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  1. Got back from Bronycon. It was a blast! Thanks everyone who I got to meet!

    1. Dusty


      if you saw a guy with a black vest and a leather hat, that was me! 

    2. Shadowking58


      Hmm, that sounds kind of familiar. But I dunno

  2. In my opinion, it was Amending Fences, even though there are a lot of episodes that I enjoyed just as much
  3. I know it must be strange to feel this way, but the forum I was from before this one and the one I subsequently got banned from. I'm starting to miss it a lot, and it really seems to be weighing me down. I'm sorry about bringing some of you guys down with me
  4. If you came home and saw your pony OC sleeping in your bed, how would you react and what would you do?
  5. *Spoilers* How about the Apple Bloom and Big Mac scene from the end of the most recent episode?
  6. I loved the noir feel they got going on through the whole thing, it was all just done so well, and Rainbow Dash and Rarity play off each other beautifully. Also, Royal Guards, I like Royal Guards
  7. I would like a spot on that wait list if you don't mind. Just a regular doodle is fine.
  8. I wasn't really feeling this episode. It never really got interesting for me. The only parts I really enjoyed were the scenes with the CMC and Trouble Shoes. (And probably Braeburn) That's not to say the entire episode was bad. The part where Applejack showed her trophy and the CMC didn't care were funny. The part where Braeburn fell asleep watching the CMC was funny. The part where the CMC were exploring that dark mysterious landscape was... You see what I mean when I say the CMC was the most interesting part? Oh and Trouble Shoes was interesting as well because we didn't know who he was. I remember the first time I was watching the episode and I saw the horseshoe print at the beginning I thought it was going to be a real horse. The parts with the rodeo practice were awesome, too. I'd give it a 7/10. Not something I'd personally rewatch again. But it's good enough to look up clips of, at least. Also Sweetie Belle using her magic!
  9. I got banned for the same place for the same reason. I'm still angry about it.
  10. Name: Moonlit Ace Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye color: Brown Character color: Gray Mane/Tail/Other: Green and white mane/tail. Hat Physique: Traditional Stallion Sized Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Weather Pony, Royal Guard. (varies) Cutie Mark: Here Unique Traits: Positives: *Supportive *Understanding *Gambling Negatives: *Packrat *Worrywart History: Moonlit got his cutie mark after beating his mother in a gambling game at colt's age. Even she was amazed by how quickly he learned the game. She also gave him a necklace with a hematite stone in it. Sometimes during the night he'll take walks outside, he's actually quite fond of Luna's sky. He used to live in Cloudsdale. But moved to Ponyville for an unknown reason. Character Personality: Generally fun to spend time with and likes to have fun, keeps to himself most of the time when he is surrounded by strangers. But once he gets to know you it's kinda hard to get him to just shut up. He just rarely stops talking during a conversation. And that can sometimes get annoying to other ponies. He's also pretty caring for others, even on a general scale. Character Summary: Average sized stallion, likes to have fun, talks a lot, but is also caring. Reference Sheet A snow trip
  11. Getting my account back is going to be a hassle. Guess I'm sticking around here for now.
  12. Oh hello person I remember seeing on the other site. How are you?
  13. I'm happy to be here. Really, I am. But I wish It could be on better circumstances. The last forum I came from banned me today for not abiding to a rule that wasn't mentioned at all in their global rules. So I still feel like I got kinda shafted on that front. -_-' I'm gonna miss that place. So hi. I'm glad to be here.
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