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  1. When the world becomes steady again, Mutt is not a happy dog. Not happy at all. He is pouting harder than any pupper had ever pouted before, he's certain of it. The dog had made a valiant attempt to follow Mauser, reflexively, before the loop ended, springing toward the edge, up and over, wind whistling around him, but the stupid other dog was better at falling than him, by a lot... He didn't need to see what he saw or hear what he heard. It actually made him a little ill. There was a feeling of abject, consuming helplessness that he was subjected to right before the loop reset, and it's not a good feeling, it stays with him even now. That's not the worst part, though, the worst part is what makes him cross his arms, turn around, and flop on his butt while Rosetta proceeds to (rightfully, from his perspective) harangue Mauser over his shenanigans! Mutt has no intention of being friendly this loop, he's far too grumpy, his tail is stiff and his ears are flattened back, he's clearly very irritated, and stays out of the conversation to the best of his ability.
  2. Mutt wags furiously and smirks at Bahamut as he says that, then looks away. "Someday I'll be tough enough to be a match for you and we won't NEED equipment." the doggo is quite certain about that, though he doesn't know why. That's not what he wanted to say, but it's close enough... his ears perk, then droop as Rosetta gets all... sad. He huffs a bit, then wags furiously at the petpatting. "No. You get all the first hugs. Mandatory." he sticks his tongue out a little bit and then pauses. He really kinda wants to go to the library, but he's supposed to go with Bahamut. If he's needed he's sure Rosetta won't hesitate to tell him, especially if she finds something. All of them actually. He doesn't expect it to happen any time soon, that place is pretty big... but maybe she will! There's no telling with luck. The dog honestly wonders what the lesson is going to be, but he's very much looking forward to sightseeing.... Mutt also wonders how many years old Mauser actually is, probably way older than he looks.
  3. Mutt rubs the back of his head sheepishly as Mauser explains. Oh yeah... that guy. He nods and listens as though all of this is new to him... even though it isn't entirely. His family... or, what was his family, has its own private training facility and they're... while they're connected, the connections are classy. He knows about the guy, but he didn't know about the business. He must have passed that flower shop well over a hundred times, but he can't just go 'Oh, I know where that Florist is!'. They may know he's not a dog but, he doesn't want them to know who he actually is. Not yet. He feels like that can only lead to unpleasantness. His family's view on itself and its place in society... leaves a lot to be desired. Heh. He has the most secure secret identity one could possibly have... one he more than likely can't even convince people about. "Thanks for the history lesson Mauser, I bet they have one of those waivers you have to sign indemnifying them in case of injury too." he looks to Rosetta and tilts his head, thinking. "It could go either way, but you know, you might get a chance to ask if they're here... Personally, I'm just looking forward to seeing what I can do when I really cut loose, I seem to so far be pretty much indestructible and think of all the good I could do if I only have to worry about the safety of others." the dog wags furiously at this idea, that he could be some kind of indomitable shield for the people. He's not so much looking forward to getting into fights as he is actually having some kind of value to society. Take that mom, he's totally not a disappointment. He's got a great super power. "Oh hey, it's the library! I really hope we find whatever it is you're looking for, Rosetta. It's been too long since you've had a real hug and I haven't even known you that long!" he's still not the best conversationalist.
  4. Mutt wags gently when it turns out he is in fact correct! then he flops and mrrrngs as more lessons happen. Studying is so harrrd. But he does his best to pay attention even if he isn't as interested in learning about doggo biology as he should be. The dog is super happy to get out of the restaurant, and into the city however, and on the way to getting through to the day, especially because it means they're closer to Mauser finding somewhere fancy to eat. He bounces a little bit as the schedule for the day is laid out for them like an overly eager puppy... or, well, just a regularly eager puppy. There's no loud yapping accompanying it. He's actually really looking forward to today. Chances for actual training start now and to be honest there's a whole lot of things he wants to try, learn to do while he's in these loops. He has so, so many ideas regarding things he might be able to do and he doesn't have to worry about people getting hurt or stuff getting broke... Even though he feels that, morally he should, he also knows that nothing that happens in here actually matters for anything but them. He stares blankly. "I have no idea what a Danger Zone is, but okay! also I am not a musclehead!" the diamond dog flails his arms aimlessly in Rosetta's general direction, a little grumpily even though he knows it was in jest. It's not like he can really even build muscle on this weird rubbery body, can he? There is so much stuff he doesn't know about himself. Eager to get going, Mutt starts heading toward the library of his own accord. "Talk and walk!" he exclaims, wagging more furiously than he has any right to. "Gotta make everyone one of these infinite minutes count!" he teases, going out of his way to put a string in his step until he's practically effortlessly bouncing along... or, literally doing so. It soon looks like it takes him zero effort to move forward, even if he looks ridiculous every time a leg squishes down a bit and stretches back out.
  5. Mutt himself wags at the idea of going to eat somewhere nice. It's been a really long time since he's had something like that, something he's used to, but he can't tell them that. They barely know he's.. was a pony and he doesn't feel like telling them who he is. Not least because being this is... at severe odds with who he's supposed to be. The dog frowns as he's told he has to go do the thing. He cringes a little bit because he has no idea how he's gonna do this. He does, at least, like being given a lowdown on the layout of the place. The dog flomps himself on the table a bit, ears swiveling as he does his best not to look into the back. There's so much noise in there, and in the front! and on the street! and it's all random! This is so hard! He huffs. then perks, and huffs again... Mutt swivels his ears to the kitchen and holds them there. Of course, everybody breathes... Well, probably most everybody, he's sure there's... some, outlying cases. But he takes his time and is able to pick out several different people in the back. They breathe.. differently. The person working at the grill is taking much shorter breaths because it's hot and taxing work... and since they're on the grill it's probably a gryphon but he's just assuming that... One... two... "Uhh... Five. Five, Mutt thinks." He's pretty sure, not counting the griffon up front. Did he just refer to himself in the third person? Man that's weird. Like, he's supposed to get used to doing that as a hero, it's part of his family's code of conduct, creating an inspiring presence or some such nonsense, but it still feels weird.
  6. Mutt furrows his brow. Both of the ways the timeline will snap seem to be reasonable, which means the third and fourth are probably unpleasant and/or bad. Mutt can tell by looking at Bahamut and Rosetta that he definitely did something embarrassing in the interim. His whole body tingles, and he feels like his brain is wobbling. The dog crosses his arms and hrrrfs, listening carefully to the advice and being a bit miffed at the headpats. His wagging slows a little bit but does not stop. "Yes, well. I should hope it gets easier, because... reasons..." he is not particularly articulate at the moment. He is, however, very much looking forward to the new loop's agenda. Also he now has an idea. "Hey if... you get everything back when you reset... We should go eat at the nicest place in town." this idea causes him to wag fervently again, the idea of being able to eat wherever you want without consequence amazes him.
  7. Mutt turns to Mauser and wags attentively as lessons begin. Okay, and then? what happens 'Then'... The diamond dog goes cross-eyed and stands perfectly still as everything goes weird. His brain is a little bit, well, overloaded by the experience. His senses are strong than he's used to, to begin with and now they are rebelling against him. He is not equipped to handle this in the slightest and when it's finally over... He's sort of staring blankly into space, brain on the fritz. The second he's addressed by Bahamut, the diamond dog bursts into a fit of aggressive barking at nothing at his soft, rubbery brain tries very hard to process and catch up. It is... more than a few seconds before he stops making a scene and blinks a few times. "Well that was very, very weird." he comments before he realizes that there are actually other people here, then he fidgets and looks more than a little embarrassed, because he sees Mauser in the process of doing things and realizes there's some time he can't account for and he's sure he did something stupid during that period. "Uhh... so uhh... New day huh?" he wags pitifully, hoping people will just pretend that whatever happened didn't happen.
  8. Mutt is not as excited by visiting museums as everyone else is. By the time they hit the third wing of the second one the dog has given up on anything interesting happening and realizes it's going to be a boring trip about *learning* things that more than likely won't be at all relevant in his future. He pays attention anyway. Also he cheats, and pretty much springs up the stairs and barely has to put any effort into walking up them at all. Mauser's behavior of suddenly taking sharp detours during the trip doesn't occur to him as strange at all. He knows the dog is looking for something and it's not like he needs to be careful if he's doing this all over again later. The gardens... The gardens he seems to like. He actually takes the time to stop and enjoy it... and smell the roses.. and the other plants. He can actually smell everything here and it's pretty gosh darn great... even non flowering plants have their own scents. He quite likes the place.. even if he doesn't like it when he realizes exploring the garden results in having small bugs like ants in his fur. Which is extremely frustrating and he can't stand it... He's gonna weirdly tickly and itchy until the loop ends regardless of if he gets them all or not. When the group finally nears the end of the first loop the dog perks his ears and wags gratefully, having been suffering in relative silence. "Library is a good idea! Quiet and nice... could be a wind down spot..." the doggo thinks.. He really wants to to get a nicer view of the city... "Liberty building!" of course he picks the tallest building in the city, he loves heights. Yay, stairs. It has the best view of the region, though he doubts even Mauser will want to go up like 50 stories of stairs to get to the observation deck.
  9. Mutt scratches his right ear and listens intently as Mauser tells him about plans for his training, which seem wholly reasonable if... harder. Then suggests sightseeing of all things. He keeps his mouth shut and does not suggest that tourism could be an excuse to run preliminary observations on high profile targets and that Mauser is already multitasking. Besides, he likes sightseeing.. He prods his forefingers together and looks between Bahamut, Rosetta and Mauser as they all generally agree that sightseeing is a good idea. "If it includes more local food, then I am more than in." is the dog's reply. Food is one of his favorite reasons to travel and no trip is complete without various trips. "If we're going to be here for as long as we are I guess we'd better get used to passing the time. I'm sure you're already a master at that though."
  10. Mutt can't help but laugh a bit at Bahamut's embarrassment in response to Mauser shelling out dirty secrets. It wasn't all that funny up until Bahamut's reaction to it, then it was hilarious.The doggo yawns a little bit because he ate too fast, and continues to clickclack on the bone idly with his jaws."I'mma 'member that foreva." Mutt comments through a partially full mouth, and settles in, obsessively nibbling on the bone and trying to have conversation with his companions at the same time. Sure, he has a little bit more chicken.. and he has to watch Bahamut eat.. but it doesn't take more than a minute or two of thinking for him to realize this is a really easy test and if he failed it he'd be pretty hopeless. Mutt is of course a little bit distracted, but he's had swivel ears his whole life. They're just, stronger now. It's not terribly hard for him to focus one ear outside to listen for the one specific sound he knows he's waiting for. It does make him a little slow to respond to conversation, because he's not really used to picking out sounds other than, well, wind and he needs to keep half his focus on the other noise... but he raises his paw at the appropriate time. Of course he did, it's not like he needed to react to a sound he wasn't expecting and had no idea when or where it was coming from. Simple test. Even for someone who's a little.. dumb.
  11. Who Wants This Doge?!

    Not for sale!
  12. Mutt stares at the plate, then at Mauser. It takes the boy several seconds to realize what's going on when Mauser begins speaking, then he groans and hides his face half behind his paws. He is so mortified, he's forgotten that ears like this can hear things from across a room if you point them right. Mauser was listening in the whole time. There is a bevy of internal cursing as Mauser offers to be super helpful and take him around and teach him all the things he needs to know to dog properly! Except it's less an offer and more a polite ultimatum that he would never-the-less have to be stupid, crazy, rude, or some combination of the three to refuse. Teach him how to be a good dog. Yayyyyy. Mutt mrrfles and grumbles a bit as Mauser explains meat to him. He knows from meat. "I know meat. I know about the teeth. It... I just There isn't a lot of it just hanging around in most of these cities you know? And stuff..." he doesn't have a whole lot that's productive to say in response to Mauser, who is currently making him feel like he's five and daddy is explaining basic facts of life to misbehaving or inept pupper. Even though it's probably not anywhere near as condescending as his flustered brain is perceiving it. It gets even worse when he realizes that as a diamond dog he's by technicality only like... Three months old, and it would probably be wholly justified to try to teach him like he was a child. Mutt peers weakly and apologetically at Rosetta, then at Bahamut, then realizes he's been salivating all over the table ever since the food got here and snaps up a piece of chicken to gnaw on in a darting motion, because it's a time loop and he really doesn't care about manners right now, NOM. Oh gosh he's eating some kind of animal but it's so stupid good. He gnaws at the chicken for several seconds and has all the meat of his chosen piece removed from bone without ever touching it with his hands... and clicks his teeth on it a few times for good measure.
  13. Mutt relaxes and settles in, burying his face on the table a little more. "I miss flying. Riding along.. It's not the same. It's not the same at all. It was pretty much all I had before... this. So the definition of 'me' has kind of had to change. Also... Uhh. No, not really. I can't control my brain. My thoughts and behaviors are different now. The form dictates more than I would have liked, or did you think I normally wiggle around on the floor arfing and wagging when someone rubs my belly? Or bury my face in things to smell them? Or bury myself facefirst in food that's in front of me when I'm sufficiently hungry whether it's mine or not? It's not me. It's like I have a whole different brain. Because I do." Mutt chuffs a little bit and stares at the table... "And body. Everything's weird! The smell in here has been driving me crazy. I want it. I mean I reallllly want it. Even though I know what it is. My insides are pleading with me 'please for the love of god eat that'. Ever since the change I've been struggling to balance out entirely new sets of behaviors and desires that just came with the body, and fighting them has a tendency to make me a little miserable."
  14. Mutt coughs quietly and flats his ears, biting his lip as Mauser does the weird Seer... thing. Wow that's weird. He stares and scrunches his snoot a little bit, that looks like it tingles and it's making him a little dizzy. His heart bottoms out into his stomach like an especially dense rock as Mauser starts prophesying. Well that doesn't sound g... Oh mother of mercy Mauser did not just say that with these two sitting right next to him. Mutt is about to bury his face in his paws and groan when Mauser starts... giggling. Then laughing. Is he being punked? "What? Oh." no apparently it's to do with Bahamut and Rosetta. Weird, well it's probably not relevant to him... Aaand then Rosetta drags him off and is very shushy and angry. Mutt is now curious but doesn't really have the sense to focus his senses to the conversation over there. The dog focuses his attention to Bahamut and then coughs awkwardly. "Yeah I don't know WHAT he's on about. Prophecies. Weird huh? Sounds like a lot of work for me in the future. I dunno what I'm... Stop looking at me like that." Mutt uuuughs and flops chin first on the table, staring at the opposing booth. He sighs. "I've only been a diamond dog for about two and a half months.. Or three. I lost track of time. I was gonna say something but... Wheee, look at me I have an outrageous claim but no proof! even with all the weird stuff that goes on it's really a bit of a stretch to ask anyone to believe that with no evidence... also it's kind of humiliating." the dog just groans a bit and buries his head in his hands. "I'm gonna be honest, I hated this when it first happened. I.. did not like these creatures at the time. I met the wrong ones. I don't wanna go into it."
  15. Mutt hums and listens quietly and respectfully as Mauser talks to him about Mauser. He starts forming a mental image of the dog's father that is likely wholly inaccurate. His ears swivel this way and that, mostly keeping track of his surroundings as he walks and watches Mauser. He does not quite appreciate how effective his ears are at keeping track of his surroundings when he has forward vision. It's a bit difficult to split his attention between Bahamut and Rosetta, and Mauser, and the City so they kind of get a little drowned out of his focus while they walk... to the point they could probably wave a hand at him and he wouldn't notice for a few seconds. Upon arriving in the restaurant he smells... something he's never really smelled before upon entering the establishment, it briefly distracts him and makes his stomach roll over eagerly... The pup shudders and slinks his way over to a seat and sits down, he has not ordered anything. Partly because he's never been here and hasn't looked at a menu but mostly because he is still unemployed and feels awkward about ordering on someone's tab. Even Bahamut and Rosetta. Mutt stretches a bit.. but not much, because he would take up ALL the space if he stretched to any satisfying degree. His ears twitch as the conversation switches to him and what Rosetta can do for him. This is a slightly more interesting topic to him if only because it's relevant to the reason he's been told (repeatedly) that they were going to be here today. The dog rubs the back of his head and frowns, thinking.. "Uhhhm. Yeah.. I mean. I guess. I don't .. MIND? looking back.. as long as it's, uhm.. no more than two months.. I do have... some things to hide that I'm not, explicitly proud of..." his tail tucks a bit. "Well, if.. doing this thing is at all helpful to whatever we're going to be doing then I guess it would be prudent to say go for it." Mutt grins sheepishly and finally looks weakly over to Bahamut and Rosetta to acknowledge them and grins awkwardly. He's well aware that they're aware that he's keeping things to himself and not sharing them but it feels awkward to explicitly state that he's hiding things, like that.