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Fire Under Your Wings [request entry]


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"All right newbies! if you think you've impressed anypony today..." Spitfire moved until she was just underneath the nose of a big stallion recruit. "...think again!" She eyed him from under her sunglasses. The stallion gulped and backed up a pace.


The stallion appeared rattled from her intimidation tactics. Good! That was exactly what fresh Wonderbolt recruits needed. A dose of the old "You think you're hot stuff? Think again!" medicine. She had whipped the current batch into shape over the past two weeks and they would soon have their trial run at becoming a real Wonderbolt. Most of them would fail and that was ok with the fiery yellow mare. She only wanted the best by her side.

"Alright, dismissed!" She could hear audible sighs of release at the order. "Hit the showers on the double!"

Spitfire turned and trotted off. Her wing ponies could see to the recruits from here. As she kept up pace towards her office Spitfire let out a sigh of her own. She needed a break! It was tough working with recruits, it weighed on her nerves and her spirit. She needed some free time. A chance to stretch her wings and explore. Who knew she might even find a little adventure of her own.

The mare ducked into her office and donned her traveling gear. She wouldn't dream of wearing her Wonderbolts uniform on the type of trip she had planned for herself. The last thing she needed was a bunch of fan ponies surrounding her and cramping her space. She pulled a leather bomber jacket over her torso and then tosses a packed pair of saddle bags onto her back. It wouldn't hurt to have the essentials with her.

Soon Spitfire was airborne! She loved the feeling of the wind whipping through her mane and tail. a heavy breeze made her shiver as it ran furrows through her coat. It was good to be alone and in the air! She looked down through her flight goggles, noting her path over the top of the Everfree forest. At this rate it would take her a good couple of hours to get near BeakBreak City. The urban trade city was her stop over destination for the night before heading on to the Dragon Peaks! She had recently found out that the volcanic activity in the area of the Peaks was increasing. That would be something to see!


A few hours of flight later the pegasus was soaring of the north end of Roughrider Ridge. The Trensel River sparkled below her and as she looked further north she could just make out the ridge of mountains blocking the Badlands from the Ridge. It was beautiful. She did a few extra loops, just taking in the view. The feeling of the wind in her wing feathers made her smile as she flew on. This was the life! Free, with nopony asking her for help and trying to get her attention.

"Ahhhhh! I could get used to this!" The sun was starting to set and it highlighted Spitfire as she soared on her back with her front hooves crossed over her chest.

Eventually she had to land. It was time to find a place for the night. The industrial feel of BeakBreak was exciting to be a part of. The city was a hub of trade activity, even in the evening hours. She stopped by a roadside vendor Downtown a bought an alfalfa wrap before her eyes caught a nice looking inn. She gulped down the food as she made her way towards the entrance to the inn.

"Griffon's Claw Inn"

A swinging sign above the front door read. She pressed open the door and walked inside. She pushed her flight goggled up between her ears and looked around. Lots of ponies and other creatures were seated at table, sipping drinks and sampling simple fare. She noted there was a large amount of griffons in the place. The pegasus walked up to the counter and ordered an a cider. She wanted to order an appltini but this didn't seem like the sort of place that would serve a fancy drink.

Soon Spitfire was seated at the counter next to another inn occupant. She turned and nodded to them in an amiable fashion.

"How's it goin'?"

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From the looks of the patron she turned to greet, he looked rather soft. The cobalt courier Pegasus was on a layover in the city, having handed off a package to a capable griffon for the next leg of its journey. He looked over at the voice, his ears perked. "Oh hello there, miss. It's going well. Just on a little layover after handing off an important package of documents to the next available regional carrier. A stout griffon, looked rather capable of the task. I'd have personally delivered it but there's some silly law or stipulation that prevents me from doing so.", he said softly, brushing his icy blue mane away from his own flight goggles.

Dressed in a similar fashion to the Pegasus mare, he had to chuckle. The lean stallion glanced at her with his brown eyes, recognizing her with a smile. "Ah, Miss Spitfire. I'm Silverbolt, courier for the crown.", he said in a whisper, so as not to attract any unwanted attention. He took a long draught of his cider, tail flicking slightly at the taste of it.

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The door to the inn was pushed open with force and in stepped a rather irritable griffon. Though one with a slight.....height deficit. He was a bit shorter then most, probably only coming up to a ponies shoulder. And he was not happy.

"Call me short. I'm not short, I showed those punks." He snarled under his breath as he walked to the counter.

He sat at the counter and slammed a talon full of bits onto the counter, shocking the bartender.

"Coffee and water." He said, before placing a talon to his head and tried to take slow deep breathes in an effort to calm himself down.

'I swear if one more pony or griffon calls me short, I'm gonna snap!' He thought.

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Xan pulled his knife out of the wood of the makeshift target he had made for what seemed the hundredth time. Frankly, he was bored. He had no contracts to complete at the moment, and he didn't know what to do with this rare span of free time. After walking a ways from the target, he swiftly turned and released the knife. With a resounding thunk, the knife buried itself, once again, directly in the bullseye. He sighed as he walked over to retrieve the knife again. He had free time, and how was he choosing to spend it? Target practice in an empty building, that's how. It was fine at first, but after hitting roughly the same spot over and over, the knife almost buried itself up to the hilt.

He decided to get out to the city after retrieving his knife. As he walked to the window he had entered from, he stowed his knife among his many others and pulled the hood of his cloak over his head. He launched himself out the window and spread his wings, taking to the air. It was time to move on anyways, that building likely wouldn't stay empty for much longer. He flew to BreakBeak City, hoping to either find somepony to hire him, or something to do that wasn't target practice. He eventually reached the city and found an inn.

"Why not? Got nothing better to do." He said to himself, heading inside the Griffon's Claw Inn. After a brief visual examination of the inside and the patrons, he went to an empty table near the bar and sat down. Most of the other patrons were griffons, but that was no surprise. That's how it had been in the city during his last visit here. He simply ordered some water and regarded the bar calmly from under his hood.

Then a pegasus mare walked in that caught his eye. Was that Spitfire? It had to be with that coloration. She sat down at the bar and began speaking with the pegasus stallion beside her. They were dressed somewhat similarly, which seemed strange. Maybe the two knew each other. He focused on them, and everything else faded a bit. Now he could hear their conversation. It seemed they didn't know each other, given that the stallion just introduced himself as Silverbolt, a courier. Well, he must not have any packages right now, since he was in here.

A very angry looking, and somewhat short, griffon burst through the doors, grumbling to himself. Xan watched him make his way to the counter before focusing once again on Spitfire. She might have something worthwhile to steal, or maybe she could give him ideas on what to do with himself. She wouldn't know she was giving him ideas of course, but that didn't mean it wouldn't happen.

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'Spring Breeze' wandered around the Breakbeak city in a mild stupor. She'd arrived in the city an hour or so ago by sneaking a ride on a trade airship, deciding to go out of a combination of curiosity and simply lacking anything better to do with her time. Previously she never had the opportunity to see a city like Breakbeak, but with things finally starting to calm down some and her current lack of obligations the false pegasus now found herself with little but time.

On arrival she was beginning to doubt the wisdom of indulging her curiosity however, as she was feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. This was a far cry from the small town atmosphere she was used to. The atmosphere was a lot less friendly, though not so much hostile as just...busy. Everypony here seemed to have somewhere to go or something to do, and consequently just didn't have any time for a mare wandering about the city aimlessly. 'Spring Breeze' couldn't begrudge them that really, she even found that kind of focus to be something of an admirable trait. In the short term though, it didn't make her situation any easier. That the place was reminding her somewhat of the hive made her that much more uneasy.

Her wanderings eventually took her to a building called the Griffon's Claw Inn. She pulled out a small pouch that she'd kept hidden under a wing, shaking it a bit and mentally counting the coins inside again. It wasn't much, just a little she'd earned from generous patrons in compensation for some of the little things she did. She didn't have much to spend on though, so it evened out. Returning the pouch to its hiding place and looking at the sign again, the false pegasus reasoned with herself that the expense of spending an evening in the inn, was outweighed by the risks of spending a night on the streets on a city she had no contacts in and basically no knowledge of. That, and supposedly an inn was the best place to find either some friends or some odd jobs, either of which she could use at the moment. 'Spring Breeze' nodded to herself, and then stepped in the door, just waiting to let a somewhat small and angry looking griffon pass through first. Not looking for a fight, she was relieved when he payed her no mind and just continued grumbling something to himself.

The atmosphere inside the bar was at least more open than the city proper, if maybe a bit...noisier than she would have liked. The place seemed to be mostly full of griffons, which she for the most part wasn't quite ready to talk to just yet. Maybe after a couple drinks, but 'Spring Breeze' wanted to a observe for a bit she fell back on that plan. As she looked around the room, she spotted a pair of pegasi seated at the bar, in the midst of a conversation. She settled herself on an empty stool a short distance away from them, hoping to catch a little of the conversation.

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Oh hello there, miss.

A courier pegasus huh? Well, at least he was using his wings for something. If there was one thing she couldn't comprehend it was pegasi who opted for professions that didn't make the most use out of their wings.

Her cider was placed on the counter and the yellow mare dropped her eyes for a moment to take a sip. The refreshing taste brought a small smile to her muzzle. She usually enjoyed something sweet after a day of flight, and this day had included lots of flight. The smile vanished quickly from her features. She had an image to maintain after all.

Ah, Miss Spitfire. I'm Silverbolt, courier for the crown.

Her eyes narrowed in slight irritation. Not at this new pegasus, at her complete inability to go unnoticed. Ponies so often strove for the spotlight, she had done so herself. But once the light was you, it was hard to fade into the shadows. She shrugged the collar of her bomber jacket up closer to her cheeks and glanced quickly around the place. She hoped nopony had heard him and it looked for now like they hadn't.

"Silverbolt is it?" She took another sip of cider. "Yeah, I'm Spitfire." She spoke low. "Just tryin' to get a little time away from my career." She smirked, thinking of the new recruits back at the Academy. Most likely they were sitting up in their bunks, talking late into the night about how they wanted to be like her. If only they knew what it felt like to be Spitfire, Captain of the Wonderbolts. Most of them would never even make it onto the Wonderbolts, much less have a shot at coming anywhere near the rank she had attained.

It wasn't that she didn't love her job. She dearly loved it. She had poured every ounce her her tenacity and drive to attain her Captain's rank. It was her life's goal and dream. But like most dreams, it came with a cost. One of those costs, the one that seemed to weigh her down the most was having anypony ever see her for who she really was. Not that she wanted the whole world to know but it would be nice to have a few ponies she could be herself around.

"Good to meet you." She raised her eyebrows at Silverbolt, studying him for a moment before the door was slammed open.

Coffee and water.

The griffon stormed to the counter and sat with his claw to his forehead.

Spitfire turned back to Silverbolt and spoke quietly. "There are bad days...and then there are bad days..." She nodded her head towards the griffon.

'I know the feeling fella.' She thought to herself as she watched the griffon for a moment.

The inn was beginning to fill up. Aside from the griffons and ponies that had already been there a couple other pegasi had shown up. Spitfire could sense the eyes of the dark colored pegasus on her from time to time. Nothing out of the usual there. Ponies were always eying her. It was none of Spitfire's concern. She could look after herself.

"So Silverbolt?" She finished off her cider and eyed the keep for another. "You got plans for your layover in BeakBreak?"

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As she explained what she was doing here, he could definitely understand why she'd want to keep it on the down low. He smiled back at her and gave a nod. "I hear ya, everypony needs a break at some point. Or else we'd all go absolutely bonkers!", he replied with a chuckle. Then the inn doors slammed, making him jump a little and flutter his wings nervously.

He took one look at the griffon's demeanor as he demanded coffee and water from the keep and looked back at Spitfire. He nodded at her words, he knew the feeling all too well himself. But now it was back to the regularly scheduled conventions of conversation for him. As she asked him what he was planning for his layover in BeakBreak, he sighed. He really didn't have much going on at the moment. "Well, nothing too important. I'm just supposed to sit here for a few days and wait to see if there are any documents that need to be sent back to Canterlot or elsewhere.", he replied with a soft sigh as he finished the rest of his cider and placed the glass on the counter.

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Razor snatched the water as soon as it was brought and downed it in a single gulp.

"Ugh." He said, before tossing a glance at the two ponies next to him.

He leaned back slightly when he noticed one was a mare. Now that he was getting his calm back...he was also getting his general.....phobia.

"Uh....hi." He said, "hope my little outburst didn't interrupt your date or whatever."

He grabbed his coffee now and drank it slower this time, savoring it. Casting a glance to the door every so often. He hoped that those stallions he whacked up didn't come in. He didn't want to start a bar fight.

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Xan stayed where he was, glancing at the pony that had come in after the griffon. He looked away, and, after a second, looked back. He recognized her. What was 'Spring' doing here? Was the changeling in roughly the same position as him, finding herself with free time and nothing to do?

He kind of hope she didn't see him. Or, if she did, that she wouldn't make a big deal about his profession to the patrons of the inn. He knew what she was, really, and she knew what he did as his job. He had yet to reveal her secret to anypony, though he had let her know he knew as he had left. He wondered if she had shared what he did, and if so, who she told.

Xan turned his attention back on Spitfire and Silverbolt just as the latter said he wasn't really doing anything, just sitting around to see if there was a return delivery. Then the diminuitive griffon spoke to the two, saying he hoped he hadn't interrupted their date. Xan snorted at this, then nonchalantly took a drink of water.

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Well, nothing too important. I'm just supposed to sit here for a few days and wait to see if there are any documents that need to be sent back to Canterlot or elsewhere...

She sighed inwardly. Just like a stallion to not ask her was thinking of doing in return. The thought made her smirk, but only for a moment. Another cider was placed in front of her and she pulled it near as she asked him a question.

"So, you hear about the increase in volcanic activity? It's rumored to be pretty spectacular right now near the Dragon Peaks."

She was going to continue but the griffon cut in.

"hope my little outburst didn't interrupt your date or whatever."

She narrowed her eyes at the griffon for a moment and then thought better of saying anything cutting. It didn't bode well with her to mess with griffons, plus this one had apparently had a bad day. Though she was fiery she didn't really enjoy making bad days for the general populace.

"Ha...date..." She sipped her drink, not bothered by the comment. "That's a good one eh Silverbolt?" She reached over and elbowed him lightly as if they were old friends. The mare sat back and sipped her cider.

"Either of you heard what's happening around the Dragon Peaks?" She eyed the griffon and Silverbolt.

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Out of the corner of her eye, 'Spring Breeze' spotted a dark coloured pegasus watching her briefly, and cursed under her breath. She thought she might have seen him when coming through the door, but from a combination of hoping she'd mistaken a random stranger for somepony she knew and hoping that ignoring this particular problem would make it go away. Just her luck: miles away from her current place of residence, and she happens to run into the one pony she'd specifically prefer not to see...

Wait a second, just what was he doing all the way out here anyways? 'Spring Breeze' mulled this over for a second. Xan wasn't the type to spend a night on the town either he was meeting a client or contact here, which seemed unlikely as given the patrons and layout this bar didn't look ideal for a clandestine meeting, or he had just as little to do as she did. Regarding him for a moment, she almost got up to go ask him about it, but decided it would probably be a better idea not to provoke a reaction from him. She turned her attention back to the pair at the bar.

Well, trio now. It appeared that a griffon had interjected himself into the conversation, seemingly half-heartedly apologizing for spoiling a date. 'Spring Breeze' smirked a little at that, even from a distance she could tell there was no romance going on. It had a particular...'smell' to it.

The pegasi just shrugged off the interruption, the mare asking about the Dragon Peaks, for the second time in as many minutes. She seemed awfully interested interested in them. 'Spring Breeze' didn't know much about the place, but what little she had heard made it sound rather uninviting. She couldn't imagine why a pony would be interested in them.

Part of her realized she'd probably get the same information from letting the conversation play out, but before 'Spring Breeze' could stop herself she'd slid over the a stool next to the pair, on the opposite side of the griffon. “Just indulge me for a second here,” she waved a hoof as she spoke, “what's got you so interested in the Dragon Peaks?”

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"You cheated!"


The ivory pegasus winced as the Griffon at her table shouted at her. On the table the pair sat at was a deck of cards and laid flat on Mistral's side was a what could be called a royal flush, on the griffon's side was... nothing as he had tossed his cards in the air in his fit of anger. "Look, Pal. I told ya I was good at dis... now ya gonna pay me or not?" asked the slightly smug looking mare at the table, seemingly unphased by the angry griffon before her. The griffon continued to yell at the pegasus in the snazzy hat,"NO! You definitely cheated!". The mare chuckled and took the deck of cards and hoofed them to the griffon,"Well den, you wanna shuffle again... y'know fer the third time."

The Griffon growled angrily at her and knocked the deck out of the pony's hoof, giving her a deep scratch on the forehoof in the process,"OW! What the hay was dat for?!" she asked angrily, her temper flaring up. The griffon just stood there and tole her it served her right for cheating. Mistral glared at him, seething for a few moments,"For the last time... I didn't cheat!" at this point if nopony or griffon intervened a fight might break out between the two of them... and honestly the pegasus didn't look like the type that could hold her own against a big burly griffon.

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“Just indulge me for a second here, what's got you so interested in the Dragon Peaks?”

Before the others had answered her question a red coated mare had taken a seat and entered the conversation. Spitfire eyed her for a moment, not really sure why this mare gave her an odd feeling. There was just something about her eyes.

"Well, you see I'm looking for a good adventure. I've spent too many days consumed by my job and I just need something new and exciting." She finished off her second cider and continued. "I heard a rumor that the volcanic activity in the Dragon Peaks area has really taken off."

She leaned on the counter with one hoof, pushing her stool up onto two legs. Here she balanced as she continued. "You ever wondered what it might be like to fly through a volcanic eruption?" Her eyes had taken on a sparkle. Spitfire lived for speed and danger! She couldn't wait to try her wings at flying through fire! She wondered what the others might think of this notion.

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Razor perked up slightly at the sound.

"Volcano? Lava?" He turned with a almost excited look, "The chance to fly fast in the face of life threatening danger and death!?"

Oh that's what he loved. He had been so bored and now, now he had a chance for some real high flying fun.

He twitched slightly and turned toward where he heard the sound of a griffon getting aggressive. A familiar feeling came over him, the predator's instinct.

"Oh for the love of." He said, "be right back." He got off his seat and moved over to where the griffon was. Next to him and the griffon, it was obvious Razor was shorter then most griffons.

"Look pal. I'm not one to come to a pony's rescue. But I'm gonna say this. Just save yourself from making yourself looking like a fool and just leave. You got no proof she cheated so just back off. Besides your screaming is starting to annoy me when I'm possibly getting a chance to see some real action."

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'Spring' had gone over to Spitfire and asked what was going on. It had looked like she was going to come to him, and he was sort of relieved that she hadn't. Xan almost choked on his water when he heard Spitfire's answer. She was planning on flying through an eruption? That sounded crazy, and yet somewhat fun. It's not like he didn't risk himself all the time anyways, maybe he should join. It would give him something to do besides ruin woodwork in somepony's house.

There were sounds of an angry griffon coming from another table, at which the griffon was playing cards with a pegasus mare. The griffon was accusing the mare of cheating, and Xan almost threw a knife at him to shut him up. The thief refrained from that though, not wanting to draw much if any attention to himself. The short griffon went over to the table and addressed the other griffon, telling him to leave. Xan leaned back in his seat, ready to spring into action should things get ugly.

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"Volcano? Lava? The chance to fly fast in the face of life threatening danger and death!?"

Well this griffon seemed like he'd be in for the adventure. Up until a moment ago she hadn't really considered inviting anypony along for the ride. But hey, that could make things much more interesting. Of course it would be at their own risk. If there was one thing she didn't need it was a bunch of ponies looking to her for guidance or leadership. She needed a break from that stuff. Anypony that came with her would come on their own terms at their own risk.

Spitfire opened her mouth to reply but the words were cut short as the griffon turned his attention towards the ruckus at the nearby table.

"Hopefully this doesn't get out of hoof..." She looked towards Silverbolt and the red coated mare. "I really just wanted to have a nice sip of cider and relax. I don't need to deal with any fighting right now." She nodded to the keep for another cider.

"So, either of you two ever thought about flying through a volcanic eruption?" It was an odd question. Most ponies would never even dream of doing with Spitfire was planning.

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The false pegasus' jaw fell open at the yellow pegasus' response, and she couldn't help but staring incredulously. THAT was the reason?! This mare was going to risk life and limb, not to secure something strategically important or even personally valuable, but because she was bored at work?! 'Spring Breeze' couldn't help but stare incredulously. Is this really how ponies spent their free time?

Fortunately her faux pas went unnoticed and she had an opportunity to collect herself, as the griffon gave a very enthusiastic reply to the mare's idea (maybe they really were all crazy...) before everypony's attention was suddenly drawn to the other side of the room. 'Spring Breeze' just watched as the griffin walked stepped away, presumably to interfere with the potential brawl. The false pegasus herself noted it, making a point to keep an eye on the situation but unwilling to get involved at this stage. Maybe if it escalated, but otherwise she owed these ponies nothing, and all she stood to gain by interfering was unwanted attention from the local guard.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the yellow pegasus asking “So, either of you two ever thought about flying through a volcanic eruption?” 'Spring Breeze' was opened her mouth to refuse, but when she thought about it for a moment she realized she didn't actually have a reason to. She didn't have anything more important to do, and even if she did get injured nothing would be lost if she had to spend a few weeks recovering. And hey, it was bound to be better than wandering the city aimlessly.

“Can't say that I have before,” she said eventually, “but what the hay, it could be fun.”

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Xan smirked at Spitfire's question. Why would any of them have thought about flying through an eruption before? It didn't seem likely that any of the ones she was talking to had. 'Spring' eventually answered, saying that she hadn't. He thought not, since planning on flying through an eruption would sound like suicide. He was still on the fence about joining this adventure, especially since 'Spring' was apparently going. He really didn't have anything better to do though, and he had no idea when he would get more work.

It's not like he actually needed more bits, he rarely ever used the ones he had, and he kept getting more from the jobs. He simply stole most of what he needed, only paying when he thought he couldn't get away with theft. He had started stashing the excess bits in buildings, since he had too much to carry around and he didn't want to go starting any bank accounts. He didn't remember being in this inn before, which meant there likely wasn't any of his money hidden here.

He weighed his options, trying to decide if he should join this little adventure. He shrugged to himself, deciding that he might as well. Now he just needed to wait either for them to leave for the adventure, or for a good time to insert himself into the conversation.

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Before the fight could escalate another griffon stepped in on Mistral's side, defending her. It was a good thing he did too since she felt her temper boiling over and felt like she could take a swing at the annoying creature.

"Look pal. I'm not one to come to a pony's rescue. But I'm gonna say this. Just save yourself from making yourself looking like a fool and just leave. You got no proof she cheated so just back off. Besides your screaming is starting to annoy me when I'm possibly getting a chance to see some real action."

Smiling at Razor she stood beside him and gave him a wink, "Thanks, Nice ta meet a griffon in this place dat has a workin' brain." said the mare in a slightly smug tone. The mare sighed and looked at her hoof with a sigh,"This big lug gave me one heck of a scratch..."

Suddenly the larger griffon sized Razor up and growled at him, "Out of my way shrimp! This pony cheated me and I want my money!"

((OOC: sorry for the short post. Also keep in mind anyone can play and control this nameless griffin as they see fit))

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Razor twitched. Visably. Very visably. In fact, it was possible ponies could hear something snap.

'Shrimp? Shrimp? HE CALLED ME A SHRIMP!?!' He thought, feeling his temper flaring.

"That's it! Come here hair ball! I'll show you shrimp!" He shouted before tackling the larger griffon and clawing at him with all his might. He might have been short and no doubt physically weaker then the other griffon, but the surprise attack and the speed of his hits no doubt put the offender off.

Razor used his small size and speed to move around the larger foe and even managed to knock him off balance and into a table with several ponies sitting at it.

"Still think I'm a shrimp!" Razor shouted as he started whacking the griffon with cider filled flagons, until the larger griffon whacked him off and into another table.

Razor shook himself before getting back on his feet, and the two started circling each other, growling feline growls before going at each other again.

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Xan sighed when the larger griffon wouldn't let it go, demanding that he get his money from the mare he had claimed had cheated him. Honestly, Xan didn't care if the mare actually had cheated, it didn't matter to him. He kind of wanted there to be a fight though, then he wouldn't be quite so bored. It was hard to be bored in an actual fight.

It seemed his wish was being granted. The small griffon had tackled the larger one, apparently because of a comment about his size. Xan watched the two griffons battle for a while, not even moving from his spot when the small one was thrown into a nearby table. He kept watching them go at it before eventually deciding to get involved. When he got a clear shot at the griffons, he flung a knife at them. He didn't really care which of the griffons he hit, as long as he hit one of them.

It ended up hitting the larger one in the back of the head, handle first. He smiled to himself before getting up from his seat, drawing the attention of the larger griffon, who had been searching for who had hit him. Xan just gave a smirk at the griffon, letting him know who had hit him. Xan threw another knife, this one as a distraction. It worked, the griffon dodged the knife, which buried itself in the wall, and Xan delivered a punch from his flying leap that sent the griffon into a table.

Xan stayed out of the way of the griffon's attacks, delivering quick, powerful strikes where he saw openings.

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Whoa whoa whoa! Spitfire's eyes widened as she watched the fight between the pegasus and the griffons escalate quickly into an all out brawl. Pretty soon another pony had gotten himself into the mix, deciding to throw blades at one of the griffons.

"And I thought flying through lava was gonna be exciting..." She spoke to whoever might be in hearing range. "This is just nuts!" She continued to watch the fight play out. Eventually one of the griffons would have to back down and Spitfire just hoped that would happen before they torn the whole place to the ground.

The yellow pegasus hopped down from where she had been seated and came to stand near the white pegasus. "So, you seem like an adventurous pony. You've even got a griffon on your side." She nodded towards Razor as he circled with the larger griffon. "Some of us are gonna be going on a little fun seeking adventure tomorrow morning if you'd like to come along. Your griffon defender sounded interested."

The fighting progressed until the larger griffon began to back down. The combination of Razor's quick fighting techniques and a knife handle to the back of the head had begun to make him dizzy.

(OOC: I'm thinking a couple more posts in here and then I'll move this to the following morning. Just PM me if that doesn't work for you)

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With the knives, which thankfully didn't hit him, and his own speed the other griffon was down before he could do anything. Though Razor was sure to have a few bruises and a black eye after all that. But he did it! Or...well he had help but..HE WON!

"Ha! I win! I win! Ahahahahahha!" Razor cheered as he laughed in triumph.

Of course what he didn't see was the rather large unicorn bar own right behind him. When he took notice of a rather large shadow behind him, Razor turned and met with death's glare.

The unicorn's horn glowed and Razor yelped as the magic yanked him off his feet.

"Hey! Put me do-aaaaahhhh!"Razor screamed as he was, literally, tossed out the door. He hit the ground with a grunt and started to get up, until the bigger griffon was also tossed out and fell on him.

"AHHHH! Get off me!" He yelled at the rather unconscious bigger griffon, which was crushing his wind pipe. He struggled to get out from under him, but was having some trouble.

The bar owner yelled, "And stay out!" before going back in.

"Hey.....Hey! Get this guy off me!" Razor yelled. He kept struggling till finally getting free and stuck his tongue at the bar.

"Ahh the place stinks anyway!" He shouted before walking off grumbling. He would find that pony later tomorrow. For now he needed rest.....and some bandages.

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The fight was over, the large griffon unconscious and the smaller one cheering. Xan was, in all honesty, disappointed. He had thought that would be more fun, or at least last longer. He didn't share the small griffon's enthusiasm, especially since he spotted the owner coming up behind the griffon. He watched, with a slight hint of amusement, as the unicorn proceeded to throw both the griffons out.

Before the bar owner had a chance to throw him out as well, Xan was in the shadows of the rafters, out of sight. He had collected the first knife he had thrown, but the second would've taken too much time, so he left it buried in the wall. He could get it out later, or get it from anyone that decided to take it.

He had managed to place a note under Spitfire's drink while the griffons were being thrown out. It waited there for her return to her seat, and it read:

'I'm coming along on your little trip to the volcano.

- X'

Xan sat up in the rafters, blending in with the shadows while he watched the bar patrons and drank his water. This looked like it was going to be an interesting time, this little excursion.

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