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  1. Stalliongrad, a massive industrial city broken into districts; a place of many ponies, and many problems. Still on her pilgrimage to become a true knight, the young and overly ambitious, if not slightly under confident Kite found herself travelling the mighty city's streets, effectively lost. Stalliongrad was very alien to the pegasus, but at the very least she stood out less here than in Ponyville. Or Hoofington. Or Manehattan. With the concentration of metal-workers, it was apparently not a strange sight to see a pony in armor walking the streets. Nevertheless, she kept her guard up; she was still young and small for a knight, and her particular suit of armor (quite visibly dented and scratched by this point) could still garner unwanted attention. "Keep calm, and keep cool, Kite." She muttered to herself, as she clanked down a particularly smoggy street; at least it felt smoggy in comparison to back home in Canterlot. "You're here to help ponies in need, and as long as you do that, everypony'll believe you're a real knight, and not just some no-good thief..." It was a tall order to fill for such a short knight; on the run from Royal Guards, who had since their last encounter, increased efforts to detain the filly, meant that Kite had to be incredibly cautious in her pursuit of justice. So far though, no wanted posters with her face made themselves known to her; in fact, the only posters she happened to notice were, well, HELP wanted posters! One in particular stood out: "Blacksmith in need of expert treasure-recovery, adventurers, or trackers re : stolen shipments. See Metalhoof Smithy." She read aloud to herself, eyes peering out from behind her visor. The writing under it was incomprehensible to the little wannabe-knight - a native language perhaps? It didn't matter! There were thieves about, and an adventurer was needed! And on top of that, if they were robbing a smithy, there was a good chance they were armor thieves, the most heinous and villainous of thie- oh wait, maybe not. "Metalhoof Smithy... I can do this!" And with that, she was off, tearing down the roads in pursuit of this Metalhoof Smithy where a grand adventure was sure to begin!" Of course, it would take a few wrong turns, some deciphering directions spoken in the native tongue, and some more wrong turns before the short metal encumbered pony found her destination. A few pangs of nerves, and maybe a hint of paranoia tugged at her brave knightly facade, but she was here, and there was little point in turning back; she needed a win, she NEEDED to do this. With a deep breath, she gave three short knocks on the door with a hoof, and pushed her way inside, calling out. "H-hello? I'm here about the notice...?"
  2. This was... a surprise. Suddenly, from out of seemingly nowhere, the knight found herself accosted by what could be described as a prismatic puff of a persistent pegasus pony, a hyperactive hub of hopping and hectic heckling; cute to be sure, yet a very odd sight this early in the morning. Indeed, she looked the type who by all accounts SHOULD be fast asleep at such a time, but the way she gushed over the shiny armor and made faces in the reflection was more akin to a pony who'd mixed a few too many teaspoons of sugar in her mug of imagination! "Ah, excuse me, citizen..." The wannabe knight tried to catch the filly's attention. "Citizen? Umm..?" Oh, now the strange filly was rubbing up against the armor. It was quite the strange reaction to a knight in armor; after all, cold metal wasn't exactly the ultimate conveyor of cuddliness compared to clouds, cotton or comforters. Wait, nevermind, that wasn't what was important! Kneeling down just a bit to the filly's level (Kite was hardly the definition of 'tall', herself), the iron-encased pegasus lifted her visor with a hoof. "H-hey, citizen! It's a bit of an odd time for a little filly like you to be running around, don'tcha think?" She offered a smile. "Are you lost? What's your name? Mine's Kite."
  3. Thanks again, Ginger Mint! Looks fantastic as always! =D A true knight never gives up, even if there's a bit of mud! XP
  4. Oh wow, that's super neat, Ginger Mint! Thank you so much! =D
  5. Ah, Baltimare; the next step on Kite's journey to becoming a true knight, and indeed quite a different sight from the places she'd visited previously. Gone were the bright fields of Ponyville, or the spires and towers of Canterlot; Baltimare traded these things, it seemed, for a dark and eerie silence, almost akin to that which hung over the Everfree forest. Pausing for a moment during her first routine patrol through the city, the little prospective knight took notice of the heavy lack of noise, and well... life. It was all rather unsettling... but no! None of that! I knight was never afraid! Still... "I know it's a little early, but where is everypony?" She muttered to herself, sliding up her visor to get a better look at her surroundings. Buildings, alleys, a few street lanterns casting long, ominous shadows like claws just slowly reaching out to grab somepony and pull them into the dark! The tiny armored pegasus shook her head vigorously, expelling these scary imaginings, and continuing her march, the tell-tale CLINK, CLANK, CLINK, CLANK of her armor ringing out even more obviously in the dead silence of the Baltimare morning, the sound reaching down to a certain spooky mansion, and the individuals who stood outside it's gates!
  6. Loving the look of the town, it seems like there's quite the celebration ahoof! As usual though, GingerMint, I really do have to commend you on your armor designs; you really have a way of making intricate, fascinating designs for pony armor! You really set the bar high, and you should really be proud, it's some fantastic work! =D
  7. Kite


    Cute! I like the little grumpy eyes Snickers has going on. =p
  8. Kite


    Looking pretty snazzy! I love the steampunk elements! =D
  9. I'm sure once you get into the swing of things with photoshop, you'll be able to bring this sketch up to par with what you'd like. That aside, it is a fantastic sketch as is; I do like the grumpy look Curtain Call is sporting, and the sketch has a fine attention to detail, especially on the armor scales and mane. It's fine to want to push yourself to do better, but give credit when it's due!
  10. Heard about this today; really sad news, but he left his mark on the world. Might not be how he intended, but I would imagine making a lot of people smile is a comforting thought to have, =D
  11. Very cute, Ginger Mint! As usual, keeping things downright adorable, this time with Woona! Moonstuck is always fun to read, so it's nice to see it get some quality fan art! XP
  12. Kite


    Silly adventurous wannabe Knight springs to action!
  13. If there was one thing Kite knew how to do, and do well, it was crash; the dings and dents built up in her armor from the day she'd first 'acquired' it could attest to that. She'd learned to fly and learned to fall, on more than one occasion. Heck, the whole reason she was ON the train to begin with was because she had fallen into something, a mess she couldn't quite fix, and here she was, one minute having a conversation with a wonderfully toxic mare (little did she know that said mare was now quite LITERALLY toxic), the next stuck in a high speed upwards tackle with a pegasus who really wasn't a fan of Equestria Railways' furniture as headgear. Moving out of the villain's vice grip was hopeless, Capo had one heck of a hold, despite Kite pushing with her hooves to get away; all the while, wind was whipping past, clouds zooming by like a blur mixed in with the bright blue sky. Up, up, up... and then, slowly, the world tilted, and down they were careening, those same blurs moving back the other way. "Look, if this is about the chair, I was having a bad day, my train was gonna be late because somepony wasn't watching where they were going and crashed into it." A small smile behind her visor, while she safely tucked her wings into her armor; she'd broken them before, and wasn't keen on repeating the experience. "Alright, bad joke, lemme try another one... stop me if you've heard this one. Did you hear the one about the knight falling from the sky with the brutish thug that caught chairs with her face? Well anyw-" THUNK! The little armored pegasus was prepared for the impact; her signature move was, after all, throwing herself from great heights like a canonball. All the same, the force was humbling, and it knocked the wind right out of her. As she blinked away the stars, there was a surge of bright light as the thuggish Capo wrenched her helmet off. Kite gave a cough, trying to catch her breath, and secretly wishing Equestria had softer dirt. "S-so... I, uh... I guess you heard that one." Another smile, despite dizzyness. While she certainly didn't enjoy getting thrown around like this, it was her job, and what she lived for. She took the hit, so somepony else didn't have to. A knight worried about others first, then themselves after. She got back to her hooves, steadying herself; she couldn't hear what was going on inside the train, and with Capo still in the way, she wouldn't be able to check up. Still, distract the leader somehow, keep Rue, Thistle, and Blaze safe, no matter what! "Ahem...! SO!" The little pegasus spoke in a big voice, keeping her gaze on the lumbering Capo, her eyes occasionally darting to the train to check for signs of activity; an uncomfortable dent in her armor dug into her side as a result of the high velocity landing. "Which one of you train wrecking losers wants to take a shot at a real knight next, huh? H-how about it, Cut-less-than-impressive!? Or are you gonna send out your unicorn pal to help big, dumb and, uh..." THWACK! Looks like Capo didn't like that one so much, opting to shoulder check the knight into shutting up; and still no answer from the train car. The armored knight tumbled in the dirt, but was quick to get back up, armor creaking with the movement. "I-I wasn't gonna say ugly...! Why, you're the nicest looking rock I've ever se-" THUNK. A heavy kick, right in the chestpiece; that left another pair of dents, and no doubt was gonna leave a bruise too. But, sputtering, again she was back up, green eyes peering over her bandaged nose. "I-I give that one a four on ten, tree trunk. Where's the emotion? I'm just not feeling it!" CLANG! THUNK! This time, the oversized pegasus had thrown the smaller knight right into the side of the train cart, where she stuck for a moment before falling to the ground with a clunk. "...o-okay, I felt THAT one a little bit..." It was evident that Capo wouldn't tire of this anytime soon, and that Kite wouldn't be able to keep it up much longer; and yet, despite that it was going nowhere fast, she again pushed herself, rather wobbily, to her hooves, wincing with the effort. "...f-five on ten."
  14. Kite blinked away the stars in her eyes; whoever the big pony was, she packed quite a wallop. Still, the little filly wasn't going to let herself be intimidated by size; she had a suit of armor, and knights were supposed to be more than capable of standing up to petty thugs! She stared back through her visor at the brutish pony. "MOVE. Before I make you." In a moment, the cloaked mare, and apparent ringleader of the train-wrecking trio had hopped past the two, heading towards Rue. It was quite apparent that the two were acquainted, and despite this Cutlass' (Rue had shouted the name) pleasant greeting, the words were dripping with malice. A sudden magical barrier surrounding Cutlass, however, meant Kite could deal with the big one for the moment. "Ah, no need to get violent, Miss...uh... umm?" She waited, but the behemoth pegasus didn't seem to be the conversational type; she simply narrowed her harsh gaze towards the little wannabe knight, who in turn leaned back to get a better look at the whole pony. Huh, one big pegasus alright... but say, that chair hanging from the ceiling above her looked awful loose. It gave her an idea. "N-no name, huh? Alright, I'm moving, I'm moving." Taking several steps back, eyes scanned the wreckage from behind the visor for something to throw... "Ah, y'know, it's no wonder you look so grouchy, headbutting helmets like that will give you a headache..." Suitcase, 3 o'clock! Ammunition acquired. "Y-you should try relaxing, y'know... maybe take a seat!" Grabbing the suitcase with a wing, the armored pegasus lobbed the luggage over Capo's head, into the dangling seat which snapped, falling straight down on the oversized pegasus. No time to cheer though; that seat wouldn't slow down a train-tackling pony for long, and Kite still had to rescue a ball of claws and feathers from a unicorn, and deal with this 'Cutlass' as well. Luckily, the unicorn looked to be busy trying to contain the very-upset little gryphon, so next was getting Cutlass' attention before she hurt anypo- Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Turning her helmeted head towards the source of the commotion, the little knight was shocked to find the red unicorn now slumped on the ground, Cutlass turning away from her to again face Rue, a menacing sneer on her face. "So. Are you going to come quietly?" Clank. The filly immediately placed herself between the two, staring down the villainous train wrecker. Hurting another pony; it was despicable, and it went against everything Kite believed in, everything a knight stood for! "You're not taking Miss Rue, and you're not hurting anypony else!" Crud, the seat was already shifting, big pony was gonna be out in seconds. Knights didn't get scared though, no matter the odds; why then, was her heart beating so fast? "You think you can just hurt somepony and get away with it!? I-I won't let you!" The important thing at this point was to get Cutlass mad enough at her so that she'd focus her attention on the armored knight, while Rue could hopefully slip free; no doubt the big pegasus would already want a little revenge for the seat-dropping stunt. It was gonna be a bumpy ride, but being a shield was what she did best. "Not even checking to see if there was a knight on board the train... for a pony named Cutlass, you're not very sharp, are you?"
  15. "A little bit of trouble" was something of a huge understatement. With the sudden downpour of rain, the skies seemed to immediately turn from a grumbly grey to inky black, Buckets and buckets of ice cold rainwater pelted the pegasi, the wind pushing and pulling with unrelenting force, it's touch made even colder on soaked skin. Nevermind the sight and feel of the storm, even the SOUND was unbearable, with loud crashes of thunder and cracks of lightning echoing in the empty sky expanses, the unbearable howling of the wind, and even the rain, which added to the din with a series of "tiktaktiktaktiktak" sounds as each drop bounced off Kite's armor. For an expert flyer, this would be a very dangerous and relatively frightening scenario to be in. For an amateur flyer like Kite, draped in heavy metallic armor, it was a deadly and downright terrifying one. By the time she readjusted to having been let go of, the mass of dark clouds had all but surrounded them. "Uh oh, this is n-not good!" She did her best to scan for some sort of escape route, but there seemed to be none, save for maybe a straight nosedive down; but that would be way too dangerous, and the clouds would have a really good chance at hitting either of the flyers with a bolt of lightning. "I can't risk flying down, and Paradise getting hurt... but we can't just stay here either! W-what're we gonna do!?" The wannabe knight turned her gaze to the overconfident pegasus on the board, who seemed to be zipping about, looking for a way out of the storm. She was a way better flyer than Kite was, that was to be sure; but skill wouldn't matter if the clouds completely closed in on them. It was time to be reckless! The tin-can filly beckoned her daredevil friend over. "I have a plan, Miss Paradise, but we gotta be fast, and we gotta do it now!" She explained, having to nearly shout over the noise of the storm. "We're gonna hafta dive down as fast as we can, just straight straight down, and when we get past the lower clou-" She paused; suddenly, her armor felt all... tingly. Right above the two ponies, a monster of a cloud had drifted over. It crackled ominously, right before... "LOOK OUT!" The little knight wasn't close enough to tackle Paradise out of the way; the bolt was going to hit one of them! At the same moment as the sky lit up with blinding light, and the mighty KRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK ripped across the sky, Kite did the only thing she could; she flapped her wings. The one flap was enough to maybe put her a few inches higher in the air than Paradise, and it made the little filly and her very conductive suit of armor the perfect target for the bolt of lightning, which struck with such force that it sent the pegasus spiralling sideways out of control. Miraculously, she managed to realign herself for but a moment, uttering a feeble "...Y-you call that a bolt of li-" before a SECOND bolt came crashing down with an even louder KARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKK! this time sending the now unconscious knight racing helplessly to the ground below!
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