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Korok's One-Hour Short-Story thread


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Original thread title: "I need an idea"

The concept is simple: I want to write something, but I don't want it to turn into a big long fic, and I'm having a mild case of writers block, so I'm turning to you guys to give me something to work with that doesn't turn into a giant story.

I want you to list a few things for me, then give me an hour to write it, and I'll post the result.

1: Two characters (both don't necessarily have to be from MLP)

2: Location (once again, doesn't have to be MLP)

3: Interaction (Friendly/Shipping/Hostile/Hilarity Ensues/etc)

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1. Sonic and Tails

2. That hospital in the first Silent Hill game.

3. Memorizing a script for a play based on Speed Racer.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Silent Hill hospital of which you speak (I've never played Silent Hill), so this would require a tiny bit of research on my end. I'll get to that one later.

1. Luna and Spitfire

2. A boat

3. Shipping

Shipping. On a boat... *snrk*

Give me one hour, and I'll show you what I've got. Romance is a bit of a foreign topic to me, so please excuse any and all cheese.

Time begin: 9:46 PM

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I never claimed to be good at writing ship-fics.

But here's what I could come up with after about an hour.

Time end: 10:51 PM


A gentle breeze blew across lake as the sun began to set on the horizon, cooling Spitfire after a long day of practice. She let out a sigh of pleasure as the cool breeze drifted across her face. It was nice to end the day like this; on a small boat, in a small lake, with a small breeze. It was a nice contrast from the large crowds, the large maneuvers, and the large sky she dealt with daily.

As the sun glimmered it’s last over the western horizon, the moon began to rise in the east. Spitfire always held a certain respect for Princess Luna. Even if most ponies were asleep during her nights, it didn’t make them any less beautiful, especially on such a clear night as tonight. And that was to say nothing of the Princess Herself, the beautiful mistress of the night. The graceful way she carried herself, the hypnotic way her mane and tail moved, her nice, round-

“We were not aware that other ponies enjoyed this spot besides Us.” The regal voice snapped Spitfire’s train of thought away. She looked up and saw the Princess of the night herself, Princess Luna, hovering slightly above her small boat. Spitfire began to blush as she remembered what she was just thinking about and how inappropriate it seemed now that Luna herself was hovering in front of her.

“Oh. Er, yeah. It’s, it’s a nice spot.” Spitfire, normally cool under pressure, stammered her words out to the Princess. “You, uh, want to take a seat?” It was a large enough boat to hold two comfortably, as Princess Luna lowered herself into the seat. Spitfire suddenly felt very uncomfortable, and wanted nothing more than to fly off, but stood her ground. Besides, it was rude to run off, especially to one of the Princesses.

“Tell Us, child, how are you liking Our night?” The Princess normally came to this small lake alone, as it was rather far out of the way for normal ponies, and especially at night, no pony was ever out here. It was a nice change to have somepony to talk to.

“Oh, it’s, uh, nice. Yeah, a good night for, uh, sitting. Here. On this boat.” This wasn’t the first time Spitfire had spoken to royalty; she and Princess Celestia have spoken before, both in formal and informal occasions. Why was she so flustered to be around Princess Luna?

“Yes, it is indeed. We do not believe We have met you before. Tell Us, what is thy name?” Spitfire couldn’t help but be struck by the way Luna sat. Even the way she sits is graceful.

“Uh, Spitfire, Princess. Of the Wonderbolts.”

“Charmed.” They stared at each other for a few moments. And those few moments dragged on into an awkward silence between the two. Princess Luna had no idea how to make small talk, and Spitfire had no idea how to start a conversation with royalty without possibly offending them. Usually it was Celestia who started the conversation between them.

Wanting to break the awkward silence, Spitfire took the initiative, “So, Luna. You… come here often?” She immediately felt like that was the wrong question to answer, and was fully prepared to take flight.

“Yes, We often come here during the nights when We don’t have royal duties to attend to. It is a most relaxing of locations during Our nights.” She sighed as she reached back over the sides of the boat and put her hooves in the water. “We are glad to be able to share this with another pony.”

“Yeah, I can see why. This spot is really relaxing, and it gives a nice view of the sky.” She leaned back like Luna did and put her hooves in the water as well. She was beginning to feel a little less nervous around Princess Luna, especially since she seemed like a normal mare, excluding the whole “royalty” part.

The boat shifted as Princess Luna moved closer to Spitfire. “Come closer, child. There is something We would like to show you.” Spitfire scooted around to sit next to Luna. What the heck, if the Princess wanted her closer, she was going to get closer. “Now, take a look to the sky.” The Princess pointed one hoof to the sky, as she put another around Spitfire, which made her uncomfortable. She was thinking naughty things about the Princess only a minute ago, but now she wasn’t sure what to think. Was Luna just being friendly, or was there more to that? Or maybe she was just thinking too much about it.

“Do you know the constellation ‘The Sisters,’ child?” She outlined a small set of stars, vaguely resembling two ponies nuzzling each other. “There is something We have never told anypony of, not even our sister.” A smile grew across the Princess’s face.

“Oh, really? Tell me.”

Luna turned back to the sky. “Do you see those stars there, on the left?” Spitfire nodded. “That pony is supposed to represent Celestia. So those stars on the left would be her flank, right?” Once again, Spitfire nodded. Luna suppressed a laugh as she continued. “Well, see, those stars have been move apart from each other for the past thousand years, because Celestia’s butt has been getting bigger, and she hasn’t caught on yet.” Luna burst into open laughter at such a childish thing. Spitfire laughed too, seeing the Princess of the night has a sense of humor, even if it was a childish one.

After regaining her composure, Luna rested her head on top of Spitfire’s. “Thank you, Spitfire, for letting Us be so informal. It’s so stressful, being a Princess.” Spitfire blushed. Luna was being more than friendly, she was sure of it now.

Hesitantly, she put her hoof around Luna’s back as well, in a sort of side hug. “Any time, Luna.” After resting her head on the Princess’s chest, she felt Luna’s other hoof around her back, pulling her into a hug. Spitfire returned the hug, and they stayed in each others embrace for the moment, enjoying each others company.

It was Luna who released her hug first, with an apologetic look on her face. “We’re sorry, but we must return to the palace now. No doubt somepony is going to have work for Us upon Our arrival, if there isn’t a mountain of problems now.” Princess Luna took off, leaving Spitfire alone on her boat.

“I’ll wait here for you tomorrow. It’s a promise.”


Shortness of the story non-withstanding, as well as my inability to focus on this for periods longer than two minutes, I'd say this turned out rather decent.

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1. Sonic and Tails

2. That hospital in the first Silent Hill game.

3. Memorizing a script for a play based on Speed Racer.

Okay, so, I realized that getting the full impact of the hospital requires experiencing Silent Hill first-hand, of which would require me being able to GET Silent Hill. In the interest of getting this done, I'm replacing "that hospital from Silent Hill" with "creepy hospital."

Sorry if this isn't exactly what you wanted, but hopefully I can still deliver.

Time start: 1:07 AM

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Note to self: Don't write stuff at 1 AM. It's not going to be pretty.

Time end: 2:07 AM


A thick fog shrouded the lone building on a hill, the Silent Hill Hospital. The building was completely abandoned, complete with rusted bed-frames missing mattresses, most of the actual medical equipment either in disrepair or missing entirely, and the wooden floors and ceiling starting to rot and creak. The wind buffeted the building, as a storm was approaching

All of this was completely lost on Sonic, as he paced back and forth in a small room, growling in frustration. Meanwhile, his friend, Tails, was shaking with fright, thoroughly convinced the building was haunted.

“M-maybe we should get out of here Sonic,” Tails stammered for the hundredth time to the blue hedgehog.

“Not until we can get the entire script of ‘Speed Racer: The Legend of the Mach 5’ from memory.” Sonic held the script up to look at it again. “Even if I am faster than this guy, we gotta do this,” Sonic looked up at Tails. “Wait, why are we going this again?”

“YOU said we’re here because of a ‘Make a Wish’ for a kid that’s supposed to be sick here!” Tails flailed his arms in the air. “BUT THIS BUILDING IS COMPLETELY ABANDONDED AND HAS BEEN FOR A WHILE WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE BECAUSE THERE’S A GHOST!” Sonic was knocked off balance by the sheer force of Tails’ yelling.

Sonic regained his balance, folded his arms, and closed his eyes. “Cool it, man. We’ll be fine. Besides: I’ve got a plan.” Sonic opened his eyes and looked at the script. He frowned as he shrugged. “Eh, close enough. Not like anyone’s gonna know if I miss a word or two.” He mumbled to himself. “Sorry, you were saying something Tails?”

Tails threw his hands in the air as he let out one last “Argh!” before folding his arms, pouting. Clearly, nothing was going to dissuade Sonic from going through with this, but why he had no idea. “What. A plan. No way,” he deadpanned. Might as well roll with it, the faster they got done, the faster they could get out of here.

Sonic was having none of that, however. “Come on man, put some feeling into it!” He folded his arms again as he closed his eyes, trying to look cool. “Cool it, man. We’ll make it. Besides: I’ve got a plan.” He opened his eyes as he finished, looking at Tails “forcefully.”

His eyes went wide with “shock” as he “recoiled in surprise.” “What? A plan!? No way!” he said with little enthusiasm. He could have sworn this script was originally in some other language, and the translator just did a horrible job translating. The script was full of lines like the ones he just recited that were full of errors and weird syntax.

Tails’s bare-minimum acting seemed to satisfy Sonic, at least until the end of Act 1 in the script. “Doing great buddy. Let’s say we take a break, maybe get a bite to eat.” Sonic looked around, “Now that I think about it, I thought we were promised a free lunch today, brought to us.” He began to tap his foot as he continued to wait. “I could have sworn it’s close to lunchtime now.”

Tails very much wanted to blow up at Sonic, scream and shake him until he saw the hospital for what it was; a deserted building on a hill that was probably haunted. He made a strangling gesture at the hedgehog before sighing and slumping over. He wasn’t going to leave Sonic alone in here, but he wasn’t going to be able to make Sonic leave either.

Giving up on waiting for lunch, Sonic pressed onward with the “play,” Tails once again giving bare-minimum emotional response while Sonic acted out his part with full gusto. The “rehearsals” went well after dinner time and into night.

“Well, we got most of it down. At least up until the last Act, near where they’re at the last stretch of the race, but I think we can call it for today.” Tails sighed with relief as Sonic began to walk towards the door. “It’s still weird though. Why didn’t anyone else come in today? I thought there was supposed to be more people than just us.” Sonic opened the door and looked into the halls. “Not only that, but how come we haven’t heard anyone say anything about where we’re staying, much less what we’re gonna do for dinner.”

Tails began to suspect Sonic had completely lost it. That he made the “Make a Wish” thing up, that he wrote the script himself, and that he had gone completely crazy, dragging Tails into his twisted little view of the world.

“Hey Tails, got any idea where we’re supposed to be staying? It’s pretty dark outside; we should probably hit the sack.” Sonic had walked into the halls ahead of Tails, leaving him alone in the room they were practicing in. He had only taken a few steps before an otherworldly groan came from the walls. Tails panicked as he began to look around the room. Sonic apparently hadn’t heard it, or simply didn’t care, as he continued his trek down the halls. “You comin’ Tails?”

Y-yeah, right behind you.” Tails backed out of the room, following Sonic down the halls. There were no lights on in the halls, making it difficult to see. There was a window at the end of the hall, through which a small amount of light could be seen from the street-lights outside. Tails tried to remain calm, especially as the walls creaked and groaned as the storm was now in full effect, winds blowing wildly.

Lightning pierced the skies, followed immediately by a loud roar of thunder as a ghost appeared before the two “actors.” Tails screamed as the ghost began to move towards them. He closed his eyes as he felt something pushing against his chest.

“Tails, what’s wrong with you? Get off!” Sonic pushed against Tails again. He had jumped onto Sonic in a fit of panic, clinging to him with all his might. “It’s just curtains!” Tails opened his eyes. Indeed, where the ghost was just moment before were now curtains, blowing in the wind.

He gave a nervous chuckle as he let go of Sonic. “Heh. I knew that.” Maybe he was over reacting. Sure, the place was in terrible condition, but that didn’t mean the place was haunted. “I’m just being paranoid.”

“Oh, I DO simply love it when they’re easily scared,” a voiced cooed from behind the duo. Tails whipped around, coming face to face with an ethereal skull that simply smiled at him.

“Boo.” That was the last straw for Tails. He screamed again, bolting down the hall at the speed of light. Sonic turned around and saw the source of Tails’ panic. A large, skeleton ghost, with some of its organs still in its ribcage, smiled madly at him. Sonic wasn’t far behind in catching up with his friend.

As they rounded the corner, they came face to face with even more of the ghosts, blocking their path, all in different states of decay, holding some sort of bloody cutting tool. As the turned to run the way they came, that way was blocked by more ghosts. Caught, there was nothing they could do, except await their doom. The ghosts cackled wildly as they moved in on the two, weapons held high.

Tails hit the floor as their weapons all came down simultaneously, wrapping him in some sort of sheet. Struggling, he finally unwrapped himself as his senses returned to him. Flipping the light switch, he saw he was back in his own room, bed sheets tangled on the floor, recently with him in them. He breathed a sigh of relief as he realized what he had just experienced was just a dream. After a few moments of catching his breath, he switched the lights back off as he crawled back in to bed.

A distinct chuckling could he heard as the fox drifted back off to sleep.


I'll take another look at this once it's not 2 AM, and I'll see if I like it. Because right now, I don't like it. I'll try again some time when I don't think writing something at 1 AM is a good idea.

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