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  1. Hey everypony, just a friendly reminder that graphic violence isn't okay on this part of the forum. If you'd like to continue this thread without it (as you've managed so far) then feel free to carry on. If you'd like, I can also move the thread to the 18+ FFA section where you may go into as much detail as you'd like. Feel free to PM me with any questions
  2. I have no idea what game you were playing, Dio.
  3. When you cleared a room it stayed clear
  4. Looooooooooove I made mine specifically for my head so it's too short to pull over my eyes. Also, you are adorable.
  5. I just wanted to provide this thread as an example of an appropriate G rated romance thread. Once again if there are any questions or concerns please contact a moderator.
  6. It has come to the attention of the moderating staff that our FFA section has been used to fish for sexual RPs with minors. OOC discussion threads specifically looking for sexual themed RPs anywhere (including offsite; e.g. "Let's meet up on Skype!") will result in a ban. Please know that the moderator team closely watches the FFA section and we do read the OOC and RP threads that are there. A romantic thread may still be possible but should be limited to themes that would be appropriate for the show. G rated dates, a kiss on the cheek, hoof holding; anything far beyond that may be considered inappropriate. If you have ANY questions or concerns about the nature of your thread and if it is acceptable please ask a moderator. This is the only warning that will be provided, first offenses will result in a permanent and non-negotiable ban.
  7. I do appreciate the apology sweetie, but for future reference I'm a woman
  8. Hey guys! This is a friendly reminder that the board you're RPing on right now is an all ages board. This means anything that would be inappropriate for a show like MLP FiM is also inappropriate here. This includes things like excessive kissing and discussions of sexual themes. If you'd like to keep RPing with these elements then I can move your thread to our 18+ section. If you'd like for the thread to stay here then please keep it all ages appropriate. - Helix
  9. and you will always be queen of the Manbabies
  10. Scotchie, you know I you. I'm glad you're doing what you've gotta do As I've said many times, I'm so glad we met. The fact that we ended up meeting like this just makes it all hilarious!
  11. Chell was not interested in kitty kisses.
  12. It has been requested that OOC chatter not occur in this RP thread. Please make an OOC chatter thread and continue the discussion there.
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