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Shortly after the first hearths warming eve. The empire of equestria rose and faced the challenge that all civilizations go thru 

Crime and punishment. 
A government built on the idea of peace and friendship they struggled with this question for a few awkward, painful years. But then a discovery was made. 
A dangerous continent unlike any other. Only a small amount of native pony tribes lived there. And whether it was decided out of malice or convenience, the order was made. Australus would be equstria's answer to crime. All criminals and ponies deemed unfit for the new equestrian society would be sent to the strange continent. 
And despite controversy and opposition; it worked. The first boats came and dropped off the criminals. They were left isolated and forgotten.
The criminals fought to survive. And great factions and powers were formed. And thru them the beginnings of society. 
However at the end of the century even more struggles faced the colony. The discovery of tartarus! Equstrians rather quickly and sloppily decided the dimension would be superior. And the political machines began there slow turnings. And Australus slowly descended to turmoil. A dark age 
And that is where we stand 
You awaken on cold stone. The floor you lay on is rough and jagged. Your head hurts like it was smashed and your stomach churns in discomfort. There's  nothing but hay and a few buckets next to you.  And big steel bars to your front. You are wearing pants that are familiar to you but your shirt has been taken. The females have a burlap sack cut to resemble a shirt on them but nothing underneath. 
You look around the dungeon lit poorly by small candles just outside your cell. There are 8 cells just like yours with some pony in them. You have no idea how you came Here Or the events leading up to it.
"Ohhh! Blimey!" Said cyldsdale Clive as he woke. At first he laughed thinking he just had to much to drink. But his smile quickly dropped as he looked around. "What the ...bloody?" He said; as he stood up and walked to the bars. He gave them an impotent push and began to yell "aye! Lads and lassies! Hey you alive! Any of you know what's going on here!" He shouted as loud as he could. And then tried to put his arms between the bars. He grunted, even if his arms were thinner, there was nothing he could reach. Clive was scarred, this was a bad situation, probably the worst he ever found himself in. He put his hand as far thru as he could and used his magic to make a flame. Creating better lighting for his fellow cell mates. He stayed calm and hopped maybe they would have an answer.
"if any of you know what's going on, than ya best start talking!" He said
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Before she'd opened her eyes, she knew something was wrong. Pain, her head hurt, why? Why was she in pain? She tried to look back, only to remember nothing, causing a wave of fear race over her. Where was she? 'Ok, calm down you scared idiot. I need to think, step one, your surroundings'. She opened her eyes, and it didn't bode well. Cells, implication of prison were obvious. She needed to act as she felt fear start biting at her. Who would survive...

Instantly the fear vanished from her as she 'shifted', as she become one of her characters she'd created in her books, books she slaved and loved, books that eventually got her sent away before she could finish her finish her series. She ignited a small fire in her hands, using it for warmth to ensure she didn't freeze, before hearing someone shout out. They seemed as confused as she was, which means they were in the same position. She was silent for many moments as her mind tried to get to the bottom of everything, before she took a deep breath. While it may be cliché, she knew a certain position males, like the one calling out, just couldn't resist.

"H-hello?" she finally says, ejecting as much fear into her voice as she could and surprising herself how scared she sounded "I-I don't know where I am, I don't know anything...." she took a panicked breath loud enough for him to hear it "I just want to get out of here...."

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Blackwing woke up, sitting up then suddenly growling in pain. His head hurt. Like, REALLY hurt. Hurt like someone had bashed on the back of his head with a dam baseball bat. Whatever had hit him, must have been hard, he knew how hard he was to knock out. He opened his eyes, touching the back of his head, and looking at it, looking at a small amount of red on it. Dam, it would take awhile to clean his feathers....

He realized that he wasn't wearing a shirt, though thankfully, his feathers kept him warm, letting him more or less resist the need to hide in the hay. Looking around, he noticed he was in a cell. He had been in a few, mostly on purpose, but this one was different. His heart was racing. He wasn't scared, definitely frightened and worried, but he was not at the scared point yet. He could hear voices, though he kept himself quiet. He didn't want this to turn bad, and if something happened, he wanted to be in the shadows. He stayed quiet, trying to calm his heart down, already trying to think of ways out of here.

He also started trying to remember how he got here, though as he tried to think, he groaned in insane pain, the headache getting INSANELY worse as he tried to think back, making  Black actually feel a little scared.

What the buck has happened?

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Golden Lightning slowly sat up in the cell as some other ponies started to get up. His head hurt and he felt like he had too much drinks... or something rather similar. He didn't remembered what had happened on the last few hours, only that he had arrived to this new place he had heard about and the next thing he knew, he was now prisoner in... wherever he was.

He looked around and saw several ponies in other cells, some asleep, others as confused as he is. He heard some of them yell that they didn't knew what they did or why were there, but the more he tried to think about what happened, the more his head hurt. He sighed and decided not to press the matters further and stood up and walked over to the bars to see the hall. He saw on more detail the other cells and the ponies yelling about.

"I want to talk with the one in charge!" He said as he tried to poke his head out of the cell, but the bars were thick, and gave no space for him to do it.

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This was not okay. In fact this is more than not okay. It was simply awful.

Gibbous thought as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. The Areion had awoken a few hours previous to the current point in time. He was not greeted by the warmth and softness of bed, no that was traded in for cold rough stones. He remembered getting up on shaky legs, cradling his throbbing head as he stumbled to a far corner of the cell. Strands of disgustingly stale hay entangled in his mess of black curls. The smell of the place was dank and he would have scrunched his nose in disgust if not for the fear of causing his head ache to worsen. In his dazed and frightened state, many questions clamored to the fore front of his mind demanding to be answered. Where was he? Why did he feel like he had been beaten within an inch of his life? And probably the most concerning right now was: Why was he stripped of everything but his pants? The more he thought on the matter the angrier he got.  

Maybe he should focus less on where he was and more on who put him here. Who had dumped him in such a miserable place? Gibb was a big time smuggler of illegal goods and made his money from dealings in the black-market. He had made a rather big name for himself. So, it shouldn't come too much as a shock to him for others wanting his head. Or at least put him out of business. There was a snitch no doubt. But who was it? A growl left his throat in frustration at not being able to recall anything of recent events. A prick of pain in his thumb brought him from his growing aggrevation. Gibb looked down to see a small pearl of blood forming from where one of his pointed fangs had punctured it. Biting his thumb in frustration. A nasty habit he would have to break.

The confused shouts that sounded about the room brought his attention from his little corner of misery. Ah, so he wasn't alone it seemed. Might as well greet his 'room-mates'. He swiping any evidence of his mental breakdown from his visage, opting for his usual easy almost wolfish grin. With a grunt, he hauled himself to his feet and walked albeit a bit stiffly to the bars that separated him from the rest of the world. His race was known to having a bit of an advantage in the area of night vision so, the dimly lit room didn't bother him much. However, he didn't object to the flame that one of the others had casted. Upon closer inspection he could see a tall broad shoulder stallion adjacent from his cell. Said stallion voicing questions on their current predicament. If he were to a bide by prison rules, he would say that this would be the guy that one would challenge to establish "street cred" or something. Gibb could be brash but he wasn't entirely dumb. That guy was huge and he rather liked his fingers attached to his hand. Perhaps he would make a useful ally or pawn in getting out of here? Then there was a feminine voice. He couldn't get a clear look at her but, she sounded young and scared. Poor Pigeon. He couldn't imagine what she would be doing in here. Another masculine call caught his attention closer to his right. He couldn't help the chuckle that escaped him after hearing the stallion's request. "Ah, if only it where that easy. I don't believe anyone is there to listen to you, friend." He replied coolly, draping his arms through the bars in a lax manner. "I wouldn't be surprised if they have already thrown away the keys." He probably was doing nothing to quell the other's fears though, at the moment he could careless. Gibb's golden gaze traveled back to the inmate adjacent from him. "Can't say that I do, big guy. Though going on our current state, I can assume that our standing is not good."


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Ooh, a new adventure! Though a bit of a rough start, she supposed. The changeling in disguise had woken up previously and reapplied her disguise, it having fallen while she was out. Now though, all she could do was sit here and wait. She couldn't remember anything about how she got here, but that was nothing new to her, really. 


Ugh! She was soooo booored! She had to do something! Flux got to her hooves and began twirling her way around her cell, giggling to herself. As such, she didn't notice the others up and about until they started speaking, making her pause as she listened to them. When she heard the other mare's acting, she gave a snort and a giggle, making her way to the bars. If she was detecting them correctly, and she wasn't sure she was with the headache, there was at least one more that hadn't spoken up.


"Hiya! I'm Flux! Who're you?" She asked the group at large, smiling at the ones she could see from the bars of her cell. "Isn't this exciting? I'm excited, this is just the start of a whole new adventure! Just think of all the new friends to be made out there, and in here too!" She added, bouncing slightly in place in her excitement.

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Sable awoke with a start, her head throbbing with pain which she did her best to ignore as she blinked her unfocused eyes a few times to clear them. She could hear voices nearby, voices she did not recognize. She was on her side, no restraints as far as she could feel, lying on a hard surface, and wearing something that was decidedly not her familiar and comfortable garb. She also had no memories of arriving in this place, but if it was what she thought it might be, then her plan had succeed. 

Slowly, with a small noise of discomfort at the shift on blood in her pounding skull, she pushed herself up into a sitting position, one hand going to her stomach as she let out a soft 'oof' at the queasy feeling within, then began taking in what little of her surroundings she could make out in the dim light. One of the other occupants had a flame in their grasp, but it did little to further illuminate the room. She drew upon her knowledge of illusion magic, and cast a simple night eye spell upon herself. The purple orb of swirling arcane energy forming in and around her hand lasted for only a few moments before dissipating, leaving Sable's vision varying shades of amethyst whilst allowing her to see into the dark shadows of her current dwelling. 

The magenta skinned girl let out a small sigh, keeping an ear open to what the other's were saying as she did her best to examine her surroundings, and gather her thoughts. It was clearly a prison of some sort, which made her smirk to herself, though the gesture did not last long as she realized it did not match any of the detailed plans she had acquired of perspective prisons for her given task. 

After a few more moments of scanning her surroundings, she realized nobody talking so far seemed to have any idea where they were, how they'd gotten to this place, or how to get out. Luckily she did, and using the bars as support, got to her feet and moved over to to lock of her cell. A few careful moments of examination upon her lock later, with both her hands and eyes, lead her to believe these were simple locks like any other. She gave some of the other cells a once over just to make sure, and saw nothing to dissuade her from this idea. 

With a small nod to herself, she moved over to the simple wooden bucket in her cell and looked inside, seeing that it was thankfully empty. Sable knelt down before it, and placed one hand flat against her stomach, while opening her mouth and slowly reaching two fingers in past her tongue, down her throat. A few choked gagging noises later, and the unmistakable sound of retching could be heard from her cell, followed by the wet plops of expelled stomach contents as they flowed into the bucket before her.

Sable coughed a few times, then used the simple sack she wore to wipe away the liquid upon her face, before reaching down into the contents of the bucket with her hand and feeling about in the warm slosh for a few moments, then hissing in triumph as she withdrew something from her puke and wiped it clean on her shirt. However, something about the buckets contents gave her pause as she removed the yuk from her prize, given that she was certain some of the shapes in that bucket, did not correlate to items she remembered ingesting at all recently.

Still, she decided not to dwell to long on that fact, and returned her attention to the small orb of enchanted wood that sat in her hand, just about an inch and a half in diameter, now clean for the most part. She gave it a few more wipes on her dirty makeshift smock, then grasped it firmly with both hands and twisted, unscrewing it and letting it open in her cupped hands. She carefully extracted it's contents, some small coils of wire and a simple steel ring with an engraving of an open eye on it. She slipped the ring of nighteye on her left ring finger, leaving her to no longer have to worry about constantly recasting the spell, and began the work of assembling the potentially life saving devices within, working with careful dexterity and skill.

A minute or so later, she let out a short chuckle, and moved to the bars of her cell. There, she slipped her hands through the bars to either side of the lock, and carefully inserted the wire lockpick and pry wand into the mechanism. Only seconds passed before she was easily able to open her door, having years of experience with picking locks. She silently strode out of her cell and moved to the cell of the next closest individual. She'd debated leaving the others here, but reasoned that despite what crimes they may have committed, experience had taught her that most folks tended to be pretty grateful when you busted them out of a tight situation. Plus, if all else failed, a prison riot would help her escape, and you needed more than a single escaped prisoner to start one of those. 

As she began working on the cell of the prisoner who'd been next to her, a stallion who'd shouted out in a demand to see whoever had thrown them into this place, she finally spoke in a hushed and slightly mellow tone. " Hush naow, ya'll wanna go alertin' whoever tossed us all in here that we're escapin'? That goes fer ya'll other folks too, keep qwahit and ah'll git to ya when ah can. " 

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Within the furthest cell from the group a faint light began to glow, There were no occupants that could be seen but there was some odd things. A single large black soul gem lay on the hay that resided within, this particular gem had a faint glow to it and casted a blue hue on the walls of the cold cell. Suddenly it flared and glew brightly as a visage formed out of it. Swirling around in a rapid whirlpool of light and energy as it took full shape. The form it took was that of a pony, a Ethereal aerion or batpony as many identified the race. Wearing a set of ethereal leather armor from her past life. 

The partially transparent form opened her eyes and winced as it awoke fully. Sitting up it groaned, its voice distant like a ghost but still here. this construct looked around at her settings and gave a instinctual whimper at the sight of her unknown surroundings.

Her name was Andromeda, A lost spirit who had been sealed within the Black soul gem that lay in the hay. Looking around some more she tried to recall how she could have gotten here. She remembered distant echoes of the past, She remembered entering a town, she remembered stopping at a tavern.....Then nothing! A slight pang of panic hit her and her color shifted to a sickly green. Casting the same color on the walls as she stood and walked to the bars. She wrapped her fingers around the cold metal and pulled but there was no give away.

Sound of others echoed in the jail. At least she wasn't alone! That was good. One was giggling and enjoying this predicament! How could she be having fun with this!? This wasn't good at all. She heard several others either demand where they were or whimper and squeak at the position they were all in. She just wanted out.......

Andromeda watched one get out of her cell! Unlocking another's cell door with what seemed to be lockpicks! That was good! Very good! Her bright glowing white eyes blinked a bit as she watched, her color shifting to hope which was a warm orange. Maybe they could sneak out of here! Remembering this she calmed herself down and withdrew her brightness to a faint glow. She couldn't sneak too well if she was as bright as a lantern.

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Clive smiled "ahh ha! that's a good lassy! Names Clive by the way." He said politely "once we get these cells open then we can focus on our next big step of esc- Uh- ooooh" 
The door of the small prison opened and it seemed as if death itself had crawled Into there bodies and up there spine!
The door way was completely dark! Exept for a single white shape that entered the room. 
It was a monster, something dressed as a plague doctor, at least 10 feet tall clad in loose black clothing, flowing slightly with every movement. 
It wore a bone white bird mask, with a very long beak. The large eyes somehow seemed darker than everything anything they have ever seen!
It said no words and simply faced sable.
The plague doctor made no gesture and no magic light appeared on him but soon sable would feel a mighty force like the wave of a tsunami slamming her against the iron bars of the cell she was picking. The magic aura that surrounded her was white and powerful. It pinned her down and very slowly it began to bend her fingers back 
Snap! Snap! 
"Oh! well looks like one of your lab rats got free" said a voice behind the beast. Out of the dark came a rather handsome yellow fured stallion with dark black mane and tail done in  a well cut flowing style. He wore an expensive looking dress shirt and pants.
Snap! Snap! Crack!
The plague doctor spoke his voice cold, powerful and not a single hint of emotion 
"A display of the skills they posess. Perfect for this demonstration" 
Sable's fingers weren't completely snapped off but they were close, and bleeding. The white aura tossed her in the cell locking it, again. 
The dapper stallion picked up the makeshift lockpicks "clever" he simply said before dropping it back on the floor.
He looked to the Plague  doctor. The monster gave the prisoners no more acknowledgment in his hand white magic glowed, producing a brilliant blue stone saying "I will now demonstrate how to drain there powers levels, there experience ... Everything that makes them; them. And place it in this stone." Soon the whole room glowed white and everyone began to feel intense pain all thruout there body! A traumatizing experience as there skills experience and partial memory. Was ripped right out of them, as if it were a limb!
Clive screamed and fell to the floor. He flopped in pain trying to shake it off; to make it stop, but he couldn't! He tryed to close his mouth to stop himself from screaming, but but the pain controlled him now, For a moment his whole life was misery. And slowly it faded. But he felt the damage was done. His arms felt heavy and weak. And his heart pounded unable to keep up with his body. His whole life's work of building strength and fighting skills are now gone. Himself left a hollow ghost.
The dapper stallion looked around once the room cleared "huh! So it's done then?" 
The plague doctor responded "test for yourself"  
Clive stood up tears running down his eyes and he stumbled to the door. His legs felt weak and he was out of energy "you can't do this to me! You bloody son of $!@&. Come here I'll strangle ya!" He screamed. 
The dapper stallion strutted up to clive's cell and raises his hand, shooting a weak fireball. It hit Clive and he burned 
"Raaaagh ahhhhghf mother aghhhhh" 
The room filled with the rancid smell of burnt hair and flesh, and Clive was dead a smoking corpse. 
The dapper stallion laughed "ahahaha! You've done it! You've really done it! There weaker than rats!" The monsterus plauge Doctor slowly turned to his partner and said "indeed, now we use the stone to its fullest potential ... And that's were you come in."
The stallion gulped and nodded "of course. Ughhh mind if I take a moment ... To observe the effects?" The doctor Replyed "do what you must. Then I will demonstrate with a variable the effectiveness of the stones absorbing capabilitys" and with that the monster walked out.
Once he was gone everything seemed slightly better, as if the oxygen returned to there cell.
The dapper stallion shook his head "wow looks like the Avian really doesn't care about you. I don't think he is going to do anything else to you. As in, he will leave you all here to die of thirst ... Or smoke inhalation!" He says looking at the remains of Clive 
He stood at the center of the cell with a smug smile as if he was willing to answer there questions and enjoy mocking them.
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Midnights mind was whirling hearing each cell mate introduce themselves, creating sentences and ideas on how to get them to do what she wanted. It wouldn't be too difficult. One of them sounded excited, which was the perfect scapegoat for later when she kills of the thief who was in the process of unlocking the doors. She'd need to go first, can't trust her kind to not betray you. After that she had pick of the litter, and many ways to test them out. That all went down the drain however, when the door opened and it walked in. What it was, she had no idea. But in those first moments of seeing it, it not only chilled her to the bone, but enthralled her. The Aura coming from it, the fear she felt in her system as she looked at it! It, WAS, FANTASIC! If only she had paper, to write what she could see and feel, it would be perfect.

She watched it start destroying the thiefs hand, not with fear, but amazement. That level of magic, control to break fingers, make them bleed, from such a distance! This was the horror creature she'd always dreamed about! That's when I dawned on her, she was a victim of it! And fear starting nipping at her heart. At the arrival of the director, she assumed. He was in control, his stance and clothing gave it away. She stared at the stone until she heard what they planned to do, remove themselves.

"W-wait.." she tried to protest, the doctor ignoring her completely "We can discuss this, there's been a mis-understanding...!" Was all her quick mind was able to get out, the entire story already developed in her head about how she was an agent for them and the guards hadn't separated them. That's when it happened, and she screamed.

She dropped onto the ground, gripping her head and thrashing about as she felt it grab her mind, her knowledge, and start pulling it away! She screamed louder, trying to keep her mind her own, before silence. She felt herself shivering as she dived into her own mind, and felt ice in her blood. She knew so much, yet she knew, nothing. She tried to remember her books, the years of writing where she'd poured her soul and every trick she'd learn into paper, when she nearly froze to death to learn the sensation of fire, when she killed to learn how blood on her face felt. But, she couldn't remember how she did it. She couldnt' remember where on the body to stab to make the kill silent, how to word her sentence, how to look and sound frightened, happy, boastful. All of it, gone. She knew she'd done it, but she couldn't find her memories of how.

She looked up to see one of the cell occupants burning, the smell was familiar, but her brain didn't remember why. She saw the single doctor remain, and part of her wanted nothing more than to beat him until he gave her her mind back. But it was gone in that stone, she knew that much. She curled up in the corner of her cell, shivering. She was no fighter, no warrior. Her strength had never been physical, it had been her mind. Her way with words, the tone, the phasing. Now, everything she was, her entire life, was gone from her mind, and she doubted she could ever get it back. She was broken. In the corner of the cell, despite hating the fact she couldn't stop herself, she cried. It wasn't loud, not a wailing, a silent crying that softly echo'd throughout the cell. Not a cry of anger, for revenge, but she cried for the fact she was broken, she believed she'd never be full again.

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Lightning stayed quiet as he herd the mare say she was going to pick the door. Not exactly the most righteous thing to do but what other options did they had? If he wanted to get out he would need the help of them all he could, but soon enough he heard the door open, and he didn't liked what he saw.
It was a pony using a plague mask. He had read about those masks before. Inside the long nose are a series of different materials that clean the air so the pony inside it could breath clean ear, but why was somepony using it? It is usually only used in case of a plague hard to control spread out, and even the aura it gave away... it was unsettling.

He gave a step back and simply looked at him as he used magic to snap the fingers of the one trying to lock pick the door. He could hear each one of them being snapped, and the sound gave him the chills, it was a sound not easy to forget or not pay attention.
He closed his eyes and waited for it to finish, trying to ignore it but he soon heard another pony walk in, and he seemed to be in charge of the doctor... if he can call himself one,

What unsettled him the most was what the masked pony said. Drain all that made them themselves? Did he mean by that? And what was the stone he just created? There were so many questions, and he wanted answers.

"Hey, you. What is going on i-" He was interrupted by a sudden wave of pain going trough his body. He could feel kike if his soul was being ripped apart. He was starting to forget stuff he knew so well. How to use the spear, his magic spells and combat skills, even his cooking recipes! He was forgetting how to do all what he was skilled at! And the pain... he could barely managed to hold it.

He managed to stay up as the stone drained his skills, but he had a hoof against the wall, trying not to fall onto the floor.

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Gibbous perked up as one of the cell occupants mange to escape from her cell and was currently working to set the rest of them  free.  How noble of her. He didnt even have to smooth talk his way to freedom with her around. However his attutidue was soon changed by the uneasy feeling he received upon the entrance of a very un-savory guest. 

There in the ink black doorway stood a horrendous figure. Its tall stauture coupled with the pointed by bone like mask it wore upon its face added to the feeling of impending doom in the room. As if on reflex, Gibb withdrew his arms from drapping from the bars to the safety of closer to himself. His gaze only tore from the creature at the sound of snapping. It was only when his attention fell on the female did he realize the source of the noise. He watched petrified as her fingers were bent to a gruesome stance before being harshly shoved back into the cell. He wasnt sure of her stability after that. Gibb wanted to open his mouth in protest though, another glance at the doctor convinced him to reconsider. 

This wasn't happening. This couldn't be happening. This was some sort of dream right? Probably a fever dream gone completely of the rails. He couldn't be locked up in some horrid prison with the company of an unlucky bunch. No, he couldn't be at the mercy of this-this...thing! Right? The problem was that all this was real. 

The appearance of a finely dressed stallion added to his growing confusion and fear. This guy had to be the head. He just reeked of pompous arrogance. Golden eyes glared with pure distrust at the newcomer. He didn't like this guy; not one bit. 

The next scene that happened before him was one he would not soon forget. One that he would most likely remember until the day he died. Slitted eyes soon grew wide in horror as he watched the strong shoulder stallion burn alive before him. The wails of agony along with the gut-wrenching smell was enough to bring the contents of the Areion's stomach back up. That is if he had any. Why. Why was this happening? What did he do to deserve this? What did any of them do to warrant such unjust punishments?

The stallion. The cell-mate that was adjacent to his. Clive was his name. One whom he had only known for a short period of time, lay dead before him. Sure, he had seen a lot of things in his lifetime though, this was the first to hold such gravity. 

He held the bars in a white knuckled grip as his shock morphed into anger. Why did he feel such an aversion to the death of an inmate he barely knew, was beyond him. Gibb just knew that he wanted the sharped dressed stallion to leave... or better yet expire. A spine rippling pain brought him from his angry thoughts as he gasped in surprise. Another wave of pain brought the golden-eyed stalkion to his knees as he clutched at his head for dear life. "Aahhgh!" He wailed as he writhed in agony upon the stony hard floor. And as soon as it began, the wave of pain was gone leaving him gasping weakly for much needed oxygen. What was that just now? An act from the good 'Doc' himself no doubt.

His fuzzy and panicked mind soon reliezed the odd sendation of not being fully whole. It was as if all those years of scrounging and learning the tricks of the trade were done for nothing. He couldn't remember a thing. The knowledge of finances was gone along with his unwavering ability to charm his way out of any situation. Even the small hand full of spells he knew disappated.  He could remember the times in which he gained such knowledge yet accessing it , was a different story. The confidence he once felt was now replaced with uncertainty. Probably one of the most upsetting aspect about this was when he thought of strumming a few chords came as a blank. Even the fancy little tricks he could do with a dagger. Gone. What was happening to them? Why couldn't he remember how to do any of this? Was his life work going down the drain?  

"Wh-what did you" He stuttered using the bars to shakily pull himself to his feet as he glared firey hot daggers at the now powerful stallion. "Do to us? And why...out of all the other wretches in this miserable place, did you choose us?!" The harshness of his tone came as a surprise even to himself. It wasn't often that he spoke in such a way. Usually able to keep his calm about him. However, he could careless of his appearance. The cocky aura that the other had about him really rubbed him the wrong way. Oh, what he would give to smack that grin right off his face.  "Answer me!" The Areion snarled unconsciously bareing his pointed canines to his captor. 

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Flux wasn't sure what to think at this point. First, she had been happy the mare was breaking them out, then sad as she was caught and punished. Next came pain as she felt her memories being stripped of something, along with great pain. Now she just felt weak... And empty...

The disguised changeling stood there, almost as if in a trance as she concentrated and her face screwed up from concentration. She didn't want to think about the dead pony, or the two keeping them here for that matter, so she was thankful in a way that this was being so difficult. Why though? It had never been this difficult to maintain her disguise before. 

She backed up into the shadows as she relaxed and let the disguise fall, falling into a sort of sitting position at the same time and staring at her hands. 

"Why? Why did you do this?" She asked, her voice sad. 

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The stallion walked up and down the hallway looking to them all. He reached the end with the changeling and continued turned around walking back. He let out a slow deep laugh, not one of natural laughter or fun. But a taunting slow laugh obviously just to torment them all for fun. 

He aproched Golden's cell and smiled "oh you know exactly what happened. No need to explain how we took away your streangth and powers, and now we have them to use as we wish!" He continued walking rubbing his chin 

"and to why you got picked? I don't know, nor do I really care. The avian got you, and knowing him he probably just snatched you because you were all the most convenient." He said shrugging looking back and fourth at all the prisoners. 

"as for why? Well we needed test subjects! Plain and simple. You can't experiment a spell and the placement of power without power itself hahaha! Maybe he sapped some of your intelligence also? I don't know?"

he inspected clive's cell the burning remains making some light but a lot of smoke he opened the door and looked in simply saying "huh" before turning back to face the prisoners still enjoying himself answering there questions and lording over them. 

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Midnight looked up from her position, curled up in the corner of her cell, with tears staining her face. She could hear what he was saying, he was more than normal, but what? she couldn't remember what she said he was. The smoke was rising, and she knew it was a bad, smoking build up. Why, why was it bad? She couldn't remember why. She looked at his corpse, what was his name? She, couldn't remember his name. Had she learnt his name? She knew nothing, so many memories that were incomplete!

"...what powers?" her voice was soft, and hurt. It was obvious she had been crying but she didn't care if he knew anymore. She was so afraid, that if he would kill her, she wouldn't try and stop him. She was already dead inside "I had no strengths, no warrior powers, my magic was weak at best I think..."

She looked out of her cell at him, and one part of her mind screamed at her. She wanted him dead. How? How would she kill him? She knew before she'd know, but she couldn't remember how to fight, and her body felt rundown. Even if she did, she was trapped in a cell and she couldn't remember how to get him to open it for her. She'd done it before, been in a cell and got a guard to open it. But how? How did she get him to obey her? She realized she no longer cared. Trapped in this cell, with bad smoke rising. It dawned on her, she'd never escape. Her mind had been stolen from her in this cell, and she realized she wouldn't care if he opened it up and broke her neck. All she wanted was her mind back, her thoughts and memories. And he'd never give them to her willingly.  

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Things happened way too fast......Andromeda was used to the quick passing of time ever since she was killed. The world of the deceased had different time frames compared to the world of the living, and being thrown between one and the other while in the black soul gem she resided in was so jarring to her anyways. The events happened as follows. The door burst open, a terrible creature came out of the entrance, sending a sense of unease through the spectre. Next the poor girl who was unlocking the cell got her hand brutally torn apart and snapped into a dozen little tiny pieces.

Now Andromeda could relate to pain in that degree. She wanted to reach out and help the poor mare but by the time she got up to the bars to look to see if she was okay.....that's when everything went down the metaphorical crapper......

One of the cellmates was burned to a crisp! The rancid smoke flying into the air as the poor soul burned to death!!! Andromeda gasped and covered her eyes with her ethereal hands. Backing up and whimpering as she tried to ignore it, but those screams!!!! Dear Akatosh those screams!!!!! Screams died down and sure enough his soul was released into the void. She lowered her hands and cringed, sending a silent prayer to the gods above.

Just as she thought things couldn't get any worse.....he held up a stone.....Her eyes shrank. "Wh~" She was cut off, a blast of energy tore through each cell, everyone began to scream. Andromeda couldn't be out of this group and it was a event that would erase EVERYTHING about the poor spirit. Her memories were already marred and faded, she couldn't remember hardly anything of her past except the faces of her family and the skills she learned long ago.....and now......

Pain.....nothing but pain. Andromeda screamed to the heavens above, Arkay!!!! Akatosh!!!! Somepony!!! any god at all why did they let this happen!!?? Her last of her memories cracked, shattered like a broken mirror!! Her hands gripped her skull, Her form flickered as her last memories she held dear faded away! This magic was too strong for her black soul gem of a heart. It flashed and her form shifted colors so rapidly that one would mistake her for a rainbow illusion spell. Stumbling back further she hit the wall and suddenly burst into colorfilled light just before her form burned and disappeared in a flash. The black soul gem falling to the ground and rolling for a small bit.

Just after the spell died....the gem flickered and glowed faintly.....It barely had the magicka to provide any sort of formality to the spell that let her take form. A trickle of energy wisped out of the gem and swirled. Then with a very weak flicker.... she took form. Laying face down on the cold hard ground, the shell of any sort of remains of what once was came too.

She lifted her head. Nothing but cold filled her now, no flickers of hope....no rememberence of who she was....what her name was.....Why she was in this spirit form..... Nothing...

She just was.

With a whimper she forced herself up slowly to her knees. Her color faintly resembled the color silver, the mood of a blank slate....a spirit with no identity. She would never, ever remember anything before this point in time. Names? No. Events? No. Faces? nope. The feeling of anything at all? Nuuh uhh. Existence in its purest form....blank.

The ghost stood slowly and gave a small whine, why was she here again? Who were these people? What was she?

Faint sounds of steps echoed from her cell, a torn...broken life form resided at the bars of the cell she was in. She faintly wrapped her transparent fingers around the bars. Her sad, separated stare peering at the floor. Barely hearing anything in the jail....She couldn't feel.....she couldn't remember...... A echo of what once was......even a echo that didn't have anything anymore.

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So many things happened so fast. First, the door was flung open and Sable realized she'd made a rookie mistake by assuming that whoever their captors were, they had no interest in coming to see their captives. She should have waited, she shouldn't have been so overzealous. 

Her eyes were drawn to the impossibly tall figure clad in black, and she felt fear grip her soul like never before. His very presence seemed to suck the air from her lungs, and she only sparred the stallion that came in with him a few cursory glances, as though her eyes were drawn to look at the horrible being before them.   

The next moment, her fingers on both hands suddenly felt terribly uncomfortable, as though her muscles were constantly twitching and writhing beneath her flesh, before she cried out in pain and began to scream as they twisted and contorted before her eyes, blood and bone being revealed as her flesh tore from the external forces being applied to her digits. 

Her agonizing wails filled the room until she found herself abruptly tossed into her cell again, hitting the wall hard with her back and falling to the floor, instinctively trying to use her hands to catch herself, and crying out in agony as she rolled onto her side, her body shaking from the pain as she drew her legs up towards her chest and held her destroyed hands before her eyes. Her breath was ragged and she was sobbing as she tried her best to deal with the pain she was in.

But it was time she did not have, as suddenly her head felt like it was being split open and all it's innards were being stirred around by a barb wire coated mace being used by a clumsy strongman. Every thought, every action, every memory she tried to grasp hold of was ripped from her mental grasp and tossed out into the either, the cells filled with the cacophony of it's inhabitants tortured screams for the next few minutes. 

And then, it was done. Sable lay there on the floor, her body covered in sweat and shivering, her mind an almost pleasant blank numbness for the next few seconds, before a surge of pain mixed with adrenaline flooded into her consciousness and she gritted her teeth as she let out a strangled cry of agony, her shattered hands once again stealing all of her attention with their pain. 

She lay on her back and began to try and focus on her breathing, reaching into her mind for the techniques she'd learned on how to deal with pain....only to discover that, while she recalled having known them once upon a time, the proper timing, the mental focus, every facet of that knowledge was simply gone, and only of having once known it remained. 

Gritting her teeth past another wave of pain, which drew a long groan from her throat that turned into yet another cry of pain, Sable rapidly tried to draw upon any of her memories, and of her repertoire of knowledge, and found nothing but figments in her mind of what she'd once known. 

She could hear speaking in the cells, and some part of her mind told her that she should pay attention to the words, that perhaps they could help her, but the pain in her hands and the growing terror of what she had lost in her mind was clouding her thoughts, until a single thing broke though the fog. She was still alive, still breathing, and the other's were talking, so whatever was done to them, it had stolen much, but not all, they seemed to still know the basics of how to function.

So, she searched her mind for the most basic heal spell she could recall, one she had learned as a child, and found...only that she had once known how to casts it, but that the arcane knowledge itself was simply not there. She made a sound halfway between a snarl of displeasure and an agonized moan of pain, writhing pitifully on the floor of her cell. But she would not give up, this wasn't going to be her end, she looked inside herself yet again, for something even more basic that a spell, simple first aid. She'd learned a lot of useful healing tricks in her life, since sometimes you ran out of or had no more potions available to you, or your magika had run dry, or perhaps you'd been silenced by an opponent or item.

And what she found was, while still very upsetting, gave Sable a small sliver of hope. She still remembered how to treat a wound, how to splint a broken bone, things that are essentially common sense, but she still KNEW them, because they were so simple, so basic, that whatever had happened to her, and presumably the other's in here with her, had not completely robbed them of their ability to function. 

She hissed out a single word under her breath, raising and dropping her head back down against the hard floor once in self punishment as she spoke. " Stupid... " A word meant for both her own earlier over eagerness clouding her judgement, and as a jib aimed towards the black clad monster who had done this to them all. He left them alive, a stupid mistake, and he would pay for it. 

For now, she lay upon the floor of her cell, doing her best to push her fears from her mind, which wasn't hard given the level of pain she was in. She simply did her best to listen to what the other's were saying, waiting for the stallion with them to leave as she bit back her agonized moans and cries to the best of her ability.  


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Gibbous watched with growing agitation as his captor paced, teasing them with vague answers. If only he was a little closer then- Then what? It wasn't like he could do anything in the state that he was in and he didn't doubt the same for the other prisoners. He felt so weak. So helpless to the whims of the man before him. He hadn't felt this lost since the day he left his family all those years ago; maybe even more so.  At least then he had a reason, a burning passion to succeed and take the world head on.  However, now that burning flame had flickered out along with his memories, leaving only a husk of his former self.  And he hated it. Most of all, Gibb loathed the stallion that caused this.

His vision blurred momentarily as his eyes watered from the stinging smoke that was clouding the enclosed place. This wasn't good. It wouldn't be much longer before the smoke became dangerously unbearable. He had pondered  his end a few times, mainly at night when one is left alone to their own thoughts. An angry client. A vengeful lover. Falling at the hands of a double-crosser. Death by grapes even. Smoke-asphyxiation, had not been on the list of possibilities. How would he get out of this? How did he get out of problems before? The bars were far too stable to break. And even if they were weaker he doubted his abilities in doing so. Physical force was out of the question, that left...reasoning? Pfft. Like he could reason with this maniac. Still. The more he thought of what words to say the more the throbbing in his temple grew. It was if the words were left on the tip of his tongue unable to be combined into the perfect honeyed sentence that would help in the predicament. Despite all this he had to do something .Anything was better then nothing, right? "Why keep us here then?"  A voice in the back of his head screamed for him to stop. Be quiet. "Y-you got what you wanted...we're insignificant now."  Gibbous replied slowly feeling the moisture leave his mouth as he locked eyes with the stallion. He could kill you. He will kill you. "Why not let us go?" This stallion had taken everything: bits of memory, earned skills...his muse. The only thing left to take was his life. Despite his battered body and throbbing skull he still held on to what shred of will to survive he had left. "Do you honestly see us as a threat?"


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Lightning growled something between his teeth as the stallion talked. "You little..." He said as he gave a step forward onto the bars of the cell. Even though he was in pain, he managed to get to them and push a hoof out, like trying to grab him, but he was too slow and the stallion had already walked away.
Lightning closed his eyes as he felt that everything left from him. Everything that made him... him. He felt like an empty shell, useless and not able to do something about it.


He soon turned to the cell of the other pony that was burned down to ashes like nothing. How was he supposed to fight somepony this powerful? It would be suicide, special in their conditions. No. If he wanted to do it, he would have to get his strength back... if they managed to escape of course. And how will they do that? There seemed to be no way out from there other than the main entrance.


He fell back onto the ground as he grew a bit used to the pain, it becoming less intense but still making itself know it was there. "What... can we do...?" He asked himself as he looked to the ceiling, grunting in pain.

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Flux wasn't sure how to feel. She simply stared at the ground as she listened to the others, her mind lost in despair. What was she supposed to do now? She couldn't seem to remember how to do anything besides the basics like breathing. Those two are meanies, and she so badly wanted to punish them for their actions. Too bad she couldn't, not unless she could get her power and abilities back.

The changeling whimpered as she sat in the shadows, curling up a bit as she cried silently to herself.

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The poor construct that used to be known as Andromeda still stood there with her fingers wrapped around the bars of her cell. She had a sad dark blue color glowing from her at the feeling of sadness in her black soul gemmed heart. "Please let us go....." Her voice echoed from her glowing form. More like a faint plea for mercy.


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The director looked around; listening to the crys and despair of those who's lives he had destroyed, he loved it.

He came upon gibbous who was the only one trying to negotiate with him. He came up and leaned on the stone. And when gibbous was done he looked around seemingly getting bored quickly. He looked back to Gib; smiled smugly and said "well there's more to this than you know. Besides I have a reputation to maintain. Can't have little lab rats like you ruining it for me can I? Besides It's funny ... I think." He let out a chuckle this time ... It was genuine he really did find there lives to be a sick joke!

"ahh well your starting to bore me now; and well me and the avian still have lots of work to do." He said feigning disappointment he walked to the door leading out of the dungeon. He set his keys on a rack and said "won't ever need these again. Well Good bye little rats; See you next time we have prisoners for this cell! Hahaha!" The door creaked and he was gone. 

this left the dungeon in a miserable state. Light bounced off the smoke which flowed to the ceiling and moved along it in a visible pattern.  The few  close to the door could see it was slightly ajar; likely a cruel joke from the director to prolong there misery, as it seemed to help vent the smoke. The keys he set were at the end of the dungeon, far out of reach. He left clive 's cell unlocked and open seemingly Intrested in something inside it. Sable's lock pick wire was left on the floor in the middle of the cells. 

(Small time dilation) 

the dog would wake up to see the avian standing tall over him, a great pain in his head and chest. Said dog was on the floor in a corner with no memory of how he got there. Like a night terror the avian kept his chest from rising and getting easy breaths.

Then a voice behind him said "so ... Your stone has limitations" the director asked curiously. The avian didn't take the dark portals that were his eyes off the trapped and now weakened and power drained diamond dog. "Yes; even the strongest stone will overload. In the proper conditions." He took his focuss off the dog and walked slowly towards he director "a weakness; which we will overcome." The director nodded and walked with the avian to the exit. 

The room the diamond dog was in, was a stone dungeon. Fairly well lit by large candelabras on the wall. The room seemed empty except for a  water well in the center. There only seemed one exit and the avian just ducked underneath it. But the director stayed in the room and said "you .... Know how much I hate dogs."  The Avian's cold dark voice replyed "do as you will." 

The director smiled and closed the door using magic to summon knuckle dusters saying "I've always hated dogs ... Don't know why? I just do!" He said walking towards him.

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Shatter Moon propped himself up on the wall, this has definitely not gone how he'd planned. The bird...the thing was the only clear memory he had of this place, and even he was terrified of...it. The dog had put the biggest bruisers in their place, made the meanest mobsters know how to fear someone, but this was not something so mortal that he could just beat it. Of course, beating it wasn't an option in his state anyway, he could barely move in his state.


The thing left the room, and the poncey looking stallion remained, telling him how much he hated dogs. Now this...this was different entirely, this was a weakling opportunist. "You gonna play the big boy over there? Your friend, now he was absolutely terrifying, I've never felt fear like that in my life, but you're a different sort. You and I both know I can't stop you, you're gonna beat me, and I got no doubt it's gonna hurt, but I've been beaten my whole life. I learned to fight by getting beaten, so you enjoy this you little nance, I guarantee you you'll remember this day with a lot less joy in the not too far off future...now go on, have your fun."

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Slowly, ever so slowly, Midnight uncurled herself from her position in her cell. The small batpony looked up, wiping the tears in her eyes as she watched the Doctor/tormentor leave. They were alone, or as alone as they were going to get. She took a deep breath, before lying on the cold ground. What was the point of even trying to escape? She'd never make it, alone she was no use and because she was useless, the others wouldn't take her. She didn't want to die, no one did, but she felt there was nothing she could do about it.

Maybe the others had a plan...the girl, the one who broke out of the cells before, maybe she could do it again and remake her life. The others too. But as for her, a cold wave washed over her. She had, and was, nothing now. Her mind was gone, it had taken her years to create it, years to hone her skills that came naturally to her. Now, without it, she was nothing. A silver-tongued devil without a mouth to speak. a blunt sword...She was worthless...She curled up in the centre of her cells, and shuddered as tears silently flowed down her face.

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