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Morning Glow


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Morning Glow
Gender: Female
Age: Filly
Species: Unicorn Pony
Eye colour: turquois
Coat: #ffea4d (yellow)
Mane/Tail: #78d0ff with a streak or two of #2eb6ff (light blue with a streak or two of darker blue). Pretty Starlight Glimmer's in manestyle, but not exact. It's a little shorter and not as poofy.
Physique: Fairly normal physique for fillies her age. Think the CMCs.
Residence: Formerly Canterlot, currently the School of Friendship
Occupation: Student
Cutie Mark: A white, glowing circle (filled in), orbited on either side by turquoise comet-like shapes. It appeared one evening when her parents left for the Grand Galloping Gala, leaving her home alone with her two siblings, Nebula Star and Starshine, both of whom were younger than her. Starshine was still a baby at the time, and Nebula Star was only a couple years beneath Morning Glow. Morning Glow loved her siblings, of course, but they could be a bit... much. Nebula seemed to have nothing better to do than to follow Morning Glow around and marvel at her every action. Had he not been a colt, he would have even copied her manestyle. She much preferred having a sitter. That way, she could shut her door and read or practice her magic while an older pony looked after her siblings. But this time, her parents decided she was old enough to be responsible for them, and so did not go through the trouble of asking anyone to look over them. While she was occupied with changing Starshine's diaper, Nebula Star snuck into her room and looked at the open book on her desk. It had been left open to a spell she had been practicing. In an effort to impress his older sister, he attempted to cast it. However, instead of reversing the decay of a rotting apple on her desk, he missed and hit the desk itself, causing it to begin to revert to a tree. Hearing her brother's cry for help, Morning Glow raced to her room and assessed the situation. Nebula clearly had no idea what he was doing, and the tree was already beginning to push against the ceiling. In desperation, she attempted to cast a failsafe spell her father had taught her, which essentially neutralized any magic currently active in a given area. She had never successfully cast it before. But that night, either because of the weakness of her brother's unrefined magic or because of the sudden necessity behind her concentration, the spell echoed from her horn, bathing the room in her turquoise aura and reverting the tree back to a desk instantly. 
Unique Traits: Morning Glow has an uncanny ability to pick up on organization systems, particularly in libraries, without having them explained. It makes her very good at finding things in what appears to others to be chaos. It also makes it easy for her to navigate unfamiliar buildings without a guide, so long as she can get a general idea of how the building's various rooms are organized.

History: Stardust was born and raised in Canterlot to two ponies of fairly high status: Evening Star, an alumni of the School of Magic, and Shining Stardust, an astronomer of good reputation. Though she was interested in both, she leaned more heavily towards her father's discipline, magic. For every one book on the sky that she read, she read two or three on magic and its history. When her mother would take her to the observatory, Morning Glow always brought a book along to read while her mother aimed the telescope. Though she always had an affinity for magic and a heavy interest in it, she was always harder on herself than she needed to be, always focusing on her inability to cast spells perfectly instead of seeing how well she was really doing for a filly her age. Her father always complimented her on her efforts, and her mother praised her diligence, but their words fell on deaf ears. Even her younger brother Nebula Star had no positive effect on her self esteem despite his constant reminders of how much he admired her and wanted to be like her. She mostly just found him annoying. At school, she focused on getting her homework done in class so that she would have as much time to study as possible when she got home. As such, she made no friends, which didn't really bother her. In fact, she hardly thought about it. When some foals in her class approached her about joining their Cutie Mark Crusaders club they were forming (following in the footsteps of the real CMCs), she payed them little attention, barely looking up from her book to tell them "No thank you." It wasn't until she received her own cutie mark that her self esteem began to grow, and with her confidence, her magic abilities also flourished. She was accepted into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, where she determined to become the top of her class. Unfortunately, despite her grit and constant study, she was unable to achieve that goal. She was still a straight A student, but was always eclipsed by more talented unicorns. Her parents were delighted with her nonetheless. One day, however, her instructor asked her and her parents to visit outside of school hours. Her instructor told them that after counseling with the Princess herself, they had decided a new course of study would be better for Morning Glow. They said she had the potential to do so much more, but was holding herself back by isolating herself. The counselor strongly recommended transferring her to the School of Friendship outside Ponyville. Her parents reluctantly agreed, and arrangements were made. As they helped her onto the train, they tried to be optimistic, but she could tell they were disappointed in her. They told her to do her best and to learn all she could, but what she heard instead was, "Finish as fast as you can so you can get back to your studies," which was precisely what she intended to do.

Character Personality: Slightly uptight from living in Canterlot and introverted, though not shy. She enjoys studying more than socialising and is not very happy to be at the School of Friendship. She feels she has better things to do, and at some level, feels none of the creatures attending there are worth her time. She doesn't have much of a sense of humor. 
Character Summary: Morning Glow is a studious, level-headed pony who loves books on magic and astronomy (the former more than the latter). She is talented with magic, though she can often sabotage herself by being overly hard on herself, causing her confidence to reduce. For this reason, her councilor at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns has sent her to study at the School of Friendship. She feels this will help Morning Glow excel better than any book. Morning Glow is, of course, not excited about the downgrade, and is determined to graduate as quickly as possible.

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