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Camp Half Blood-Heroes of Equestria (signups, OOC discussion)


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-I know i've just made this ooc discussion a while ago, but I wanted to restart the roleplay. If needed, please remove the previous ooc and rp thread. Thanks!-


A crossover roleplay between the Percy Jackson series and MLP! We will be roleplaying as ponies and this would take place in Neigh York (see what I did there)

I know this has been done before (thanks Bluelight), but I did miss this crossover very much which is why I want it rolling again.

I'm not really strict when it comes to greek mythology, so you can be a child of Artemis (a virgin goddess)

-Some knowledge of the Percy Jackson series and/or Greek mythology is recommended.

-I don't think we'll have someone playing as a child of one of the big three (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades).



App form: 




God parent:




Fighting style:



My app

Name: Eclipse

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus

Goddess parent: Nyx

Claimed: Yes

Weapon: Eclipse uses a halberd with the blade made out of stygian iron and a shaft of celestial bronze which she had received from her mother. It also has a butt shaped like a spear head also made from stygian iron. When she isn't using her halberd, it collapses and splits into her hairclips.

Fighting style: Eclipse isn't good with long nor short range attacks, which is why she prefers to use a halberd in battle. Her weapon allows her to attack targets in-front and behind her

Personality: Eclipse is cold towards strangers and ponies she had just met. But once trust is built, she is friendly and caring. She tends to be blunt and gets to the point as she doesn't like to waste time avoiding the main point. Eclipse is also serious when it comes to serious matters. When she is with her friends, she becomes clingy, loving, and cheerful, as if she is a different pony.

Others: Since her mother is Nyx, her conscience can go into people's dreams. She has tried to attack ponies in in her dreams, but it doesn't do anything but give them a nightmare. She is also able to fight better in the night as it clears her head of other problems and is also able to communicate with nocturnal animals and soon will be able to control them. She is also able to control shadows, but she has yet to unlock that ability. She doesn't have much of a connection with her mother, but she does respect her and always hopes to see her again. 

(Second picture is to show you what the halberd looks like. The dude in the pic is another oc of mine)




1. Midnight-(Shadowbolt0)

2. Neria Homes-(Lyipheoryia)

3. Sicar Morningstar-(PyroBlaze)

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Heyo! As someone who is actually studying Ancient History, with a personal interest in Greek and Egypt, I can't say no. I've seen one of the movies also so i'm not completely in the dark.

Though I have 1 question. In the app is says 'Claimed:'. I'm not sure what that actually means.

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When gods or goddesses have children, they have many. They usually desert the human family and leave the kid with the human parent. After the kid discovers he/she is a demigod, the goddess or God can claim them to say 'hey this is my kid'. They way that they claim them is usually by a sign eg. Floating hammer above their head, suddenly dressed up in a gown, or they appear themselves (which rarely ever happens). It's usually a symbol of the godly parent that shows up.

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Name: Midnight

Gender: Female

Species: Thestral (Bat pony)

God Parent: Tartarus, God of the Underworld.

Claimed: Yes

Appearance: Midnight is small for her age, with a silver mane. Her eyes are a soft ruby colour while her coat is a gentle Icey blue. Her mane is short, going down to her shoulders while her fringe slightly covers her left eye slightly.  

Weapon: Midnight arms herself with two wrist mounted crossbows, custom made. It is designed to fire a single shot, however Midnight has created a ‘reload’ system that loads a bolt through a ‘feeding magazine’. This means that she doesn’t need to stop and load another bolt in before firing, needing to only wait a couple of seconds to fire again. The triggers are small switches which can pulls by moving her fingers.

Fighting Style: Armed with wrist-mounted crossbows, she is not adapt with long-ranged battle. She focuses on her agility to dodge her opponents attacks firing her crossbows at them.

Personality: Being the daughter of Tartarus, she understand death, and she sees it in a different light. She sees death as an art of beauty, something to perfect. Midnight understand that, being the daughter to Tartarus, would be looked down on her when she first learnt of her inheritance. Because of this, Midnight is very much used to being alone, and finds comfort in her own music.  

Other: Her opinion of death is directly related to the first conversation with her father. Trying to keep herself busy, she found herself reading books, listening to music and even starting singing herself.

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On May 8, 2016 at 8:16 AM, RainbowDaringDash said:

Il try for this, il post a app... once i decide a god lol :P 

Are you going to join? Because I think is about time to start the RP.

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On 5/14/2016 at 4:20 PM, Lyipheoryia said:

If this is still active, I'll hop in again~



k i'm calm now

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Name: Neria Homes

Gender: Female

Species: earth pone

God parent: Enyo-goddess of destruction, death, mass murder, war, etc.

Claimed?: Totally.

Appearance: Tall and langly.  Her coat, mane, and tail are straight, long and black.  She has one, long streak of vibrant, curly hair down her mane.  Her long mane hides her face, and she gives off a dark aura that frightens most near her.  Her eyes are black, her eyelashes camouflaging into her coat.  Her cutie mark is a life-like wound dripping blood.  Those unknowing of the image as her cutie mark would think that it is an actual wound.

Weapon: A double-tipped staff.  On one end is a spear-tip with a long, sword-like blade balancing the tip-on the other end is a torch.  The staff length in the middle can collapse, and she usually keeps the weapon in a pouch.

Fighting style: She prefers to stay silent and not fight unless necessary.  Because of her vigilance, she is often considered not much of a fighter.  However, when she does fight, she battles furiously and dangerously, often endangering the life of the other.  During her silence during battle, she prefers to wreak havoc to anything nearby, following her mother's footsteps as "destroyer of cities".

Personality: Cold, silent, an austere, she gives off an aura of horror and fear.  She rarely speaks or acts unless necessary, but when she does-she goes full-on in damage.  She likes to creep others out with her silent stare, and treats everypony the exact and same way-no matter if they're a friend, enemy, or family member.  She likes to keep her feelings inside, and pretends to care little about anything (although she really does care).

Other: She does not adore her mother or look up to Enyo as a role model of any sort.  Instead, she prefers to think analytical and play everything as business and politics.  She agrees with some actions that her mother takes, and disproves of others.  Despite seeming to be a 'alone' pony, she enjoys working in a team or as a group.  

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Cool! If no one else wants to join by the time i start this RP, then sign-ups will be closed!

The three girls have some dark godly parents...Mayhem Mares? Dark, Death, Destruction? XD

Sorry I thought it would be awesome for them to be known as something if they become a team in the camp.

Speaking of teams, should they already be in a team or on their own? If they are a team, it would definitely get them started on their quest sooner. But if they are on their own, we could play out how they met/become a team.

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Name: Sicar Morningstar

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

God Parent: Erebus

Claimed: Yes

Appearance: He has a black coat, in contrast to his white mane and tail. He has gray eyes, and his cutie mark is the dark part of the yin-yang symbol outlined slightly so it doesn't blend into his coat. 

Weapon: He wields a sword and hand crossbow, which both turn into separate halves of the necklace he wears. 

Fighting Style: He prefers to strike from the shadows, remaining unseen as he whittled down the opponent before going in for the finisher. He does not speak in battle, as that would give away his position. 

Personality: Sicar can be rather reserved, preferring to watch things happen and formulate a plan before acting. As such, he has a large amount of patience, but he has trouble making any sort of friends. Once you are friends, however, he would do anything to protect them. 

Other: He is close to his father, due to the amount of time he spends in the shadows. 

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