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Of course.


Of course he along with the rest would be thrown back into the water. Why did he think otherwise? Today was the day the were all meant to die. All their efforts thus far had only prolonged the evitable. What a fool he had been. He actually thought they had a chance. Hah! It was quite funny really and he would have indulge himself by laughing if it wasn't for the gallons of water that was steadily filling his lungs. Nope! No laughing for him! He would die with a soundless scream here in the dark waters. The rest of the misfortunate souls with him. The  violent  currents had almost immediately torn the younger Areion from his grasp, pulling her into the unknown waters and leaving him to drown alone. He supposed that was for the best. It was hard enough for himself to die but holding some else while they did so would be simply horrible. Despite his mind slowly accepting his fate his body seemed to think otherwise. His stubborn limbs  refused to give up as they beat at the surrounding water trying to break for the surface. They would never find it and the sporadic movement was only adding to his fatigued and weakening state. He wanted to just go and get it over with but, his stupid instinct to survive would not allow it. He knew that he would keep fighting, keep trying to find some way to live until his body gave out. He couldn't give up even when he really wanted to.


He nearly received his wish of a quick death when the water slammed his body into the rocky floor pushing him across before picking him back up again. Oh, but life wasn't finished with him yet. The impact was at his side instead of his head which he would have preferred. To think he was worthy enough to be knocked out for this ordeal. Oh that was rich. No, he would have to suffer it seemed. Gibbous could feel himself being ejected from the cavern and back into another body of water. He watched as the surface ever so slowly moved away from him as he sank. Oh...the surface. It was right there. He could see the blurry image of the sun through it. He could reach it if he just gave a few kicks. He found himself to tired to do so. This was it. His body had given out. The only part of him now to ever escape now was the few tiny bubbles that crept from his mouth. The edges of black began to cloud his vision  he would have missed the figure appearing before him if he hadn't been looking upward. What was that? Probably some creature come to drag him further into his awaiting watery grave. Wait. It was going the wrong way. His weak mind protested as said creature began tugging him to the surface. Was it taunting him? Make him think that it was helping only to drag him down more? Or did it prefer to eat it's prey on land, half drowned and only able to squirm as it did so. He wanted to smack it but, he couldn't muster the strength to do so. It only proved to confuse him more as his head did break the surface and he was hauled up into an awaiting ship.


Gibb landed on the deck as the many colorful images confused his jumbled mind. He feel the warmth of the sun and the breeze that floated through. The salty air filled his nose and the squawking of gulls his ears. His eyes sluggishly looked at what surrounded him and at the moment that was multiple pairs of feet. Gibb not wishing to lie flat on his stomach any longer , pushed himself up on shaking hands. Ah, pirates...how nice. He wasn't able to look at the many new faces for long before a powerful urge tore through his body. With an awful heaving sound he proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach onto the deck. His arms shook at the effort to keep himself up as a mix of water and stomach acids left him. The simple act itself proved to be nearly to much for him as it left his body quaking as an after affect. His ache intensified by the injuries he had sustained while in the cavern. His scraped shoulder blade and his battered and bruised side. Oh, how he hoped there was no internal bleeding. Gibb looked up again as what he presumed as the Captain as well as their savior stepped aboard. And my was she a peach. Though he really had no room to talk. He more or less resembled a drowned rat at the moment. His hair soaking mop of black curls. His body bruised and beaten not to mention the shredded mess of pants that he wore. To top it all off, he had made an effort to appear unaffected by the current events. He had tried to keep a calm and collected persona in front of his group in hopes to quell any fears that they may have had. And now here he was, on his hands and knees shivering as he vomited all over their rescuers deck. Ooh how charming~  Stellar performance Gibb! Why don't you take a bow? He waved off his taunting mind as he slowly go to his feet wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He grunted in pain by what the action of standing did to his side. Gibbous placed a hand over it as if it would somehow help quell the pain. 


He listened as the others began to speak was rather surprised that little sister did so first. Not only that but, proceeded to come up with some semblance of a story. He was rather impressed by her quick wits. She had told the captain the truth without giving out too much info. Perhaps she wasn't as innocent as he had originally thought. Bravo little dove. Bravo. He turned his head as Golden spoke up next. He has thanked the lady Captain for her rescuing. A good move. It would not be smart of them if they were to lead the pirates to think them ungrateful for their efforts.  The tall stallion then filled her in on the info that he knew. The ever spirited voice of Flux piped up next whom still remained on the floor where she was placed. No doubt still trying to recover from the water. He could sympathize with that. If it wasn't for him wanting to save face after his little...show then he would most likely still be there as well. She supplied the whereabouts and her own name for their captives. His golden gaze then moved back to the robed Captain. Ah, it was his turn now. She was rather  intimidating however, he could see the faint traces of genuine concern in her features. Right, they needed to make allies with this Captain. In a place such as Australus those didn't come easy. He cleared his throat and tried to mask the wince of pain in his side. "What my friends here say is true. We were taken in tortured and thrown into the depths." He supplied with deciding to leave out the whole imprisoned part and escaping. He would also leave out the name. The Avian. He remembered the prick saying the name as he taunted them. He wasn't sure how much weight the name had to it in the local parts. What if the creature was well known and the mere whispering of his name struck fear into the hearts that knew it. If that was the case it was very likely that the pirates would throw them back overboard and wash their hands of them. Not wishing to become involved. No he would with hold that information right now. Maybe mention it to the Captain if they ever got a chance to speak in private. "I thank you... we thank you for saving us. Without your valiant effort we would no doubt be at the bottom of the sea." He spoke dipping his head respectively  to her. "Ah, I do wish we could repay you for your kindness however, I'm afraid our valuables are long gone." He apologized constructing a sheepish smile on his face. "However, I assure you will be rewarded in due time." He wanted to appear humble though not useless. They were dealing with pirates after all.  He could only hope the prospect of coin would buy them a safe voyage on this boat. With a quick glance at the remaining crew he mustered up the courage and took a bold step forward. "You have my word madam."  His eyes locked with her not in a show of challenge but more out of respect. He slowly lifted his hand out to her to shake not wishing to startle the crew into attacking. "Gibbous, at your service Captain." He decided to supply his name. His true name. Perhaps she knew of his dealings in the black-market. She was a pirate after all and if his memory was serving him he dealt with them before. Then again this was unknown water it was a good chance she hadn't. Still even if that was the case it was respectful to supply it any way.




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As she lay on the deck of the pirate's ship, panting for breath, Sable went back over what all had just transpired to get them to this point. The girl attempting to throw herself into the water after having already nearly fallen in, Sable leading them down into the dark waters, her desperately clutching Clive's skull to her chest as she swam with her strong legs, albeit rather awkwardly. The cloying sense of the waters around her body, barely visible jutting rocks looming up out of the gloom at them as they half swam, half were swept along by the flow of the water itself. 


And then the figure who had just saved them all and aided them up onto the deck of her ship. Sable rolled her head to the side to look up at her as the other spoke, and upon hearing the lie crafted by the young girl Sable quirked an eyebrow in doubt and surprise. This mare was all over the place, one second wanting to kill herself, and the next lying to cover up....what exactly? Now that she really thought about it, what was there to lie about? Then again, lie's were one of the most common currencies traded among the denizens of Australius, so it wasn't surprising to hear yet another one told. What was surprising was the seemingly caring attitude of the pirates themselves. 


This struck Sable as odd, especially given that on an island full of criminals, boats and those who owned them were always a desired asset, and many would try and take them by trick or force. That this lot seemed so friendly was....and then she noticed their hands upon their weapons, and the thief had to let out a little chuckle. of course, the lack of oxygen must be making her paranoid, they didn't actually care, not in the traditional sense anyway, they were waiting to see how useful the group could be to them, either as slaves or hostages, or perhaps some knowledge of valuables the group could provide or any other plethora of ways. It was simple really, it's exactly what she would have done, exactly what she always did.


Sable rolled onto her side and rose up into a sitting position, taking in her surroundings properly. As she did, another thought struck her....what if they weren't in Australius anymore? She had no memories of the Avian, or at least none that she could recall but his little magic trick could have seen to that. But still, it was always a possibility that they were no longer near the island at all. She pondered this for a moment, then filed it away for more thought later. 


After Gibbous introduced himself in such a gentlemanly manner, Sable once again couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle. The mare gathered her limbs beneath her and stood up carefully, still clinging to Clive's bony braincase with one arm, giving a friendly wave with the other splinted hand. " A'hm Sable, pleashure's all mahn. An lahk he said, thanks a bunch fer savin' us. " 

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The captan nodded to lightning, Acknowledging his thanks. But then flux said her peice.

"bird?" She whispered. Her eyes shifted to the deck in thought. 


Then Gib came up and introduced himself. As well as Sable from her place on the deck, she watches him approach. She listening to his introduction. Then as sable speaks up, the captan shifts her eyes to her. she stares at the skull, confused for a moment then to sable herself. nodding quickly acknowledging her.


the captan looked gibbous in the eyes she took his hand shaking it heartily and said out loud to everyone"I am Shark Star-Sailor. The captan of this vessel, the Salty sore. And you are welcome here till we set shore in the harbor of Rock fort. ... I'm sure" she stopped abruptly as behind the group a door to the ship opened "ahh here's our surgeon now." 


What comes out of the door way is a broad shouldered Viking with long greasy hair and an unkept dark blue beard. His fur is a rust looking color with a few scars on his face and arms. He is clad in an apron with brown blood stains all over, and a leather garb underneath.  he has some fierce eyes as if we're ready to leap into battle at a moment's notice. In a rather intimidating voice he says

"Shark! Ak weesh Tull wun muck" the captan replies quickly in the same language before turning back to them. "I'm sure you all just went thru a lot. And you might need some time to collect your nerves. And plan out what you will do on next. Our surgeon; he may not look it but your in the best hands!" she turns and walks off. 


Some of the crew members come and help them up. one scoops up Flux altogether carrying her in his arms. He looks over the insect like changeling then proceeds to walk with her. Another does the same to midnight, a burly woman seems to have no interest in her.  Two come along and help lighting holding him under the shoulders, helping to guide him into the ship. One helps sable by lifting her arms over head and helping her. From behind Him one comes to Gibs. He simply points where to go not saying a word, his hand on the hilt of his blade ready for trouble.


They are lead to a room with many beds and given extra blankets to dry off with. The surrounding crew then leaves them in peace, with the surgeon. Unlike the dark prison they were just in. There's something oddly comforting about the darkness of the ship's bay. The sea made a gentle rocking, and it was nice and warm.


the surgeon took a moment to inspect each one. He stopped at Sable looking at her hands " looft wiegen da ... Da .... Bed, bed" he said pointing for her to lie down and let him work. His hands begin to glow warming up the healing magic within. His magic aurua is a bright pink.


they were finally safe; for now. The party had some time to think and gather there thoughts. 


Those familiar with Australius would know that Rock Fort is a neutral town. Here was where many of the factions did trading. There were little to no escape attempts made here, because the factions used this to import anything they could; most of which was illegal, but for the good of everyone inside.  All the major factions had some sort of stake in Rock fort. there was an uneasy tension between them all here. Fights and brawls were an hourly occurrence. And you never  knew who was going to try and take advantage of who. It was a rough town, but a secure one, that no one would ever dare start a battle in.

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It, had worked? Midnight was honestly shocked, how had it worked? How had she been able to spin such a pathetic web and still succeed in convincing the pirate to let them go? It amazed the Thestral, maybe, maybe I do still have it in me. She threw a glance back to Gibbons, who was throwing up on the boat. The ride was rough, she couldn't blame him for it. Nearly drowning...drowning was about the worst way to go.


She felt a tang of fear when asked who, she couldn't remember a name. Thankfully however, the others spoke up, meaning she could slink back. Despite her success, she was scared and confused of so much and so many. So the fact the others could continue her lie, grow it, was a saving grace to the girl as they seemingly finished convinencing the captain to let them all life.

'Let them live, let Gibbs live, that's all I care about...' she reminded herself silently as the surgeon came out. He looked, urgh. How anyone practised in helping others let that happen, hopefully she wasn't injured. She flapped her wings, no, they're fine. Limbs are all good, eyes, good. Thankfully I don't have to rely on him.


That's when she was picked up, the Thestral was caught heavily by surprise but knew that resisting was pointless, not only because the pirates were, allies, but the women could probably crush her with one hand if it pleased her. Sitting down on the corner of one of the beds, she wraps herself up tightly in a blanket, although why she wasnt' entirely sure. Rock Fort. That's what the captain had said, Rock Fort.


The town was in constant chaos, pretty much all the large groups had a piece of the town and it was far from peaceful. Still, of all destinations, it was, ideal, in its own way. She knew the town, although why was slightly beyond her. A store came to mind, before the rest of it did, and the Thestral smiled. Even after they docked, it wasn't over yet. She'd be able to help them, take care of them all. They wanted to live, she'd give them everything and then, when she had. Then she'd end it for herself. Her reason to live, to get them all alive safely, would be completed. She'd never get revenge on the bird thing for stealing her mind, and while part of her wanted to, she had no part. She was useless, how could she defeat him as nothing?

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Lightning wanted to refure the help at first. He didn't felt weak like the others after all. He stood up but felt his legs shaking. Perhaps the adrenaline from before hadn't gone away, since soon after he stood up, he felt that the gravity was crushing him. He couldn't move his legs well, and giving a step forward was out of the question if he felt like that. He sighed and said nothing, allowing the crew members of the ship help him move into the ship, barely able to walk. He sighed, walking along with them until they arrived to the new room inside the ship


He asked the members of the ship lead him to one of the beds, and sat on it, closing his eyes for a moment as he let the doctor examine the others first. It was the least he could do, and the right thing. He turned to him, mouth still closed, and let him examine him. But the question was, what was this place? He had never seen this town before, not even in a map. He wondered for a moment. Nothing came to mind, but one thing was sure, it seemed... relativly peacefull. Well, compared to what they went trough. He remembered seeing somepony in what it seemed a small brawl with another, yet for what he gathered so far, it seemed usual.

He turned to the doctor after a moment, seeing him carefuly. He didn't seemed to be really one, thanks to how he looked like, but what other option he had other than trusting the captain. That cute cap- damn it! Pull yourself together! It must be how tired I am.... yeah. That must be why... Lightning was in a small internal debate. Oh dear... what a day


After a few moments, he moved his head up, looking to the others.

"We should go to the town and see if we can get some coin and gather some supplies, we must avenge what that monster did to us..." He said in a serious, yet calm tone of voice, not minding... whatever the doctor was saying. "I will not leave this place until he faces justice and we get our powers back, if we can." He added, in a more serious and a bit angry tone.

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The large doctor looked to lightning; he starred for a moment like he didn't understand a word he was saying. He went back to work on sable's hands.


eventually they were finished. Sable would feel a warm comfort from her once nearly snapped off fingers and full mobilitly and strength had returned. He stepped back and said 

"weesh nor haddun sta ram." It seemed like he was telling her she would be ok. But with his inflection he could of said he was going to eat her.


He went on inspecting each member of the party. His hands were rough and calloused like he was wearing gloves, it was hard to imagine he had any feeling in them. But as captan Shark said his healing was second to none. He used powerful spells that helped revive and bring energy back to the everyone. Occasionally muttering things to himself in his strange language.


meanwhile on deck captan Shark now fully dressed took the wheel guiding the sails to the shore. Her first mate, a tried and true friend; who went thru many adventures with her said "captan ... about those in the bay." Shark focused on the sails and brought them closer to the wind "leave them far enough alone. Not even the worst scum of the world would leave ponies in the salty blue, like that." The first mate nodded "not about that maim. It's what they said. .... Bird face mc-meany pants?"


Shark looked to her first mate holding in a giggle but then nodding " I don't know if I believe in those rumors or not. Either way. We let them go in Rock Fort, and try to get the goods within a week." When she finished speaking the youngest member of her crew. A cabin colt who was only about 12 came up the ramp onto the head of the ship and gave them 2 large cups. "Rumors? Of what?" The young boy asked eagerly 

The first mate took his cup and said "none of your business! Get back to work boy!" The captan took her cup and took a long sip 

"nothing to be concerned of boy. Strange rumors of mysterius monster who killed an entire tribe of strong warriors." The cabin boy's jaw dropped. first mate shook his head and in an attempt to calm the boy and himself down he told him the other rumor he heard about the disappearance of the powerful blood spider tribe "and I heard they found the legendary allicorn, which guided them to paradise ... its just rumors kid, now go load the cannons!" The cabin boy nodded and ran off.

the captan gritted her teeth turning the wheel lining up the ship. Once in place she took another sip and starred at the strange land of Australus coming into view over the horizon. A beautiful place were it not for the many dangers within "the Avian ... Can't be." She says shaking her head "get the cargo ready. I'm sure lessy will have everything ready by the time we get there"


the first mate nodded and headed down. As he descended he started a sea chanty for the upcoming work 


the crew heard this and in a garbled mess they replayed "AND UP SHE RISES! The first mate shook his head and repeated "WAY-HAY!" 

time the crew responded more in tune. "AND UP SHE RISES!"



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Flux giggled as she was carried to the lower parts of the ship. She was happy they had found friendly pirates, this was fun! Apparently they were headed to some sort of town, so there was something else to explore! She was really excited about what was coming next!


The changeling waved happily to the medic person, watching as he worked his magic, quite literally. 


"Thanks!" She chirped happily to him as he worked on her. She wasn't really sure what to do before they got to the port, so she just started wandering around the ship, skipping and humming happily as she went. 

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When the callous handed stallion had finished his work, Sable stood up and looked at her hands, slowly clenching and unclenching them before her eyes. At first she felt elation and relief, but that turned to resignation and regret as her mind reminded her that she had lost all of her skills and her hands were still nearly useless. She grit her teeth and quashed those thoughts and emotions, determination replacing them.


As the mare thanked the stallion, one of her party members spoke up, saying that they needed to get back their skills and get back at their former captor, a sentiment that Sable shared as she nodded to him in agreement. She then strode up to the nearest crew member, snatching Clive's skull up in one hand as she went.


" Ah need uh sparrin' partner, gotta work on gettin' mah skills back. Anyone ya know willin' tuh hit an git hit by uh girl? Ah don't care who they are 'er how big they are. Oh, an ah don't s'pose y'all got anybody here who can teach me sum basic healin' spells?  " She cocked her hips, her free hand flexing by her side as she glanced about the room, her gaze searching for someone to accept her challenge, and lingering on the medic as she spoke about healing spells, before letting it rest back upon the random crew member. 

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"Dunkay" the doctor said seemingly in response to flux 

the sailor was looking at clive's skull in fascination. When it was snatched from him. He looked like he would take Sable up on her offer and beat her to a pulp when the doctor firmly growled 

"sum nor volken staff wargnow" 


the sailor then backed down nodding to the doctor and instead left to join his crew in singing and getting there loot ready. Soon after he ascended two crew members came down. 

"It's time to dock, best come to the deck" one said


shark may be an expert pirate and captan but docking along a bridge was always a weakness of hers. A bit of her tounge poked out of her lips as she carefully lines  the wooden mass to the dock and slowly inched forward taking care not to grind it too close. Once satisfied she walked down the ramp where one of her crew members handed her a weapons belt; Fitted with several wooden pistols and 2 swords. "Open her up!" She said as the crew lowered the loading bay making a ramp between the boat and the dock. The Pirates stood a tense guard in case they would be attacked.


the dock was crowded; filled with austalians and a few wardens awaiting there loot. But at there feet like the splash of a puddle a tiny girl dashed between them. She sprinted right past the tense air the Pirates put up. She went right up to the captan shouting "Shark!" Throwing her arms up and taking into her with a tight embrace.

"Lessy! Hey- hey old lady" said shark as she giggled a bit wrapping her arms around the tiny mare. Shark was average high for a woman. And Lessy was not even past her hips. Lessy was an earth mare. She had long pink hair which a frazzled but straight enough. And dark reddish almost back coat. She wasn't ugly .... But you would never say she was exactly attractive. Having a funny look too her face with a big nose, and eyes that looked like giant craters on her face.finally she had some simple, comfortable looking leather trousers and brown shirt far too large for her. 


Shark patted her on the back done with the hug; but Lessy held on wiggling her face back and fourth and tightening her arms "ok that's enough Lessy ..." But this seemed to come upon deaf ears "sorry I missed your 40th birthday. But I think you'll like your present." She said producing a bottle of cider.


this caught lessy's attention "oooh!" She said finally letting go and taking it, looking over the bottle before magically putting it in her inventory. She then looked to the crowd and produced a scroll "ok; you all know what your getting let's be civil or no ones getting anything at all!" 


Shark oversaw the trade and with Lessy organizing everyone it was done quickly. She kneeled down to the little mare and said "Lessy there's some ponies I would like you too meet. I have a feeling they could use your help" 


shark ordered her crew to bring the party to her. The crew were much calmer now that they knew they weren't a threat. And once they were lined up before her. Shark put her hands on lessy's shoulders "this is Lessy. She is a Liason between the major factions of Australia. If you need a job done or to meet someone she can help."


Lessy looked at the party nervously "umm ... Hi .... I'm Lessy .... Umm .... It's short for Useless but I prefer Lessy ..... Um I got some cargo to drop off at the black eye inn. We can talk there if you want to follow me." She then ran off like a scared child shark shook her head "i forgot how shy she can be." 


Fortunetly lessy was not very fast and could easily be caught up with using a brisk walk. Shark set her foot on the banister "this is where we make leave for now. Your journey is on land. And where I sense for you it truely begins."


and with that the open world of Australus awaited them at the end of the wooden bridge.

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Midnight didn't move much, curled up in the blanket allowing her mind to roam within what remained of her once great castle. She blanked reality away, and thought. She roamed her memories, all the good and the bad, trying to remember who she was. What had made her great? What had made her important. And she wasn't sure. She was a....writer, although how she wrote she couldn't remember. Slowly she started piecing together her life, her skills, although how she couldn't recall.

It was only as the docked did something in her mind finally click, and the girl took a deep breath through her nose, even if she kept her face passive. Perhaps, there was a way...A way to recover, or at the very least, relearn everything! Of course, it in itself came at a price...everything did. But it was the start, but she'd been materials and her old home. Something that didn't appear to be likely as she was pulled out to meet 'Lessy'.


Midnight would have called Lessy a girl, she looked younger than her, but that's when the captain mentioned 40. Lessy was 40?! She didn't look the part by far! The girl set off, and Midnight looked at the others. Ironically, that strange women/mare/girl/thing was their ticket in, and her ticket to maybe, just maybe, recovering her life. She had a chance...

'We should follow...Black eye in, is important...I have a house nearby we can use..." She looked over. The Inn itself was directly over the road to an apartment she owns, and was filled with papers, but it was also a place for them to hide out, to plan...whatever it was they wanted to plan.

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Lightning was one of the last ones to go out to the upper area of the ship. He was happy that he was not othe only one that shared the feeling. As the light hit his eyes again, he closed them for a moment. He had been so long in the darkness for the past day that even walking out again was a bit hard for him. He walked to the side of the ship and looked towards the town. Ugh... this was that kind of town... specialy with the townsfolk seemingly waiting for them. For what? Should leave that as a question. He was deep in thought until he noticed a small mare run up to the captain. He wondered who it was and saw how she and the captain were talking. He decided to ignore them for now, as he didn't wanted to get into their personal lives for respect to them.


He was just standing there, scanning the area, looking for anything that might look like a shop or inn, or even someone willing to pay them for a job so they could get started. He needed someone to help him learn how to use the spear properly again, unless he could find a train dummy and practice all he could till he could at least use it and know the basic movements.

After a short while he looked back at the new mare as she spoke to the rest. Interesting name.... "Thank you Miss. Lessy. I will keep that in mind." Lightning said in a calm and gentle tone to her with a small nod/bow to her. It was hard to tell what it was maybe a bit of both, but he was acting as a gentleman. Something he usually did. Yet he remembered hearing something of she having 40. Boy, he wished he looked that young when he hit that age.

It was not until someone spoke that they should follow and had a reason for it. "Then it sounds like a plan. We should go then." he soon saidto Midnight.

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Flux smiled happily as she watched the small mare talk to the captain, giving an enthusiastic wave as she was introduced as Lessy. The changeling skipped down the ramp happily, catching up to Lessy quickly and pulling the small mare into a hug. 


"Hiya, Lessy! I'm Flux, wanna be friends?" The changeling said happily, leaning back so she could look Lessy in the eye. 

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as Flux followed and touched the australun dirt. She would and the others would feel a general sense of unwelcome.


The town of rock fort was exactly that; an old fortress made out of stone. The top of which has long since crumbled. Leaving them with a stone wall around a large area. It had several roads made out of dirty cracked rocks;  covered in stains of brown that could be either blood or dirt. There were little plots overcome by grass and nature, which added to the dilapidated look of the whole town. 

Many building were old rooms from the fort. Often with rebuilt roofs made out of thatch or wood. They dressed them up as building the best they could with windows and the occasional wooden signs. Which acually had some good craftsmanship.

The ponies in the street were mindful of them. Suspicous and looked like they were ready to strike first if need be. 


It may may have been a town. But they were far from safe. 


The little lessy gasps as she was taken from behind. She looks at Flux's ant like face at first with fear but then in awe. She runs her hand along her chitin face. And then smiles hugging back

"yes! I didn't have any friends when I was younger!" She squeezed with all her might, which wasn't much. 


But then she let go. "First let me drop off these rewards. We can talk and drink in the black eye inn!" She says bouncing along holding flux's hand

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Midnight was thankful that someone agreed with her, they needed a plan. If they were doing anything that was. She kept close to Lightning, he was a physical presense, no one would mess with them, not with his physical appearance..hopefully. The girl went silent, trying to calculate in her mind although too many times she lacked the right questions, or answers.


"...revenge, don't you...?" she asks Lightning suddently, unaware she'd skipped words "That's what you're interested in now. Is that what, drove you before?" she was curious. Was it purely the survivor instinct, one she seemingly lacked currently, or was there more that drove him forwards, made him want to survive and better himself.

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Sable starred down the sailor, even lifting her chin slightly in defiance at the look he gave her, practically daring him throw a punch at her. When the doctor spoke up and basically called the sailor off, she felt a little disappointed as she watched him leave. The mare glanced down at Clive's skull in her hand, her fingers gripping it via the eye holes as she let out a little sigh before moving out towards the top deck. 

She took in a deep breath of the air as she examined the port they'd landed at, before her attention was drawn away to a scene between a small girl, scratch that, a ridiculously small mare and Shark. She had to chuckle at the interaction, and when it was done and the mare said to follow her to a local inn, she nodded in agreement.


Sable's list of things to do was not long, but every item upon it was important. On that list was relearning how to fight with her body, getting back her skills in the arts of stealth and larceny, getting in touch with the Thieves Guild ( which would also aid in the first two things ) and finally, giving Clive a proper burial in a somewhat nice location, though it being Australius meant that even those were hard to come by. 


As they moved through the streets, she made sure not to make eye contact with anybody. Her knowledge of her skills might be gone, but having lived on the streets of Australius her entire life she knew that it was just common sense not to look someone in the eye unless you had business with them, and it was quite clear from the looks they were all getting that none of them would receive any kind of business from the people here other than a swift beat down, or worse.


Instead, Sable cast her gaze elsewhere as discreetly as she could, examining their surroundings as she did her best to get a feel for what was always hidden behind the facade so often put up by the inhabitants of this nearly lawless land. 

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Lightning looked to the side, towards Lessy and the changeling. Though they were acting a bit childish, at least for him, it... rised his spirit. It seemed that even though what they went through was hard, there was still place for hope and happyness. He liked that. 
His boubble of thoughts poped as soon as he noticed that the bat pony was walking along him. Maybe she was doing it to stay stay safe, as he looked though, eevn though he lacked the skill his apperance could intimidate a few ponies that might want to mess up with them. It was until she spoke after a silent walk that made him react a bit... surprised. Reavnge...?

"I... don't know what you are talking about. I am looking for justice..." he simply said, though it was a bit obvious that there was fury in his eyes. He did wanted to get revange on the evil pony that trapped them. But for now they had to survive and grow stronger. His fear to death pushing him forwad. He had to do it. For all the citizens of this land... and for himself.

It seemed the group was splitting. For now the best bet was to go to the inn. He looked towards midnight again after a moment. "I will head to the inn. Come along if you want to, but stay close." he said while he walked.

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They walked and bounced along. The men blended in as it seemed shirtless was a popular fashion. But the mares got some weird looks for there "shirts" 


lessy lead them thru a few turns before stopping. And pointing to a building inside the fork in the road. "The black eye inn! Pretty popular place here in rock fort. And they have lots of good drinks!" As she said that a mare was tossed thru the doors telling and screaming! She slammed into the stone street and got up, bruised and bloody. She screamed something incoherent before running off. "You can probably guess how it got its name."said lessy to the group before she went in. 


The inside of the inn was acually inviting. There was a warm fire and several ponies lounging at booths and tables. Laughing and drinking. There was of wood furniture and decoration to break up the cold stone that made up the walls.


A bouncer smiled and nodded "hi lessy" "hi bruiser" she said before going to a corner and talking to somepony wearing a hood. They traded some boxes, before the hooded pony skulked off. Lessy smiled and went up to the bar. She climbed up the stool and leaned over batting her eyes at the bar tender "hey pumps! How about some wine?" The bar tender. Nodded "sure lessy, on your tab?" She leaned over "why put it on my tab when you can put it in my" she was inturpted as pumps the bar tender yelled "lessy! For the last time stop trying to solicit yourself! Your not paying like that!" Lessy's face quivered before she laid her head in her arms to cry "I just want somepony to think I'm beutiful!" Pumps frowned and stroked her pink mane "there there lessy; I'm sure you'll get a boyfriend someday." He looks to the party "hi welcome to the black eye. We got food, drinks, and rooms. If your looking for work lessy here is your gal. She is the top liaison between all the major factions. If you want to meet someone or do something you can start with her."


lessy perks up "that's right! So let's hear it   What are you guys trying to do?"



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Flux smiled happily as Lessy accepted and they went bouncing off hand-in-hand. She loved making friends! Especially when it made them this happy too!


The changeling was only half paying attention to her surroundings, as she was distracted with wondering if there were other changelings and what she should do for fun with her new friend. When they reached the bar itself, the changeling smiled wider, quickly bouncing towards the door and inside. 


Flux watched the exchange with the bartender, tilting her head to the side as she tried to think of any alcoholic drinks she had liked. 


"Hiya Pumpy! I'm Flux! Got any cider? Wanna be friends?" She asked, waving enthusiastically to the male, smiling broadly all the while. Without even waiting for an answer, she turned to Lessy and got very close to her. 


"Do you know if there are any more changelings? More like me?" She asked in a sort of stage whisper, cocking her head to the side quizzically for a moment before giving Lessy a quick kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry, I think you look great."


After a few moments of her hovering what was likely uncomfortably close, she seemed to remember Pumps and jumped onto a barstool. She claimed a seat next to Lessy while smiling widely at Pumps, eagerly awaiting both of their responses. 

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Midnight, as advised, stayed close to Lightning. This town wasn't known for playing nice, and in her weakened state, she was confident it would chew her out. The interaction between Lessy and the members of the inn were...interesting, to say the least. She learn little, but it was enough to put together what she needed. Lessy. How Ironic her fate was tied into that girl. She had the contacts, and Midnight knew she'd need them. That meant playing nice with her, to get what she wanted.


That's when Lessy asked that all important question. what did they want to do? A question that had many different answers, Justice, Revenge, Survival. A new life. Midnight opened her mouth, only to stop herself when she realized she couldn't give an answer, not one she would have been happy to give. Still, small steps. First step would be to establish a 'home', and while her apartment had notes and 1 bed, it wouldn't fit them all.

"S-safety...." She said, looking at Lessy "We need...a place to rest, and I need to get into my old apartment.."

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Lessy blushes at getting hugged by flux. Loving some attention. But then she listens to both questions 


"hmm well your in luck." She says to midnight "if your apartment is nearbye you should be ok. Exect some roaches or spiders, squatters at the most. If you all stick togather you should handle it. If not the fighters guild accepts anyone and has free bedding; if you work." She says rubbing her chin. Then she turns to flux 


"you ... not so much. Changelings are super secretive. There are two hives that we know about. One of which is a. It mean. You could probably find them if you k ow where to look at the big cities like Brisbane, Tasmania or saddlny!" She then takes a huge chug of a drink pumps sets it for her. 

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Midnight took a deep breath. So she still had a 'home', still had her notes. The fighters guild was not an option for her, she wasn't physically built for direct conflict, not without her mind. She let out a deep sigh, she was missing so much! Her only hope was in her apartment, she had no choice. She'd risk someone being in there, she needed her old writings...

"...C-can we, stay here? Is there bedding...?" She asked slowly, more for the others than herself. Her apartment had a bed in it, she could sleep there, although....part of her was scared. Wasn't that where she got grabbed from in the first place? Going back to her main hideout, could be risky....

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