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Your Friendly Neighborhood Pegasus


Well now he is.

How sad is it that I feel the need to draw Changeling disguises that will probably be used only once and then never ever again?

This ended up being more detailed than I wanted, but I'm going to use this as a template for any/all of Heartless' disguises. All I'll have to do is edit the hair and colors, and perhaps the expression and where the green glow of the transformation highlights. The tough part will be combing through all the unlabeled layers that were used…

From the album:

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disguises that will probably be used only once

And also the fact that he'll pretty much be proclaiming he's a Changeling to make a point. Pretty sure he won't be wanting to use the same face and name again.

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I love how the picture captures a partial transformation. I can almost see the rest of the movement just by looking at this. I also love how the glowing green magic stuff reflects onto Heartless, and his expression is simply sinister. This piece has a lot of character to it as usual! :D

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