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  1. Dear Princess Celestia,


    I have reason to believe that either several Pegasi are staging a rebellion, or something in the Cloudsdale Weather Factory has severely malfunctioned. Recently, we have had 2 major thunderstorms. The second of which fried both of the controllers to my PlayStallion 4, and one of the USB ports on the console itself. Several neighbours have also had sensitive equipment destroyed by these storms. If you could possibly send somepony to look into the issue(s) with the weather, you would have my gratitude.

  2. Dear Princess Celestia,


    Today I learned it's almost impossible to stump Spotify. I threw several obscure/odd songs at it, and it only failed me once, when I wanted If Only Tears Could Bring You Back by Midnight Sons.


    Discord (Living Tombstone Mix): Yep.

    Lil Deuce Deuce - Beep Beep I'm A Sheep: Yep.

    Mark Owen - Four Minute Warning: Yep.

    Pennywise - This Is Only A Test: Yep.

    Atreyu - You Give Love A Bad Name: Eeyup!


    You win this round, Spotify.

  3. So, I guess Colgate's name is Minuette now? RIP, brushie memes.

    1. tacobob


      She's always been Minuette and it has come up on the show before ( Amending Fences) ...Her Fan Name was Colgate.
    2. szalhi


      Never was Colgate.

  4. I started playing the MLP Gameloft mobile game again. It changed a lot, but it's still super addicting and fun! <3 And Fluttershy is a tutorial reward now. <3<3

    1. tacobob


      I continue to be surprised that Hasbro has not put out an XBox/PS4 MLP game for MLP...They even put out Game Boy games for the previous generations.

  5. Playing Catchup

    I know I've been gone for a super long time, everypony. I can't go into reasons here; maybe in my blog. But the point is I'm back, and I'd love to make some friends! Of course, I'll make a character and roleplay eventually. Soon, in fact. But first, have I missed anything super important in my absence? Here's what I know. The CMC finally got their cutie marks. Flurry Heart exists. The family of Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy got revealed. Spike has wings now.
  6. Surprise!~ I'm not dead; I just... Y'know what? I don't have an excuse. But, if you'll have me after all these years, I'd love to have some fun with everypony!~

    1. SteelEagle


      Come on in!

  7. Well, my Great And Powerful Trixie costume didn't work out so well, but I still got to go trick-or-treating; I had a backup costume!

    1. NeoExlucky


      Was it the humble and modest Trixie?

    2. ArdillaVerde93


      XD no. It wasn't a MLP character at all. It was Eleanor Miller from The Chipettes.

  8. Too. Much. PAIN.

    Lockjaw actually is considered a medical emergency. Other than that, though, it sounds about right. Like Accellerant, I offer my condolences. I have dental problems, too(my dentist broke my tooth during a cavity filling.), so I have a pretty good idea of the agony you're going through. Edit: I have a good amount of medical knowledge, and I believe that, judging by your symptoms, you most likely have a condition known as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome. It should go away on its own, but, in the meantime, I recommend muscle relaxers; they should allow you to at least open your mouth wider. To deal with the pain, try ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or Orajel. I hope this is helpful! ^_^
  9. All I need to finish my costume is a hat and a cape. I should have the hat within a week or two. The cape's gonna be a pain in the flank.

  10. I wasn't able to go trick-or-treating last year, but I'm not staying home this year! I decided I'm gonna dress up as The Great And Powerful Trixie! I've been working on my costume for quite a while. It's definitely not finished yet, but it's progress! The Great And Powerful Trixie doesn't use a wand, but I wanted to include her cutie mark in the costume. In the attached picture is the wand(her cutie mark.), and some fake blue hair(I don't need to get hair dye from Hot Topic anymore; I'm gonna see if I can return the dye I already have for a refund.). I should mention that these items were purchased at the local dollar store, including the paint I used to make the wand look authentic. How does the costume look so far? I will, of course, be providing more pictures as I make more progress.
  11. My Great And Powerful Trixie costume is nearing completion! While browsing around the local dollar store, I found some very useful items; now, I'm 4 parts closer to being finished with the costume!

  12. Headphones

    Ah. Yeah; that makes sense. Come to think of it, one side was louder than the other ever since I got them. I was told that it was normal, because they're "stereo earbuds."
  13. Can somepony tell me how to use the pony emoticons I see so often on this site?

    1. NeoExlucky


      Well when responding to something, you should see a yellow smiley face up in our little 'Tool bar'. If you click it, it should pull up a bunch of emoticons on a line at the bottom of the box. If you click the arrow to the left it will show more faces and right arrow will take you back.

    2. ArdillaVerde93


      Ah. Thank you very much!

  14. Headphones

    Why would you be terrified? What's wrong with them?
  15. Make a wish!

    I wish for the same stuff, except I want straight hair instead, because my hair's already curly.