't' easy for me to find a legal outlet that is available right now.
  3. I'm sorry, could you spell that out...i have no idea what you are talking about.
  4. well it woudl be shocking if someone was replaced. 1/6th of the fans would mutiny. it does seem like our favorites could get less screen time as a result though. I like her...sparingly...if she was in every episode, I might be underwhelmed.
  5. well said. we got to see a LITTLE of the classic spike pride prop up in the beginning of the episode, but he was remarkably well adjusted and focused for the rest. Even when he could have soaked in the glory, he was humble, and pushed the quest forward. A very enjoyable spike moment.
  6. as funny as all that is, it may not be fair to judge the school from so few data points, especially considering how a emotionally healthy student may not make the news wich that they do after graduating. twilight is probably a success story...
  7. Hey guys, long time, no see. Interestingly, my thoughts are wildly different than yours. I loved it! But then, I've always loved relationship-based episodes, and not been thrilled by the action packed premiers and finales. Sure, the action, and the execution of the action, and even the overriding story were...not..exceptional... but there were lots of little moments that I enjoyed with the main characters: The re-connection of starlight and sunburst was handled believably, from their shock, their uncertainty, their feelings of regret and shame... It made their eventual healing all the more lovely Leadership and mentoring are things I'm passionate about. it was very interesting to see Twilight be such a rubbish mentor, but to learn about how to do it better. Spike was a bit of a mentor as well! He believed in the lesson, and helped push starlight toward the meeting without letting her completely derail the quest. Sunburst was obviously struggling with his place in life, so finding a purpose makes me happy Any time we see a team work together and a leader who can inspire others, it fills me with joy. That is the one thing that I typically love about the premiers and finales, so this felt appropriately premire-y to me! I guess i'm just the perfect target audience! My desires are so super-specific that I'm not surprised your feelings are cool. why was it not believable to you?
  8. I only recall a single line...something about Zecora's bath salts being "luxurious". And it was a sort of middle-eastern-ish accent. I'm hungry for MOAR!
  9. there is alreayd a plushie with Twilights make over: Took less than 30 hours.
  10. For sure. Well, actually, I got misty eyed when I saw the chandelier. It was all the more poignant to see Twilight crying with me.
  11. Exactly. This is the type of ep that charges me up. It was pretty predictable...to a point...but it had a nice surprise at the end. A few specific things: The deception was exposed. And there was an apology. it grinds me gears when those slip by.My favorite pet as a static-y puffball. Angel putting up with it, but clearly for only so long. Bulk Biceps (you'll always be "Flex" to me) cameo!Spa!Spa Ponies!Spa Ponies actually saying things!I'm glad they figured it out BEFORE twilight got back. The length of time it took in "art of the dress" was painful.A home for Twilight...needs to have Twilight touches...But it is nice to see her friends shine through in little ways as well. I hired an aunt as an interior decorator, and she does know me well, but the home I got is also a bit of a reflection of her, and since I love her so much, her touches are appreciated.The memories were really nice...could have used a montage of 5-10 times more...set to music of course.I started crying the same time twilight did.It is probably a good thing that Twilight's tree ruins are gone. That was pretty depressing.Have any of you guys ever tried to dig up a little tree? There is no way that that was a 10 min job : )The place is still too big. I'd be drowning in the space. And this helps, but how much could it really help?
  12. Ok, I agree with you in theory. And it does fit a cult as well. However, in practice, communism can look VERY different from Marx' ideal. Stalinist communism was based around one man with all the power, and everyone else was a slave. No one was safe. No one had agency (if they wanted to live). Everyone was terrified. It didn't matter where you were on the scale. You could be anywhere in the government, but if you weren't Stalin, doing something other than following orders was dangerous. When Stalin died, it took more than 12 hours for them to get a doctor to pronounce him dead. After so long without agency, it was terrifying to take a stand, or to say something that Stalin would kill you for. Could you imagine declaring him dead if he wasn't really? What if you declared him dead, and that offended the new leader? All that is to say, the show reminds me of communism as well. Fear, uncertainty, cult of personality... (sorry colt, i love you! scary name though) Practically speaking, it's a fit.
  13. nooooooooooooooooooo! So because you can't imagine liking him, you think it is likely that few do? It's ok to not understand, but its silly to project your perspective onto everyone. I like spike. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of any of his episodes except for the pet sitting one. He is great in smaller doses. I'd be sad if he just disappeared.
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