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  1. Does every PC builder have the same screwdriver set? Seriously, 6/7 people ive built computers with or seen pics as they build have that same screwdriver set.
  2. Five car pile up. Glorious fire and destruction.

    1. Halide


      As somebody whose vehicle was recently totalled and whose grandfather died in an accident, you're a sick goit.

  3. Beautiful morning: Bird song, sunshine, warm breakfast, and no phone calls.

  4. Time to avoid all females who I know have a thing for me

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Halide


      And you post this on a pony role-playing site...

    3. Dio
    4. SunlightHeart


      Of course. This is a social website after all.

  5. Sitting on the floor in the living room eating cinnamon cheerios. I have no milk... still a great day.

  6. Though we probably wouldn't get along for very long in a face to face meeting I agree with the needless censoring of material like this. Especially when it's obviously in jest and incapable of harming anyone. Honestly, if you even know what Molestia is and you search it out, only to get offended by the material... well, that's your own fault. Being offended is a weak excuse for any sort of movement, it doesn't mean anything and has no actual weight, but people will flock behind the people who cry the loudest just so that they can get their white knight points, making something that would have just blown over into growing snowball.
  7. Who remembers the day Gainax ruined Christmas?

  8. Waiting for the new year. It's time for a new resolution.

  9. Don't give me things you don't know if i'll like and call them gifts. Don't ask me what I want, then keep it until Christmas without telling me, your wasting someone's money if you do that. Kindness is a gift I give to a select few, to all everyone else I give rocks.

    1. QuickLime


      Then honestly it seems like you don't really deserve the generosity that people bestow on you by thinking of you when they see a present they want to give you :|

  10. I actually had a lot of fun reading issue 13. RD is frighteningly good at being a pirate...
  11. Okay. If S4s important episodes keep to this quality it will be the best season. The two partner was strong and provided us with several pieces of backstory, a new creature, and a new magical macguffin. It confirmed some headcanon. debunked some as well. IMO it was the strongest two parter in the series.
  12. [Wilted Forest] The Wilted Woods, a desolate place where the undead are known to prowl at night. It's home to the Abbey, the groups target, where the Sisters of the Faith ensconce themselves in quiet contemplation. Why they chose such a remote and dangerous place is unknown. Of course, it maybe that in times past the forest was a safer place. Usual Enemies Chimera Bandits Changelings (Allegedly) Wolves Orge (at night) Skeleton (at night) Stout Undead (at night) Undead (at night)
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