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Fate of the Castle? (WARNING: Finale Spoilers)


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So, this has me a little confused...


Up until the series finale, we've seen Starlight living in the crystal castle alongside Twilight and Spike, but in the "flashbacks" of the Final episode, Twilight has apparently completely emptied the castle of everything... even things that would presumably be left if starlight were still living there (like every single book in the library --- I find it hard to believe that at least SOME of those books aren't already in the royal library, if not all of them, so there's no need to move all of them to Canterlot and they'd be a nice reference in case starlight runs into a problem) not to mention the Map is (presumably) still in the castle and could call anyone on a quest...


so, I suppose this is really a 2-part question...


Is starlight still living in the castle (and if not, where is she living now? One of the dorms in the school?)


Is the castle now just locked up and abandoned? 



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I'd like to think she still lives there and the palace is just a pure library now that has gotten restocked. I like to think owlowiscious runs it now. 


Or it's a fancy hotel.

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