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  1. Mutt is extremely grateful that he's not being crated again, it feels so much better in all respects. He does however find himself growing increasingly self-conscious as socialization occurs and he continues to meet people while shackled to Rosetta. Many of whom seem to be quite happy to see those two. By the time they finally arrive at the hotel his ears are pinned and his tail is tucked. He feels like a bad dog and it's not a good feeling... But the feeling starts to fade once the shackle is removed, and he is glad of it, for his mind was starting to wander back to bad times. The pup rubs his wrist and pauses for a little bit to look about the room and listening intently.. A bath huh? Yeah it's been a long time since he's had one. He briefly stares at the blue, presumably doggy person but it's kind of hard to make out the details in a mass of energy. Especially when you're dealing with a reduced range of color perception. Which is something that's depressing him. It would make it very difficult to fly. Blue helps though. At least it's blue. "Yeah.. uhm... bath... probably. It's been a long time. Thanks. It's nice to have a roof. this place is nice." he's torn, on the one hand, this is way nicer than how he's been living for the past.. oh, a while. On the other, he still remembers what it's like to live in Canterlot, so it's hard to get really excited about it. Mutt is quick to make his way to facilities and get a shower going, a hot one, because it's pretty obvious to him that a bath is just not going to cut it. Honestly, it'd just end up being kind of a grunge-water. Mutt hops his way into the shower and shudders violently under the pouring heat. It feels like the tension he's been keeping in his muscles is just bleeding away. This is probably the most luxurious feeling he's felt in ages and he decides to take his time makes the shower a long one. Not that he really has a choice, he's filthy. An hour in the shower, using up probably the entirety of provided soaps, and finally starting to look, well, fluffy instead of a mangy, deranged mess. Even his collar is clean! and new.. well, except for the tag, which is very definitely tarnished and actually slightly scratched and a tad bent as well from the incident on the dock. Mutt is still bothered that he still can't get the blasted thing off no matter how hard he tries.. and he drifts off into his own head again, consumed by thought. He's so distracted that as he turns off the water and gets out, he doesn't shake himself free of water like his instincts encourage him to do, nor does he notice that his paw snakes its way all the way across the room to pluck the towel from the rack. The dog stretches his back a bit, working the kinks out and opens the door, plodding back into the hotel room and waving, about one and a quarter times his previous height while the drippy mutt dries himself off and scrubs his headfluff with arms devoid of defined knuckles, elbows, or even shoulders. His arms and fingers have turned into fluffy curves that seem to adjust their length upon demand, and the dog does not really seem to have noticed. Wearing a stupid, satisfied grin. "Cleaannnn."
  2. Mutt is taken aback at the idea of suddenly having access to hot water. Wow, yeah. He hasn't had a bath in months. "... Yes. Very much yes." Mutt scratches at an ear gently. Just itchy. He's pretty much free of parasites in perpetuity. No fleas for this dog. "Would very much like to be able to relax. It is hard to relax in the streets. Mostly at night. Lots of not nice things. Manehattan is different at night. Let's definitely go soon." he's honestly a bit taken aback at how different the individuals are at night here in the city. Very little crime seems to happen in the day, comparatively. There's also WAY more of it than there is in Canterlot. Maybe that's why everyone is so much less... accomodating. "That food was good." and there goes his train of thought. He stretches a bit and prepares to follow or possibly be carted off again.
  3. Mutt pretty much eats anything that's put in front him, though by the third bowl he finally has the presence of mind to not bury his face in it.. and lift the bowl to drain it instead, which makes it go even faster. Drinking chowder. What a weirdo. there's a pause when he's asked a question, and he eyes Rosetta,.. but finishes the bowl before putting it down, like someone's gonna take it from him. "Uhhhhm. Yes? Never had this kind of soup..." he replies, one ear swiveling. He's a bit oblivious to the fact that these plans being discussed are definitely related to him. After several seconds of looking back and forth between the two, the cogs in his head sync up. "Thankyou." therrrre it is. They bought him food so he should be grateful.
  4. Mutt finishes his chowder at an unreasonably fast pace, then then buries his snout halfway into the accompanying drink. Chowder.. so.. salty... Once he's finished with the meal he forces himself to flat his chin against the table and maintain. It takes every bit of effort he can muster to not go shoving his nose into Bahamut's space and steal his food. He instead forces himself to try to pay attention to details in the restaurant, and, eventually, the conversation. By the time he actually starts listening the dog has no idea what or who the discussion is about or what it pertains to. He's not even sure if it's the same thing they were talking about before. Mutt does gnaw on the bowl a little bit while listening. It's seriously like he's a puppy. He has no self-control.
  5. Mutt is no longer paying attention to the conversation around him, even if it seems like it's something that should be important. He is in fact, just kind of drooling as the waitress approaches, because fooood. The dog almost immediately has his snoot buried in the chowder immediately and is lap, lap, lapping at the contents of the bowl with complete disregard for any kind of manners. Considering that he looks like he came from an outcast colony and seems to have trouble with complex conversation this is not a wholly surprising behavior. It's still probably embarrassing to be seen with. It's probably also embarrassing for him on some level that he is not currently consciously aware of.
  6. There's a dull whine as Mutt listens to the spiels and wraps his arms over his head. He doesn't necessarily want to be 'special'. Have a 'gift'. It's so much pressure. Especially if it comes with this weird brain. It's kind of cool though but- oh god what if he's dangerous. What if everything that happened at the docks... "I do have to figure out what's wrong with me... Make sure that what happened really wasn't my fault." if he's not a normal dog, he must eliminate the possibility that powers he may have could have caused that whole mess. He's very practical. He stares at Rosetta blankly, completely and utterly unfamiliar with her expression. Then suddenly food, which distracts him from panicking or feeling sorry for himself. Mutt sniffs at incoming salty smells and quirks his head, planting his chin on the table as he watches food approach. Staaaaaaare.
  7. Mutt takes hunkers down into his seat as he waits for the order to arrive. He's never had chowder. Or clam anything. He's pretty sure that's not a plant, but it's not like he's certain. Also he's pretty sure a lot of the stuff he ate down in the mines were similarly not things he would have chosen to eat. He keeps his hesitance to himself and flats his ears, feeling inordinately guilty about how good they're assuming he is. He feels like... gosh. A bad dog. "Look. Thank you for being nice... but this is my fault. I did not make the best decisions. It is my fault I got here. I am not a..." he wracks his brain. "Victim of circumstance... Except the docks. I have no idea what happened. I was just trying to help.. and then there was yelling.. and worse." the pup hunkers down in his seat. "The thingy... fell on my head. I didn't duck or go flat for cover. The dock didn't... didn't... buckle under me. The wood didn't break until after it came down. I shouldn't be here. Waiting on a meal."
  8. "I was not in good shape when I came here... First impressions are important. I was in jail almost immediately. I have ground to make up." the dog slumps a bit in his dumb, metal energy dog cage and ughs internally. He's unsure why he's saying so much to these two. It's not like it's going to change anything. It isn't even making him feel better. The dog immediately faceplants onto the ground once he's released because after a couple of hours of not moving everything has pretty much gone to sleep. It takes a not inconsiderable effort for him sit himself back up, and even more so to stand. Oh. Huh. His cage person is actually dog shaped. He finds that weird. "Pretty sure I'm not going anywhere even if I need to." the pup replies, trying to work his body back into working order. He can make everything move but it's.. clumsy because he can barely feel any of it... he does manage to follow into the shop and find a seat. And by find, we mean sit wherever he's supposed to so he doesn't get in trouble. The dog pins his ears flat at being told to order something. He has no idea what he should order, he's been living off of refuse for a while now, and many things, even if they aren't molded, don't taste the best once you get them out of a can. He has no idea what he even likes now. He stares at the menu and goes cross-eyed for a bit, but, thankfully, the abundance of discarded newspaper means he's had plenty of opportunity to ensure that his new brain is still tuned for reading. "I have no idea what I want." he finally states, after going over a menu for at least three minutes.
  9. Mutt is glad to finally be out of there and away from people who are looking at him like a criminal. Mostly. He's sure this jury is still out, even if they're being nice about it. Not being in contact with the ground makes him feel.. weird. Especially with not moving under his own power. It makes him.. miss flying. He's barely aware of the conversation being held. It takes him a few seconds to register that he has been asked a question. "Yeah, for over a month." he does not really eat well, and it's gotten to the point where even when he does eat, he doesn't really feel full. He's mostly looking forward to getting somewhere that he might be able to stretch his legs. He feels like he should definitely be cramping by now and finds it a bit disconcerting that he isn't.
  10. Mutt pauses a little bit as Rosetta replies to his musings. He gets the feeling that the glowy metal thing and he are having two different conversations.... "Not what I meant." he scrunches his nose, and, sadly, sneezes. Well that ruins the gravitas of this discussion pretty succintly. Also, he can't do anything about it because stuck in suit. "Yes, not being able to move is usually how you would define 'cramped'." he replies, huffing a bit. Wow, his brain managed to be surprisingly eloquent for a moment there! That makes him smile. And if he could, he would probably wag a little. The dog rolls his eyes a little and waits to see if things are ready to be wrapped up and they can get out of here. The chief for his part, buries his face in a talon and looks to the Unicorn. "Yes, private, I have. I see everything in this office. However, I don't know which ones they were, or where they are now. As you can no doubt see, today is incredibly busy." the chief takes a deep breath, smiles... and fails to be calm. "So if you can't find them, stop bothering me with problems that are easy to fix and go REQUISITION SOME MORE!" the chief is probably a little bit more stressed than the unicorn, seeing as his responsibilities extend to every department in the precinct and not just 'some paperwork'. The gryphon frowns and turns to look at the Two... three. He's already gotten word through dispatch from O'Malley. "If you've filled out all the forms, and understand your responsibilities, yes, you can go. Please. There's too little space in here today already." Feathers = Ruffled.
  11. Mutt frowns a bit as the two people who are effectively strangers try to encourage him. He feels like, if the situation were different, that might make him feel better. But it doesn't. Right now it just looks like he's going to spend the next several days stuck in some kind of metal suit. He found himself wondering why everything has to just go so badly all the time! Then he stopped feeling sorry for himself, and thought really hard on things, trying to get his doggy brain to widen its focus. It was.. hard, but he managed. He could have ruined a wing for good... He could have been recaptured.. Could have taken a different turn, not found the collar, been lost forever. Could have gone somewhere else, not found civilization, starved. Could still be in jail instead of having been allowed to wander around. Then there's the docks.. "... I have no idea how I am still alive." it makes no sense. There's no way he was strong enough to prevent that thing from crushing him. The crate he was already carrying was pretty darn heavy. He has no idea how he ended up in the air either. He kind of blacked out until he started to slow down. The dog takes a deep breath. "Can we maybe go somewhere that I don't have to be in a cage?" he would really like that. A lot.
  12. Mutt frowns a bit and pins his ears even flatter to his skull than they already are. "Only trying to help, no-one hires dogs... Not this one, anyway." he frowns. "Came here with nothing, still have nothing. Trying to be useful anyway... I'm not... good at it. My brain is... working different. It's hard." he huffs, and seems to be very upset by this last part especially. "The first thing they did was put me in a cage, I'm used to it.. except not this much." that's about all he has to say on the matter and becomes much less talkative after that. He doesn't enjoy being held captive at all, even if it is within the purview of the law. He simply watches and listens as yet more calls and reports come in. It seems to be a REALLY busy day for the department. They're probably still coordinating other investigations from earlier in the month too. The poor dog is really having a rough time of it. He's having to complete re-learn how to function. Mutt looks to the dragon when he finally returns, but says nothing, intent on being pouty.
  13. Mutt feels like that would be an interesting story to hear, but he's far too distracted by the fact that he's completely restrained to want to ask about it. He pouts vehemently as he's carted off to the station like some violent criminal, and is in a very foul mood by the time he's finally addressed. Well, in as foul a mood as he seems to be capable of, which would be considered 'kind of grumpy'. If he could cross his arms and turn up his nose as Rosetta addresses him, he would, and it's pretty obvious that he tried to. "Mutt, I guess." he replies, being a bit short with his clanky, glowing keeper. He resents these two juuust a little bit but it's not like he wasn't in this exact same position just like ten minutes ago. He's thankful that at the very least, he's not the one that has to fill out paperwork. Quills and pens don't really work well in these paws, so his handwriting is atrocious now.
  14. PS2 games never looked that good.
  15. Rainmaker entertainment is producing it but... It's live action, featuring four teenagers... who go inside a computer sometimes with the aid of an artificial intelligence... with cg segments. So it's a very extreme reboot for ReBoot.