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  1. Important update! To all those that participate in my current FFA roleplay, I regret to inform you that school has overtaken most of my weekly schedule, so I won't have as much time on my hooves as I'd like... I express my sincerest apologies to all of you. :(

    1. SongHeart


      can you pst? me and another guy have been waiting on you.

  2. I'm not watching any anime at the moment(primarily due to just buying Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Dead Space 2 recently), but the most recent would be both the movies and series of the Ghost in the Shell franchise. I really love the cyberpunk environment and philosophy that it has to offer; but unfortunately, not many people know of it in my area... Still, they were all pretty amazing!
  3. ((Fear not! The delay is now over... I do solemnly apologize still. Things have been busy as of late... Now we can get back to business! ^^)) --------------------------- "I see you enjoy the quiet life," Thorenthal comments with a friendly smile as he observes his surroundings. He ponders momentarily the idea of his current companion seeking a pleasant and subtle lifestyle away from society. It was a cinch for him to enter the pegasus's home, especially since it has a very welcoming atmosphere to whomever would inhabit such a place. After being seated comfortably, he allows his soreness to simply sink within the couch. Admittedly, after all of the hardship induced by his long travel, he truly needs a rest such as this. Hopefully there will be something he can do that will repay the hospitality of his acquaintance. While he goes over what he might to do try and be part of his surroundings, he takes his given moment to actually feel the atmosphere about him. It's only now that he realizes just how different the air to the country is. The magic that flows through it seems to have a far more harmonic flow compared to his native land. This magic has a common form... He can feel it. Though he knows not exactly what to call such a form, but it most definitely causes him to feel warmth and comfort within the environment, almost as if it welcomes the Elf about as much as his sword welcomes its wielder. Though this will pose as a slight problem in the long run, as he is not used to manipulating magic that is not raw to begin with. To take something and change it to something else requires more effort than simply working with raw magic. Still, he isn't one to simply give in to a mere obstacle. Upon glancing about the room, the Elven one spots an unlit candle in the distance, and then looking back at the orange section of his cutie mark, he develops a look of confidence. Since his companion is currently away, he figures that now would be a good time to try using his magical ability for a second or two. He takes a moment to feel the magic immediately around him, and his entire body glows with a shimmering green outline. An effort later and he successfully converts the magic around him to raw energy, and transforms it once again into fire magic. A small orange flicker rockets from his hoof and lands on the tip of the candle with exact accuracy, and so the candle is successfully lit. Though it seems he is correct in his prediction, that it did require a bit more effort on his part to make two conversions at once. Until he's more skilled with magic, he will try and hold off on casting more powerful spells as long as possible. For now, he smiles in satisfaction at his simple spell.

  5. "Indeed, it does. It is a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations since the beginning of our sentient existence. One of the warriors of the time maintained what we would label now as a heart of gold. The custom made sword you hold now was crafted to suit her needs. Never for these past thousand years has the blade ever scratched the flesh of the innocent. Only those who were of pure evil would ever clash with it, and there have always been those in our nation that were of a such kind. On the day of the first true warrior's death, she simply refused to allow the state of the world to revert to an age of darkness. With this, and the ability of the most highly skilled of Elven magic users undertook her solemn request of infusing her spirit into that very blade you sheathe to your side. All of those who were pure of heart and intention would be blessed with her affection for all living things; and if they were also strong, then they would be bestowed the mentality of the warrior." he laughs slightly, rubbing the back of his head. "I know that all of that wasn't the point, but I felt you deserved to know this. I know I can trust you, because you would never have been able to even possess the sword if you were a truly evil pony. As of now, though my mental strength presses on, my physical being is not exactly as it should be--what with being out at sea for an extended period. For now, I shall allow you to hold on to it for a while longer until my full strength is restored. I have no doubts that you will enjoy Her company."
  6. It seems that the one moment the stranger took to release an amount of stress was all he needed to return to a more calm state. Though it will take a bit more time for him to regain his strength, and so he accepts the mare's further assistance without question. As a further upside, this offers the newcomer a first opportunity to officially experience first contact with a foreign race of ponies! "You may call me Thorenthal," the stallion begins, "My origin lies beyond the vast expanse of the ocean to the east in a land that is most likely as unknown to you as this nation is to me. I am an Elf Pony, and I am a descendant of a long line of Elven warriors best known for their strength of heart and will to protect those around them to the very end. I come from Arlathil, a land in which my Elven culture thrives and seems to forever be in harmony with the forces of Nature. As luck would have it, it seems that you of all ponies of this land are the first to experience the mentality of a true Elven warrior." Thorenthal glances at the sword strapped to her side, and smiles with the decision of allowing the mare to hold on to the sacred blade for a while longer. They still have yet to truly get to know one another...
  7. Bluemoon: At any time during your travels, do you ever feel that you're missing the good old fashioned adventurer's sword or something similar? Does there ever come a feeling where something just might be missing? Caralot: I'm surprised you didn't see that small play on words coming. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Anyway, I figured that perhaps if you are associated with the preservation of all non-pony organisms and their lives, that you may also be into philosophy--even just a tiny bit. My question is simple yet it can bear more weight than it appears to: Can good exist without evil? DreamySunday: Would you chase a white rabbit if you ever saw one?
  8. It is not until the mare comes into close proximity to the stranger that his most unusual of physical traits seem to stand out. Some of the first things to possibly be noticed are his ears: Slightly thinner and more sharply pointed than usual, and he glances at the Pegasus with green eyes that make him look blind with their lacking of a usual black center. Though his glare would seem a bit sharper than usual--not in hostility, but rather in sudden realization, as if he spotted something important. He remains calm on the outside, but what takes place within is a heavy mixture with relief taking the major portion of feelings. Still, he is thankful as he should be that another pony is even generous enough to offer. After a rather small period of time, just before landing, he sighs with a peaceful air and attempts to speak, but is quick to realize what he can only assume is the native tongue of this land. His nation would always dub the language as "Common", because of how widespread and universal the language is. Thankfully, he himself is very fluent in the language. "Yes... I must thank you, Miss." He holds on with a firm grasp as he's thrust to shore. A short distance later, and he attempts to dismount the piece of wood with what little strength he currently possesses; what with the added effects of sleeping on an uncomfortable surface, and being tossed about by sometimes violent tides. He stumbles on his way, and soon collapses in less than ten paces. He curses under his breath, and mutters in his native language about how uncomfortable his cloak is making him, and tosses the article of clothing on the ground for the moment in irritation--in doing so, he reveals his cutie mark: A swirling mixture that appears to be made up of fire, ice, and lightning. It seems that even a foreigner is not without feelings... Perhaps his momentary frustration is not a particularly pleasant sight to behold, but it most certainly relieves the pony of a lot of stress. Proof of such being his second sigh for today.
  9. I can generously offer some inquiry for all three! The addressed will be listed in alphabetical order, because ice cream. Bluemoon: Would you say that you have a sort of adventurous fume to you when you travel? Simply put, do you feel inclined to explore every nook-and-cranny of any new place you discover on your own? Caralot: What do you think is the most exciting part about your line of work? Do you care a lot about your patients? DreamySunday: Is that Slender Mane behind you?
  10. Soon enough, the mare that claimed the sword will begin to feel strange. The type of strangeness would completely depend on her moral alignment(good, evil, etc...). If Nightlight is Good: An eerie yet blissful feeling will be bestowed upon her. Unlike most blades, this sword was crafted such that it has the ability to decide who can and cannot wield it. If the holder of this blade maintains what is commonly considered a good moral state of mind, then it is as if the magic that enchants the sword envelops them with a loving embrace, and reminds them of what is beautiful and that in which every living thing cherishes. Such feelings have even brought some to their knees in tears. The wielder may most likely and very suddenly feel that it is their duty as part of the whole to protect and uphold what they know is right, and may likely gain the mentality of a true and noble warrior for as long as they possess this sword. If Nightlight is Evil: The blackest and most sinister of feelings will curse the wielder. Ponies who often are responsible for most despicable deeds will be thrust with every single wrong-doing they have ever done. Any memories that involve the harming of others in any way will suddenly flash before the user's eyes, yet it feels as if they're re-living those events a second time with a little something extra: Not only will they experience once again what they have done to others, but they will also feel the pain and suffering that their victims experienced. Throughout history, this has caused one of two results. One: The holder abandons the blade, with fear of being renderred clinically insane if they were to hold the sword for too long, and continue doing their dastardly deeds--whatever they may be. Two: The most unlikely of the two to occur, but there is a small chance that the originally evil minded individual will be forced to learn from their mistakes at this point in time, and attempt to redeem themselves by doing what is right instead of what they know is wrong. If the second of the two events were to occur, then the sword would bless them as if they were a good individual from the very beginning. While all this may be going on, the tiny spec of mainly brown color in the distance seems to move slightly. A momentary feeling of weakness washes over the very being of the cast-away. The brown cloak that envelops the once unmoving lump feeling most uncomfortable for the time being, as its dampness from being tossed to and fro in the middle of the ocean causes it to cling to its owner's natural coat. It seeming to cling to his very bones as far as feelings go. It takes a moment or two, but the brown color-schemed pony, whose two shades of brown reseamble the browns of tree bark, awakes very slowly at first as he peels open his eyes. Until there was a sudden feeling within his lungs that triggers his natural survival reflexes. He sits up very abruptly and experiences a violent fit of coughing. Soon, all of the ocean water that filled a portion of his lungs are hacked out, and the stallion is finally able to breathe again. With a single hoof, he brushes aside any strands of his bright silvery mane and takes in the new environment one piece at a time, first with his forest green eyes that seem to lack a pupil. For starters, the beach is absolutely marvelous, as they tend to be. The newcomer smiles as he looks down to his sides, and then he realizes the one thing that he's missing. "My sword! Where has it gotten to?" the Earth Pony mutters in a foreign language and quickly scans his surroudings very frantically for a moment before deciding to keep calm. Still, his sword was very special to him. With that in mind, he comes to a sitting position and can't help but stare out into the ocean... Internally apologizing to his ancestors that he'd lost such a precious family heirloom--and to think it is only still the infantile stage of his nation's age of exploration and rediscovery. Whomever manages to get a hold of his blade, the newcomer hopes that they will treat it with great care, and only use it as it was meant to be used.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce my third return(I think it's my third, anyway)! I come to you now with quite a bit of time on my hooves, and a new operating system! :D

  12. ((The overall topic of this roleplay wasn't quite established just yet. However, this could be an interesting turn of events... Perhaps this should have been called "Ponies Afloat". xP Originally, I planned on having my OC be the one out in the ocean and about to expire. But hey, there's nothing wrong with two of them having a similar fate, either. ^^)) The oceanic stow-away would at first seem to be the only part of the oddities of this morning; however, it seems that fate has other plans for the female Pegasus with both her life and the placement thereof. The tides of the morning are low, but that most certainly does not mean that absolutely nothing can be contained within such light waves. A moment later, and the water would smoothly displace past her legs, and she would feel a solid leather-like substance collide with the back of her legs in a nonviolent manner. If she were to investigate what has given her such a sudden feeling, she would discover that it is that of a sturdy sheath containing a finely crafted blade of a sword that is most certainly above-average in craftsmanship. The double-edged bright silver-colored blade contained within the brown sheath could easily cut a piece of paper into two halves in midair(which is a difficult feat, indeed!). The hilt of said sword having a rather intricate design, while still being easily comfortable to grasp between anypony's jaws. The sheath has a convenient strap attached to it, allowing its wielder non-cumbersome handling when the blade is not in use, and stays to the left side of the pony user when properly worn. In the distance, if being looked for, can be seen a strange lump of two shades of brown with hints of a silverish color that are even brighter than that of the sheath's currently concealed blade. For now, the subject matter remains unmoving as it appears to have just arrived onshore through natural means not too long ago.
  13. ((Fillies and gentlecolts, after a long period of absence and school work, I have finally made time for my return! Hopefully this starting post will be satisfactory to whomever stumbles upon this topic. ^^)) OOC Thread: --------------------------- Bright morning sunshine sweeps the surface of the ocean and the coastal town of Baltimare that stands on the east-most region of the land of Equestria. The well beloved Princess Celestia blesses the country with her brilliant and warming rays of light, and brings birth to yet another day of a practically golden age. A low tide along the beach produces some of the most peaceful of ocean sounds with such a beauty that only its waters and atmosphere can provide. Anypony finding themselves on this end of the world could look forward to each and every morning filled with such natural beauty. Though this morning in particular is one of very few in which provides a peculiar oddity--amongst the waters of the ocean of all places, not far off-shore to the east. A currently inanimate and bobbing figure draws the attention of a small flock of all too curious gulls as they circle the subject matter and internally asking themselves a flood of the common questions. The most provoking of them simply being: What is it?
  14. Such long absences these days...

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