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  1. Great! Tell me what you think after you've read it. The woman who created the cover art doesn't normally take requests, I don't think. I'm a friend of hers, and originally I'd actually intended to pay her for her work. She ended up not getting a bank account set up for paypal, and since it was taking her so long, she decided to just do the cover for me for free. And if you think it sounds like a fun read... then you know what to do! Give it a read!
  2. Cover art by Arylett-Dawnsborough It's finally done! The first episode of my fanfiction, "The Subordinate Six", is completed and free to view on FIMFiction Dot Net! It was on the Featured Stories list for awhile, and has gotten some favorable reviews. Please give it a read; I didn't work on this for 6 months only to have a handful of people see it! The Subordinate Six Summary: Las Pegasus, the entertainment capital of Equestria. Lyra and Bon Bon arrive in the city prepared to start a new life, but run into some familiar faces. For instance, there's a wall-eyed mailmare living next door, and some traveling magician won't stop proclaiming her own greatness. And Lyra could swear she's seen this pony named 'Vinyl Scratch' before, but Octavia is remaining tight-lipped. Can they make it in this town of glitz, glamor, and crazy ponies? (First episode/storyline is completed!) Characters: Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy, Trixie, Vinyl, Octavia Genre: Comedy/Normal with eventual shipping Rated: E
  3. 1: Twilight and Spike 2: Manehatten 3: Murder Mystery
  4. Hello everyone! While I wait on the cover art and theme song for my fanfiction "The Subordinate Six" to be finished, I decided to scratch my writers itch by writing a short fic about everyone's favorite subject right now: Alicorn Twilight. The idea for this particular story came to my mind while I tried to sleep this Friday night, and since the idea was still there tonight, I decided it was worth writing down. I've got the first 2 and a half pages done so far, but its a very rough draft; I just started writing this not even 4 hours ago, I've never used First Person and Present Tense in fiction outside of a classroom setting before, and its also my first time writing for Luna and Celestia. I'm posting what I have here right now so y'all can tell me if I'm doing this right, and if it's actually of any interest to you. I know this subject has been written about to death, but I want to at least make my take on it a little bit different. So, here it is so far. Story contents inside the spoiler tag. Read it? Okay. You can probably tell where this story is heading, since I'm following what we currently know about season 3's ending. The next segment will most likely be from Celestia's perspective, so that I can show her thought process more in-depth. Tell me what you think!
  5. When you get really upset when your favorite musician in the fandom releases a new song, and EQD only includes it in a "Music of the Day" post instead of in a "Spotlight Music" post.
  6. I'm gonna go one further than most people here, and say 5 or 6 seasons. Most series I wouldn't trust to go past 3, but I'm of the mind that the series has only gotten better thus far. As long as people keep watching and buying the products, there isn't any reason for the show to stop. And as long as the show doesn't become terrible (fat chance), then there isn't any reason for us to stop watching and buying the products. *This post is in the running for "most obvious statement of the year". Click here to vote!*
  7. I suppose my fondest memory of a gaming accomplishment was beating Mega Man X4. Not because its a particularly hard game for its series, but because it was the first "difficult" game I ever beat. Once I conquered X4, it was like a whole new world of gaming was opened up to me: I could actually play games from beginning to end! So of course I went on a rampage of beating every game I owned, because beating a Mega Man game let's you absorb that game's challenge and add it to your own strength. Or something like that. Hey, it worked for me! Some other accomplishments I'm proud of are: Beating I Want To Be the Guy and it's sequel. Beating Mega Man Zero 1-3 with a-ranks, without upgrading my health bar or any other stats Beating every Devil May Cry game Beating Sonic 1 with all chaos emeralds.
  8. Turns out there are more spoilers than we realized! Twilight Sparkle isn't just becoming an alicorn, she's becoming... a toaster! Shocking. But I for one look forward to this reboot of the "Brave Little Toaster" series. If they remake the sequel, "The Brave Little Toaster Goes to the Mars", we could at least expect Luna to make a cameo as the main cast shoots off past the moon.
  9. Poke'mon. Ugh, not a good way to be introduced to Japanese animation. I didn't start taking an active interest in anime until the later years of elementary school and early middle school. That's when everyone my age discovered Dragon Ball Z, and the art of dragging out a fight scene for five episodes. Some of my favorite animes growing up were TV Tenchi, Gundam Wing, and Digimon. Favorite anime of all time would be Trigun, but that was far from my first anime.
  10. Note: If this thread belongs in the "request" section, please have it moved. I saw another pre-reader request thread in this subsection though, so that is where I chose to put this. Hello all. My name is Legendary Emerald. My primary intent when joining this site was to be involved in the RP community, but I've had my time taken up by both RL activities and a certain fanfiction project that I've been working on for almost a year now. Time to clear some space in my day to day schedule. The Subordinate Six (Comedy, Normal) Rated PG Las Pegasus, the entertainment capital of Equestria. Lyra and Bon Bon arrive in the city prepared to start a new life, but old vestiges of the past seem to be following them. For instance, there's a wall-eyed mailmare living next door, and some traveling magician won't stop proclaiming her own greatness. And Lyra could swear she's seen this pony named 'Vinyl Scratch' before, but Octavia is remaining tight-lipped. Cast: Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy, Vinyl, Octavia, Trixie I'm getting dangerously close to finally marking the first four chapters, which comprise the first "episode" of the "season", as complete, but I really want to be sure of the quality before I upload to FiMFiction and submit to EQD. My previous ponyfanfiction managed to make it onto both sites, so I know how high the standards are for the latter. But I was working with a very talented editor at that time, who no longer has the time to work with me on my current project, due to increased workload at his job. If you are interested, or have further questions, please reply to this thread or message me privately. I won't be handing out the link to the full story publicly yet, so until its release, editors and pre-readers will be the only ones who will get to see it. I'll leave you with this small teaser scene, to give you an idea of the story's tone and writing style. Spoilered because of text dump. [/colour]
  11. Read the first chapter so far, and I might get to the rest later tonight. The fic has over 2 thousand individual viewers, so I'm gonna guess that it picks up later on. Just based on what I've read, the concept interests me. But I have to say that while your prose is good, there's just too much of it. There's hardly any dialogue, and what is there doesn't sound particularly natural in some cases. Overall the chapter just has the problem of telling and not showing enough. It feels like you're rushing to a conclusion or particularly interesting event, rather than taking the time a proper reminiscence on growing up would need. For instance, you mentioned Dash's parents in passing, but I don't have any understanding of who those characters actually are yet. This is probably cleared up in future chapters, but more effort should have been placed in making them interesting or likeable from the start. Actions and dialogue always speaks louder than author exposition, and right now the story feels severely lopsided in its exposition to dialogue ratio. If dialogue wasn't something you want to focus on as much, I would have suggested writing from a first person point of view. That way the story would have at least had a narrator who felt more connected to the events at hand, and the readers would have had a solid story telling voice to listen to. But I suppose the story has come too far along for that. EQD can be very picky when it comes to the stories they accept. I'd suggest sending in what you have right now, just so you can find out what their current standards are, and what criticisms they have. They won't provide specific critique; that's not their job. But they will give you a good idea of what they find wrong stylistically with your story, if anything, Different pre-readers have different thought processes though, so my complaints might not even come up in your stories' evaluation. All I know is that the pre-reader I had for the first draft of my Glowmelon Mystery fic probably wouldn't have let your story through, based on the feedback I received. I had to re-write the entire story in order for it to be accepted, but I think the quality of the piece improved tremendously because of it. You've got a lot of readers, so you're doing something right. Don't take my criticisms too seriously. Fanfiction is all about creating and having fun. I wouldn't have bothered to pick apart your first chapter like this if you didn't express the desire to take your writing to the next level (being published by EQD).
  12. 4/5 reminds me of this blind bag pony. Text needs to be a vector or something in order to be rid of the sharp edges, though.
  13. Thanks for the welcoming, everyone! I know. The news that Twilight Sparkle is becoming a toaster threw everyone for a loop. I for one am looking forward to "The Brave Little Toaster: Friendship is Magic". MLPforums. I just couldn't connect with the majority of the members there, and the cool people I did find all have skype. There just wasn't any reason for me to stick around there anymore when the RPs I was in lost my attention. I see someone is using the Royal Canterlot Capslock. no much! No, I think I'll call you Walrus. With an emoticon as wonderful as this, , how could I not? Emerald Speaking Thank you! And I don't know what comic the avatar comes from, other than its featured in newspapers in America. Meaning its probably an awful, awful comic.
  14. Just call me Marelyn Maneson, hahahaha- *Shot full of holes; bleeds out on the carpet, laughing all the while* Gasp... and I never... even figured out... how to embed video in a post...
  15. I've been looking forward to this development since the start of season 3, when it was first heavily teased. Something like this to shake up the status quo is exactly what the show needs right now, I think.
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