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Roleplay Type: WoE 

Name: Cloudfeather (Nicknames: Cloudy Feather, Cloudy)

Gender: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Pegasus pony

Eye colour: Light blue

Coat: Deep blue

Mane/Tail: Blonde-gold

Physique: Average (pretty much the standard pony size from the FiM series)

Residence: Cloudsdale

Occupation: Cloud machine technician

Cutie Mark: Three gears behind a cloud (like a “partly cloudy” symbol)

Cloudfeather received her cutie mark on the living room floor of her house playing with a chemistry set she had been given for her birthday. She combined several ingredients which reacted aggressively. When the fog cleared, a small cumulonimbus cloud hovered in the middle of the room, charged and ready strike. Her parents yelled and dashed to save her from it, but before they could do anything, she dispersed it into the walls of the house. It was then that she realised her talent was weather creation and management.

Unique Traits: She tends to wear goggles wherever she goes, either on her eyes or on her forehead. Though she currently works as a cloud machine technician, she has worked in the factory lab before and has been on weather management crews for events (she’s always said her favourite part about weather managing is unboxing clouds). She does tend to stay away from weather management, though, because she has had several unfortunate accidents while doing the job, including being struck by lightning multiple times, breaking a wing after being sucked into and then ejected from a thunderhead, and breaking her harm after colliding with a building that was concealed by some fog she was attempting to clear. When it comes to making thunderheads, fogs, or clouds, however, she’s the pony for the job!

History: Cloudy was born in the spring in Cloudsdale to mother and father Raindancer and Marshmallow Breeze (respectively). She was enrolled in flight camp before she received her cutie mark, and while it took her a while to get the hang of it, once she started flying, she excelled quickly. She is an above-average flyer, but could never be expected to keep up with a Wonderbolts reserve. After receiving her cutie mark, she was known for getting in trouble for pulling weather-related pranks (lighting a storm cloud bomb during the inauguration of the mayor of Cloudsdale, setting off a tornado in class, etc.). She was also found multiple times in areas of the cloud factory restricted to the public. She was never allowed a real pet, so instead she made a pet cloud that she could shape however she wanted. The type of cloud he was reflected Cloudy’s mood at any given time (cumulonimbus when she was mad, cirrus when she was lonely, rain when sad, cumulus when happy, etc.). She named him Fluffy and still has him today.

As soon as she was old enough, she started an internship at the cloud factory, and loved every minute of it. She was still an intern when Rainbow Dash wrecked the factory to prevent winter, and as such ended up on the cleanup crew for the damages that were caused. As a result, although she is a huge fan of the Wonderbolts, she is in no way a fan of Rainbow Dash. She worked in the chemistry lab for a while, and was sometimes called out to assess faulty clouds to see what needed corrected in the formulas. The lab was secluded and demanded long hours. It was tiring and usually isolated, but she loved the work and so continued to do it. During a brief time living in Canterlot for some post secondary schooling, she worked as a weather pony, but she got injured enough that she finally quit and moved back to Cloudsdale, where she returned to her isolated office in the labs. Eventually, her parents began to comment on the fact that although she was positive, energetic, and outgoing as a foal, working in the laboratory seemed to have killed that part of her. She never went out with friends (they weren’t sure she even had any), and she seemed to be gloomy every time they saw her. She realized that working the lab had isolated her from everypony she knew and loved, and so she applied for transfer to a different branch of the factory. The cloud machines came naturally to her, and though she had to conquer some social anxiety from suddenly working with multiple ponies all the time, she soon found friends in her fellow technicians and began to be positive and energetic once more. As part of her job, she was often called out to fix weather machines in towns around Equestria, including Canterlot, Manehatten, and more.

Her best friend is another pegasus pony named Thunderwing. He’s cocky and often thinks he’s better at flying than he really is, resulting in some accidents on the job. The two of them work together often and share many of the same interests.

Cloudy has no siblings, a fact that has always made her slightly sad. To compensate, she often plays with the fillies and colts around Cloudsdale and the other cities she is called to, making cloud balls and games to entertain them.

Cloudy frequently visits home, eating dinner with her parents at least once a week, but lives on the other side of Cloudsdale. Her parents are kind and proud of their daughter.

Though she loves her job, Cloudy hopes to one day become a supervisor at the factory, and possibly even the factory president if she’s lucky. For now, however, she is quite content with her job, and she has never told anyone of her ambitions.

Character Personality: Cloudy is energetic and outgoing (though not on a Pinkie Pie level) and loves to make new friends. She relishes the opportunity to fix or service cloud machines beyond the factory, and is an avid sight seer. Any time she takes off work is spent traveling and touring (though she doesn’t take work off often). She is sometimes oblivious to obvious situations (she still hasn’t noticed Thunderwing’s many attempts to ask her out), and can be forgetful as well. To compensate, she makes lists so that she can be sure to pack everything she needs, follow all the steps, etc.
Character Summary: Cloudfeather is a pegasus pony employed as a weather machine technician at the Cloudsdale weather factory. She is energetic and outgoing and loves to make new friends. She is always accompanied by her pet cloud, Fluffy. She usually has a list of some kind on hand (a habit she got into while working in the lab) because she is known to be forgetful and sometimes even a little clumsy. She lives in Cloudsdale but is not chained to the city; she is known to travel around Equestria.


I don’t have an image for her yet, but i’ll add one once i do!


edit: i changed some wording to make it sound better

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