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Discord (FiM Cast)


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Roleplay Type: Friendship is Magic Cast
Name: Discord, Lord of Chaos
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, most likely as old as the world itself. The first known documentation of him was 1,000 years prior to the events of the Friendship is Magic series
Species: Draconequus
Eye colour: Yellow eyeballs with red irises and white pupils
Coat: Predominantly brown, though with different colours to correspond to the different creatures that make up his body:

  • Grey head and neck (pony)
  • Brown torso (Eagle)
  • Yellow/tan right arm (Lion)
  • Brown/tan left leg (Goat)
  • Green right leg (Lizard)
  • Red tale (Dragon)
  • Light blue left wing (Pegasus/Bird)
  • Dark blue/black left wing (Bat pony/Bat)

Mane/Tail: Black mane on his head but pink plates running down his tail and ending in a white tuft
Physique: Tall and thin, very much like a snake or Chinese dragon. He has four limbs but unlike most Equestrian creatures is bipedal. The level of muscularity varies from limb to limb but is proportionate in size to the creature it is from. He is comprised of at least ten distinct creatures (listed above, in addition to the horns, described hereafter). He has two horns (one from a gazelle and another from a deer) and a single fang. He has two wings but rarely uses them, preferring "snap travel" to any other form of transportation. He can manipulate his own shape, size, outfit, and form at will, which he often does for comedic effect (or to bring together four of Equestria's worst villains).
Residence: Chaosville, Equestria
Occupation: Protector of Equestria: After being reformed, Discord is occasionally called in by the Princesses to help assess and neutralise threats to the kingdom. However, he does this only at his own pleasure, cooperating only if/when he wants to. He knows that the magic of friendship is sufficient (and is in many ways more powerful than his own) for the protection of Equestria, and so will more often encourage its use than employ his own. On the side, he is an avid Ogres and Oubliettes player and professional mischief-maker.
Cutie Mark: N/A 
Unique Traits: Discord is the only known draconequus in Equestria. His magic gives him total control of all reality, and should he choose to use its full potential, he could thrust the world into eternal chaos (which he has attempted three times, twice being thwarted by use of the Elements of Harmony and the third time ending of his own free will in order to keep his only friend, Fluttershy). Chaos is a part of him and is actually one of his sustaining features. Without chaos, Discord would fade away out of existence. For this reason, he is often seen in random positions or outfits, usually comedic in nature, regardless of how serious the situation is. 

History: Discord's origins are unknown, but his first appearance was in Equestria 1,000 years prior to the events of the Friendship is Magic series. During his reign, he transformed Equestria into his personal playground of chaos, inverting gravity, spreading chocolate rain from cotton-candy clouds, changing textures of the world, etc. Only after Celestia and Luna discovered the Elements of Harmony and used them to turn him to stone did his reign end and he was imprisoned in the Canterlot Garden Maze for a millennium. At some point, the powers of chaos within Equestria became strong enough to break the spell binding him (pushed over the edge by a nearby argument between three fillies whose names we will not discuss for personal privacy reasons [it was the Cutie Mark Crusaders]) and he was released to corrupt reality once more. Discord is more interested in the thrill and fun of games than he is in being totally victorious and so he left open a way to defeat him, provided the Mane Six could figure it out. After corrupting them individually against their own natures, he practically cemented his own victory and resumed the storm of chaos that the Elements had halted one thousand years prior. However, Twilight soon learned how to circumvent his tricks and unified her friends once more, then used the Elements to turn him back into stone, ending his reign once and for all.

Not long after his second defeat, Celestia ordered the Mane Six to bring him back as she felt he could be a powerful ally. With time, love, and friendship from Fluttershy, Discord soon reformed and proved Celestia right, making himself a powerful ally to the kingdom. It took him a while to warm up to the other ponies, however, and for some time, Fluttershy remained his only friend and sole motivation to do anything in Equestria's favour. He refused to lift a finger to assist when his seeds of chaos planted before his first entombment sprouted and kidnapped the princesses. In fact, his bond with the other ponies was so weak at first that on his first mission, he quickly defected, choosing to side with Lord Tirek in his attempts to overthrow Equestria. This taught him a difficult but meaningful lesson, and he has remained loyal ever since. He often acts selfishly but typically has the best intentions in mind. He has been known to feign disability and injury in order to prove the power of his friends' friendship, and even went so far as to stage a massive, elaborate attack on Canterlot on the day of Twilight's coronation for the sake of boosting her confidence (a plot that backfired terribly on him and the rest of Equestria). 

Character Personality: Discord is the picture of chaotic good. He acts only if and when he wants to, and is not a fan of work. He is more spontaneous and random that Pinkie Pie herself as it is within his very nature to be so. Though he is loyal to his friends, he tends to act in his own self interests first (unless of course Fluttershy is involved). He shares a powerful bond with Fluttershy that many take for romance, but is in fact simply a very strong friendship (he has already displayed in the series his distaste for and lack of understanding of romance and love). He is optimistic and incapable of not finding humour in any situation. It is in his nature to be as chaotic and comedic as possible.
Character Summary: Discord is arguably the most powerful being in Equestria, having control over all reality, but only if he wants to be. He typically only exercises his power to the extent of entertaining himself or benefitting (in however roundabout a way) his friends. Once, he was the most powerful villains Equestria has ever known. Now, he is one of its truest friends. His best friend is Fluttershy. He loves Ogres and Oubliettes and all things chaos. He requires chaos to survive, in fact, having nearly been wiped from existence in an incident in which he tried to behave normally. He is the only being of his type and the only known creature (other than perhaps Tirek) capable of safely harnessing the powers of chaos magic. He loves to be the centre of attention and often does things simply for their comedic impact. In the end, he is a loyal and powerful friend.

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