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    Anything to do with nature and wildlife! I mostly spend my time researching it on the web or hunting for it on my walks unless it's a miserable day. I'm a massive nerd too, I love Star Trek, Transformers (my former fandom), Star Wars and Doctor Who! I love partying, especialy fancy dress parties, and trying to socialise with people. I am currently working on an MLP platformer staring Twilight, so let me know if you're interested in that. I love making sprites, though I'm quite poor. My favorate pony is Pinkie, closley followed by Fluttershy, but they're all pretty fantastic! (however, I think I would have to kick Rainbow up the backside now and again).

    The people who inspire me the most are David Atternbourugh(?), Steve Irwin, Dinobot, Pinkie Pie and General Greivous.

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  1. I shall see what I can find, but I don't have any sort of arts and crafts things in my town. I might get lucky at home bargains or B&M I suppose. I'll definayley give it a try, thank you.
  2. Wow, both ideas seem pretty good, thanks for replying. The former sounds like it would be more doable within my time limit and skills set, but the latter cirtaintly looks more proffessional. Is there anyway I can do it without a hot glue gun? I could try and concoct one out of a hair drier and a print stick, but otherwise I've got nothing
  3. Hi all! I have most of my doctor whooves costume planned for BUCK, and it is pretty good if I do say so myself. The only think I would have liked to have added is a timey wimey detector. The sort that goes ding when there's stuff. I have the t-shirt with the cutie mark, the 3d glasses, the sonic screw driver (11ths), a sound effect machine that plays the tardis noise, and the brown coat is in the offing. I even spent the past 2 months cultivating the sideburns and I'm going to bring along some pears and Dashie cup-cakes with a jam filling . I would have been satisfied with my whole ensamble until someone asked me what I was going to do about the ears tail. And I have no idea. I've tried looking on ebay for ears, but they're all those odd furry fox ones, wich are fun but not what I'm looking for. The people whio I am going to the convention with seem to think that they can build them out of clay and yarn and want to spend the Friday doing it. I can't even build lego. To top the stress off I'm on holiday and won't be back untill the 11th (coincidence??). Any one have any ideas?
  4. Sprites I made up for renovation and display. All mine, please do not use without permission :)
  5. I'm glad she's a chicken and not a cockatrice
  6. My Anarchistic rocker friend has hair just like that, but isn't quite as adorable for some reason. Very nice
  7. http://www.bronyuk.org/Have you guys heard about BUK? I'm sure there will be plenty of bronies there
  8. Hi all! As some of you know I have dedicated many, many hours to making a MLP platformer game series. I have the engine pretty much complete. I can't quite get a HUD to work, twi's telekenisis is a little glitchy here and there and one boss keeps miss-behaving but that's it! To try and combat that nagging feeling that I'm wasting away a good portion of my life doing this I turn to you, my fellow bronies and pegasisters, for help. I have drawn Sprites, wich are pretty good, but I have trouble animating them. Insects and things like animals I'm fine with, but I struggle to make the ponies walk This, I think, is my biggest issue. I tried to make Twi walk and it looked like she had tenticles. fluid animation just isn't my strong point. I also need to have lots of scenery and shrubs and the like drawn. I can just steal some Sonic sprites, but that wouldn't be very sporting of me. Senery is boring and i can't draw it very well. There, I said it. I also need help with music (don't even know where to start there) and possibley voice actors. I was thinking about having this game done with only speech bubbles, but then I decided I want a musical number in Fluttershys story. Also any ideas for general game play and story are always wecome. Any way have alook a t these screen shots, just to prove I'm not a blowhard. I would've given you a video, but I can't work fraps. Please do post on the forum or PM me if you're interested in lending a hoof Thanks
  9. Very nice! There need to be more griffen OCs.
  10. Never come between a hungry female and her baked treats. Never.
  11. The back legs are a little off, but the hair and face are spot on! Does his mark mean he's a doctor of some sort?
  12. Curious. Is she a zebra/pegasis cross or just a pony with a two-tone coat? Either way I like the desighn!
  13. so this it what she looks like! Nicley done
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