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This is something of an AU that I've developed of a little bit in the past and I kept most of that information, although there's still quite a lot that I haven't even gotten to touch on much less figure out, so quite a bit of it is left open. If you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to toss them in! Much of the base show information still exists that might've already happened when it comes to this AU. While noir tends to lean towards darkness and injustice and the like, this still has a lot to do with ponies in Equestria so it's not going to be like what is expected of usual noir stories. It'll still be ponies, just trying to get by in an unfriendly city- although a little less so elsewhere in the country.




As the times changed, and cities grew, a new one was developed over the years, although it eventually fell into the hooves of a pony with greed and ill intent who instated a prohibition and used the rise of businesses like speakeasies to make money for himself while doing little for the city. With the corruption and more rampant crime growing within the city, the princesses eventually intervened to remove the mayor from power. Fixing the city isn't entirely beyond their ability, however, Princess Celestia was the one who decided to put somepony else in that position who she felt would understand corruption, King Sombra. It was also meant to be a test to see how well the former king would do in a position of leadership again, to see if he would rise to the challenge of fixing a city to see if he's changed, or fall to his old habits. It's a risky decision, but one she was confident in making with Princess Luna's begrudging support.


On occasion the princesses may visit the city to see how well things are going with the new mayor; something of a permanent position until Sombra either steps down, or achieves the goal given to him. Having a responsibility isn't weighing particularly well upon his shoulders while he tries to keep out of the public eye and figure out what exactly will fix what seems like the unfixable- if just out of spite to prove that he can. And with all of the problems created by the previous mayor, he has quite a lot to deal with.



Technology Level

There are no cars or other motorized vehicles and ponies still use carts, chariots, wagons, stagecoaches and carriages. The Friendship Express and the Crystal Empire train are still in use, and aerial forms of travel exist more commonly in airships. Other commonly found technology consists of magic-powered refrigerators, stoves, washing/drying machines, microphones, speakers, gramophones, folding cameras, radiators, hairdryers, cylinder mowers, film projectors, printing presses, coffee-makers and tape players as well as radios. They use vinyl records. Basically, anything that would've existed around the 1920s. Weaponry is still medieval at best, with swords and other such weapons, as well as crossbows and anything magical.
They have running water and a pipe system, no doubt with a magical filtration system, which means they have sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. However some may still use old-fashioned outhouses in some more country locations. There is also some manner of magical lighting, in homes, stores, street lamps, as well as stage lights.
The involvement of canon characters is a little loose, and that even the little bit of backstory stated above can be altered to fit the personal portrayal of any notable characters and what they'd do. Thus far the only notable ones are Princess Celestia, Luna, and Sombra. Discord is, as always, a wild card, and other canon characters are capable of being fit in somewhere since there isn't a whole lot of information or development- like if the six still exist as they are, or a little older because the sequence of events is different. It's completely open to suggestions, ideas, etc to flesh things out a little more. Royalty also doesn't have to be confined to their castles and just doing their duties, they can have moments of freedom to get involved in things. For example: King Sombra isn't always going to be busy with his job! He's likely to be out and about doing whatever that'll let others interact with him or whatever~ (though mind you, this AU isn't going to solely focus on him and the princesses).
Princess Celestia; played by Stormstride
Princess Luna; played by ___
Princess Twilight; played by ___
Princess Cadance; played by ___
King Sombra; played by dragonofruin
Discord; played by ___
Anything involving OCs is also entirely open too, so long as the character is made to/altered just enough to fit the setting~. There's quite a bit that an OC can be doing or be involved in, like a gang/mafia, or with a speakeasy somehow, law enforcement/investigation, some sort of criminal, a vigilante, famous, etc etc. It's endless! I'm not terribly keen on doing applications so, if you're interested just tell me about your character and what they do in a reply.
The original setting of mine it was sorta pulled from had the city just called 'Dusk City.' For the pony one, it's just a placeholder until a better name is found to fit the horse pun theme.
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I dunno about y'all, but I'm putting Celestia in the attire from the 1920's. Love that style of clothing. SO!!!! No gold plating the princess this time. We gonna go with the gorgeous purples and lovely pastels of red that can be found in the antique shop. 


This said, I would love to see Celestia actually walk into a speakeasy. I mean, one, she is a princess so wine is part of the regal dinner setting. As well, I can imagine that in this type of day and age she wants to see for herself what is actually going on in these places so she can make a suggestion that is actually well informed. 

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That's true, O: I haven't really thought about a whole lot for the setting beyond what I'd developed/what details I'd managed to hash out recently. On one hand though I can imagine if they kept up with the royal guards because of tradition or something~ Or some sort of city guard thing. Or both? O: At least with Canterlot since the royal sisters still live there. Elsewhere there's probably just police or a law enforcement of some sort to keep the peace in cities/large towns.

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hmm given the time difference. I think it might be more than just the REA at this point. The large organization would likely have many branches now. A pegasi air force, large cities would have guards posted as police and detectives, the Royal Guards would still exist, however their organization would be different. As well, things like carriages would also have to adapt. Not the covered wagon like we see now, but a more safe and secure structure. Like a full stage coach. The locomotives would likely still be used, though more modernized. Steam was still the main means of powering such large engines in the 1920-1930's. It was just that design and power were improved. Smaller trains, but with more power. 


As well there could be notations of things such as the New York Times. Centralized news agencies, but with the ability to send copies of their paper across the entire kingdom now. We have seen in the show that they have keyboards and speakers powered by magic. Likely at this time they have telegraph and possibly a very primitive telephone as well as radio. Radio would certainly be in use if it was around. 


I do agree that they wouldnt use cars. Hard to grip a steering wheel with hooves. :P


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Yeah, makes sense! I figured the Royal Guard still being a thing would've been tradition to protect the princesses and all that. I already know cities/towns could have a police force and stuff, since they seem to exist in the comics 0:


And stage coaches sound like they'd work for an updated form of transportation, as well as the trains! Steam powered instead of coal powered?


I think that'd work too, to fit with the times. The big news agencies as well as radio and phone. I'm not sure about speakers since ehh the show is all over the place about the level of technology it has. Well, at least not like, modern day speakers but w/e old kinds used to exist around that time period. Definitely @ radio and primitive telephone though. O:

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