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Captain America! Winter Soldier!

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It felt more like Spy fiction or a political thriller than superhero to me, but it wasn't inappropriate. If anything, it proved that the superhero setting (and I call it a setting) can stretch to do anything it feels like. I don't think it topped First Avenger, but to me, it's definitely equal. I had to sit down and actively try to recall just who some of the recurring characters were. Also, yay logic, Falcon's wing harness has a parachute. THANK YOU FOR COMMON SENSE.

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The movie did so much right and so little wrong. It's easily one of the top tier marvel movies now.

For now...

Let's see if they can kick things up a notch for their next movies!

Also, I've yet to see CA:WS, I'm considering to watch it when it gets cheaper.

I'll probably even buy the movie when it comes out on blu-ray.

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