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[ Pony Related Character ]


Name: Miracle

Sex: Female

Age: Filly

Species: Unicorn

Pelt Color: Dark Gray

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Lighter Gray with yellow tint, kind of silver-looking

Eye Color: Yellow-orange

Cutie Mark: Red upside-down horseshoe


Physique: Chubby, and short for her age

Residence: Canterlot

Occupation: Currently looking for a job. She has had work before, but hasn't been able to keep a job for more than a week before something bad happens.

Motivation: Miracle sticks to things she knows. She is slow to learn not because she is less talented than other ponies, but because her unfortunate experiences give her fear of something bad happening every time she does something out her regular routine. She is often seen performing superstitious rituals like counting her steps and making hoof-motions before attempting risky tasks. Her main goal in life is to live like a regular pony without looking stupid. Her primary talent is detected when danger is coming or if something bad is going to happen. This 'sixth sense', however, is not nearly as accurate as she thinks.

Likes: The same things over and over. She loves repetition, like square dancing and eating the same things for her meals. She is overweight because she loves food. She likes to take walks through Canterlot, but only at the same places at precisely the same time every day.

Dislikes: New things. Special events, for fear of something bad happening. Storms and unusual weather.

Character Summary: Miracle has lived in Canterlot her entire life. And although Canterlot is a city filled with sophistication and glamor, Miracle's parents lived a rather simple life and only worked for the things they needed. When Miracle's mother was pregnant with her, trouble seemed to shroud the happy couple. They lost work, experienced strange weather and droughts, and ran out of money. However, they were resilient and never even considered their pre-born foal was to blame.

After she was born, her mother grew very sick, and needed serious medical attention. When her parents went to the local doctor to check on her mother, the lack of attention they gave their newborn pony caused her to wander off to a local violent river. The foal fell in and swept her downstream.

Alarmed, the parents looked frantically everywhere for their little baby. Eventually, after getting the locals involved in a city-wide search, she was found resting on a river bank a couple miles downstream from where she fell in. She was unharmed. Her parents, who were emotionally drained by all of the stresses they had dealt with recently was erased by the sheer joy that their baby was alive and well. In fact, her mother's sickness left her starting that day. It was then her parents gave her the name they believed she best represented: Miracle.

Miracle's first day of school was challenging for her. She had very few friends and everypony made fun of her for her strange behaviors. On one particular day, she was more jumpy than usual and warned everypony that lightning was going to hit them if they went outside during recess. Everypony laughed, because it was very sunny outside. When they came back inside, Miracle stayed standing as everypony took their seats. When asked, she said she was afraid her desk would collapse if she sat in it. Everypony laughed, and some snickered at her larger-than-average figure. Later, she would refuse to ring the school bell at the end of the day, for fear that it would fall and crash on her from above. Everypony laughed, as another pony volunteered to ring it. As all of the school fillys and colts ran out of the building, they chanted "scaredy-pony, scaredy-pony" at Miracle.

That night, a horrific storm passed through most of Canterlot. The weather ponies made a scheduling error, having more ponies move clouds through the mountain range than normal. It scared Miracle to the bone.

Eventually, the next day would come, and the weather ponies had already began fixing the mistake they made, removing struck tree branches and draining the water where it was still standing. The schoolhouse was in mint condition, fortunately, and nothing seemed to be wrong with it. When school started, everypony seemed to be late. The teacher apologized to the foals because the bell had been inoperable because the wind knocked it down the bell tower. A few foals noticed the coincidence.

The teacher also apologized that recess would have to be cancelled because the tether ball pole had been struck down by lightning. Everypony began gasping and looking at Miracle freakishly. One of the ponies, a stuck-up filly who received her cutie mark before everyone else, argued that it was all a coincidence, and the fact that somepony could predict the future was just an old mare's tale. Just then, she sat down in her desk at it collapsed on her.

Everypony was looking at Miracle, and she hated the attention. But they were not looking into her eyes, they were looking at her flank. She looked back to find a cutie mark had appeared: an upside-down horseshoe, representing her ability to detect danger and unfortunate events, while at the same time imply that they may be following her. The ponies who knew her story would take note of her reaction to things. However, when she fears something will happen, it's often turns out to be a false alarm.

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She looks good so far, but I'm not sure what to do with/about the Cutie Mark either. :/

It will probably involve her saving somepony's life because she foresaw something bad. I just haven't prefected the details in my head yet.

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Changed cutie mark from a pair of dice showing 1's to an upside down horseshoe symbolizing bad luck. Everything else about her is the same.

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