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Hawke Dreamcrest [Ready]


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Name: Hawke Dreamcrest (Real Name: Sofia Immacolata Goldplume)

Sex: Female

Age: Teen

Species: Griffon (Peregrine Falcon/Cheetah)

Eye Colour: Gold (#FFDF00) with flecks of Silver (#CCCCCC) in the right light.

Coat Colour: Light Tan (#DDBB90) with Black spots across her body.

Feathers/Wings/Beak: The feathers on her head are White around her beak, with patches of Dark Blue-Grey (#666699) around her eyes and the top of her head. Those on top of her head are longer and mostly pushed backwards in a windswept look, while a few are swept forward. Her wings have a wide spread and are Grey-Blue (#8C92AC) in colour with both lighter and darker spots across them. Her beak fades from Dark Blue-Grey (#666699) at the tip, to White at the base.

Physique: Thin and lithe, looking at the slim toned muscles of her screams speed. A head taller than the average griffoness.

Residence: Formerly Talonopolis.

Occupation: N/A. Marathon Flier, Works Odd Jobs.

Unique Traits: While her swift flight speed is not unique in and of itself, this coupled with her years of experience with yoga has made her exceedingly flexible and capable of moving quickly, quietly, and through tight spaces, which could make her a rather good thief should she want to. Which she certainly wouldn't. Not ever. Nor has she ever attempted. Nope. Not at all.

History: If one were to ask Hawke about their history, they'd likely never get the same answer twice. Sometimes she was born in the wilderness between Talonopolis and Rockwington. Sometimes she'd claim not to know. It's difficult to get her to commit to one story or real details, always giving vague or misleading or just plain impossible answers. But if someone were to learn just who she really was...Well that would tell a different story.


Sofia Immacolata Goldplume, daughter of Araldo Gionatta and Meridith Diana Goldplume, never wanted for anything in her life. She and her brother Tarisio were often doted on, expected to grow into polite and proper nobles and live a nice, ritzy, dreadfully boring life filled with political talks and hobnobbing. And while to some this life would be cloud nine, Sofia nor her brother were content with this silver platter nonsense.

Growing up, Sofia would often tag along with her older brother as he and his friends gallivanted around the city, oft times acting as the distraction while the boys would steal away with food or loot from the stalls or slipping some bits or pocket watches from the coat pockets of unsuspecting passersby. And while they may have been great partners in crime, when Tarisio finally stole away with the airship from their parents museum, Sofia stayed behind. Because for as much as the griffoness disliked the near constant pampering, she did love her parents

For a good time, she was able to contain her urge to flee home, despite the constant lectures on 'proper etiquette' or 'dinner conversation' or why stealing a count's cane and hiding it in the rafters wasn't funny. All of this was tolerable, she could still sneak away into Talonopolis and have her fun when she wanted, but one thing above all broke the camel's back.

A noble family from Talonopolis came to stay with them for a short spell, for diplomatic reasons or something else she didn't remotely care about. And with them was their son, a griffon about the same age as Sofia herself. Haughty and full of himself just as she felt most noble to be and while she had to endure more than enough of the griffon's attempts to woo her, still she tolerated this for their stay wasn't long and soon she'd be rid of them.

Or so she had thought. For days after and days after still, the boy showed up. To her door, to her window, even on the streets. Gifts and honeyed words, promises and jewels. Nausea and indigestion. It was obvious to Sofia that she confounded him, and he felt her a game, a prize to be caught. Letting him down gently didn't phase him, trying to get rid of him or scream at him was just 'playing hard to get'. Finally though she had enough.

When next they met, Sofia told him to meet her in the center of Talonopolis at midnight, and then he would know how she truly felt. To which of course the featherbrain agreed. As night crept forth over the city, Sofia slipped from her chambers, out through a window...and off into the night far from Talonopolis.

As she flew with no destination in mind, no cares in the world, she finally understood just what her brother had sought in leaving home. She felt so alive, so free! And so she flew faster, faster, and faster still. Rejoicing at the feeling of the wind whipping past her feathers. It was rush like no other.

By the time she realized that the sun had risen, Sofia was far from her home and while she couldn't be happier, a part of her remained worried. Never having ventured forth from Talonopolis, the griffoness knew little about where she was. She knew she flew east, and below her were trees, bright and green so she assumed it wasn't the Everfree.

With her velocity high dropping and her fatigue rising, a night - or rather morning - of sleep was definitely in order, even if it was in the middle of a unknown forest. Thankfully for her, it was not the Everfree Forest. Sometime into the afternoon, a pony stirred her awake, asking the drowsy griffon if she was alright and what her name was.

Her name! Leaving home like that would surely have her parents looking for her. And while she may have never ventured outside of the city, Goldplume was a fairly well known name. Thinking quickly though, she picked the first name to pop to mind. Hawke Dreamcrest. A legend to some griffons, a folk hero to others, stories told of the griffoness' journey to the ends of the world. No two accounts of her journey were exactly the same, and no one was sure if she ever even really existed. An appropriate, if childish choice.

With this new alias, Sofia has begun to travel across Equestria, rarely staying in one place for long as the winds calls out her name. With her wanderlust and craving for speed, she's started to seek out more and more challenges, the fastest fliers around. Win lose or draw, she was just as happy, pushing herself to her limits and beyond. After all, flying is about the journey, not the destination.

Character Summary: Sofia is a rather upbeat and excitable griffon. Getting her to sit still for long without a good reason would be a feat worth of a medal. More often than not she'd rather fly and talk than sit and chat, though for friends she can make an exception, planting her paws on the ground for a nice chat and a meal.

And while she's abundantly aware of her own speed, she tries her best to not brag or boast. She's not looking to be the best, only to be the best her she can be. Which does mean picking races with ponies and griffons that can out fly her, or at the very least out maneuver her.

Her distaste for the glitzier side of life is quite clear. She'd rather find herself in a rundown diner with good food and company than a five star restaurant with a waiting list a mile long. Generally Sofia is wary of nobles and the rich, never knowing if they might have ties to her family, but will try to give them a chance if they can show they're more than bits and business.

Not having a permanent residence can be both a blessing and a curse, and can sometimes leave Sofia resorting to some old tricks she and her brother used when she was younger. Such as pick pocketing or using her 'wiles' to earn a free meal. Though only as a last resort.

Text Colour: (#666699)

Poison Joke Reaction: Her wings pin to her side and her posture straightens into a more 'proper' stance, and she speaks in a posh and noble tone. Much to her disgust.

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