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I am pretty happy with how this one turned out, especially the shading. Starshine was a blast to draw because of her manestyle and beautiful color scheme. I also painted some lotus petals floating around to add a little more movement to the image. :)


Starshine belongs to LunarDisplay

From the album:

Request/trades/gift art

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Huh blargle flaffluss. Those are my exact words to express how beautiful this picture is, because my brain is a derp. <3


The only criticism I have is on the hair. Because there's so much gorgeous detail on the bangs and highlights, by comparison the rest of the hair looks almost drab. I would maybe try adding that same detail to the non-highlighted parts, expect maybe using darker colors to express shadows? That way the entire hair looks detailed and you still get your highlights vs regular hair spots.


But honestly, it doesn't detract away from the overall effect of this picture. Like, seriously McDerp. I still go back and look at your older pictures where you first started experimenting with a new shading technique, and your progress is literally mind-blowing. MIND-BLOWING.

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