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Ponyville Scavenger Hunt


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Yanhua was given an odd look by the mare who ran the stall. "I'm sorry, yellow? There's no such things as yellow carrots." At least as far as she knew. Orange ones were the best. A pont nearby cleared his throats.


"Actually carrots were originally yellow in color before cultivated by ponies." The nasally, know-it-all pony offered, leaving the mare to scowl. 


"In any case, I don't have yellow carrots, sorry." When the mare rejected  Yahuna's attempts the balloon would tug her and point out toward another spot. Pointing its stringy tail up it looked like, atop one of the buildings, a pony wearing sunglasses, a scarf and cap seemed to top it. It seemed strange because it was spring! What did a pony need winter gear for? well after reversing Pyro's abilities -- he did. Pyro, from his precarious perch could predict the possibility of locating what he needed. When Pyro jumped down and came up to Mac the stallion turned around. Huh how come everypony was coming up to him today looking for help?


"Eeyup." With that Big Mac pointed to the hardware store. Perfect place to find nails! But it couldn't be that easy, could it? It was than that Squall began his grandstanding parade. The balloon in Pyro's possession squeaked seeing its friend go by who returned the squeak. They tried to tug to the other, but they were held by their respective ponies. The other balloon seemed sad as Squall and his friend danced by towards the daycare. Looking down at Pyro the happy looking balloon frowned. 


Squall would find the daycare untouched by the madness as it was just out of bounds of his influence. Foals and all. They seemed to be outside playing, oblivious to what was going on! Many of them seemed to be playing with stuffed dinosaurs today and digging about in the sandbox for pretend bones. They were having an archaeology day with the local anthropologist who had his own foal in the daycare. The saddle Arabian pegasus sat at the gate with a book in hoof, trying to manage the foals. Wrangling them was a difficult task!


As for Nira, she would be quite lucky to discover the opposing state of he r magics wouldn't be permanent. As she walked off it would do a bit more. The deceased plants would revert back to, instead, seedlings.For in the stead of advancing life, she reversed it so from the ash of the dead grass were brand new seeds that would eventually begin their growth anew. After all Chaos magic wasn't an exactly science. Besides there was a limit to what he allowed in a game. The pair of foreign ponies would find themselves with a list as well. Nira was tasked with finding a donut whilst Ishi a donut hole. 


Discord clapped his paw and claw together delightfully at Glimmer's response. Good good. Of course it was a matter of luck if the ponies would find the bits. 

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“What? We can go see your balloon friend later, after we pick up these nails.” Pyro said to the balloon, nodding to Big Mac before entering the store and looking around for the nails. Hopefully they were in here. 




Ishi blinked a bit at Nira’s test, looking back to see his own mark was crossed out as well. He really didn’t want to test to see if his magic was affected like hers, that would probably just make him more likely to get hurt. 


“Well, this is an interesting situation, to be sure. Probably a good thing we left Shibo behind, huh? I don’t want to find out how this magic would affect a golem.” The Kirin chuckled slightly as he trotted along with Nira. It wasn’t long before they suddenly had lists, though both with only one item on them. 


“Looks like it’s time to find a donut shop.” Ishi smiled, looking around a bit more before spotting the chaos noodle and making his way to Discord. “Hello, Discord! How have you been since Blueblood hosted that prince vacation? We should keep in touch more, you are fun to be around.” He called as he got closer, smiling at him. 

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After taking a few steps away from the soiled earth, she noticed that there was some reversion on them. It appeared that she hadn't healed them, but instead and reduced them back to a seedling. It was... interesting. Age magic wasn't something that was supposed to be possible, yet through the affects of this game, that seemed to be what her magic had done. It drained the grass of it's age and let it grow anew instead of just healing the holes that were in it from mowing, and various other events that happens to grass. However, even as it was, it still wasn't usable on a pony, less she wanted to revert the pony back to a foal. She doubted many would be too happy with that fact. When Ishi brought up Shibo, Nira nodded. "Most likely it probably just wouldn't have worked, but I could see this cancelling out some of the magic in it. And while it looks like the effects of the magic isn't permanent, it is... odd how it's been reversed. Still don't get hurt... if you do, and I have to use magic on you, it might make you a foal just how it made the grass seeds. I don't think that explanation would go over too well with your brother, especially if that affect wasn't temporary," she spoke to him wanting to take no chances on it.


When they got their list, Nira looked down on it. Apparently she was supposed to find a donut. "Well... that should be easy, a donut shop it is," she started as she heard Ishi speak out to Discord. To be completely honest, she wasn't too fond of the creature. Well, that would be incorrect. The term would be wary. A creature of that power... of the power to be able to do something like this.... on a whim.... set a very.... unsettling tone for her. What if something provoked him into using this magic for evil destructive purposes instead of games and play? He would be a force that... simply couldn't be stopped. You can't stop chaos... it only stops when it's done, or in this case, bored. However, that wasn't to say that Nira wouldn't still be polite and respectful to him, however, she was a body guard. It was kind of her job to second guess everything and look at how things can go wrong before they could go right. Part of the... staying a step ahead that she had to do. She simply nodded to him, waiting to speak until she was spoken to herself.

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Swift Squall expected that daycare would be unchanged by the wild rollercoaster of events that were happening outside. Spirit of chaos or not, Discord had standards. That and Squall believed that he enjoyed disturbing well established, orderly lives of adults much more. That also meant that the stuffed dinosaur that noblepony was searching for wouldn't be on the display. It was safe to assume it had to be in the storage - or better yet, attic.


Unicorn left both the children and Saddle Arabian undisturbed. Having this place built in the first place meant that swordpony knew it's layout like his own pocket, and no lock was enough of an obstacle to stop him.

Not having magic on his disposal was slightly problematic, but Squall was still an Equestria Games-level athlete, and his experience was more then enough to make up for this inconvenience and path to the attic soon laid open before him.


But yet ten minutes has passed, then twenty, and finally half an hour spent scouring the cardboard boxes scattered across the loft. To no avail.

"This makes no sense!" Swift finally groaned in irritation before sitting on one of the boxes. Well, nothing involving Discord usually did to be honest. He was a being of chaos after all. And yet draconequus was someone who had class. He may bend the rules, find loopholes in them and so on. But to cheat? This was beneath the spirit, his own pride would outright prevent to break the rules of the game he himself established.

Keeping that in mind, noblepony could find only one explanation - he himself clearly missed something. Something obvious, something....

"Oh would you stop it?!" Squall grizzled at his balloon after insisted yanking on stallion's hoof pulled him out of his pondering. The balloon seemed to pull towards the small windows build into the attic wall.

"Fine. What is it?!" Swift said demandingly, after allowing himself to be lead to window in question. What he he saw was not what he was expecting.


It was the plushie he was searching for. Animated. And the size of the actual dinosaur.


".......You got to be $@&+*%# kidding me." Squall muttered as he slipped through the window outside.

"Alright Gramps, I found that Jurassic Reject of yours. Now what?" noblepony asked as the stuffed giant walked around, minding it's own businesses. "Should I take a picture? Rip out it's stuffing? Make it fetch?! Because by Celestia Solar Rump, I am not carrying that around!" he added in a snarky and exasperated tone.

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Upon entering the shop Pyro would find the tools floating around repairing things on their own. The shopkeep sighed, forced to just sit there. “Sorry kid, we're putting stock on lots a stuff.” With the scavenger hunt a lot of stock has been sold. “Heck Big Mac just bought my last pack of nails. Gone ta repair the fence at the daycare….”


Big Mac!!


Indeed so the red pony had arrived at the daycare and would settle with a few planks to repair the fence. It seems to have been broken by something big passing on by… The red pony started hammering sway. Inside the room Squall peered into a glass of water sat on to windowsill.


Thump thump thump… the surface of the water began to ripple.


The gigantic stuffed dino turned it's head up, in its mouth hung left hoof socks it had taken from a nearby clothesline before sneaking back into its room. It's eyes focused on Squall, the chewing of the socks having stopped. An ominous air filled the silence between them as the noblepony found his reflections dancing off the abyss of its button eyes.



It opened its jaws, stuffing and fake stitched teeth in its mouth.


No, don't do it.


Too late! It let out a screechy honk from the squeaker toy in its body and charged out of the room on all fours, not that it was all that fast, but it was still several hundred pounds of feathers stuffed in the toy. It scuttled its way to freedom, clothes from said clothesline attached to its boost vis static cling or dangling from it's stuffed back plates.


It was a chase!!!


As for Ishi and Nira the pair would be able to see the shop ahead. Many ponies around enjoying coffee and snacks. Something seemed to be happening. Some were wearing the bracelets that canceled the draconequus’ magic to keep them mere bystanders, and stand they did. For in front of the shop seemed to be a play going on with some of the sweets putting on a… a play? It seemed they were doing s rendition of Hamlet. Its owner was getting a lot of customers today cause of it!


It seemed the Hamlet Donut held up a donut hole to question his existence. “To be creme filled… or glazed… that is the question.”


He would regard he prince and his companion with a grin. "Oh fabulous." A pair of balloons floated up to Nira and Ishi, their tied tails pointing to the show and clapping. They seemed to be twin balloons set out to aide them! "I hope you enjoy the game. There'll be a fantastic reward for my pony and non pony friends participating!" He pressed his paw to his hand and blew a kiss. "Now don't dawdle! You'll miss the play!"

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"Mmm... Well, thanks anyways, buddy. Good luck with all that." Pyro sighed, waving vaguely at the tools flying around before turning around to make his way to the daycare. Once there, he blinked at the giant stuffed animal before deciding to ignore it in favor of Big Mac. "Yo, Mac! Can I have that box of nails? Just take out the nails you need first."




Ishi chuckled a bit at Discord's response, looking over at their twin balloons with Nira, walking with her to the doughnut shop where the play was going on. Honestly, he was happy to watch this little rendition of the classic play, sitting down to watch for the moment.

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"Oh for the love of.....!" Squall started to rant, but of course there was no time for that. Plush, or no plush - thing so big could really do some damage.


Which it did, the moment it smashed through the wall and ran in direction of Ponyville, with unicorn only barely able to leap out of the way.


And falling straight on the dinosaur in question, becoming it's unwilling rider.


"..... Oh %&#@!" Squall cussed moment's later when he noticed that the plush was charging straight in Ponyville. This can't be good.



                                                                                                                     * * * * * * * * * *


Of all unexpected things that could happen today, Swift would place unwilling ride on  1:1 scale, animated plush dinosaur high on the list.

"This is giving me Conflagrius flashbacks..." Swift muttered to himself as he did his best to cling to the running giant. Indeed, it was not noblepony's first wild ride. Being showered by the contents and goods from the stalls that plush trampled was next experience.

"Gramps, I swear to Harmony. if I win this I will use my wish to make YOU a janitor in Fillydelphia sewers for a few months!" stallion promised ash he steadily climbed towards the neck of rampaging plush.

Swift didn't knew if he could hurt something that was basically stuffed toy, but that didn't discouraged him from trying. After making sure that his hold around it's neck was firm, noblepony used his teeth to pull a long dagger from his sleeve and stab the reptilian plush.


It was hard to say if it hurt it. Actually it was hard to say if it actually feel it. What it certainly did was disturb it's rhythm. The giant plush stumbled, and due to it's high speed flew straight into the air in unintentional somersault.


Right over the stage, the crowd gathered before it and straight into the doughnut shop smashing everything to bits.



........Well, that's one way to derail the play.


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OC: Hope you don't mind me coming in.


Aster trotted through the town in search of Discord while passing the disarray that has spread throughout Ponyville, wait was that a plush dino? Aster face twitched in an ouch fashion, her right eye almost completely closed while her left remained the most open as to catch what was going on and her small thin body leaned away, as the dino somersaulted over and into the doughnut shop. The foal carefully walked up to the remains of the doughnut shop her blue striped red tail swishing against her blank flank to see if anyone had any serious injuries. She hoped that no one was hurt and that they had the ability to get out themselves as she fears that if they can’t that no one will help and she can’t do much only being a relatively untrained unicorn foal. “Y’ello? Is anyone hurt seriously, do you need help?” Her young voice cried out to anyone that may have been caught in the rubble.

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As the ponies plundered and scavenged it seemed they would all find their respective items. The visiting Neighponese fox would acquire her carrot while Big Mac was able to give up a pack of nails to Pyro. It didn’t seem he needed them all where he was going. He headed to the slide after repairing the fence, but it all seemed -- strange. But a normal result of a Discord event, no? As Ishi and Nira went to the shop the play went on to the delight if the local Ponyvillians and tourists.


The stuffed stego slammed into the shop. Donuts proceeded to rain down onto the onlookers and neatly into boxes to present them with a neat dozen and some received a box full of donut holes. The stego opened its mouth to wail but all that escaped was a weak hiss! It seems Squall stabbed it's squeaker. Aster would find the only injured party was the Stuffed Stego who sat down like a defeated puppy. It's head hung low as it had been robbed of its chirp! Squall got his dino and Ishi and Nira their donuts.


“Well well!” The voice of the pragmatic prince of pranks presented himself on a wide shot screen floating high above the heads of ponies and species alike. “It seems everypony has found the what's what on their list, though it seems you made our squeaky friend sad! Well for those lucky to participate and those unlucky enough to participate as collateral damage, your rewards await you!


Aster, Squall, Ishi, Nira, Pyro and Yanhua would receive invitations. The stamp on the front seal was akin to some sort of lotus flower or flower of paradise. Inside was a welcoming the players to Baltimare where a boat at the harbor would take them on a cruise to an island!


Though for Aster they needed the permission from a parent or teacher!

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