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  1. Dunnie was just stepping off the stage, hoofs meeting the first step of the stairs when her head lifted. Ears perked and eyes wide as her mind replayed the sound. Her warrior mind recognized it instantly and knew that shenaniganry was now afoot as she reflexively tensed up. High pitched and yet still violent, meant it came from dear Presteza. Sunndenly Dunnie felt much lighter, but she knew she didn't have anything to drink. And a look at her wings confirmed they were not flapping. All things considered, this was a fairly harmless sneeze. At least, for a pegasus who was used to the sensation of being weightless in the air. "Just control your breathing, keep your body straight!" Instructions of what she imagined was taught in flight school, not that she ever attended. Curiously, it felt somewhat relaxing to fly without exertion. So for now the pegasus floated along, drifting through the air when she heard Squall call out another unicorn. "Oi!" Dunnie's body stiffened as she pointed an upside-down hoof from her upside-down body right at Squall. "A good idea, but Pressy has a bit of a hair trigger, y'know?" Dunnie explained while motioning to her own muzzle and nose. As Discord appeared, Dunnie reached up to smack his beard but was just out of reach. So instead she planted a hindleg on his tail and kicked off gently, sending herself tumbling through the air like a pega-pinwheel. "Whoo! Music!" With every spin the mare saw another wacky conjuration of Discord's pop up and add to the chaos until she slowly lost momentum and looked down at the other ponies from above.
  2. In the moment, Dunnie was overhwlemed. Standing there, freshly married, grinning madly and giggling awkwardly as she looked out to the crowd as she pressed against Star. With all the eyes on her, she was suddenly growing eager to get onto the partying and get off the stage. Then the mention of the bouquet, and more importantly: the cake. Dunnie's almond shaped eyes went wide and her ears perked up. "Cake!" She grinned wide at the thought, "And refreshments for our guests." Couldn't forget about them. She took up the bouquet in her mouth and turned about face. In one swift motion, she reared up to toss the bouquet in the air above her and began to roll back mid-air with the help of her wings.. Following swiftly behind was a hind leg, which Dunnie used to spike the bouquet potentially into an eagerly waiting crowd of mares. Afterward, the pegasus would land gently and proceed to follow behind her husband for cake slicing.
  3. Dunnie pondered the thought. Would Discord really be unwilling to actually help them? What if the discords from these two worlds met regularly and just never spilled the beans about another world. It could make sense for the chaotic noodle. "Well, if the Discord of this world talks to the Discord of our world, then surely we'll be alright." Dunnie explained then puffed her chest with confidence, "Discord and I are buddies since I'm a good enough sport with his silly games. Mostly since they're..usually fun." Like ogres and oubliettes. Fun of adventuring without the threat of getting actually stabbed. "How many adventures have you been on where you've had the opportunity to talk to Celestia?" Dunnie asked as they entered the building. Oooooh, cool air! "Their magic is weird, but at least they have temperature control too." Dunnie said with a grin as she scanned the surroundings. Definitely seemed like a school. At least, the big fancy schools she never attended. "Also what are you getting sent to the principal's office for?" she teased in a friendly manner, "Eating your salad not with your salad fork?" And after some instructions following, they were at the door to the office. "Excellent! Now just to head on insi--" the fuzzy haired girl tried to explain as she pushed on the door's unlocking contraption. Instead, Dunnie walked into the door with a light 'thud.' "What in the--?!" She exclaimed after regaining her awareness. She struggled against the door, pushing, pulling, trying to twist the pushing contraption in every which way with no prevail. "Locked?!" She peeked through the little window, eyes scanning the dimly lit room and catching no one inside. "The room is empty...?" She backed off and scratched her chin. "Bevel! Blast 'er open!" She shouted with conviction and pointed at the not-yet-blasted thing. They needed answers, darnit!
  4. Dunnie chuckled softly, wings fluffing out a bit. "I've been there a couple times. You should go! Well, maybe not right now. My husband tells me that there might be trouble stirring out there. But." She shrugged, "Who knows, these things can be hard to predict." She stopped herself, shaking her head to free herself of the tangent. "Either way, yeah! Could be a fun thing to make ponies think about." She thought his question over. "Well, I guess the prophecy will drive the main character. And since its older than the main character it would make sense to build that first." She thought aloud, "I want the prophecy to be mostly vague. Just enough information for our main character." Her eyes lit up and her forelegs lifted to point at the author. "But as time goes on and things get discovered, the reader can piece together how it all stays relevant. Do you get what I mean?" She closer to him, giving him a look with her head turned so only one eye was visible.
  5. 'Blixem' had to resist the urge to reach out with her teeth or a wing and instead reached out a hand gingerly. In her hand she examined it, twisting and flipping it with an equally inquisitive and confused look on her face. "Y-yeah! 'Young lingo.'" She scratched the back of her neck. He complained about her choice of words, and yet he rattled off a series of noises that Dunnie wasn't able to distinguish. Must be some of this world's strange slang. "Yes, you bet your beard we'll get those hooligans their...uh... square dancing tickets." Uncertain words, but she punctuated with a confident wink and a sheepish grin. If she weren't so scared to get out of her stance, she would have slapped him on the shoulder lightly. When Brass Hat mentioned taking out his frustrations on Dunder, 'Blixem's' face turned a shade more pale. She gave a wide, uneasy grin, "Heh, what can I say? I understand your feelings." She looked up at him with her big eyes, a couple beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Fortunately, he was soon off of her. He walked over, gave Fire some odd instructions, and a hug as well. As the imposing man left, Dunnie wiped the sweat with a sleeve and took a deep breathe. "By Celestia's mane, I'm too young to have a heart attack!" As she calmed herself down, she got to thinking about what the conversation yielded for them. "Yes, it seems Celestia has been reduced to the principal of a higschool. Could Equestria, too, be reduced to just this highschool?" She looked at the purple and brown edifice, covered by many windows. Not unlike the schools they were used to. "If Celestia is here, perhaps she knows about the mirror and send us back. Or maybe, there is a Discord here who can also help us." She took a deep breathe, then hunched over in exhaustion. "This is getting to be so much." "Phone... 'sound' or 'voice.' I have no idea what it does, and I expect we won't have to know if Celestia can help us." Dunnie faced the school, puffing up her chest with confidence. "Either way. Let's go." She wanted answers. And with a determined walk, she took a shaky step forward on her new legs. Swinging her arms and taking long strikes, she was off towards the front door!
  6. Dunnie gave Gallus a hoof wave of approval, mutual understanding that this was indeed a messy situation and definitely not Gallus's fault. The little blue birb wasn't interested in joining, and that's all that mattered to her. When Blueblood pulled her in for a hug, she smiled to him and returned the hug with a wing and a soft nuzzle against his white neck. Though, when he explained that she had no princess power in the matter, she looked horrified. Now only was her ego bruised, but her perfectly good royal decree was all for nothing. And it sounded perfectly regal when she said it too! Though, of course, she would not be stopped. She pulled her husband-to-be closer and leaned close to his ear. "Don't say that, they might not know. Especially that recruiter." She gave him a soft poke with a wing to punctuate her point. With the sudden WAGGH! scaring her beloved, she immediately took up a protective position in front of him. Though, was immediately disarmed by the dead but still very cute eyes of the little honking goose. "Oh! So cute!" She reached a wing out to give it a poke on the beak. Then gave it a soft squeeze on the stomach, letting out a softer, more drawn out Waaaaggghh. And as she was distracted with the fake goose, Fire took care of the situation. She couldn't think of a better mare to have at one's side. Not only in a scrap, but also when dealing with the arguably more frightening bureaucracy. "Make sure to say in the letter that Princess Dunnie decreed it as well, Fire." She interjected, excitement in her voice. "And then all the other stuff I said." She stopped harassing the rubber goose. For a fleeting moment, she wished for a green moose. Strange thought. She returned to Blueblood's side, nuzzling up against him again and pressing against his side with her body. "Oh! Yes. Wedding..." Her eyes went wide and her head swept left and right quickly, "Is Princess Twilight here to officiate?" She hadn't seen the purple alicorn anywhere. As Gallus left, Dunnie watched him slide off with minimal trouble with his steps. "What a strange griffon." She said, then looked to the equally hazy Smoulder who was destroying those fries. "Well, birds of a feather and all of that fancy stuff. I suppose not very different from us when we were about their age, aye?" Amusement in her observation. She then pulled Fire and Bluey both close with a wing, her cheeks smooshed between her crimson comrade and her stallion.
  7. "Oh, good." She said, "With both things. I am okay with plans changing on the fly myself. At least usually." She went and poured herself some tea. "And, I'm glad you like the coffee. My husband has a very particular tongue when it comes to his brews, so only the best." She gripped the cup between her wingtips and pulled it up to her face to sip silently. She sipped while he offered the changes. "It does sound a bit better. Less wordy might be better." She said then took another sip, then set the teacup down with a light clink. "Maybe some of the words can be changed too. Perhaps 'vague' and 'wayward' might lack the exact feeling." "So, now with characters." She clapped her foreleg hooves together and grinned wide, "I feel there should be other characters. Monsters and ponies and similar creatures, but they should not really help. You know? Perhaps everypony is too busy looking after themselves to work together." She leaned back on the couch, stretching out, wing feathers flaring out. "You know? It might hit home with ponies these days, since everypony knows about the magic of friendship. And maybe with the Griffons of Griffonstone too, since I hear they can be a selfish bunch."
  8. If she caught him in the less than flattering position, she didn't show it. The core of the story? A summary? Dunnie pondered the thought as she was chewing some more food. After taking it down she tapped her chin, looking up thoughtfully. "Well." She pondered some more, "I would say It's the story of..." She trailed off, "A wayward soul. Trapped in a hostile land overrun with horrors. His only chance of escape is a vague prophecy, because he cannot escape through death." She rattled off with her eyes closed, looking rather satisfied with the effort. "Sorry that it's 26 words long, actually. But if you need to shave it down, you can do what you need." She reached down to grab another slice of toast with a healthy glob of butter on it. "You can do whatever you want, story wise. As long as I get the final approval of it." She said then got to eating her toast. "Is the coffee and food to your liking, by the way?"
  9. Dunnie smiled wide as she was given a request and nodded, "Of course, I'll be back in a flash!" She said, and like that she was off, leaving the stallion alone in the sitting room. Though the room was empty for a moment, she kept her words of coming back quickly. The sound of clinking porcelain and silver filled the room before she entered. On her back and on her wings were silver trays covered in plates, two kettles, and a carton. Quickly the smell of cooking became stronger as it filled the room. And when she began setting down the trays, the reason why became apparent. One tray had two kettles, cups, and the cream he requested as well as some sugar cubes. The other two trays were covered with plates of eggs, toast, butter, waffles, hashbrowns. It looked more like a family of four's order at a diner than the usual cookies and coffee. "I was feeling a bit peckish, so I got some of the breakfast leftovers." She expalined as she took a seat, "Just in case!" She reached down and pulled a hashbrown into her mouth, chewing it with a smile. After some chews, she swallowed and looked to him, "So, how does this work? I've never written anything." She paused a moment, "Well, I mean bookwise. And I know artists have their creative process and all of that." She said and leaned down to take a bite of eggs.
  10. The mare wriggled on the couch in anticipation. She stared up at the ceiling, but then wriggled harder to get off the couch. She landed on her hooves and sighed hard, "Guess I should get those snacks." She muttered, but before she could get one hoof in front of the other, a knock came at the door. Instantly her eyes went to the door. With a flap of her wings, she zoomed on over to the door and landed, opening it. "Welcome, welcome, sir author!" She said with eyes closed, then chuckled lightly. "Please come inside! Take a load off, get comfy." She said as she opened her eyes, realizing she probably should have made sure it was the author and not just a mailpony. The pegasus stepped out of the way and motioned to follow with a wing. The interior matched the outside, almost offensively fancy. Reflective marble floors, immaculate wall paint, ornate banisters, paintings with matching fancy frames. The hallmark signs of equestrian nobility. "Thank you for coming, I have been looking forward to this meeting." She said as she trotted down the hall to the nearby sitting room. Floral couches surrounded a shining wood table and all was illuminated by the natural sunlight from nearby windows. "Take a seat, would you like a drink? Maybe something to eat?" Nearer the sitting room the aroma of home cooking could be picked up. Traditional breakfast foods like eggs and toast and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.
  11. Yeah same, this week's gonna be a little hectic. ^^" Anyway, threads up
  12. The clock had struck noon and the princess had just finished her final task for the morning. The dishes from breakfast were washed and the preparation for lunch was completed well beyond schedule, for she had an important meeting. At least, that's what she told herself. Dunnie had seen a flyer while shopping that advertised selling an idea to an author, she responded on a whim that evening of an idea. And, either because he was really hurting for ideas or he genuinely liked it, she had received a response and arranged a meeting time with the author. What would be a better for filling the new Princess's increasing surplus of free time as her energy dwindled. She trotted off to the foyer, her loose fitting dress drifting lazily behind her as she went. There, she would take a seat and just as quickly became restless. As she waited she would look to the clock, switching her position on the couch occasionally. "Maybe I shoulda brought some snacks and drinks." She said to herself as she stared up at the deep blue, arching ceiling.
  13. If you're still intereted I'm mostly ready, just need the deets
  14. Alrght, well give me some details about how Pennmin would advertise himself and I'll setup the thread!
  15. Well, Princess Dunnie would probably be stuck at home, mostly and looking for something to do. Maybe call over a writer to ask about the writing business, maybe pitch some ideas.
  16. Alright x3 Would Pennmin advertise working?What kind of writing would they do? Would they want to meet the new Princess?
  17. Dunnie flinched a bit as Bevel approached and touched her shoulder, throwing her out of her panicked stupor. "Y-yes, you're right." She lowered her voice and started throwing her gaze left and right, looking for anywhere that could provide sufficient cover from the growing number of eyes on the trio. Inevitably though, she would be distracted by the red ex-mare or more specifically her hands. The red fingers pushed against each other, slipped, and made a snap reminiscent of pine wood cracking under pressure. "What...in Tartarus?" Dunnie was appalled, confused, and a little scared by what Fire just did. "Maybe...we have magic afterall." Her tone was thoughtful as she scratched her scalp under her still pony-esque fluffy hairdo. "Also a dragon got turned into a dog?" She raised an eyebrow. Her hand came to her chin as she pondered. "What would a dog be turned into, then? And could a dog from here be turned into a dragon? Do the dragons here talk and smart enough to-- Hey! Stop doing that!" She said after Fire smacked her extended chest bits. Dunnie motioned her hand at them "Those could be important! We don't know wha--" she paused as she looked down to Fire's. "What the...? Why are yours bigger than mine?" Dunnie looked over to Bevel, scrutinizing for a moment, "Bevel's too?!" She put her hands to the side of her head in disbelief, though her distress about this would be cut short. Another sensation took over, her hairs on the back of her neck standing up. A bead of sweat formed on her brow and slid down her face as she turned slowly to see the source of the familiar voice. Brass Hat! Immediately Dunnie turned and stood at attention. Looking goofy in her sweater vest and pleated plaid skirt. As he approached, Dunnie's eyes got bigger as she locked on, staring up at the man. Somehow, this cursed world made him even more intimidating! "Oh, er..." Her face flushed red and her stance dropped immediately after being addressed, "Yes, Blixem! It's...er...with an 'm' at the end, sir." She corrected in an apologetic tone. And as he continued about how this world's Dunder had broken up with this world's Fire. She took a sharp inhale, then held it short as the sadness welled up in her gut. "Y-yeah..." Her tone dropped and gaze turned away to the ground, "He was pretty torn up about it, locked himself up in his room, cried a lot." Her hand came up to her arm, soothing herself as she spoke. "But, yes!" Some vigor coming back to her as she looked to the man "I'm--er, he's the best sword....wielder in all of Equestria! And makes the best hayburgers out there, without a doubt!" "Demons?" Her brows furrowed into a determined look, "Yes! We're here to check it out!" Her arms came out akimbo, one for Bevel and Fire each as she pulled them both into an embrace, her face becoming partially obscured by Bevel's particularly fluffy hairdo. "Bevel's super smart with her inventions and science, and Fire's got the grit and know-how to take on any situation!"
  18. Hello, I got two ponies. A princess based in Canterlot and a noblepony in the Tenochtitlan basin. A couple of mid-rank nobles if you think Pennmin would be interested in either.
  19. "You don't smell like an aged cheese, maybe you're more aged like wine!" She said to Discord after hearing his refutation. What she would do for a glass of wine... Dunnie smiled as the tiny dragon enjoyed her spot under her wings. The appendages were indeed fluffy and warm, perfect as a pillow or a blanket. "Yes, yes." She soothed the once grumpy dragon with some light petting with a wing. "Ferocious dragon you are! Even I would have feared you on the battlefield." Dunnie humored the orange creature until she was beckoned forth by Blueblood. "Enjoy the wedding!" She said with a smile to the dragon before trotting off to meet her stallion and Fire. Brown eyes scrutinized the parchment as Fire gave the griffon a light grilling on the tenants of the REA. She blinked and read the blue griffon's signature over and over again, "Well, you should work on your penmanship. You won't get very far in becoming an officer if your writing is this illegible." She stated. "Oh, and a letter of recommendation will help with becoming an officer." She gave Fire a wink. Though, Dunnie hadn't become an officer with Fire's help but it was probably still true! "Who, knows, maybe by attending the School of Friendship you could get a few extra ranks." When Squall approached she was just about to tell him this was an internal affair, but he dropped some facts onto Dunnie's ears. "WHAT?!" Her ears stood up and wings pompfed out, almost striking those next to her. "Drinking? A griffon kid?" She frowned as she snatched up the recruitment papers. She read the recruiter's signature again, "Very well." She closed her eyes, "By my decree as princess, I will have this recruiter reprimanded and demoted. Upward mobility within the REA's ranks to be severely limited." She punctuated her point with an outstretched leg. She didn't actually know if she had the power for this, but she would try!
  20. "Yes." Cemmoyahua nodded in agreement with Norton. She didn't really understand what Rose was saying, but it seemed she was addressing the problem. "Alchemy is an aid, not relying on." She took the note in her telekinesis and gave it a look. She then floated it off to Norton so he could see it too. "Of course, if there is any other way to help I will like to see. Not just with the ground, but with growing and fruiting for plants." She explained as she dug in the ground with her hoof some, examining the soil. "Many of times, there are many solutions, yes?" She suggested then looked to Rose, "You seem compotent, do not restrict yourself."
  21. Memories of the 'foothills' came back to Dunnie as chaos incarnate brought the incident back up. 'Foothills' was certainly a curious way to put it, which Dunnie should have expected since it came straight from the noodle's mouth. "You know, any pony would turn that color!" Flashbacks to bumbling through Chaosville and landing on what seemed like perfectly trustworthy grass and dirt, albeit pink grass. Only for her weight to fall unhindered. Instead of landing on a curious hillside she felt like she splashed into a pink pool only to emerge with her coat stained the color of the deceptive grass. "Not that I didn't like the color!" She stuck her hoof out and turned to punctuate her point, "But it didn't fit me, y'know? Changes in foal steps and all that" The irony was lost on the mare. "Also I did kind of deserve it, I was very insistent on finding out what was in that book, and I found out." She giggled lightly. When she caught sight of Discord's new coffee brown backpack, who not-so-curiously mentioned coffee, Dunnie gave her an amused look. "Of course! It only makes sense you'd come given those experiments all those years ago." She explained as she returned the hoof bump with a wide grin, the silver bangle on her foreleg danging for but a moment. With her other foreleg, she pushed herself up to her haunches, then launched herself into the air with a powerful kick off the ground. As she floated in front of Discord, she gave his little white beard tuft a playful cat-like smack and giggled. She wrapped a leg around Discord's noodly body and slid down to meet Bevel where she was perched. "So, thanks for coming." She leaned in and gave the floofy, fuzzy brown mare a nuzzle, nose to nose for a moment then went back to hanging off the draconeqqus. "Of course, we supplied the wedding with only the finest of Canterlot's instant coffees for our guests!" She declared while hanging off the chaos being, free hoof pointed out to declare it proudly. With that, she dismounted then brushed herself off, straightening out her dress and adjusting her crown of flowers with her feathers, "Oh! Also you should ask before climbing upon Discord. It's only polite!" She leaned in close, getting on her tippy hooves and with a leg sticking out for balance to whisper to Bevel, "He is old too, don't want to accidentally break something." As she turned back to the crowd she made way for the crowed that was gathering around her husband to be. She pranced on down, making sure to make a stop for her ol' crimson comrade. "Thank you for making time. I know there were a lot of weddings at once, but, that's just how it is sometimes." She stood wing to wing with Fire and gave her a nuzzle on the neck, then continued on her way as to not distract the mare too much. With some of the chancellorship's students present, Dunnie stood between them and draped her wings over them both in a feathery embrace. "Ah, yes. It's very good to finally meet some of Bluey's beloved students." She said softly. "Just be sure to make some time for the merriment! Balancing work and play, and all of that." She chuckled lightly, "The food and drinks are free!" then would give a well needed warning to the younger creatures "Just be careful not to drink too much, you'll get yourself siiickkk!" Of course she wouldn't want that! Not at her wedding. She did also overhear the name of the unicorn she had helped in, and was sure to give a smile and a wing-wave to the stallion.
  22. The air inside the brides' room was thick with nervousness. Mostly from Dunnie. She sat at the vanity mirror hanging on the pale purple of the crystal wall behind it. She was usually an easy going mare, taking like as it came. But now life was here looking the pegasus in the face and Dunnie was sitting in a room, mulling over all the things that could go wrong. With a heavy sigh, she turned to Star, "I'm heading out to the wedding." She slipped up out of her seat and got to her hooves. With her wings, she smoothed out her dress. "I'm sure it's not as bad as my nerves think, right? Even in this crazy town?" She trotted over to the door, the sunlight outside peeking in. "And it's not just because you ate half my chocolates." She clarified with a grin to her fiance and then slipped outside, closing the door behind her. "But there's more food out here, including chocolates." She adjusted her flower crown and took off into the air, circumventing the castle to fly to the front door. Off to the horizon, she could see the silhouette of a Sphinx. Was that Nil? Talking to Spoiled Rich? She must have run her mouth, Dunnie thought, got upset and now Nil is setting her straight. Away from the crowd to not embarrass her. Dunnie grinned at the thought and landed heavily on the dirt in front of the golden steps. She brushed herself off again and made her way up the steps, like any other guest. But there seemed to be an issue. She saw the guard accosting some unicorn. Actually, was that Shining Armor? No, this stallion was too skinny. Dunnie hurried up the stairs and having caught some of the conversation she interjected. "Come, now." She said as she slid up, side by side with the guard, "The invitations are just a formality, they aren't actually needed for entry." She explained. True or not, she gave no room for the guard to interject as she beckoned the stallion inside. "Get some food and drinks, and have fun!" She instructed the stallion. Even before turning to face the room, she could feel the energy in the air as ponies were about chatting, socializing. She grinned wide as she soaked in the scene though her eyes set on the group just ahead of her. "Fire! Bevel!" Two mares she could recognize easily, "Swift, Presy, Bluey!" Who were huddled up together. She trotted up to the group up behind the other two who caught her eye instantly, "Fluttershy and Noodle, too!" She smiled at them both and gave Discord a hoof-bump on his single cloven hoof. "I'm glad to see all of you here, it means a lot to me!" She trotted over to to her stallion, giving him a kiss on the cheek and then gave him a loving look, "Means a lot to us both." She was sure when she said it. But now looking off to the side, she could see another pony she hadn't seen for a long while. Magenta coat, and clad in that distinct garb. But she was talking to another pony, and wouldn't want to interrupt, lest she get punished to do pushups!
  23. All I've heard of the new movies is that they want to dive deeper into the lore of Equestria. Which I think is super cool
  24. I'll take your entire stock
  25. Cemmoyāhua grinned as she was complimented. Though, only for a moment. She went back to watching the mare work, not wanting to be taken off guard. As she saw the mixture with the white fluid not work, her eyes went wide. That definitely didn't look good. "Was that alum and water?" She asked, looking to Rose. The crimson mare herself knew that there were many white crystals that could be dissolved in water. Cemmoyāhua floated the note over and opened t between herself and Norton so they could both see. She looked at the writing once and remembered quickly that reading non-type face Equestrian was difficult. She looked over to Norton who gave his harrowing opinion of the concotion. To it, Cemmoyahua nodded. "Yes, this flaw is too critical and simple to make." She said, "We cannot rely on it in the long term, and perhaps should only use it for emergencies." After her own two bits she looked to Rose. "What about it? Can you configure it to not be so potential dangerous?"
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