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  1. Been brain storming for another character idea. I feel like all of my OC's act almost exactly the same. Always looking out for others, and staying out of trouble. I have been wanting to come up with a Oc that lies in the middle ground of good and evil for awhile now. Kind of like a antihero, But i have yet to come up with a good idea. I think most of my Oc's are kind of generic, and i want to come up with an Oc that will stand out among all my other Oc's.

    1. dragonofruin


      Having a character with questionable morals can be pretty fun to play! O:

    2. KaityKat


      I can certainly understand being discontent with the monotony of characters whose personalities don't defer much from each other.


      I find what's helpful is to come up with something each of your characters has that the others don't.


      For instance, I have a character who is blunt, gruff and just generally rough around the edges. She's nice, and fiercely loyal, but she doesn't joke, or goof around (she's a lot like Marble Pie, but I made her before she was introduced).

      Then I have her best friend (and secret crush) who's basically the opposite. She's hyperactive and silly and she's a little eccentric. (this one, I have an app for)


      I also have a character who's a scaredy cat. He's skittish, and generally a nervous wreck. He tries to be brave and do new things, but he's scared of almost literally everything. (not quite the same as Fluttershy. He's got reason to be as nervous at he is)


      So yeah. The point is that I usually try to give each of them a quirk that makes them unique from my other OCs. The mane 6 from the show are a pretty good example of a group of characters who each have their unique quirks that break up their monotony, and give them depth.


      You can, of course, also give them different motivations and an ambiguity to their morals. I'm just saying there's also more options for making them feel more like different characters. ;)


      In any case, happy character building, and good luck with making characters you'll have fun with playing. ^v^

  2. Thinking about learning how to draw and write fancier. I have been wanting my OC Dream Wanderer to keep a journal, and i thought it might be a neat idea for "him' or me in this case to sketch out the interesting things and ponies he sees along the way. Only i have a long way to go from " mediocre  art" and chicken scratch of writing :PMaybe that will just be his style lol

  3. Hello all. I'm sort of back. I'm sorry for my sudden disappearance. Life has gotten pretty hectic. Working a full time job on the weekdays, and working a side job on the weekends has left me little time to write. Sorry for any inconvenience to any Rp's i was in.

  4. Sorry for not responding right away to any Rps that are waiting on me this weekend. For some reason i just feel tired and can't get myself interested enough to come up with a response. I should reply to the waiting threads in the next day or two. Sorry for the wait. :blush: :) 

  5. Hooray i turn another year older tomorrow! which just so happens to be a Monday back to work :/:P 

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    2. PyroBlaze


      Well, happy early birthday then! Hope it's a good one.

    3. tacobob


      Happy Birthday! :D🎂

    4. DreamWanderer
  6. Happy Christmas eve and have a Merry Christmas everyone! :)I'm never to old to be excited about tomorrow :P  

  7. Ugh, Spent most of my weekend being sick :(. Wish i could have posted more, but i just can't think of anything. 

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