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Tangent Line


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Sigma Sum, Alias Tangent Line

Gender: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: Golden yellow

Coat: Scarlett (think Big Mac)

Mane/Tail: Auburn

Physique: Pretty much the standard physique

Residence: Manehattan

Occupation: Secret agent of the Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria (S.M.I.L.E.)

Cutie Mark: Sigma’s cutie mark is the sigma notation. As a filly, she was always enamored by mathematics, but it wasn’t until she got her calculus test back with an A+ on it that she realized her destiny and earned her cutie mark (the calculus test was significant because it was three grade levels higher than the rest of her class at the time).

Unique Traits: As a trained agent, Sigma has picked up several skills along the way. She has learned some standard issue S.M.I.L.E. spells, including the spell which alters memories using a hoof mirror and a spell that can change the color of a pony’s coat. She was trained before the transformation of the changeling hive, and so was taught how to spot them, which makes her a good lie detector and judge of character. Though she does have some more difficulty with blending into social situations than other agents, she is still above average at it compared to other ponies.

History: Sigma was born in Trottingham and lived a fairly normal childhood, making friends and attending school. Her parents enjoyed an adventurous lifestyle with her, taking her camping and exploring every chance they got. The areas they went seemed to be dangerous enough that most other ponies would turn away, but her mother and father were always able to keep a safe camp ground regardless of the circumstances. Her mother, a unicorn, had her cutie mark in animal handling (she worked at the Trottingham zoo) and her father, a pegasus, was able to fight off anything his wife couldn’t tame (his cutie mark was in boxing).

Naturally, both of her parents were surprised when Sigma’s cutie mark was mathematics. They had expected (and slightly hoped) that it would be something… less book-related. But they were proud of her nonetheless.

Sigma’s best friend growing up was a mare named Cozy Joy. Cozy often foalsat for her parents when they would go away on “business trips,” something she never understood, as neither of them worked at professional companies, and she was always invited to watch her father compete. When she got her cutie mark, the business trips abruptly ended, meaning she had less time to spend with Cozy Joy, but they remained friends anyway.

As a mare, she moved to Baltimare to pursue a degree in mathematics. She worked on the production team at a factory doing calculations for better, cleaner airships until she received said degree, at which point she moved back to Trottingham to be closer to her parents. Her mother was feeling exceptionally fatigued, and she wanted to help out in any way she could. She worked in building design there to support herself and help her parents.

Disaster struck a week before her birthday, when she left work early on an urgent summons from Trottingham General Hospital. A bear had fatally wounded her. She survived in the hospital for only a few hours before passing.

Several weeks after her mother’s sudden death, her father called her home. He said she deserved to know the truth of the situation - the truth that not even those who had witnessed it happening knew. He said it wasn’t a bear that had killed her mother. He said she had been attacked by a changeling posing as a bear. It had been leaching love off of her since before Sigma had moved home, explaining the fatigue her mother felt. During a show, the appreciation from the crowd caused it to enter a feeding frenzy and it gored her mother before it could be contained. Her mother had put up a valiant fight against it, however, leaving it wounded for when S.M.I.L.E. agents arrived.

This was where he lost Sigma. Why didn’t anyone tell her that to begin with? What was a S.M.I.L.E. agent? What did he mean “The truth that not even those who had witnessed it happening knew?” He explained that her mother and he were once part of a secret organization tasked with containing Equestria’s most fearsome monsters. They frequently were called on missions all over Equestria. Some of the less dangerous ones they were able to take her with them on. Her mother would always wipe Sigma’s memory of the mission itself after it was over, leaving her only memories of camping and fun. On more dangerous ones, they had to leave her home. But when Sigma got her cutie mark and they weren’t there to see it, they knew they were missing out on their daughter’s life, and decided to resign so they could be there to watch her grow up.

After some pressure, her father also told her about S.M.I.L.E. She was intrigued, but vowed never to tell anyone what he told her.

After her father passed away, she decided to join the organization, mostly to avenge her mother. She tracked down a hidequarters using her parents’ journals and demanded admission. The head agent of the branch liked her spirit, and she was signed on immediately. Her death was faked, and her name erased. She was no longer known as Sigma Sum. She was officially Agent Tangent Line.

Training was rigorous, but with her intellect, she excelled quickly at operations of insertion. She was able to use her math skills to make speedy descents and chart the fastest routes. Athletic tests, however, took much more time. She started at a desk job, but after more training, proved her worth as a field agent and was partnered with a Clydesdale senior officer, from whom she learned much.

When her senior officer retired, she was left partnerless for a time. The solution to this problem came unexpectedly when she was called on an emergency mission to run trauma control on an Ursa Major attack on the Friendship Express. It was a good exercise for her magic practice, as she had to teleport into the field and use stun spells to neutralize it. She was distracted at one point by an agent who dove into the burning train with an injured leg and no vest. He showed true bravery. She hoped she could be an agent like him someday.

She was surprised, however, to find out as she was helping with “detraumatization” (altering memories so that the ponies wouldn’t suffer any lasting psychological damage from the attack) that this pony was not an agent at all. He was just a very noble bystander. She sadly prepared to cast the spell with her hoof mirror, when she suddenly had an idea. He would make an excellent junior partner! She offered him the job, and he signed on. She was officially a trainer.

Currently, she operates out of the Manehatten Hidequarters, but she is prepared to relocate at the drop of a hat. She works closely with her Earth Pony partner, Agent Lope Lighthoof.

Character Personality: Tangent can be friendly, but is focused. She has determination and once she starts something, she always finishes it. If somepony tries to stop her, she adapts and goes around them. With time, she can fit into most social situations, but prefers to avoid the need to do so. She remains calm in heated situations, and cares deeply for those around her, though she rarely shows it openly. She used to be much more friendly and easygoing, but the death of her father, coupled with the sudden death of her mother only a couple years prior, changed her, and now she has a proud need to live up to who they were.
Character Summary: Tangent Line is a focused but overall friendly pony who is carrying the legacy of her parents on her shoulders. She has honored them by becoming a member of a secret monster defense agency which is in danger of collapse due to replacement by the STAR force. She has no friends, and according to all those she used to know, is dead. She is calm and calculating (literally. Her cutie mark is literally in calculating) but can still fit into social situations.

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