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Riven Poultice


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Name: Riven Poultice

Sex: Female

Age: Mare (25)

Species: Earth Pony

Pelt Color: Electric Green (#00FF00)

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Forest Green (#014421) with the mane kept in a braid and the tail kept mid-length

Eye Color: Outer Space (#414A4C)

Cutie Mark: A Poultice satchel with a snare trap around it.

Physique: Fit

Residence: Currently Roughing It In Whitetail Woods

Occupation: Mare for hire; Former poison and traps supplier

Motivation: To live day by day, though lately, thoughts of rebuilding her 'Empire of Poison' has come to mind, as have reversing the knowledge to make antidotes to redeem herself.

Likes: Pranking, Poisons, Traps, Camping, Hunting

Dislikes: Authority, The Royal Guard, Hoofington, Damaging Nature

Character Summary: Riven was born to a young couple in the woods far on the outskirts of Ponyville; a simple family that lived off nature and respected it, even when they hunted; and while they were loving and everything, they weren't the brightest and often too gullible. Riven herself was a rambunctious child, always running here and there, getting into trouble one way or another, be it a simple joy buzzer, a net trap or a pitfall, and even then, to get out of trouble with her parents, all she had to do is simply say, 'It wasn't me.' or 'They were like that when I got here.' and they were none the wiser. As she grew, she showed more and more interest in perfecting her traps, but also in her family's profession, Herbalism, but not for the healing tinctures, oh no, the exact opposite, little Riven was enamoured by the hundreds of poisons and venoms that could be made.

One day, while hunting in the woods with her family, Riven decided to test her new snare trap, it had tiny barbs on it doused in a paralytic poison. After placing the bait, she laid in wait, for what seemed like hours, but finally, Riven heard the tell tale squeak of a trapped rabbit! With a big grin on her face, she carried her bounty back to her family, just as her cutie mark finally appeared, a poultice satchel, surrounded by a snare trap.

A few years down the road, Riven grew bored of just simply useing her poisons to trap game, and thought, 'Hey, I bet I could make a killing sellin this stuff to ponies!', and set off on her way to town to sell her poisons as pesticides. While she did make a decent amount of bits, it wasn't near as much as she expected; feeling rather defeated, she started on her way back home; when suddenly, she was stopped by a mysterious pony in an a dark trench coat. The stallion stated he was willing to buy all of Riven's stock of poison, and for DOUBLE what she was asking, so long as she didn't ask any questions. She agreed wholeheartedly. With a spring in her step, she headed back home and put away her money and continued her daily jaunt into town to sell her wears; and just as before, the mysterious pony would show up to buy the rest. Soon enough, she found out, the stallion was buying the poisons for a series of heists in the area. Without a second thought Riven decided, 'Hey, if he's making this much money from a small town like Ponyville....what could I get in somewhere like Hoofington?', and with that, she left home and started her path towards becoming one of the best poison merchants in Equestria.

Later still, Riven was SET, Hoofington made for such an easy target; there were little witnesses when she'd trap someone, and those who did see, were too scared to say anything for fear of being poisoned. With her Grand Empire of Poison's foundation set before her, Riven grew complacent, and also, grew less careful by the day.

One day though it all came crashing down. Her Empire had caught the attention of not only bounty hunters, but the Royal Knights as well. As fate would have it, a female bounty hunter by the name of Angelcake and a Royal Knight by the name of SIr Knightly, finally caught the Empress of Poison in her own domain, The Hoofington Bar. At her sentencing in Canterlot, there was little pleading she could do, she found it quite ironic, how, long ago, she could just say 'It wasn't me.' and get off scot free, but now, it was too far gone. At the bang of the gavel, Riven was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Three years later. Three years can really change a pony in a place like the Canterlot Prison, Riven is no exception; given time to think on her crimes and the troubles she caused to the nation, she soon became the prison's nicest and most reformed inmate. The warden saw this too, and, within a few weeks, had Riven pardoned on good behaviour. Now, Riven is a free mare once more, but without a real home to go to anymore, there was little she could do but take a tent and set up in Whitetail Woods. Her old profession was too risky to take back up, so instead, she became a simple mare for hire, doing odd jobs here and there for ponies in town, everything from bucking apples to moving sofas. Life was good. But in her mind, there's still nagging thoughts, begging her to get the kind of money she used to have or to get revenge on the ones who stuck her in that prison to begin with. Only time will tell what Riven will do with her life, but for now, her life is simple.

Personality wise, Riven is a hard working, determined individual when she sets her mind to it. When she's not working she can often be seen relaxing in her tent in the Whitetail Woods or making potions and tinctures out of the herbs that grow there. Around her friends, or rather, the few associates she used to have, she is a rather happy and nice pony; but when angered, she has a tendency to flip out on whoever happens to be closest.

Poison Joke Reaction: Become shaky and unable to mix potions or set traps correctly.

Text Colour: Electric Green (#00FF00)


Art by Cheese Canan

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Right, while she still harbours SOME ill feelings toward what happened, and she may still be a jerk at times, she'll be using the herbs and such for good; the 'thoughts of going back to how she was', was more so to add flavour to the story of Riven herself.

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Actually, equines can eat meat, some of the proteins wouldn't digest and just pass through is all, kind of like if we humans tried to eat grass. And being who they were, the parents didn't JUST trap for meat, they didn't let any of the animal go to waste. Y! Answers Reference

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Actually, equines can eat meat, some of the proteins wouldn't digest and just pass through is all, kind of like if we humans tried to eat grass. And being who they were, the parents didn't JUST trap for meat, they didn't let any of the animal go to waste. Y! Answers Reference

I guess to me it makes less sense for ponies to trap primarily for food when meat doesn't provide them with the nutrients they needs nearly as well as flora, which would be in abundance around them. The expenditure to benefit ratio would be significantly lower than it would be for farming or even foraging. It works for us humans because we evolved a metabolism that can consume meat as a high energy resource.

I could see them perhaps as trappers for the meat and furs (and other stuff) to sell to griffin society as a trade, perhaps they would be near enough for this to be a worthwhile endeavor even if it would be looked down upon my most ponies.

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Indeed, though, in the app, I never really stated what the hunting was done for, I was trying not to focus on that as much really, simply due to the fact something like this might come up heh.

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