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Tarisio Mercutio Goldplume (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Tarisio Mercutio Goldplume
Sex: Male
Age: Young Adult
Species: Griffon
Eye Colour: Gold (#FFDF00) with flecks of Silver (#CCCCCC) in the right light.
Coat: Silky black fur with darker spots.
Mane/Tail: Raven Black Feathers (#141A16), with Crimson Red Feathers (#DC143C) around the Eyes and the first pinions on each wing. Feathers on the top of his head sweep forward and slightly downward.
Physique: Slim, toned body, slightly taller than average, handsomely built.
Residence: Formerly Talonopolis.
Occupation: Sky Pirate.

History: Tarisio was born to a wealthy family in Talonopolis, and as a young griffon he was rather the little rapscallion. Always getting into mischief, though any real trouble that he got into was quickly covered up by his parents, usually by them buying his way out of it. As a young child, he would often wander the more run-down side of the city, making friends with the orphans and other 'riff-raff' there, stealing from passersby, pulling pranks on the citizenry, or just generally having a good time.

As he grew into his teens, Tarisio became quite the young gentleman. Though he would still run with his, as his parents would say unscrupulous friends, he would often stop to woo the ladies with his charming looks, golden eyes, and silver tongue. Be they taken or not, which would often lead him on daring chases and many a fight. His parents of course, were never too happy with this, and tried many times to make the boy settle down. Hiring at home tutours, having him take violin lessons, putting him to work in the family-owned museum, anything to keep the boy from his less than stellar behaviour.

But while it did make it harder to, it didn't stop Tarisio from doing what he did best. For that matter, the fact his parents had tried to keep him tied down drove his wanderlust. And in secret he began to study swordplay and piracy. It would be the best way to satisfy his craving for adventure.

It would be a few years later that his family had came into possession of a decommissioned and refurbished military airship. A large and beautiful vessel adorned in silver and gold. Likely something used in the Royalty's own army. He knew that now was the time. His dream would soon be a reality.

Sneaking out in the dead of night, Tarisio met in secret with his soon to be crew, the orphans and other children he spent his childhood with, and together they stole away into the museum and made away with their grand prize, the airship was now dubbed 'The Zephyr's Kiss' by Tarisio, her new captain.

Escaping late at night was easier than during the day, but they knew they couldn't stop moving for a while. It was a few weeks later before they could finally dock, get some dinner, and a drink or five.

Wandering into the local tavern, an unsavoury sight caught his eye. A fight in the corner of the bar was beginning to break out as four griffons angrily surrounded a fifth. Knowing that this was not a fair fight in the least, Tarisio immediately made his way over to the crowd, pushing past the four to stand next to the outnumbered griffon. Who, after some protest and aid in sending the attackers packing, was reluctantly grateful for Tarisio's help.

Introducing herself as Minerva, the two griffons took to the bar and drank their fill. Talking through the evening as more of his crew finally arrived after dinner. With a grin on his face, Tarisio offered Minerva a spot on his crew. To which she agreed, on the condition SHE got to be first mate. The Captain agreed, and five years later, the crew of The Zephyr's Kiss is still going strong. Sailing the winds, stealing gold and hearts as they please.

Character Summary: Tarisio's passions don't involve stealing and unlawful activities alone. Despite being forced into it, Tarisio loves the violin, often playing it on deck to entertain his crew while they work. While he often keeps his disdain for laws quiet, when one speaks to him about it, he'll often spit on the ground, saying that 'We're not bound by laws here. No one rules the sky, and like it, we are free.'.

Despite being unlawful, the griffon couldn't be considered evil, he stands by his own personal code of honour. Never laying a claw on a child and doing everything he can to avoid fighting with women, oft times choosing to smooth talk his way out of a fight. Though this should not be mistaken for weakness, as Tarisio can certainly hold his own, both sword and claw, against most opponents.

Additional Info: Wears a red 'steampunk' style vest, with intricate latticework designs across it.
Poison Joke Reaction: Becomes meek and shy, especially around those he finds attractive.
Font Colour:(#4682B4)

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Hmm, how would you feel about being a Goldplume instead of Goldenclaw? Aside from being upper class, there's nothing else nailed down about the Goldplume clan, so you'd still have plenty of room to expand on the family. Plus, you'd have the disconnect between his noble birthright and his chosen profession, could be a lot of fun to play around with. And we do need more upper-class griffins.

Ashi's got the chart of the noble griffin families here: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=737

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