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Fantastic Façade's Travel Booth [Artisan's Alley]


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Nightmare Night! Oh what a holiday of holidays! Spooks and specters, ghosts and ghoulies, monsters and mischief around every corner! There was always something exciting to do on Nightmare Night, but this one was really out doing itself! Candy and mazes and haunted houses and a dunk tank just to name a few. Not to mention the Costume Contest! Masquerade was super excited about that one, though he made sure not to enter, Celestia knows the costume maker would have an unfair advantage over...well...anyone. No, as much fun as it is to strut onto the stage showing off one of his magical costumes, tonight is not the night for that.

Instead the unicorn has opted to set up a rather flashy looking little booth not far from the entrance of the castle proper. Draped delicately from various hangers behind where he sat were a number of different costumes. Vampires, Ghosts, Ninja, Pirates, Maids, Knights, you name it he probably has it! Next to him lay a few large suitcases, more than likely holding more costumes. The stallion himself sits on a rather comfy looking chair dressed up in an outfit that screamed regal, silken blues and shimmering silvers along with a mask that matched his cutie mark, all the while sewing away at what looks to be a costume made from the night sky. A little spooky looking to be sure. Standing just to the right of the booth is an old time looking sign with some rules written upon it.

Fantastic Façade's Travel Booth:

1. Costumes are free to rent for the night. If you wish to keep your rental longer a payment plan can be discussed after the festivities.
2. Costumes are to be returned by midnight or before you leave the festivity grounds, unless a payment plan for rental has been discussed.
3. Costumes may not be used for tonight's Costume Contest. Due to the realistic nature of the costume, it would give an unfair advantage over any entries that opted to not use one.
4. Please be responsible with your costume. Don't use them to torment others, pranks are one thing but please be good to each other.
5. If you wish to become a costume for someone or a costume for temporary rental, please don't hesitate to ask. The process is both 100% safe and can be rather entertaining.
6. If you don't see a costume you like, please feel free to ask, I may have one in a storage case.

To the left of the booth is another rack and a dry-erase board with a few names along with a note a little further down with some information

Living Costumes!
The costumes on the rack or listed here are guests who offered themselves up to be costumes for the event and wished to have their names listed here to avoid any confusion that may arise. Keep in mind, just because someone isn't listed here, doesn't mean they're the real deal! Tonight is a night of mystery and mayhem, is anyone truly who they appear to be?

((OOC: This list will be kept up to date as possible through the night! If you wish to have an OC be a costume on the rack or rented out, feel free to let me know! As to not leave anyone hanging though, I highly recommended having another user ready and willing to rent you! Unless you don't mind waiting til someone works up the courage to grab you off the rack!))

Costume                                                                   Rental Status
           Name (Username)                                  Unrented/Rented By: Name (Username)
       Flying Brick (PrinceBlueblood)                     Rented By: Luminous Spark (DerpRavener)


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It wasn’t often that a stage could outshine a performer.  No matter the gilt or gaudiness of the set, the audience’s eyes would always follow the actor, the dancer, the pony in movement!  And when the dancer is possessed of such sheer unbridled energy and skill so as to be able to incorporate swinging on the ceiling light fixtures into the choreography, you’d better be certain that all eyes would be on her!


Only, Flying Brick was not a dancer on the stage, she was a dancer on the street.  And the Streets of Ponyville were full of interesting things to look at!  Frightening decorations that reminded her of the ghoulish tales her babushka used to tell her, of witches flying on- no, hang on, that one over the house wasn’t right.  Witches flew on pharmacist’s mortars, not brooms!  Everypony knew that!  Well, everypony who was fortunate enough to grow up strong like bull in Stalliongrad!


The brick red mare sighed, looking around at all the costumed ponies around her, feeling very much out of place.  She normally liked small towns.  Busking wasn’t quite as profitable here as in the big cities, but one generally got a more appreciate audience.  Cost of living was cheaper too, though there was a paucity of street debris to practice her special style of dancing upon.  All in all, not a bad place to play the exile, but tonight?


Blah, nothing worse than a den' otdykha when you didn’t prepare for it.”  Brick sighed, her muscled form slumping in embarrassment.  Bad enough that tonight would be a bad night to set the hat out; she hadn’t even remembered to bring so much as a hat to dress up for Nightmare Night!  And now everypony was looking at her sideways, and she was feeling like the pony who’d come to spoil the party.


She was near to working herself into a right northern funk when she spied it.  The shop; a costume shop!  Hope-fueled and bursting with energy, she bounded forward with a great flying leap-frog over the pony in front of her, not being able to resist going into a full rotation before sticking the landing right up in front of Masquerade’s booth.


Zdradvyeustye, zherebets!”  She shouted her greeting in a voice that would have done the mistress of the Night herself proud!  She was about to inquire about the price of the costumes when she spied the little signs which told her all.  Specifically, the sign about living costumes, which caused her to burst out laughing.

Bwayaha!  So, in Ponyville, Costume wears you?

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Rabi blinked to himself as he walked down the street. He had come to Ponyville to experience what he had heard to be a very extravagant celebration of Nightmare Night. So far, the stories were true, with the whole town seeming to have turned into a Nightmare Night theme park. Now though, he seemed to have found himself in some kind of merchant area with different vendors. One in particular caught his eye, a costume vendor that had what appeared to be a wide selection of products.


The scientist was wearing his typical armored labcoat, a pair of goggles he had invented to help see in the dark around his neck as he trotted towards the cart. He stopped in front of the sign, reading it over as the mare made her ruckus and causing his pet mouse Alba to pop out of his pocket and blink blearily at the mare, letting out an indignant squeak. Meanwhile, Rabi hummed, tapping his chin as he considered the offer of being temporarily made into a costume. At least that was how he understood it.


"You can turn me into a costume for the night? How does that work?" The unicorn asked, looking over at the stallion that appeared to be running the cart. "It sounds intriguing, might be a good way to spend the night."

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It was a shame, Masquerade thought to themselves, that the night was starting off so slow. But it was understandable, most ponies already had costumes that they had bought elsewhere or made and didn't really have need of them. He had a hoofful of visitors before the festivities officially had started though, not to mention the costumes on loan at the Haunted House...He shivered a bit in thought. He was never much one for the scarier parts of Nightmare Night, but some ponies enjoyed the rush of fright! To some the adrenaline running through their veins was the end all be all. No thank you, he'd take the corn maze over that any day.

While these thoughts were running through his mind the stallion sat up and stretched, just in time to catch the rather dramatic entrance of a mare, followed by her near ear-ringing greeting. Stalliongrad if he wasn't mistaken! With a smile Masq gave a little round of applause for the mare, who seemed lacking in the costume department. Likely why she was there!. "Bravo, that was quite the entrance! Oh and uhm, privet! I think that's correct, I've never been the best at languages." the unicorn pulled his mask up and off his face, that thing got rather uncomfortable after a while anyway. "I suppose though that's one way of putting it! I'm sure like most ponies you're a little skeptical on the validity of such a claim, but I can absolutely assure you it's a real thing, not just a joke stand." Just as Masquerade had picked up a stone setting on the table of his booth to begin a demonstration, another pony arrived with a similar question on his mind.

"Ah, yes sir that's correct! You're just in time as I was about to do a small demonstration. Allowing me a chance to stroke my own ego for a moment, it's a spell that I worked on for several years to make just right." Picking up the rock, Masquerade tapped the stone against his booth and rolled it over in his hooves a few times. "As you can see, it's just an average old rock...hm, sorry, sounding like some sort of stage magician. Anyway!" Sitting the stone back down on the table, the stallion gave a flick of his head as his horn lit up in a swirling golden glow with the rock following suit. With a bright little pop of light, the stone crumpled on the booth as a little zipper formed along it.

Grabbing up the now flat rock, Masq tapped it once more against the surface of his booth, getting the same thunk that the formerly solid rock had before. "Ta dah! Now as you can see, it's got the same sort or properties." the stallion began as he slid his foreleg all the way up to the shoulder, filling the rock out perfectly before pulling it off once more to lay on the table. "Just like the costumes I make by hoof, they fit perfectly! Now something this small I wouldn't be able to fit all the way into it, but it makes for a good example." another flick, glow, and pop returned the rock back to normal. "I'm sure you might have questions, which I can give you some of the most common answers I have to give. Yes, it is safe. You will be perfectly aware while a costume, you'll be able to feel, hear, see, smell, think, etc. but you won't be able to move. I can make it so somepony can hear you while you're worn or not, whichever you choose. There's no adverse side effects that any of my customers have reported experiencing. But feel free to ask anything you'd like, I'll try to answer as best as I can!" Masquerade glanced between the two ponies with a polite smile.

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"Is good enough, tovaritch!"  The mare laughed, taking Masquerade's attempt at her mother tongue in good humor.  You had to, when dealing with southerners, at least the ones who tried.  Flying Brick had better things to do than to blow grammatical smoke in other ponies' faces, especially when more interesting things were about to happen!


The little shop owner worked his magic, changing the small rock in front of him into... a rock costume!  She didn't mind the patter, being herself a showmare by trade.  The trick was good enough not to need the talking up, though.  You could take literally anything or anyone and hey presto!  You were it.  "Fantastika!  You see that, tovaritch?"  She turned excitedly to her fellow audience member, the scientist with the pet mouse.


Flying Brick was not a mare to stop and think about things.  She dove right into them, and let the consequences take care of themselves.  "Would be glad to try it!  Now, are two of us here, da?  Did not catch your names, zherebets.  I am Flying Brick!"  And she extended a hoof to shopkeeper and fellow customer for a vigorous shake.  "I have idea.  Both want to try this spell.  Let us flip coin to see who goes inside whom, eh?"

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Rabi hummed, watching the rock closely as the stallion cast his spell and turned the rock into a tiny costume that still apparently could take his entire hoof. Interesting... The unicorn leaned in closer, picking up the rock in his own magic as the booth owner finished up with it and closely examined the now once again regular rock. Well then, it seemed this would be a very interesting night after all!


"Rabi Dequo." He replied, having just put down the rock before Flying Brick gave her introduction. He turned towards her as she extended her hoof, and took it in his own after a moment of pause. And then came the proposal from the mare, making the scientist hum to himself again, tapping his chin with a hoof for a few moments before responding. "You know we probably could both become costumes, but sure, let's flip a coin and leave it to chance!"

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Luminous Spark jogged down the street, anxiously looking around.  She'd wrapped the Arcane Sling in a bag for the evening, making it look a little like an unwieldy quarterstaff than what it actually was to dissuade curious ponies from prodding it too much.  She'd left the rest of her belongings locked in the room she was renting, but the Sling she wasn't quite willing to leave unattended.

It was Nightmare Night!  Generally speaking that was a good thing, Spark had good memories of dressing up the last time she had a moment.  And who could say no to free candy?  Not that she really needed any now.  But the thought was there.  That was all beside the point for the moment though, she'd forgotten to get a costume ready!  She'd been so busy with her testing that the date had slipped her by!  She'd even thought of it once or twice, but always found something which seemed to take precedence.  Darn her!

Spark was in luck though, as her galloping about brought her in front of booth that was selling costumes!  It came as a bit of a surprise, seeing a place offering costumes the day of the holiday, but no matter.  She wasn't about to pass up this chance to recover just because it was sort of odd.


As she approached the stall however, which had pair of ponies standing before it discussing something with the shopkeeper, Spark began to pick up the tail end of the conversation.  Something about choosing which one of them would be worn!  The unicorn's pace slowed to a crawl.  “Just what kind of stall is this?” she asked aloud, before she could stop herself, as her eyes darted nervously between the patrons, the shopkeeper, and finally the sign at the front.


If the patrons or shopkeeper noticed her or were distracted by her presence, she would sheepishly and hesitantly explain that “I, um...I forgot to get a costume...and I was hoping to pick one up before I got too far into Nightmare Night.”

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"Oh good gracious, forgive me, I got so caught up in explaining that I didn't even bother to stop and introduce myself!" Masquerade gently smacked himself on the forehead before returning the mare's gracious hoofshake. "My name is Masquerade, Masq for short if you would like! It's always a pleasure to make the acquaintance of new customers." at the suggestion of a coin toss, the stallion's ears pricked up and he began to dig through some drawers and smaller boxes in his booth. "Now that's a fine idea! Find idea indeed, it would save one of you the boredom just lounging around on the rack until someone came by! The fun comes in being worn, not being draped over a hanger for who knows how long ahaha...Now where did I put that coin..."

During his rummaging for a coin, another arrival chimed in with a not entirely unwarranted comment, before meekly explaining their need for a costume as well! Business really was picking up boy howdy! "Oh no troubles at all miss no troubles at all! Once I find this coin I'll give you a brief explanation and...Aha!" Victorious and proud, Masquerade tossed a coin into the air and caught it. "Now let's see! This is a travel booth for my main shop, Fantastic Façade! Normally, I rent out costumes at varying rates based on income and what have you. My costumes are...and forgive the bragging here, it's not meant to sound vainglorious, among the highest quality you'll ever find!" the stallion sat up proudly and gestured to the rack of various costumes behind him. "Each costume will fit perfectly, as each one is magic you see. They look and feel like the real thing, you'll be able to do whatever the real thing might do as well. For example, a pegasus costume can let you fly, or an earth pony costume make you stronger! Not perfectly mind you, but enough to give off that illusion!"

The stallion motioned to the other rack just outside the booth which currently was empty. "Another thing I can do is make costumes out of anyone who so wishes to be one. A spell of my own creation, it even allows you to preform things that the pony that became the costume can do with ease and so long as you can understand how it works you can do it just as goo as they would. Now, I won't go into a long discussion on how it works, but I can attest to its safety wholeheartedly. If you don't mind waiting, these two ponies are a coin's toss away from finding out who'll be the costume and the costumed! Which will serve as a perfect demonstration for you. Heads for Flying Brick and Tails for Rabi Dequo." He hoped that this mare wouldn't be scared off by the vagueness of his admittedly short explanation, or by the rather interesting sight of the spell doing its thing. With a little smile to his three current customers Masquerade leaned slightly out of the booth and flipped the coin high into the sky.

Spin, glint, twirl, twinkle.

The coin slowly fell back towards the earth where Masq caught it in a hoof and slapped it to the top of his hoof. Pause for dramatic effect. Glance between the two at stake aaanddd...."Heads it is! Looks like you'll get to be the costume for the evening, Miss Brick!"

(Purposfully didn't go ahead with the spell yet to give a bit more reaction time for everyone hehe)

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Flying Brick grinned, her pearly whites showing like fresh mortar between her firm-set jaws.  Games of chance were a thrill and weakness for her; it was why she usually had to stay clear of them, otherwise a whole day’s worth of bits could be gone in a few minutes!  Now that the other pony was willing to bet the course of his evening on the flip of the coin, she could have her thrill in a harmless way!  At least, the shopkeeper said it was harmless…


It probably was, but there was no harm in upping the thrill by keeping a small doubt in the back of her mind.  She gave a wink to Rabi and a wave to the newcomer.  “No fun in being turned to costume without good chance to worn, tovaritch.  Now, at least, we both can be certain of good fun tonight!


Brick smiled at the unicorn, but did not interrupt the salespony’s explanation.  She’d heard it before, though this time the demonstration would be on a live pony, instead of a boring rock!  Although there was some new information this time; apparently, wearing another pony allowed for physical capabilities to be transferred, as well as physical appearance.  Interesting; so if she was selected to be a costume, Rabi could dance like her.  She hoped he would enjoy it; she always did.

And… it looked like she was the winner!  “Aha!  The zherebets will be wearing me, da?  All right Comrade Masquerade, let us show the unicorn how it is done, eh?”  She was as genuinely excited as she sounded, her heart was pounding in her ears.  What would it feel like?  He’d given a short explanation, but she had a feeling that words would make it hard to describe.  Or something.  Either way, she could hardly wait!

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Rabi hummed again as Masq searched for a coin while explaining things to the newcomer. He was a little unsure about the whole coin toss, but he had already agreed and Masq made a good point. It wouldn't be very exciting to sit around on the rack. 


Now all that was left was to hope on chance, but at least he would be experiencing something new either way. He watched the coin fly through the air, awaiting the verdict. Ah, it seemed chance was not in his favor. Oh well, they each had an equal chance. 


"Very well, this'll be interesting to watch. Congrats, Brick, I look forward to this." Rabi said, stepping back from the mare in case the spell needed room. 

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Apple Bloom was sure this Nightmare Night was going to be the very best Nightmare Night, or at least as good as last Nightmare Night or the one previous. Maybe she just really liked Nightmare Night, huh. No matter because eve if she was a bit blinded by the evening what an evening it was to get blinded by because it was the very best night of the year! She loved dressing up as all sorts of kooky, scary, funny, and cool things yet because of her schedule she rarely got to cut loose and enjoy all of it. Check her wardrobe- much of it was made up of costumes and outfits, not day to day clothes. Of course she rarely wore clothes so day to day stuff was pointless, but her point remained.


She loved Nightmare Night and wanted to ensure that she had the best night ever. Friends, family, and activities were all vital cogs in the fun machine, of course, but she had all of those in spades. Why, just this year she was going to help put together the maze! Not to the extent she knew how to run it of course, but just the little odds and ends. And with her focus there she wanted to make sure that her costume game was on point. She had so many ideas but as she thought about it, each one just seemed sorta...not her this season. The Princesses and the Adventurers and the Dareponies and the Monsters- nothing really spoke to her.


She needed help and she needed it quick- it was Nightmare Night and her indecisiveness was destroying her. And on a night like tonight there was only one place a pony could go to get the help she needed in the manner she needed it, and that was Carousel Boutique!


Which was closed!


For land sake...


But that nifty looking booth over yonder certainly looked like it could help, what with all the liveliness going on. She didn't catch much since her eyes were too busy eating those costumes up!


"Land sakes-" Celestia above what was with her mouth today!? "-those costumes look incredible!"

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Apparently, these two ponies were arguing about who would be the costume, and who would be stuck being the wearer.  Stuck being the wearer, imagine that!  Luminous Spark herself couldn't quite see how anypony could want to be turned into a costume, but she certainly wouldn't begrudge those who did.  The situation seemed a little sad when she thought about it a little further, here the two of them were discovering a new, possibly once-in-a-lifetime sort of magic, and one of them would only get to experience it vicariously!  They were resolving it with a coin flip.  But perhaps there was another way to resolve the issue?  One that didn't require one of the ponies to (sort of) sit out.  The words came out of her mouth before she had even thought about what she was saying.  “I could wear one of you!”


Then her brain caught up with what her mouth was doing.  In retrospect it probably wasn't even that bad, but the situation had caught her off guard and she was imagining the worst.  Spark froze for a moment, blushing as she imagined how somepony might interpret what she'd just said.  She sheepishly added, “I-I'm mean, that way...y-you could both get to...try it out, once somepony else shows up...”  She laughed nervously, before hastily adding “Butifyoutwohavealreadyworkedoutasystemthatworkstoo!”  She pointed looked toward a few of the more ordinary costumes hung up, although she stuck nearby, and it wasn't long before she was looking back over.  Even if the two of them were happy with their current situation, Spark was certainly curious enough to watch and see how the spell worked.


Then the filly showed up, who Spark vaguely recognized as a local of the town, sibling of one of elements?  No matter, it was something that she could sort out later.  In the more immediate present, another pony had arrived looking a costume, a filly.  Spark wasn't sure how the magic worked when foals were involved, but could this be the second pony they were looking for?  “O-oh yeah,” as she started to recover her composure Spark replied to the filly's comment, “they're magic, apparently, although you'll have to Masquerade over there if you want to know more.”  She pointed to the stall's owner to punctuate her point, as that pony would probably be much better at describing what was going on.

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Masquerade had to admit, Flying Brick's enthusiasm was refreshing. So many ponies out there that he had spoken to about the spell for the first time were either confused, scared, or possibly both. But at least she, along with Rabi there, seemed to be open minded, willing, and able! "Let us shall! Just a moment!" hopping up from his seat, Masquerade made his way out from his booth. Once he was outside it was far easier to see the stallion's own costume, which appeared to be some combination of ye olde noble outfit and modern 'New Lunar Republic' design! Had to stay in the theme of the event!

In the time it took Masq to make his way out from his booth over to his customers, an idea had crossed the threshold between mind and mouth for the most recent arrival. "Oh? Well I can't see a reason why that wouldn't work, but how would you decide who you would wear? I have no problems with the idea, but at the very least, Miss Brick won the toss so I should go ahead and get her fixed up hmm? he said with a smile. The unicorn mare seemed to be the rather nervous type, nice enough but lacking in social skills. But he had to commend her for trying, wasn't everyone awkward at some point in their life?

Before the stallion had a chance to begin the spell however, yet another pony joined the scene! A young filly who seemed to be in desperate need of a good costume and judging by the cutie mark, she must be one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders he had heard about in his walks about town. "Ahh, well thank you very much, my dear! I put a lot of love and effort into each costume I make. You're just in time as well, Flying Brick here" he said waving towards the red mare. "Just won a coin toss to be a costume! And showing is so much easier than explaining. If you don't mind holding tight for a few minutes, I'll be free to assist you!"

Walking over closer to Flying Brick, Masquerade gently gave her shoulder a pat. "Alright! Now there's nothing that you need to do other than relax. Don't worry though, it's not one of those 'Stand perfectly still or something will go wrong' sort of spells, so don't fret if you get a bit jittery from excitement." taking a step back from the mare, Masq took a deep breath as his horn began glowing with the same swirling gold magic as before. Soon the glow started to swirl around Brick's hooves. The feeling was almost akin to the pins and needles one feels after a sleeping limb starts to wake up, but more gentle.

To observers the spell was rather quick, but it always felt a bit longer to the one it was being cast on. The magic worked its way up from her hooves through her legs leaving the same tingling in its wake but also a strange feeling of hollowness. From her legs it spread to the belly where a clinking of metal formed a zipper along it, a cold metal chill was there only for a brief moment before it was replace with the gentle tingling as well. From belly to chest to back to head, the process took only a brief moment truthfully and in a flash and pop of golden light, the mare's form would fall like that of a costume, swiftly caught by Masquerade who had long grown used to the whole ordeal.

For the mare it was likely a disorienting experience, she could see, smell, hear, even taste were someone to eat while wearing her, but movement was gone. It was almost like being so relaxed you just melted. The hollow feeling was probably the strangest, not unlike being slightly hungry but not quite enough to actually do anything about it. "And presto!" Masquerade gently held up the now costumified Flying Brick before carefully passing her to Rabi. "Here you go, Rabi, be sure to give this mare's suggestion some thought as well before you fully decide on anything." the stallion nodded in Luminous' direction

Turning once more to the filly who arrived, Masquerade bowed his head politely. "And now, little miss! I hope that whole thing didn't spook you, I can promise you she's one hundred percent fine. I take it you're looking for a costume as well? I've got dozens to choose from!"

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Well well, it seemed the Costume booth was becoming quite popular!  Which was probably to be expected, given that it was Nightmare Night.  After all, there are always one or two last-minute shoppers for every holiday, and this one in particular was good advertising for Masquerade’s business.  In fact, there came one of them now, a little local filly with a cute rustic accent!


Dobryy vecher, malen'kiy zherebenok!”  Flying Brick probably wouldn’t have full reverted to her mother tongue if it weren’t for that ‘land sakes’ idiom.  It triggered the subconscious desire to assert her own cultural heritage.  She did pull back from that burst of misplaced nationalism to address Applebloom in a more understandable manner.  “Da, they are very good!  The owner is generous, as one night rentals on biggest holiday for him are free!


As the Brick-red mare had won the toss, she was not too worried about having to experience the magic indirectly.  However, she was by no means a stickler for the agreement, as the other newcomer had offered to rent her as well.  “Ahahah, is fine by me!  Am good with anypony inside.  Will deny nopony chance to be strong like bull!”  To demonstrate the point, she slammed her hoof on the booth counter, making the whole edifice shake.


It was about here the Masquerade finally started to work his magic, possibly in an attempt to protect his property investment!  Grinning as the “New Lunar Noble” patted her shoulder, she shot back, “I have no stage fright!”  And then… it began.


She didn’t sense time slowing for her; perhaps it was that the sensation was so new and odd her brain was working faster to process it than those around her.  The tingling feeling was gentle, almost pleasant, though the odd feeling of hollowness was a little disorienting.  Flying Brick was a mare very much aware of her physical form, having honed both her muscles and her nerves to a state not only of strength and agility, but also a control and precision that was second nature to her.  Now, however, the hollowness came with a feeling of ‘looseness’ that she had never felt before.


The chill of the zipper was nothing compared to walking outside in Stalliongrad this time of year, so it hardly bothered her.  The sudden spread of the hollowness and looseness was more disorienting, as the spell completed and the spellcaster caught her.  Brick had never been rich enough to afford a massage, so the feeling of utter relaxation, the ‘melting’ she had heard described by her more affluent acquaintances was completely new to her.  It was strange… but also kind of nice.  It was like she’d spent her whole life gripping something, and now finally let go to allow her limb to flex.

Then, of course, there was the hollowness.  Kind of like hunger, though not quite.  She knew all too well what hunger was, but this was different, sort of a whole-body affair.  In fact, literally a whole-body affair, as her new costumed form was designed to have a whole body inside it!  She couldn’t talk aloud, sparing the company more high-volume Stalliongradish.  At least, until somepony put her on...

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Rabi thought over the mare's offer as he watched Brick be turned into a costume. The question was, which was he more interested in experiencing? Did he want to be the costume, or wear somepony else as his costume? He hummed to himself as Brick collapsed into herself, being caught by Masq and handed over to him. He had a pony-turned-costume in his hooves now, and he took the opportunity to thoroughly examine her by floating her around to look at various parts and occasionally poking her with a hoof to test that she was in fact hollow. 


"I've decided now." He said, giving Brick to the other mare to put on or put on the rack, he wasn't really paying attention to what happened between them since he was speaking to Masq again. 


"I'd like to become a costume as well. After she's done, of course." He said, nodding to the filly that Masq was helping now. "Will Alba be a problem for this?" He added, the mouse poking out of his pocket again when he heard his name, looking around briefly before ducking back down. 

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Luminous Spark took the offered suit with some hesitation, when Rabi was done his investigation.  This limp thing she was holding in her hooves was a pony!  It was a concept Spark would take some time getting used to that fact, although Flying Brick's enthusiasm was helping her get used to the idea.  The mare seemed really eager to try this out.  Spark hoped it was everything the earth pony dreamed.


Speaking of which, Spark found it hard to believe that a costume would prefer to be limply held rather than worn.  With that thought in mind, she didn't hesitate any longer, fumbling with the Flying Brick costume in her hooves for a moment before tracking down the zipper.   Spark could feel the faint hum of magic, as she slid a hoof into one of the legs, but for the life of her she couldn't find a definite sign that this was actually a pony rather than just an 'ordinary' enchanted costume like so many of the others that lined the stall.  Perhaps she just needed to look into it in more detail,  Spark mused to herself as her other rear leg lined up with Flying Brick's matching limb.  That was something she could ask Masquerade, after or perhaps even during Nightmare Night.  As Spark tugged Brick's torso over her own, the though crossed her mind that this inner monologue was doing wonders in distracting her from the fact that she was wrapping an immobilized and hollowed out pony around her body.


With their Torsos already lined up, Spark was able to get her forelimb's lined up with the costume's more easily than she had the rear, wondering if and how the costume- er, Flying Brick, would feel different to wear once it was fully on.  The claim was, after all, that the wearer would borrow the skills and abilities of the...wearee?  The worn?  The pony that was currently the costume.  As Spark wrapped the hollow head around her own, and pulled up the zipper on the front at the same time, she had one last thought that she would have to ask Brick what being on the other side of this spell felt like.

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Luminous sure did seem a little perturbed by events, but who could blame her? At least they both saw how amazing the costumes looked. This Masquerade sure did put a thousand years of love into his work, that was sure. That was the only way to get the truly best quality in whatever field you were putting your best hoof out in. Love was the cornerstone of success! "AH bet they're all magical and such. Celestia knows that ta get tha orchard right, we have ta put in lots of work. Magical or not this feller's gotta be puttin' in lots of work," she said, whistling appreciatively at the variety, quality, and quantity on display. He'd need a full fledged storefront before long! It was hard to see a pony of this quality not wanting one eventually, how else could he expand his business?


But finally she started to pay attention to what else was going on, and it was a- well, what? One heck of a doozy. She had a hard time really wrapping her apple-scented noggin around it. So there was a magic he had that could turn a pony into a costume, and ponies were okay with it? Sweet Celestia that didn't seem fun at all. Heck, she could easily see that being the absolute worst fate a pony could have, or at least one of them, and nothing to be so jolly about it. Of course she had ta guess she was in the minority in this area as other ponies seemed okay with it. And as long as everypony was in agreement she supposed it was...alright, she guessed. Still seemed like something more akin to a straight up fridge horror scenario than something to be excited about, but when in Roam- wait, this was Ponyville! Did that saying apply here?


Then she saw the magic go to work. This one strong looking Stalliongrad mare was slowly- well, it wasn't that slowly but her eyes seemed to process it very slowly- turned into a floppy costume that another pony put on. Well, that was an absolutely terrifying image, whether they agreed to it or not. What did it feel like to wear somepony else? What did it feel like to be the costume? How did you even live? The body had so many important organs that it couldn't be good to stretch and pull and compress them. She really wanted to know how...and also didn't want to know the answer at all. Still, everypony seemed down with it so she wasn't gonna create a fuss.


Only belatedly did she realize Masquerade as talking to her, her attention riveted and stolen in large and equal measure by the costume and the pony that wore her. She felt a tingling in the back of her neck- such weirdness! "Umm, howdy. Ah'm...Apple Bloom and, uhh, Ah need a costume pretty quick. Umm, and...umm, hopefully, not one that is...alive."

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"Certainly, I'll be more than happy to change you here in just a moment." Masquerade said with a smile to Rabi. "Your friend though won't be able to turn into a costume along with you I'm afraid, but we can discuss that here in just a few moments!"

While donning the costume, Luminous would find the the inside plush and soft, almost silky in texture. It fit snugly without feeling too tight or constricting. In honesty it felt as though they were wearing nothing at all. The cool breeze that blew through the area felt the same on the costumed legs as it would on the bare. It really was like a second skin! With the head pulled on and the costume zipped up, both Luminous and Brick would soon find out that Brick could 'speak' directly to Luminous with thought, just as easily if she still were full bodied.

Turning his attention back to Apple Bloom, Masq couldn't help but to have a little laugh at the filly's reaction. No matter the age it seemed ponies would always end up weirded out by such a sight. He couldn't blame them, it was strange! But oh what Nightmare Night would be complete without strange-ities? "It's lovely to make your acquaintance, Miss Apple Bloom! My name is Masquerade, but if you'd like you can call me Masq for short." he replied with a nod of his head. "Don't you fret, all the costumes hanging inside the booth are made by hoof rather than magicked up from somepony. I've got plenty of things to choose from, from your traditional witches and ghosts and the like, to things like dragons and diamond dogs! If I don't have something hanging up that you like, I'm sure I'll have something in one of my crates."

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The sensation of being put on was a strange one for Flying Brick.  A normal pony might have described it as having one's limbs "wake up" after "falling asleep," but without the pins-and-needles transition from numbness and immobility to full feeling and activity.  The earth pony mare had always been to active for that to have happened to her, so she simply tried to process the feeling of... feeling returning as Luminous Spark inserted her limbs into Brick's own.  There would be feeling of firmness and strength given to the wearer, adopting the abilities of a dancer and parkourist, not to mention the tribal strength granted to Earth Ponies in general.


As for Brick, sensation had returned, but not control.  No amount of effort on her part could make her limbs move, only Spark could now do so.  Even though she surrounded the other mare, it was almost as if she was trapped inside her own body while somepony else drove it.  For some ponies, that might indeed be a horrifying sensation, but she was still caught up in the novelty of it.  It was almost... relaxing, in it's way.  Once the zipper was pulled, the feeling of hollowness disappeared, replaced by a sense of... filling, almost fulfillment.  *Altogether, feels good to have you inside me, tovaritch!  Now, you give these legs a go, da?*  The thought was instantly communicated to her 'wearer,' as Brick looked out through eyes that were not quite her own anymore.

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Well... that wasn't quite what he had meant there... oh well, Rabi contented himself with watching Luminous put on the Flying Brick costume, the end result being what looked just like Flying Brick. Interesting, very interesting indeed. 


He sat down, pulling out a notepad and beginning to write down what he knew of the process and what he had observed so far. 


"How do you feel?" He asked Luminous/Flying Brick, walking over to them with the notepad floating in his magic. 

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Luminous Spark was still getting used to the idea of wearing another pony as a costume.  She was warming up to it, as thus far it had turned out more intriguing than anything else, but it was still tough to fully accept the idea.  In turn, she was very focused on getting Flying Brick the costume on quickly, enough that Spark didn't even notice the sensory transfer while she was in the process of donning the costume.


On 10/25/2016 at 1:12 PM, PrinceBlueblood said:

*Altogether, feels good to have you inside me, tovaritch!  Now, you give these legs a go, da?*

Brick speaking in her ear was the first thing Spark actually noticed differently, and it immediately caught her attention.  She flinched, not quite expecting it, although she found it a pleasant surprise.  Spark was glad that her new companion had a way to communicate.  The idea of accidentally doing something which Brick found unpleasant, with the mare-turned-costume being unable to do anything about it, was something Spark put some effort into not thinking about.


On 10/25/2016 at 3:29 PM, PyroBlaze said:

"How do you feel?"

Rabi came over as Spark was feeling out the costume, understandably wondering about the experience, and in trying to reply Spark got the largest shock she'd experienced yet.  “I feel- Eep!”  Spark's voice wasn't her own, she sounded just like Flying Brick!  Only, with her own mannerisms, presumably due to the fact that Spark didn't know any of Brick's native tongue.  In fact, if the ponies around her hadn't watched her put the costume on, and she were a better actress, Spark could pass very convincingly for the earth pony.  Food for thought.


It took her a moment to recover, but Spark did get around answering the question.  “It's...it's strange.  I keep thinking about the idea that I'm wearing another pony.  And I guess I've never been an earth pony before?”  Spark giggled a bit.  “So that will take some getting used to.”


“Now you'll have to excuse me for a moment.”  Flying Brick had made a request, after a fashion, and Spark was interested in exploring this new state as well.  For the moment, she settled for a light jog around the area, returning back to the Fantastic Facade's in the end.  She couldn't leave her project behind.  She had been building her physical abilities as a byproduct of working on her latest project, but this form gave her a sense of grace and power that far surpassed her typical sense of herself.


Ooh!  Maybe this would provide a first hoof way to test it with other pony tribes!  And there was still the Ponyville Nightmare Night to experience.  Before getting into any of that though, Spark wanted to check up on her...her passenger.  “How does this feel?”  She spoke quietly, to an outside observer it would look like she was talking to herself.  She wasn't sure to what degree her own thoughts might get through to Brick, so to make sure she voiced her concerns aloud.  “Are you holding up alright?  If it matters, this would be the easiest time to change back.”  It was weird talking to a pony using that pony's own voice.

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Apple Bloom looked at all of the costumes as they came out in display of the skill of Masquerade, each one as impressive as the last. This Masquerade made the best  costumes she had ever seen and it wasn't even close. The details were without compare and there was just so many- yeah, she had to figure some were just alive which was a sentence she never thought she'd hear, but so many were so amazing that she watched one after another as they were brought out. Her eyes glimmered with all the shapes and sizes and colors and forms- they were supreme. Her mind danced with fantasy as she imagined all the possibilities of what she could be. But soon one specific costume caught her eye.


Because, you see, dragons were cool and he had a dragon costume. Spike was cool, but he was just a baby dragon. And this was a costume that would be a baby dragon so it wasn't as cool as a full, adult dragon, but beggars couldn't be choosers. And with what she saw of his magic thus far it was no doubt a great fit and, well, who knows, maybe she could spit fire. That would be...well, something. It would be something. Maybe she could create roasted apples for the party afterward. She'd just be the most helpful filly ever if that was the case! But she had to focus. Rentals were free, but was she sure no one else wanted- "Ohhh, Ah'll take that dragon one! Dragons are real cool!"


Very smooth.

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While the other three, rather two so to speak, chatted and mused over the nature of what was going on, Masquerade continued helping out the young filly. Though he did keep an ear out for the others just in case he were needed. Yes, Masq's stand had plenty of costumes to choose from, and more still in boxes and that wasn't even all! He mostly brought the ones he best felt would work for Nightmare Night, there were a plethora of costumes in his shop as well.

But after much pondering and debate, Apple Bloom seemed to settle on a dragon costume! The little cream and pink 'baby' dragon costume was a great choice. "Good eye, I actually made this one not long ago!" he said levitating it over into his hooves to hold out to the little earth pony. "Now you have to promise to be careful. Just like the rest of the costumes, you'll be able to do what you could if you really where what you're wearing. So don't go around breathing fire anywhere dangerous okay?" the stallion gave her a friendly winked and passed the costume to her. "There's a little changing booth set up just behind the stand!"

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Apple Bloom was pretty excited to get into the booth and change- she felt like the other costume was made for her. It contoured to her body- it was better than anything else she ahd ever worn for Nightmare Night! She couldn't help but get excited as she went in...



It was Nightmare Night- what a night! Different in a small town than the big city, but Valen liked it that way. Ponyville had considerable more fun. Now there was a bit of an issue this year, as there always was it seemed like recently- his costume didn't fit. Was a little smaller overall, but tight around the hips. Hmm- strange- but who was he to find fault on this night. especially with such a great friend by his side?

So much excitement! Starlight Glimmer's first Nightmare Night in Ponyville, and not only did she get play court wizard for 'Nightmare Moon', she got to pull fun and harmless little tricks on those who wound up losing at the party games! It was proving to be an immense amount of fun. But for now, she was on break, spending a bit of quality time with her friend. The mare was dressed up in an attire that seemed to be a mishmash of Starswirl and a certain traveling showmare, albeit in more New Lunar Republic colours. Speaking of costumes. "Is everything alright, Valen? You're fiddling with your costume an awful lot."


Valen sighed. His Starcolt costume just didn't fit. 
"Well...it isn't fitting right, it feels tight here," Valen said, patting his waist, "but not right everywhere else."
Starlight tilted her head and looked the costume over. It did seem to be a bit stretched around the waist. "Hmm, maybe it shrunk some in the wash? We could see about finding you a different costume if you're uncomfortable in that one."

Valen sighed.
"I guess. But who would sell costumes this late? Everything good is just sold out," he sighed, "should have gone as a Princess, like Applejack suggested."


With a smirk and a tip of her hat, Starlight gave Valen a little wink. "Well as Royal Court Wizard to her highness Nightmare Moon, I was privy to some information before the festivities were sat up! There's a stallion over by the other booths, you know where the face painting and snacks are and all, who happens to run a costume shop. He got permission to set up a booth for one night rentals, if you want to go and see what we can find you."
Valen smiled. "Oh, really? He sounds like he really must be something special if he needed to get permission!" Valen said, not catching the smirk. Good for him, because there were other looks he wasn't catching. "Lead the way, Wizard!"


It was good being a wizard. "Follow me, young ward!" a dramatic flourish of her cape and one admittedly short walk later, the two just so happened upon the booth, where it seemed a few customers had arrived, checking out the costumes or perhaps they were already costumed? With what she had heard about Masquerade's...unique spell, she wouldn't be the least bit surprised!

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Another satisfied customer! Masquerade had to admit, he hadn't anticipated the night to be so busy! One, maybe two customers coming into to get a costume for the evening, but it seems so many ponies were ill prepared in one way or another. It was a stroke of luck for them and him, they got a costume and he got publicity! A true win win in his book.

With barely a moment to let his mind wind down from 'salespony' to 'friendly banter' with the trio that were here before, another pair of ponies wandered up, one he had recognized as the 'Royal Court Wizard' of 'Her Tyrannical Majesty' Nightmare Moon. What a long winded title even for a nightmare night event. Her costume seemed to be just fine, though the pony traveling with her looked like their costume wasn't quite the right fit for them. With a smile on his face and a polite little wave, he wandered up to the two as they arrived. "Hello and happy Nightmare Night! How can I assist the court wizard and her friend this fine evening?" he inquired.

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