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[age of heroes] Castle Bravo [ready]


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Name: Castle Bravo

Code Name: Conelrad


Powers: Well Bravo is gifted in ways that surpasses normal ponies he is nowhere close to the powers most heros have. But he has far more endurance than a standard pony, withstanding pain and punishment that can drop most. Along with this he has larger than normal wings with such size a normal pony may not be able to use them, yet he is not hendred by the size and can move them around with significant power to take off easily or deliver a painful blow. But his real power comes with his gear from another reality and the tools that came with him.


Pegasus model power armor: First built before the end of the great war by the Ministry of Wartime Technology it is light and built with mobility in mind compared to other models. Where power armor for ground pounders was built to withstand even heavy arms fire the pegasus model was built to only handle small arms fire and flack. But against opponents only packing rifle caliber weapons it made the user almost unkillable if they did not take heavy sustained fire.


Using a large mana-spark battery as a power source it was almost a weeks worth of fuel under normal use as it powers the armors many sensors and tools.


Assistant Flight Appendage, well Pegasus model power armor is much lighter than standard power armor from the war it is nonetheless very heavy and well the user will not feel it when walking do to the power armor holding itself up it’s very different story in the air. As such Pegasus model power armor uses AFA that holds on to the wing and helps the user fly much like how it helps a user walk or move. Well not perfect the trade of mobility to armor is well worth it.


E.F.S (Eyes Forward Sparkle), built in to the HUD it colors, outlines and detects potential threats and dangers in the battlefield along with alerting the user of possible danger from behind and helps in weapons targeting.


Removable respirator that can filter air, supply oxygen or deliver inhaled combat drugs. The oxygen supply is limited but allows the user to operate in an airless environment for a limited time such as underwater.


Battle saddle, attached to the users back and sides it is the mounting point for weapons that rest along the side of a pony. The fire control is built into the helmet and allows a pegasus to do strafing runs much like an aircraft. This allows them to use and fire much larger weapons that can be fired safely from the muzzle. The mounting points have limited movement to help in aiming but the target must be in front of the user and not to far up or down.


Tail Blade, looking like the tail of a scorpion the tail blade is used for up close combat and can deliver a number of toxins that range from deadly to pearlizing. But even if it’s not used to deliver toxins the balde is deadly and swift. The ends of the wing guards are bladed as well, but cannot deliver toxins.


Equipment: Armor was not the only useful tool Bravo took with him when he was ripped out of his reality. Along for the ride was his survival gear, rifle and equipment.


MP-Rifle, a magical plasma rifle that shoots magical bolts of superheated Plasma. A very high-powered weapon built at the extreme end of the war or soon after it a MP-Rifle makes a mockery of most armor and even glancing shots can inflict painful wounds and bruning. It uses a specialized mana-spark battery that along as being the power source holds the ionised gases to be converted to plasma bolts. If damaged a MP-mana-spark battery can be extremely dangerous and datanat without warning. If a MP-mana-spark battery becomes superheated or damaged the MP-Rifle will automatically eject the battery with force to safely clear it away from the user. Well built to be used from a fixed mounting on a battle saddle it can be removed and aimed/fired by hoof. But doing so is hard and only done if no other ways of engagement can be done.


Magical energy grenades, a thrown timed explosive that uses a blast of raw magical energy to destroy whatever is around it. Well limited in number with no easy way to gain more thanks to him being in another world Bravo uses them sparingly. But the firestorm the unleash will send most ponies running.


Holotape player/recorder and holotapes, a durable laser-readable storage device based on tape holography technology. Well often used to play audio files by the end of the war some ponies discovered how to put games on them. Bravo uses his to record a audio Journal, keep some music from his favorite radio stations or play some audio logs made by his mare friend to keep his spirits up on long hunts.


Healing potions, stimulates fast tissue regeneration and is capable of restoring a wounded body to health in mere seconds. Their usage is not recommended in case of broken bones as it’s healing effects, sadly, do not include moving said bones into place. If properly tended to first and the bone is held in its proper place it can be used safely. Healing potions no not help stop pain.


Magical bandages, normal bandages which are enchanted to allow faster recovery and healing. Generally less effective than healing potions but useful for less extreme wounds.


M-Rad Away, An orange liquid with a rancid taste and worse aftertaste. It is designed to clear a body of harmful magical-radiation, the by product of mege-spell grade weapons and mana-spark fuel when it’s being used without proper containment. Magical-radiation is harmful to the body and in large amounts very deadly.


Dash, a powerful hallucinogenic stimulant drug that slows the users perception of time, making the world slower and him much faster. Well outlawed in the GPE Bravo has had his addiction for many years and suffers crippling withdrawal. Mood swings, cramps and feeling extremely sluggish with the world seeming to move in fast forward around him. Being trapped in another world where dash has not been invented has left Bravo in an uneasy spot as his supply runs out.


Weakness: Well gifted with above normal levels of endurance and powerful wings Bravo is just a normal pony in most ways. As such without his powerful gear he is incapable of handling more powerful dangers but common thugs and goons pose no real danger do to his training and years of combat experience even without the help of his gear.


Another limiting factor his his need for ammo and fuel, what he needs a steady supply for. Without such the longest he can hope to keep everything running is a week at best with his rifle lasting longer or short depending on how much he must use it.


Dash withdrawal is a real problem for Bravo and can leave him sluggish, moody and at a extreme disadvantage thanks to it.


Alias: Bravo has no real alias, being so new to the world around him he has nothing to hide or protect other than himself, but he may make one for himself later.


Background: Bravo was born on an ThunderHead class cloudship, a flying battleship built during the great war that ended 130 years before his eyes opened to the cold gray walls of the ship he grew up in. His youth was spent exploring the cloudship, the heart like beating of the enormous ship engines struggling to keep itself aloft on an inconstant stream of old and repurposed fuel and parts became as common to him as rain on a rooftop. The smell of over a century's use becoming the scent of home as the on ship school trained and educated him. Pride. Honer. Duty. The words of a true pegasus and how they are too live was drilled in to him from his earliest classes.


For the world Bravo was born in to was a dead world. The war ended 130 years ago with every pony and thing losing with the only winners being the ones to lose the least. For the great war only ended in baelfire as the land was set aflame and the seas boiled as countless centuries of peace, love and friendship died in a short few decades of conflict. At its start ponies were new born foals to warfare yet they were the ones to end it by developing the most powerful weapons to ever be seen to stop the decades old conflict. End it they did.


160 years after the end of the war Bravo was a sergeant of recone team charlie, tasked with hunting down AWOL, missing, wanted or targets of use his team were some of the few pegasus to interact with the world below the clouds. Do to this and the risk of hazards he and his team often face in the world below they had too spend much of their time home in quarantine. But for a few short weeks they can relax in the the skies above and see first hoof what the keep safe. The Grand Pegasus Enclave.


Something Bravo loves with all his heart even after seeing many of its darker sides he stands strong in his belief the Enclave is the only pure race of ponies left after the war and the only hope for Equestria. His years spent exploring and hunting in the dark broken lands below only enforce his belief that the mud walkers never can and never will rebuild equestria like the pegasus have in the skys.


But in an old twist the mare he grew to love is found in the mud below. MIR, a bashed pegasus framed for murder. She proved she had no part in the crim and was framed to Bravo when they bumped into another in the wasteland. Soon he took to seeing her more and the two grew close. Even with her being banished she did not hate the Enclave. In fact she loved it just as much as Bravo and in time, she had twins on the way thanks to him.


But fate had other plans for Bravo, on the hunt for a run away scientist he encountered a old lab the pegasus was hiding in and using. Dearing the resulting exchange of fire a portal ripped open from one of the old machines and sucked Bravo inside along with everything he had on him. Spat out face first in to another lab Bravo found himself in a very, very different place.


Notable Allies: smashing face first in to another reality has left him with no help from his team, friends and the Enclave.


Notable Personal Villains: He has none just yet in the world he crashed in too.


General Notability: To the outside world none know of him, the only few that do know much about him are the ones that were around when he was sucked in the reality they live in.

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