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Solos, mayhaps?


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I'm sure this is a stupid question, and/or already answered somewhere, but I don't have the time or patience to sift through everything.


I'm wondering about rps between multiple of one's own characters. Like effectively similar to if it were just a fanfic, but in rp form. Some people may even find it pointless, or something, idk, but I've wondered about it and thought I could develope my characters this way. Some of them have relationships with each other, and it might be fun to play them out. And if people wanted to, they could follow their stories. Not that I expect this to happen lol.


Idk if there's a way this can be done most effectively/efficiently, or if I should just put it in the WoE section, or what. Or maybe y'all would rather I just write fanfictions and link them in blog posts. Just wondering what I should do with that. It may be strange idea, or maybe it's more common than I realise or maybe y'all think I'm weird/crazy, idk.


Just thought-vomiting, mostly, I guess. lol

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I've been essentially doing an RP with JUST my character all by herself for over two years; just needed some NPCs (her parents, etc) so she isn't talking to herself/herselves too much.

So your idea of having your own characters interact with each other to investigate what they're like doesn't seem that off to me.

Good way to improve the skill of writing RPs without trying to force your character into someone else's story (or worry about having your character altered to fit someone else's whims).

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